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Situation update May 2023 - Portal of Light Activation

The portal of light activation was a huge success with the critical mass being reached and the anchoring of higher very intense energy is still happening right now at this time via the highest ascendants. Also many new people were subconsciously choosing to start their ascension path and have joined this anchoring of energies. Due to the very high and almost aggressive intensity of the infusion, most of the energy is being slowly distributed by the highest among the ascendants as they simply have more stable spiritual roots and capacity established at this time. But it should be perceivable by many later ascendants and the new helpers who joined as well to some degree. It might be obvious but also articles and posts like these, written by our Starseeds and ascendants, serve their part to anchor the Light of the portal meditation and provide necessary fundamental knowledge about the Liberation.

Of course the chimera saw this infusion as well and tried to hijack the energies by visiting several ascendants on the absolute front shortly after the 20 minutes had passed. The cabal know exactly that they cannot handle these energies and tried their best to lower the main anchors which are besides ascendants also the highest Starseeds on the surface. The Lightforces in turn did their best to shield their people on the surface but the attacks were among the most brutal to date. The hardest attacks were being executed by the human / chimera crossings which are basically known as devils in many spiritual scriptures on Earth. Same concept as the 'bastards' on the surface (more info on them here), there is one main 'devil' and many more of these DNA crossings in the chimera hierarchy. (More details on these beings in the later ascension insights following after this situation update. ) Several of these devils were annihilated during or shortly after the attacks. Some of them were excluded into higher dimensional rooms of the Lightforces which are basically a personal matrix which is then constructed around such beings and separates them from any further interactions with the chimera and anyone else. This is pretty much one of the highest punishments the Lightforces can establish in this phase and invalidates these beings immediately and permanently as these rooms are sealed and hidden immediately. So the chimera loses some of their highest members constantly by now.

Another great advance which already was used by the Lightforces a few days prior to the meditation of May 1st is the easy teleport of human bodies off the surface. So by now the steadily building technology of the Lightforces is finally capable to easily transport whole human bodies to Ganymede in an instant. This will certainly be used on the about 500 million chimera humans on the surface, obviously the most evil ones first as this method is still very costly. We will certainly not see any puppets in the media vanishing yet but this will be happening behind the public scene for a while. Upon the removal of such problem-core humans, many positive spiritual humans noticed a well-perceivable relief, which shows how heavy these human traitors have been stuffed with negative technology. So it is not a big problem anymore to remove humans instantly from the surface - what remains a problem though is that if these humans leave, not just a lot of negative tech vanishes but also the life support for their hundreds of personal hostages is suddenly gone. Therefore the Lightforces face stability problems for important parts of the human infrastructure upon each removal which has to be stabilised instantly to prevent massive suffering towards those hostages. That is where a big part of the high cost for the Lightforces is currently taking place in all removals of the chimera and top cabal in general. It is rather the stabilisation of the victims which makes the Liberation of Earth difficult since the beginning with basically all innocent humans having been woven into their hostage drama - a house of cards by design which has to be held stable at all times.

Additionally, the highest and oldest spiritual being besides Gaia herself had to be transported off Earth as his entanglement with the chimera was showing as a high risk in all operations. Fundamentally the oldest male spirit of the Earth was a very positive being though he was activated for the chimera during several recent and very crucial operations. Due to this hack into the depth of his being, parts of him had to be transported off Earth via Ganymede as well and will shortly payback for the damage done. The chimera have manipulated several rather positive spiritual beings on Earth in that way which activates them only if real positive change is about to happen. They are then turning evil, doing exactly which prevents that change and turn back to positive immediately after. Some of these beings even do not really have any conscious perception of their short-time breakdowns in favour of the chimera. There are several of such unconscious 'agents' still expected to be located in high spiritual factions of the Earth and inner Earth.

By now the chimera tries to infect several of the highest ascendants with parasitic genes which they use to convert their enemies into one of their own monsters. Needless to say genetic engineering is much higher developed than many humans and especially science officially knows. The Lightforces are minimising the effects and counteract these attacks with providing positive genetics to the ascendants. This help can be seen as an huge honour as these, in some cases, include genetics of the Goddess herself. Basically these are anti-genes against the parasitic spraying of the chimera and they will of course just heighten these ascendants further in their ascension and closeness to the Goddess. That in turn makes these ascendants more attractive to the chimera again but it is of course certain that those ascendants equipped with such important genes will not fall. But that are basically the risks of the positive gene-therapy which also naturally removes several more 'stubborn' implants much easier.

Some of the last residues of Seth were successfully transported to the central sun, earlier aspects were removed previously in this post. That means most of what Seth was in the cabal is by now neutralised, there is basically just minimal residue and transfers via chimera AI to other people based on their data and image of his being. Several of these mentioned deportations had to be done prematurely due to massive risks and were executed by the most high descendants of the Prime Creator himself. The Lightforces are therefore slightly in debt (regarding the energies that were necessary for safe removal) towards these highest descendants as explained in this post. Among these removals which had to be done on debt were also some of the higher devils in the chimera hierarchy which were close to triggering the still remaining toplet bombs to destroy Earth completely.

The core parasite of the chimera still has strange affects towards the first human colonists which can cause short-time, irrational behaviour. This happens because this type of chimera being encapsulates every lifeform in its target systems into a sort of parasitic bubble. A bubble which the lifeforms can not really perceive and slightly changes their perception of reality. This construction of bubbles obviously did not stop with the biggest souls and spiritual presences that colonised the Earth. The effects of these bubbles on those first and biggest souls who colonised the Earth is minimal and not comparable to the effect on the highest male spirit described above but it slightly influences their decisions to the negative. This bubble is also the cause for the spiritual being known as God having made tiny mistakes here and there which also affected the choice of his children and the unseen degeneration of some of these 'children of God' (described more detailed in this post). Accordingly, this is the reason why some bigger enemies of the chimera could be dragged down into their grids completely unseen by these ancient souls who are constantly watching over the Earth.

