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Situation Update September 2022

First off the situation update for September 2022, then onto some random topics regarding ascension and the background of the liberation. Like written in the last post , communications between the Lightforces and the primary colonists of the Earth intensified. The most ancient of those descendants of the Prime Creator was in the meantime accepted and seen and declared as stable against the invaders (chimera). As she was accepted, a big system update for the main computer on their mothership was sent and therefore the colonists are now able to correct a lot of smaller, chimera-created problems much faster. It is like they were finally equipped to actually solve the parasitic takeover of the Earth. With this, our highest long time ancestor here therefore becomes the one who successfully held the Earth stable and cultivated it as good as she could - which means she will decide a lot of what will happen on the Earth and will hold the last word on many important matters and changes. While t