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Situation Update September 2023

This post will again feature a situation update, followed by ascension insights and questions by the readers. 

Firstoff, it should become clearer that blogs like the Portal and the work of the ascendants should be seen already as the workings and influence of the Lightforces arriving on Earth. The knowledge given on this blog is no exception. These are the Lightforces themselves infusing necessary knowledge via certain blogs and ascendants. An influence which will apparently clean up the mental layer of humanity and Earth by bringing much needed clarifications to those who found these sources of information to be valuable. This is the Lightforces who slowly but surely take over the mental layers on Earth in this way before they are able to exert actual, physical intervention.
At this time the Lightforces also have to work heavily via influencing humans. This works similarly to the methods of the cabal, just that the Lightforces work with absolute truths instead of lies and evil like the cabal did since millennia. The ascendants will be those who will make the real changes in the mental layer working. Blogs like the Portal by Cobra are actually the Lightforces infusing knowledge to survive for many humans who find it. 

Regarding the bigger cabal members, there is still one of the 'bastards' of the Andromeda faction (heavily connected to the Lurker) on the surface being left alive for strategical reasons.
The descendants of the first female human traitor (the biblical Eve) have been reduced to three, those are the ones still heavily manipulating love among humans on the surface.

Though the problem with the negative-AI regarding such removals is this: upon removing the big villains, the villains are still there, stored in the AI, and all memories, abilities and so forth are in some cases transferred to the next willing servants of the cabal. They certainly do that constantly with many bigger monsters which were already transported to the Central Sun. While the follow-ups of these monsters are still quite evil, the originals were of course much worse. However even that comes to an end as it is quite costly and will get worse for the cabal with every transfer of their villain-consciousness.

The biggest attacks to date were delivered towards first emerging islands of light and involved key persons. Basically worldwide resources of the remaining cabal were gathered for these waves of attacks. The attacks so far seemingly will not cease, as the cabal is mobilising all they have left at this time to stop the islands from progressing. Attacks are delivered in waves and the remaining main parasites are pretty unimpressed by the counters of the Lightforces yet. However the size of the waves are certainly waning and some members of the cabal are finally realising their inevitable defeat. 

First clones of the Goddess have been found and are being raped by the cabal. While this is a huge problem for the Goddess herself and the cabal tries to use the raping for their invasion of her ship, all of that will be canceled. Although they rape the cloned body of the Goddess, the Goddess herself takes no real harm of that and the invasive component of these rapes will be completely countered by the Lightforces. It merely serves as an example of how sick and cruel the cabal usually attacked and invaded their opponents in the past at this time.

The intact core of all world religions has finally been connected to the Liberation process covertly. While no-one officially knows this, there are spiritually positive, intact cores of the world religions. These cores even work together despite conflicts the world religions appear to have officially. These cores are rescuing and educating all sorts of victims of the chimera since ages. Some of these non-physical pupils were brought to the emerging islands of light to continue their education and rehabilitation together with some of the highest ascendants at this time.

First soulmate re-unifications have begun for the highest Starseeds in the spiritual. As explained below this will first happen in the spiritual before taking place in the physical and is usually happening far away from your circle of friends or acquaintances. This means the highest ascendants will soon go through that as well and all those recouplings will inevitably lead to the bigger re-unifications which the Event will bring.

Amusement parks were and are being constructed for those stranded aliens who were already on the Earth since a while - some of them are among the most important inhabitants of Earth. These parks will also be an attraction and healing place for thousands of lifeforms who were denied fulfillment throughout the ages - may this be from the inner Earth, the surface or from the rest of the solar system. This kind of huge party will of course serve those who were the poorest people as well as the most special specimen of aliens who accidentally crash-landed on Earth and were unable to return home yet.
Few people know the true amount of aliens that at some point in history stranded on the Earth. Though some governments currently lay open alien influence especially in the USA, most of such news will probably backfire in favour of the cabal at this time.
Nowadays approximately 200 alien species are residing on Earth or retreated into the inner Earth which humanity is completely unaware of. Many of them were and still are treated miserably and they are unable to leave upon will. Many of them are single specimens of their species and can only satisfyingly communicate with other aliens if they are among the luckier ones. Sadly, some went to Earth to get their stranded love-partners back home - though these partners oftentimes suffered death on Earth and were in most cases used as a lure by the chimera anyway. Most of the alien life that is active on Earth remains a tragedy till this time and that is exactly the reason why these amusement parks are being constructed by the Lightforces and ascendants this early on. They will serve as a comfortable refuge until those aliens can leave back home. Some of these parks are part of the emerging islands of light and the construction projects of the ‚New Atlantis‘ - the upcoming high culture of the Age of Aquarius.