Some people in the comments would like a prognosis and timeframe of the Event. Firstoff the highest descendants of the Prime Creator participating in Liberation are completely and solely in charge of the Event.
The highest of these are Source and as you might read somewhere, Source communicated in Summer 2022 that the biggest chimera monsters (and top-cabal) will be defeated in two years - that will be Summer 2024. This is obvious to these descendants as a ball thrown out of the window will hit the ground at a certain time. It is foreseeable that the chimera will fail during this timeframe and brought into the Central Sun accordingly.

On the question of why the Event or rather the Solar Flash part of it did not fire:
Many people confuse both. The Event is something that unconditionally will happen - it is Earth being taken over by the Galactic Confederation. It is the positive aliens finally beginning to manage everything that happens on Earth.

The solar flash in turn is supposedly part of the Event but it is not absolutely mandatory. It is the purging of negative beings on Earth with a sudden very high energy blast from the sun / Central Sun - a pulse. While it eradicates most of the parasitic beings and especially entities, it will not eradicate all problems which arose with the chimera.

To make this more clear, think of humanity as a huge tree which is befallen of a parasite. The solar flash is similar to turning the sun rays more intense. This will lead to the parasite dying out but the parts that were befallen will dry out and die away as well. Part of the tree will be lost that way. 

So the solar flash would be a general measure which is sudden and intense but a lot of humanity and culture will be lost if it would fire now - and not just the bad parts.
If it was safe and would work in general for humanity you can be sure that the descendants of the Prime Creator would have already fired it.
The fact that they did not fire yet is a statement that humanity has a better ascension without it firing. The descendants of the Prime Creator, especially Source, do absolutely know what they do in this Liberation, they work with absolute, omniscient knowledge and know the best path to be taken to save the outmost amount of life that developed on Earth.
If it does not fire, that is the descendants stating that this is definitely the best route for Earth and humanity that can potentially happen.

What I personally estimate as a timeframe from my personal insights into Liberation, an educated guess like Cobra oftentimes says, is this:
The communication of Source regarding Summer 2024 is authentic and correct. The top chimera will be gone then. That does NOT mean that the Event will happen then let alone the solar flash. BUT many things will become much easier from that date onwards.
The threshold which the chimera holds right now for valid, physical, visible changes in human society is almost completely held by those very top chimera monsters.
That means from Summer 2024 onwards there will be more and more actual changes happening on Earth and in society which will (maybe slowly) culminate into the Event. It will slowly get warm for the positive humans from then on. It will get most warm for those who took vital parts in Liberation that means for example Cobra as one of the biggest ascending humans will receive a higher fulfilment as one of the first people on Earth. This fulfilment will naturally flow onwards to the next biggest ascendant and so on. 
So firstoff it will be selective fulfilment taking place in harmony with the natural order which is pretty much the height of the ascendants. Also the very first contact individually will work that way.

All these positive changes that actually change human society will then lead into the Lightforces not just taking over from behind the scenes but actually landing publicly sooner or later. That will be pretty much the actual, public Event starting.
Personally I have absolutely no info on the Solar Flash timing at all. But it is certain that there will be several big infusals of higher energies taking place in this scenario. Individually at first and later on, these infusals will also be general measures which will provide all of the remaining humanity.

To add more substance to this assumption, if you think of humanity again as a tree:
All of humanity is being sorted heavily since about a year by the Lightforces. Sorted from parasitic to high life. What this means is that the Lightforces are in the process in sorting everyone to the position they can hold according to their very own capacity in the Age of Aquarius. The parasitic ones do get less life energy and the positive ones finally get more life energy. The sociopathic and miniature souls will lose, while positive people and the big souls will win (there are also small positive people of course).
In the comparison with the tree it means this: The Lightforces have chosen to go the long way and are healing the parts of the tree which are parasitically befallen. They do not want to let them dry out and die but they rather sort everything into order for the shift. That way we remain most intact as humanity in the Age of Aquarius. This is the energetic healing of humanity taking place, sorting everyone so they can stand the higher energies that will be prevalent in this age comfortably.
This sorting also includes the evacuations and the sorting taking place at the Ganymede station. Not everyone will be able to stay on Earth just as Cobra stated as well. 

On top of all that natural disasters and the pole shift are inevitable as well from some time onwards. The Lightforces will delay these effects which are also connected to the Liberation of Gaia herself as long as necessary. Those humans who are not capable to survive these disasters will having been evacuated once these disasters set in.

