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Cabal interference and the human body

Though stemming from a pure pretty much Pleiadean source, the human species has been subject to modifications up to DNA level by nearly every single alien species in the chimera/NAA hierarchy. They blatantly indicate that they do so even in the Bible by telling us that we were made 'in the image of God'. What it means is that they implemented mechanisms which then allows those evil alien invaders to actually control humanity in general in a swarm-intelligence type of way and also individual humans through the adaptions they made in the derivation of God they used for the creation of humanity. As I wrote before, they implemented majority decisions on Earth only when they were able to control the majority sufficiently. This happens partly through programming like the mainstream media, partly through direct manipulations and direct influence upon key persons of society and partly by a swarm-intelligence like system most humans are accessible through. While it looks like it is a fa

Short status update #2, July 2021

Some of the top cabal from the layer right below the chimera tried to negotiate with the Lightforces again in the last few days. Basically what some of those parasitic alien species including the chimera do is they create unsolvable problems in systems they invade. They therefore force the good species to the befallen systems sooner or later. Then those parasitic species want to press as much energy from the good species as possible. This was going on for millions of years on Earth. Now they press for even more energy for letting go of sacrificing the befallen system. That was pretty much the foundation for their coerced negotiation, what the cabal presented as their means of pressure is the number of souls they will sacrifice if they do not get what they want from the Lightforces. Needless to say that what they want to get for letting those souls 'through' is much to high. The negotiations were obviously cancelled because the cabal would continue their reign on Earth if their

Short status update, July 2021

As written in the last updates we are still in the process of getting rid of the cabal especially in the etheric and astral. As Cobra wrote as well the numbers of entities are still dropping drastically. Starseeds and lightworkers are therefore under attack mainly from the archon and interdimensional aliens-layers of the chimera hierarchy (as the chimera themselves is rather space-/inner earth oriented). The attacks on key persons intensified as these are the bottlenecks and conduits of human awakening. The cabal wants to get rid of the few awakened humans fast (also via vaccinations) to hinder all ascension and keep their food source, which is pretty much all life on Earth including the planet itself.  As the cabal is in the process of losing everything, they have gotten even more brutal while staying well under the radar for the mainstream population. They certainly lay open their parasitic nature showing that they cannot refrain from destroying and torturing all life on Earth even a