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In nearly all the mystery schools of the world, it is taught, that if you 'cross the abyss' you have to choose the path of the right or left hand. That implies two 'teams', separation, fight and conflicts between them, which is in turn another part of the deception set up on earth. Saturn or Shayturn/Satan, who supposedly still influences this planet most (mirrored by the story of Adam and Eve) and is the very symbol of separation and death just set up another rule to deceive people from true freedom. You join its team anyway by joining a team. And what do these satanic or demonic alien influences (an evil snake in paradise - sounds pretty alien for a real paradise) really feed of? It is supposedly pain and suffering which gives them their energy (symbolized in eating souls - so to say). Which is why in turn they are the only beings interested in and accountable for the seemingly never ending conflicts and wars taking place on earth (and in a bigger scale maybe ev