EDIT #2 clarification regarding manifestation: while real manifestation is being mostly denied for all ascendants at this time by the main attachment as written below, there are of course things that help. Not a single ascendant has yet been freed of that main attachment and while some will claim that manifestation works, it is not really the case. Ascendants definitely have manifestation forces but they are diffused, distorted and redirected so they will not work esp. when it gets serious yet.
What does work is to attain the help higher spiritual forces (which is not the same). Higher spiritual forces who got to know you, might help with attaining your will and it can actually look like manifestation but that is not really you yourself then. It is important to be pure in your character and intentions to acquire such help. They might not always be able to help you, though. Generally it is possible that some, even smaller spiritual forces see what you are trying to do and jump in to help, but that again is not a manifestation from yourself and it is certainly not reliable. If other spiritual forces can and will help you in a certain situation heavily depends on your current spiritual height. It gets easier for them if you are on a higher spiritual height, also you are more visible to them then. 
Secondly, many well-known spiritual tools given still help a lot. Meditating on positivity, even on desired single words will definitely help. Thinking positive is still positive, negative is still negative. Thinking of positive things lifts you in vibrations and height, of course. Calming your mind is also a highly recommended skill for ascension. Meditation is generally helpful. Praying is basically the same just with the intent to connect to higher spiritual forces, it helps as well of course.
The Pleiadean commands will usually really bring you to the attention of Pleiadeans and they might help depending on how bad the problem you are facing is.
Not all things of the new age program are fake, the cabal just mixed truth with a lot of wrong things and especially accentuated the wrong things.
If you need to attain certain things in your life, stay with common sense rather than depending on manifestation based on your thoughts. Cobra mentioned several times how important common sense is  during ascension. What do other people do to attain a certain thing? What do you need to do to attain it as well?
Remember that all psychological weaknesses appearing like doubt, self-doubt, depression, bad feeling about your life in general etc. are mostly archons influencing your thoughts. If you feel any aspect of a psychological defect arising in you - even 'pressure' in your thoughts - it is time to remove archons in your surrounding. Feeling good and relaxing despite bad mood helps. Violet flame helps. So, most of the tools Cobra and other blogs mention still help, but manifestation does not really work yet. 

General ascension insights

  1. There is one main attachment on nearly every human, which comes directly from the chimera. While all other attachments are merely entities with certain functions, this main attachment is a sentient, self-conscious being. It is plotting against you 24 hours a day and its whole purpose is to cause problems for its designated human. It tries to reject every good and healthy idea from you and rather gives you ideas which cause problems in the long run. It tries to deny everything you want while even giving you little things you want just to entangle you into problems with it. Nearly every problem you faced in your life, this being has meticulously plotted or at least was involved in the problems arising. It influences everything around you including other humans through their attachments to cause problems for you. If you do not live exactly the life you wanted, it is still ‚winning‘ against you. While some people actually think they live their dream life or life was good to them, it is actually this attachment giving them something just to make them fall harder afterwards or use them in more drastic ways. It gives only to entangle into complex problems. It is much more intelligent than the average human. It cooperates with the same type of attachment in other humans around you. Very few people in human history got completely free from this main attachment, mainly these are the ascended masters and similar spiritual greats. It leads every human to certain death sooner or later and most humans obviously accept having to die as a most fundamental truth. Some people grasp a superficial realisation of this being by seeing it as their "weaker, interiour self". It is co-responsible for every sickness and psychological defect you have gotten and works steadily on more. Bigger souls or higher ascendants have a more capable being attached and it has more help in form of more entities / implants it can use. All those people falling for the "you create your own reality" and other manifesting capabilities are usually tricked by this being. As said it influences your surroundings and it knows what you want to manifest. It will create the illusion that your manifestation worked but that including your belief in manifestation will only create problems in this way. If you want to be sure about your ability to manifest try to manifest a physical sphere of gold with a few centimetres in diameter. It will work once you are completely free of this evil being, but for the topmost humans it will obviously not work. It will tell you then, that manifestation only works subtlety but it is not the truth. The truth is most humans cannot manifest until most of their attachments are gone and most humans have thousands over thousands of them. The wrong belief in manifestation is what helps the cabal, not the humans believing in it (while it might still be a valid motivation to strive higher). That being tries to hide its existence from you and it for example even tries to turn your consciousness and memory away from this very info.

  2. While the entities, implants and the main attachment keep you away from this, the human body is extremely capable when completely freed of implants. This kind of activation of ancient abilities your body fundamentally has is usually only done by the cabal and only happens for their followers. That is why these activated people can then easily outsmart the innocents among humanity. In contrast to that activation, the enemies of the cabal are rather 'sprayed' with harmful, deforming genetics which destroys your god-like DNA. Again, few humans ever really got through and most of them are called ascended masters and are in the rows of Saint Germain, Mohammed, Jesus and the like. The ascendants of the Age of Aquarius will get through and activated depending on the spiritual height and capacity they reach. That is the ascension into your god-like, true self happening with every ascendant to a certain degree right now. These ascendants will have everything in abilities you ever read in spiritual scriptures. They will also have everything supposedly other species like small grays can do and much more. The abilities and power the highest ascendants will have are close to those the first humans and our true ancestors have - depending on their height and capacity they reach in ascension. A big part of this capacity is related to soul size though and regardless of the cabal fairy tales, soul size cannot be changed that much on this planet. While ascendants can advance much in their knowledge about the invasion and according counter-measures, their capacity will not change that much - everyone rather just does their part in harmony with the natural order among us.

  3. The 'devil' on the highest hierarchy layer of the chimera themselves is per concept is pretty much a very heavy human / chimera crossing. A lot of these crossing were created which all together embody the chimera devil. Similar as those who are called ‚bastards‘ on the surface, these are just human genetics experiments but those devils are usually in their ships and have therefore much less problems with their bodies. Also these are what ascendants face later in their ascension, when they reached a certain height. Then, the ‚bastards‘ on the surface have more or less been overcome but the devils stay to be problematic. Corresponding to their hierarchy within the chimera, these devils have enormous psychic force and can speak ‚through‘ humans on the surface via psychic influence. Usually they are capable to manage this with humans in a certain distance to the ascendants, close encounters are nearly impossible due to the field of the soul, which is shielding the ascendants. This is pretty much similar to what the Wachowski brothers expressed in their movie ‚the matrix‘ with agent Smith. While most of the people used are far from being the devil or even evil, the psychic force issuing from them can be frightening, as it conveys the illusion that those humans really are the devil. This impression mainly happens via heavy, forced upon interpretation and negative charging of what was said rather than through the actual words themselves. Though usually these effects stay at a level that is often just very annoying and it is good to keep in mind that it is just an illusionary impression the chimera wants to cause. Developing the right perception and attitude towards these common illusions on higher levels can help ascendants to ascend much easier.

