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Situation Update Sept. 2022

First off the situation update for September 2022, then onto some random topics regarding ascension and the background of the liberation. Like written in the last post , communications between the Lightforces and the primary colonists of the Earth intensified. The most ancient of those descendants of the Prime Creator was in the meantime accepted and seen and declared as stable against the invaders (chimera). As she was accepted, a big system update for the main computer on their mothership was sent and therefore the colonists are now able to correct a lot of smaller, chimera-created problems much faster. It is like they were finally equipped to actually solve the parasitic takeover of the Earth. With this, our highest long time ancestor here therefore becomes the one who successfully held the Earth stable and cultivated it as good as she could - which means she will decide a lot of what will happen on the Earth and will hold the last word on many important matters and changes. While t
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Update August 2022 - Energetic dynamics and equalisation

This time there will not be a big situation update as not much has changed. By now there is exchange being established with those who brought life on Earth as we know it today and made human life and more possible. These descendants of the prime creator arrived approximately 300 million years ago and were already followed by a swarm of parasites (which were already the foundation for the chimera/primary anomaly on Earth) back then. That is why around 300 million years ago the first ‚big‘ lifeforms emerged on this planet. Things tend to develop these ways even before these descendants fully arrive at the destination systems. As you can easily see, they could not finish their colonisation perfectly yet as we still got problems on Earth with the chimera today. What has been decreed approximately in this post from March 2021  is even more relevant in this context than it was till now. At that time Earth was declared as a successful colonisation by other descendants of the prime creator who

Important notification (updated)

Please join the meditation for peace if you got the time. We are still at black alert , so you might find this post helpful. Meanwhile the chimera has received a heavy hit, maybe one of the heaviest to date. One of the biggest top-cabal on the 2nd layer of the cabal hierarchy (below the chimera itself) was being deported for neutralisation to the central sun yesterday. Right now the chimera and cabal hierarchies are taking formation for big upcoming attacks. These will be also some of the biggest attacks to date, as they have no other choices left and will go almost all in.  Basically the chimera are using everything they have available to attack in the region of Europe to storm one of the biggest islands of light. The physical parts of the attacks are being led from the inner Earth. Despite the real movements from the inner Earth many humans are used to attack via their neutral part of their subconsiousness. The chimera is directing every bit of consciousness-energy against their en

Situation Update July 2022

Again this post will feature a few general ascension insights followed by a short situation update. The chimera is able to set 'triggers' to almost anything they can perceive. A trigger is like an alarm call they get if a certain condition takes place. For example one of their triggers could execute if a certain fraud with the banking system is discovered by any human. So in that case, the chimera would be able to go there soon enough and cover up the discovered fraud or overtake/remove the human who discovered it. These kind of triggers are something humans do not really understand as they simply think such things would not be possible. The alien invaders of the Earth obviously are much smarter than humanity suspected an alien invasion to be like. Those triggers ensure an almost failsafe fraud for the chimera as they get wake up calls each time a human is about to tear a hole into their veil of lies. Since the last big archon invasion in 1996 (last of the three big ones) the c

Situation Update May 2022

As in each update, the solar system is still cleaned and stabilised steadily from the influence of the chimera. This is still mostly perceivable in the unseen realms for now as physical changes will not be possible at large before compression breakthrough. We have reached a point in the process of removal though in which the chimera in its entirety is shortly before realising their absolute defeat. You can imagine a strict hierarchy in the chimera which disallows anyone lower to know anything higher levels already know. And while the top chimera criminals know defeat is certain since about two years,  the rest of the hierarchy is kept in steady belief of winning against the Lightforces. A belief which will necessarily come to an end soon. That also means the stabilisation process for humanity is coming to an end. While much of the stabilisation has to happen without the chimera witnessing it, in the end, giving insight into the stabilisation is necessary and part of the stabilisation i

Ascension notes and Situation Update April 2022

In this article there will be several necessarily negative unveilings which will accompany some humans on their ascension path. Many of the following points clearify general problems on the ascension path or lay open cabal-caused problems on Earth, which will help as well. Basically it is a summary of several topics that needed to be laid open on this blog, condensed into one post, just giving an outline of what the cabal do. In the end of this post there will be a short update on the current situation and how the Lightforces advanced in the last few weeks. If there are less updates on this blog it signifies that not much has changed ususally. Lightforces are in the process of cleaning this planet of the parasitic parts of the primary anomaly and nothing fundamental changed about it - also, obviously we are not noticing anything in the physical yet. So, first to the ascension notes: This platonic cycle / great year really ended in approximately 2012, just as the Mayans told via their f