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Ascension notes

Might put these into a separate section and add small chunks regularly to get out some of the knowledge that shows up during ascension. The cabal will usually not really attack or kill you (although they can kill almost every human) until it is 100% clear to them that they cannot overtake you anymore. Until that point they will let you ascend to invade ascension in general and jam the ways for those humans ascending after you and to invade the Lightforces eventually. If you are completely controllable, your life will be ‘normal’. Once you are seen as not controllable, they will cancel your will - whatever you want in your life they will prevent you from getting - while they try to get you into contract to stop the Lightforces from the inside with you. When they are certain that they won‘t be able to use or overtake you anymore, the real terror and attacks on your body will begin - you will feel pains on and in your body from then on which were deadly if you were not protected by the Li