  4. All popularity algorithms are being controlled by the cabal in ways not being the algorithms themselves but they rather manipulate according to the rules used in these algorithms. While Twitter, Facebook and more might have smart and ‚fair‘ algorithms for their user-content, the cabal know all details and rather manipulate circumstances, coincidences and ‚luck‘ that indefinitely rate their enemies down despite the (superficially) fair algorithms. Therefore these companies stay clean in their products but nevertheless became a tool for the cabal. This applies to most popular networks and manipulation is at nearly 100% - as an ascendant you should be worried if you achieve popularity there at this time. The cabal know all the rules and they will exploit some of them to downgrade everyone who does not comply with the cabal. In contrast they will boost everyone who (at least subconsciously) complies with the cabal. This is part of their long planned New World Order, to impose demonic laws upon humanity in this way. Summarised, their plan is to establish that absolutely nothing works for the humans who do not comply with the cabal including of course technology, popularity, money and more.

  5. Humanity is basically completely hacked since 1996. While most of what happens in society looks like free will, if the situation gets serious, the absolute majority subconsciously still serve the cabal. All their decisions subconsciously lean towards the will of the chimera without anyone noticing the influence, which turns the whole society subtly negative since 1996. In the worst cases, these humans go all against one with every subconscious force they have. The mass media was and still is a big conductor for the projection of these subconscious forces nearly every human has. These forces are otherwise lying dormant in most humans. This manipulation causes most parts of their highly complex bodies work for the cabal fulltime and these subconscious forces are used for example to derange ascendants, other positive people and spiritual factions. Superficially these corrupted humans might even look like they work for the Liberation but use every unseen part of their bodies to sabotage Liberation 24/7 - that is how far the trickery reaches. This mainly happens subconsciously first but is moving more into conscious manipulation for humans who later on join into active traitorship - may this be for success, fame or even survival in some cases. It is certainly disgusting how the absolute majority of humans covertly destroy the very few good ones while superficially behaving completely normal. This is basically a repetition of the first incidence on Earth which led to the catastrophe many associate with the fall of atlantis, the first big cataclysm on Earth. It is specifically an echo of what happened back then, if these defect humans are used many-against-one. Therefore since 1996, human society has partly degenerated into a puppet show that denies any truth that surfaces and does everything to hide higher technology being involved. What we are witnessing since years on Earth is rather the ‚game‘ of the chimera playing out. It is a handful of smart people with telepathy who outsmart basically all other human beings without them ever even noticing.
    Besides all of that you should keep in mind though that the highest potential abilities and intelligence of the chimera in all their hierarchies is at 30%. They can potentially reach about 30% of the intelligence of the Lightforces as an absolute maximum. So while we witnessed all this decay for humanity over the years, it is absolutely clear that the Galactic Confederation will take over every vital part of human interactions to the Light soon. We are about to witness the switch from a parasitically driven system into a truly living system in concordance with the shift into the Age of Aquarius.

  6. "Create your own reality" is absolute new age nonsense and will stay absolute nonsense for all ascendants. Ascendants will rather get almost everything they want in their life but they will certainly not call it ‚creating their own reality’. They will rather be able to do what they want to much higher degrees than ever possible before. The concept of creating your own reality is moreover a program the cabal use to trap smaller souls and their enemies into their grids and matrices where the (soon-to-be) victims really can influence all of reality. Some people might say the concept of creating your own reality is just about subtly influencing your own life for the better but even that is mostly manipulation of the cabal. All those bestseller books promoting manifestation and creating your own reality were bestsellers for a reason, it was rather a distribution of several cabal-programs for those people who are waking up or are spiritually inclined and are therefore seen as a risk.

  7. For those who are impressed by AI advancements in art and culture like ChatGPT and several art generators, take note that the AI of the Lightforces is absolutely superior to those in every way. What the cabal brought on the way with those AI systems is rather like a bad joke and mainly serves the invalidation of many skills humans have acquired over years in exhausting dedication. Cobra already seconded that those AI systems do not serve much good purpose and should be avoided at the time being. As oftentimes with new introductions into human society since 1996, these systems will not solve any substantial and real problems but will rather cause new ones instead.
    To give you an impression of the AI of the Lightforces, you can imagine that they can create everything humanity is capable of producing in years of labor in just a matter of seconds. They can build human bodies in realtime which are absolutely indistinguishable from real human bodies which have grown over decades. They can create new species in a similar way which correctly work in our ecosystem and will easily balance out ecological problems. They can create complex creative products like movies (real or animated) even starring the actual people who were experiencing the possibly true story out of nothing. Cobra has already told a lot about healing technology as well.
    All this and more will be introduced once the Lightforces really are safe to come to the surface of Earth and the cabal are history. This will be part of the Event of course. It should be clear that no one has interest to start any real party as long as characterless people or even nefarious people like the cabal are still among us. These technological advancements will mainly be established for the ascendants first - most of them will actually host big parties like they were never before possible on Earth once we have proceeded enough with Liberation in terms of safety.
To end with a motivational note, remember that in these times that aquiring spiritual height is nearly everything that counts. It may take a few years till the spiritual height shows its effect but it is fundamental to the quality of your experience of life, especially in the Age of Aquarius which is dawning more than ever.

Victory of the Light!


  1. How does looking the ships of the Arachnids ? Is There a way to distinguish ships of the dark forces to not going into their trap ?

    1. That will be the problem, they are looking arbitrary. Basically if the LF decide to use significant forms for their ships, the chimera will make their ships look the same way.

      Actually the ships are also pretty much invisible, they simply step out of 3D space somewhere and step back into 3D space somewhere else. It is like they have another space available besides the 3D space we perceive - that is the case with all 4D aliens upwards.
      So if they come to Earth they would pretty much simply manifest physical objects and their body somewhere. There are slight movements on the subtle planes of existence like the etheric shortly before they phase in.

  2. It is not really comparable to IQ but the chimera are primitives in their intelligence and methods, yes.

    Migraine is rather an attack by a certain type of entities, they have and use exactly this way to get human energies. It is like they have a way plotted to your body some time ago which then creates a predisposition for migraine for you and they use it from time to time to drain energy from you.
    The last of that type of attack towards you might be tied to the Portal of Light but actually they attack as much as they can.

  3. Thanks for the update.
    The post in French / L'article en français :
    Victory of th Light! / Victoire de la Lumière !

  4. Thank you Sebastian for your update. And thank you to the Lightforces. Wow!

    Reading your updates are always enlightening and motivating and also a little sobering at the same time. Although it is sobering, it is not demotivating but it helps me to name certain things that I intuitively know for years finally a little better. Even unpleasant truths help me to finally understand what it is really about.

    I am amazed and also relieved that mankind will free itself from this huge trap. The whole setup of how these dark forces have locked us into these traps within traps and within more traps that to untangle is beyond my imagination.

    In this post I was thinking to myself, planetary liberation seems to be already very advanced and on the other hand there are still very many traps set. But reassuring to know that the light forces are incredibly intelligent.

    My intuition has known for years that certain things in my life are not right. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, strange things always come up that prevent me and the project from being successful.

    It always looks like I'm the one to blame for this failure or it's just bad luck.

    Intuitively, it seems to me for a long time, as if some force would keep me from being successful with my creative light-filled ideas, projects. Sometimes I also had the feeling that my ideas and creativity are sucked off by forces and elsewhere other people are successful with it. (About this you have also written very detailed in another post).

    I see myself as a very normal, average Starseed. I am not an important key Starseed. If I was, I would probably be much worse off. Therefore my great appreciation and respect to all key Starseeds who do this incarnation(s).

    Being a normal average starseed is probably already trigger enough for the dark ones not to let me get above a certain threshold.

    I intuitively sense that there is such a threshold of success. If I would exceed this threshold (i.e. become quite successful), the dark forces would again initiate automated countermeasures.

    As much as I intuitively feel that planetary liberation is approaching, I know about these forces which, no matter what I start, immediately cap me again.

    I don't even dare to start new projects and to invest new energies if I am stopped by the dark forces anyway. That's how I think by now.

    That is really difficult. Because then I can no longer distinguish whether these are really the dark forces or it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and I am really to blame for my pessimism ;-).

    I wonder myself that although I fail again and again, I still try to be a little optimistic.

    And I wonder why I am very probably voluntarily incarnated into this trap house. Maybe it's like people who like to go ice bathing. It's not the fun of being freezing as hell. It is the fun after freezing to warm up again with a sweet smile. :-)

    Maybe that's my motivation for starving on this creepy planet and then experiencing this great time of reconnecting with my star family. It will be super beautiful, emotionally stirring, joyful, fun and funny. I am so looking forward to it!!!

    Your detailed explanation from your blogarticle and my intuitive knowledge, how can I now use it to motivate the remaining time until the liberation?

  5. Thank you very much for update. I have been waiting and looked forward to read it. I would not mind if next update will be closer in time. It is helpful. As I see it was both Set, Satan, the old soul you speak about and the Devil plus the dangerous ships and worst perpetraitors removed in good time before the meditation the 1st of May. Still some Chimeras left. And the attacks the 29th and 30th was very bad with migrain and such, but better the 1st. I am a bit positive right now. I think very much has progressed today and further on this evening. I am a bit surprised to hear the attacks was so bad this meditation too. Can you talk a bit about it. Thanks again.

  6. At the end of point number 5 it says We are about to witness the switch from a parasitically driven system into a truly living system in concordance with the shift into the Age of Aquarius.

    No one knows an exact date but could you give a general timeframe for when the switch may happen? Will it be gradual? Energy wise it feels like its gradually changing for the better.

    1. An edit has been added to the main text to clarify further about the Event and timeframes.

  7. Yea, Libra, that new age hippie crap always pisses me off.
    IF that works, we'd all have better lives by now. We'd be hot alien girls, and I'd be joy riding in some asteroid belt about now.

    Attacks been nasty lately....hope I get a chance to pound some of those darkys' misshapen skulls into PULP.

  8. Dear Sebastian, could you eloborate simply a couple of things, and of course, it is clear that it is only a point of view: talking of the it does not matter what a word is Event or changes on earth or cabal elimination, first, could you express your opinion, what you have in your thoughts when you contemplate when the Event or big changes will happen? Why do I ask? You at least by my understanding claim in your recent posts that at the beginning of the 2025 only some light workers will see the difference here on earth which gives a presumption that Event will not happen by then. Cobra still thinks that Event should happen around 2025 although he claims that it is only his personal opinion and it is not an opinion of the lightforces or anybody else. You as well Cobra with such a big load of information can make at least the best prognosis of when such changes could happen, so could you elaborate a little bit about that, since if you did not feel anything you would not be talking anything who will feel better or worse in 2025, you talk like this because you have info or a sense of when such things might happen or might not, cobra's prediction is around 2025 what is your prediction? Since if you say that you dont have any prediction then what all of your thoughts are based on when you say that around 2024 summer only some lightworkers on some kind of islands or wherever will feel better and have a better life, but not the majority of humanity. Either you know or feel something, so why not to share with the people since it becomes in my opinion not honest when we are all on the same devil boat, but one knows something more than other and he keeps hiding that from the rest of the people. Also, if you say that nobody knows totally nothing, then again why to make any prediction at all with the dates of the end of 2024 summer or something like that if nobody knows that? It becomes then like an empty game. What I can say with the whole my respect, that I follow these days only three info providers, it is Sebastian, who is number one for me, then cobra, which I started doubting I dont know why and from telegram Q the storm rider, who clearly provides totally clear info what will happen at least two years before, but of course we dont know what will be the results of his info, it is a positive truth or it only holds people from doing something and at the end of the game we will all be trapped. But I resonate very much his info and he claims, that at the start of the 2026, new gold backed money system will come out to the world and untill then all the banks collapses and nuclear event will happen. So there are only a couple of trusworthy sources in my feeling. Thank you, blessings.

    1. Same here, an edit has been added to the main text to clarify further about the Event and timeframes.

  9. @Sherman speaking of the comparison with Noah's ark in your other recent comment: You are long on board of the ship. Though it is visible you are still in heavy battle with the main attachment described in this post. It hates info on this.

  10. We are more speaking of the energy amount of several suns here, so there is not much most humans can help with in terms of energy income for the LF.
    You will help naturally the more implants are removed. And you obviously are supporting a lot already.
    Humans are to be rescued not to rescue themselves, so no worries.
    What humans can do to support will get more clear all the time.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Sebastian, I have a question. If "you create your own reality", manifestation and "positive thinking" is all new age crap. For those of us who are being heavily attacked, with our lives being very far away from what we consciously want and only getting farther and farther, plagued by poverty, illness, misfortune, etc... what can we do? Is there anything we can do? Protocols like Command 1221 don't seem to help. Praying? Meditation? Thank you.

    1. Ok, I think this requires some more attention and made a second edit in the main post. Good point, the mentions about manifestation might have been slightly confusing.

    2. Sebastian, thank you for the edit. That helps clarify things, yes.

    3. My answer is, GREASE the rat fuck sons of bitches that are the darkies, each and every one of them. The universe won't mourn their extinction.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. The section about the main attachment entity is spot on. It really is that bad. Anyone who functions normally is either not aware or doesn't have a significant attachment. Mine is in complete control of everything. I knew what was happening 15-20 years ago. After trying to be an adult and go to college and work, and everything was sabotaged to such a degree it was obvious something was doing it TO me. Any time there's something important I have to do, I'll be crippled with injury and sickness. Not like the flu, but just my body shutting down, and as soon as I have to quit, it goes away. Or at work, the bosses hate me even though I'm one of the better employees, both my attitude and skills. I really gave it my all until being fired 8 years ago. I've tried to start my own business a few times, but it's like there's someone following my around fucking everything up, or fucking me up. Blaming it on entities is the last thing I want to do. I know people who every headache is "because of attacks or ascensions symptoms." But this is real. My life is not my own. I'm just the one hooked up to the nervous system who receives the pain and punishment, but my life is completely the entity's. They plan and control everything, get what they want, and block what they don't with 100% success.

    1. Patrick, same here. And these days my family says stop being a victim. If I was a victim, I would hang on a tree by now. Really, many years ago ba d things started happening with the healt, then it became like everydays torture when you cant sleep etc because of the inflammations and so on, then it turned to even a worse diseases and eats me slowly, then I tried not be on somebodys shoulders and fixed al the my work in a way that I can work and rest a little bit, now this company cut the salary to the terribld level and even I got info these days that something is bad with this company and I will have to pay back the money for tax inspection, which I dont have, so they will give me to bailiffs and I wont be able to take the loan and anything, and I feel clearly that I pay the price that I cursed to evil system and go to everybodys face and scream wake up dont you see whats happening here. But the worse thing is the emptiness feeling inside me, that I have been feeling all my life, for me this place is a living hell, that why I ask Sebastian for any deadlines, since veru often the minds attacks so strongly it is very hard to resist it, you understand that it is only a mind but that mind is very strong and negative. Also one of my masters by checking my akashic records told that in a couple of years my soul activation should start and then I will clearly know what to do. I hope thats gonna happen. As well I hope the banks and everything collapses very soon, since this world in my eyes is lower than the plinth level these days, I go to the street and what I see is the robots for whom the top things of their being is to dress well, to make make up on their face and look beautiful altough inside them candida, worms, parasites and stuck lymph with diseases reside in their bodies, so actually I spend the time alone since it is not interesting to me among the people and I am full of anger. The biggest miracle would be this parasite system collapse since that is unbearable here.

    2. Dear all

      I wish you healing energies!

      I am really very sorry to read what you all are going through for very difficult health situations!

      Thank you all for being part of the terra groundcrew.

      Much love & respect for you all.

    3. you guys realise that there are entire countries in which parents cant feed their children?

      your posting on here, so you have internet access and electricity so I'll assume you had food in your belly when you wrote about how hard your life is.

      Gratitude will unlock your life and lift you from your misery. go feel the sun on your skin.

      you guys are in the past and the future but they key is here and now.

    4. Sounds familiar Crystall. My life could be so great, but the internal suffering and external sabotaging have been so extreme, nobody could tolerate even a day of it. I went to a city with lots of cell towers today, it bent my mind until I was in another dimension. It was the city I grew up in so everything looked perfectly familiar, but at the same time it was another universe, a dream, and I was another person. EMF sensitivity is one of the worst conditions a person could possibly have. If people come near me with those fucking weapons, I have to literally run away. At grocery stores or the gym, I'd rather they punch me in the head. It's so crippling I'll almost fall over or lose consciousness, or flip out and run out of the building. It's terrifying. I can't work or do anything, no friends, relationships, can't be around any human being because they're addicted to the weapons. Sad situation. I really don't give a fuck, until aliens get here I'm going to do nothing but sit and stare out the window because it's all I can do.

    5. @Ben
      The ole's shaming all of us bit? Reminds me of certain folks of 'the happiness patrol' that are on Cobra's blog, and when they shout "ARMLESS, LEGLESS MAN!" at ME when I talk of my problems.

      Put a cork in it, Ben. Lots of us are hurting, and no, I will not be grateful.
      Sorry, but that's just how it is.

      Welcome to Planet Gulag, junior.

    6. Hi Sherman!

      you are strong, and you are living on your knees without realising it.

      you could change right now. you could accept yourself right now. a few deep breathes is literally all it could take. but you are convinced your problems are external.

      the space that our reality occurs in is essentially a blank canvas. its our beliefs that splash colour on it. you can change this, you can reset at any time if you are willing to let go of your beliefs. this is obviously easier said that done, but it must be done.

      you are the warden commissar of your own gulag. are you going to come out play in the sun with me comrade?

    7. The happiness police embarrass themselves as spoiled brats who have never had a real problem or suffering. I know people like this in real life who say these same things to me. My friend was just trying to tell me I should get a job because it would "be good for me." It's as bad as this concept only people in Africa are really suffering. They're literally saying mental and physical disease doesn't exist, except for hunger, I hear it all the time. So I don't have a horrific diagnosed nerve disorder, I just need to dance and sing. I mean come on, that's why I say these people embarrass themselves with their ignorance. I'd be even more angry at the insults but I can't get to upset when such goofballs talk down to me. I've been hurt by my friend talking down to me like I'm lazy, but the fact that people can't comprehend my problems even exist, haha they'd hang themselves in 5 minutes of this suffering. I'm 10x stronger than any happiness police. If they had to live with the head injuries I've had, baha let's see you play in the sunshine then.

    8. I dont recall asking you to be happy, what I urge you towards is progress.

      Patrick, if you are brave enough, you need to test your electromagnetic hyper sensitivity so you can rule out a psychosomatic cause of your pain.

      have your friend turn their phone on and off in an adjacent room. you count how many times it went on and off. make more tests to prove it to yourself and your friend one way or another.

      once you've ruled out the psychosomatic possibility, get practical. a faraday cage blocks EMF. make some chain mail? role play as a knight when you leave the house? perhaps the tin foil hat has some repelling properties?

      how long have you told yourself there's nothing you can do but stare out the window? you need to get creative and over come the hurdles placed before you.

      good luck brother.

    9. Ben I know you're not this nosey, sniveling, and disrespectful in real life; just behind the safety of a keyboard. Buzz off, I'm not your fucking brother, fake lightworker.

    10. @Ben
      Accept myself as I am? How about....HELL NO?
      Might as well ask me to stop breathing in and out while you are at it.

      And NO, I will NOT 'play in the sun' with YOU. And considering how many of us are suffering and miserable, planet gulag applies to all of us, junior.

      STOP trying to put YOUR shoes on MY feet.....NOW.

  15. I wonder what to expect for heavily 'vaccinated' and deeply Cabal controlled Singapore in the next few years beyond Summer 2024

    Its an island city state so evac when things get bad is the only way, there's no place or high ground to run to.

    1. Evac i.e. planetary evac by the Light Forces

  16. Hi Sebastian, i have questions about The Event and Pole Shift. If Pole Shift is going to happen why we are going to stay on this Planet and build better society with all those new advanced technology if everything is going to be destroyed in a Pole Shift? Is it to heal us and prepare us for evacuation? And second how many years will have to pass when The Event happens for aliens to give us all that advanced technology and liberate us, i mean there are almost 8 billions people on Planet Earth, how many years will be needed for everyone to get Free Energy, Food Replicators and to heal everyone with Med Beds, seems like a very big task and seems like a bit unfair in some cases, because some people will be starving while others getting Food Replicators and some people will be dying while others getting healed at the same time with Med Beds?

  17. @Libra, yes thank you Sebastian.

  18. Muito obrigado por mais essa publicação, muito esclarecedora. Deus Pai e Mãe te abençoe grandemente irmão Sebastian, querido ascendente na Luz!

    Vitória da Luz ✨️ 🕊 ✨️

  19. Yeah ok Iam done with this positively speaking,done talking to myself and then repeating only to be ignored love your blog Seb good work after finishing your blog I think I've got my answer thanks actually I've already spoken to someone about this so my apologies.oh look out folks I think Iam going negative quick grab you fairy bread and fucking run ,head into sun let your eyes melt into your skull...ok chimera you want to control me think you got what takes let go 💀I will let you detain me so I can decimate you all from within actually something has just come up and I will be taking one of you negative mongoloids with me to another plane or something my current understanding is limited ,i get it now pain is just an illusion makes perfect sense,god bless everyone 🙏...

  20. Has anyone ever read this plan b by earth dragon on his website. It sounds like humans should maintain the status quo but on a different planet. I don't know but to me I'm not sure how humanity gets better by relocating everything and everyone somewhere else but essentially keep things for the most part the same.

  21. @Libra
    I just want to have the say on, and step on the alien starship, into the medical devices then we work on my proper body....and not having to either die from the darkies, or drown in some giant ass tsunami. Or have my soul snatched from my body in the dead of night. I want to have say on HOW to fix everything. I personally want to step into the bed, chamber, pod....whatever form this tech takes...and the aliens tap a few buttons or whatever, and the needed amount of time passes, and I step out, BOOM.....mega hot alien babe.

    That's how I want it to happen.

  22. Borderline of Pisces and whatever comes after it, Aeries of whatever it is.
    Sandwhich in between. Was supposed to be born in April, but came out a couple of weeks soon in March. Wonder if that, too, was an Archon thing?

  23. @maia hi Maia I'm not a goddess that would be libra or steph🙂. Seriously though im not trying to disparage or discredit earth dragon but it seems rather self serving to think that of all the divine forces et's etc that one person alone can save the day all on there own. It sounds great in the world of super heroes though.

    1. Dragon was brave enough to expose his inner world and thoughts to the world, even in the face of ridicule, because from his perspective it is going to help YOU and everyone else.

      you don't have to share his beliefs.

      we can assume Dragon has spent a great deal of time in meditation and refining his inner world, this makes one very sensitive in all directions, good and bad.

      so, when you insult him for his beliefs, it must be quite painful, and yet he persists. for you. he is truly a beautiful soul.

      to address your question about Cobra, the planet, much like our body has energy centres, akin to Chakras. temples in such places could readily distribute such energy, while simultaneously amplifying it too. the next iteration of earth will be symbiotic rather than parasitic. when you truly feel goddess energy, you wont be complaining about an abundance of it lol.

    2. Isn't isis cobras twin flame or soul mate who got killed by the dark ones. I think he should be thanked for not giving up his role in this liberation of earth and the human beings. I'm saddled with 2 control freaks who I'd love to throttle but maybe I'm supposed to be under there thumbs.

    3. @Libra
      Hope there's a chance to actually FIGHT instead of running.

      Han Solo: BRING them on! I prefer a straight fight to all this running around!

  24. Perhaps some of you have passed on my headache accompanied by nausea, which has plagued me for years on end.

  25. I don't remember seeing any hair tentacles, but I sincerely hope so! 😊

  26. i got tingles in my phantom tentacle just reading your beautiful verse!

    i'll see you there in the world of our dreams!

  27. Sherman, Patrick and whoever else has been upset by my words, let me write an analogy as to why I've chosen to interact with you;

    Im walking to the car dealership, and I see a man walking down the road, he's carrying a large rock.

    I drive past that same road 5 years later and he's still carrying that damn rock!!

    a year later I drive past yet again, and this time he's pinned under the rock!! I try to help lift this rock off the man and he shouts at me to stop!

    What am I to do? while I'm zooming about at light speed I see people trapped under their own weight!

    Words on the internet lack any real impact. if I could look in to your eyes I know I could help you, but what I write with a smile is received with a frown. our realities are too divergent.

    But... all rivers flow back to the sea... until we meet again...

    1. @Maia
      I did NOT chose to incarnate, here, DAMN IT!
      I was FORCED AGAINST MY WILL to incarnate here.


      " To start preparing for the post-Event and post-Contact society, the Pleiadians have asked me to release intel about soul families.

      Soul families are created when a group of Souls emerges from undifferentiated monadic essence and enters this universe through a seventhdimensional portal of the Galactic Central Sun, either in this galaxy or any other galaxy in the universe.

      Millions of highly evolved Souls that are now incarnated on the surface of this planet have mainly entered this universe either through the Galactic Central Sun in this Galaxy or its sister galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy.

      They have then gained their experience by traveling throughout the Galaxy through higherdimensional light filaments that crisscross the Galaxy and later focused their consciousness by gaining experience in portal star systems such as Pleiades, Aldebaran, Sirius, Arcturus, Vega (alpha Lyrae), Tau Ceti...

      At some point in their evolution path they have encountered Galactic Wars and they got involved and this is their main reason they found themselves on Earth.

      Either they made a conscious decision to enter the Quarantine Earth to anchor the Light and help the Light forces to liberate the planet, or they have simply wandered into a dangerous zone in the Galaxy without fully understanding the risk and got caught by the Archons in the interdimensional scalar net, dragged to Earth and forced into reincarnation cycle." <------ THAT right THERE.

      I PURGE my humanity, in addition to my masculinity, AND to LEAVE this damned planet, which I will STILL refer to AS a GULAG. This planet's the Detroit of the galaxy. And I want OUT. There's an entire galaxy, an entire COSMOS out there, full of worlds much, much better than this one. And I personally want to go HOME, to my REAL home planet.

      It's just that simple.

    2. @Libra
      Wish we could have a chance to do some of the actual ass kicking. Both darky and their human stooges.

  28. Hello, Libra, why do you think Event happen at that time you mention? Since nobody knows. But I would think based on what I feel around kn the mid of 2025 or actually we dont know how it al will play out, some even this summer there could be a nuclear standoff, so we dont know the sequence of the events. What thoughts do you have?

  29. Thank you for the effort and the detailed information. I always re-read your posts, which I find to be true and are my favorite place to receive proper news about the energetic situation happening. Hopefully this will continue. Much gratitude.


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