Ascension insights

While humans on Earth usually thought they get through with (at least slightly) morally and ethically corrupt behaviour, the truth is slowly but surely pouring through due to Liberation. They will not get through.
The resulting behaviour for most of these people is sadly wrong again as they, upon realization of their corruption, rather tend to conspire against those who bring the truth. The truth are of course the Lightforces themselves and several key persons and ascendants on the surface. This behaviour is known since ages on Earth but it somehow cultivated itself because it was seldomly judged correctly and sometimes judgement was impossible due to the power of the chimera. 
However humanity again begins to cover up what they did wrong individually (as if the Lightforces could not see). These people then try to burden their spiritual debt to the key persons and generally the highest ascendants by conspiring. 
It is sad especially if you are aware that humanity failed already several times at exactly these moral fundaments and invalidated themselves afterwards by trying to get out of their moral debt by just furthering their characterless behaviour.
Although they like to quieten and ignore the people who say this, there is of course absolutely no chance for these ill-mannered and sociopathic characters on Earth - even things deemed as ‚normal‘ characterless behaviour will be judged heavily by the Lightforces this time. These characterless humans are those who will part by part reveal their corrupt character and will exhibit their sociopathic behaviour over the coming years, just as Cobra laid open via the ascension plans.
The people of Earth are known for attacking the key-persons who bring or tell the truth. A big example would be Jesus, and while this looks unrepeatably stupid in retrospective, it was a majority of people back then who actually wanted to get rid of him.
A closer and less drastic example would be those people who seemingly constantly criticise Cobra or the Lightforces for not doing or saying what the people personally want. Additionally these try to make their opinion look like the majority. It is the same sociopathic behaviour as back then which is getting into the open through such behaviour nowadays. Needless to say, such attacks might have devastating consequences, as these humans are basically attacking the Lightforces themselves via certain key-persons. While the retrospective is a distance which helps people to think correctly towards such situations, they seemingly do not connect that it is the same situation today with the Lightforces and some bigger ascendants like Cobra.
The energy dynamics coming with the liberation will crush those attackers this time though. After all, the Liberation will finally change especially the superiority of evil people on this planet, and that also means the sociopathic attackers and accusers will lose the Earth for their wrongdoings this time. It seems easy to understand but nevertheless some of the readers might still be part of exhibiting such attacks when the time comes. Every form of discrediting towards certain people is already counted as an attack.
Also see the deeply related topic on what the ‚toys and tools‘ of the cabal are, following below.

Sideeffects of money 

Upon receiving bigger amounts of money it is also enormous hate and envy if you receive from your fellow humans, mainly on a subconscious level. A sane reception of money sometimes has to be prepared for years, otherwise the recipients are overloaded with hate and envy still at this time and rather turn insane instead of profiting from it. Of course money works flawlessly for the higher traitor humans of the cabal and without many of these energetical problems by design. That of course creates the impression that big amounts of money do not change anything but your degree of freedom and that such energetical dynamics would be nonsense. This impression is of course also what the cabal wants to achieve as it lets the lack of money look even more depressing for those who did not become one of their traitors.

Toys and tools

On Earth, nearly nothing is what it seems to be. Promoted important things are most times not even connected to the important things for the cabal. For example it is very important for the cabal is to sabotage their key-opponents while not making them look like sabotaged opponents. This happens daily in this way towards targeted individuals on the surface, they oftentimes get heavily sabotaged without anyone (including themselves) ever noticing.
This sabotage is mainly carried out by the 'toys and tools' of the cabal.
Toys are of course those humans the cabal can manipulate without any conscious recognition of that manipulation - these people do not realise that they speak and act according to the will of the cabal.
Tools are those who joined the cabal and do work for them in terms of sabotage knowingly.
The main strategy here is to subtly discredit any key persons and sources of truth. 
Practically this oftentimes looks approximately like this:
  • They ignore any postings of truth or of key persons - if that works, everything is fine for the cabal (this also applies to any other output of these key-persons of course)
  • If those postings achieve any credit through popularity and or especially positive comments, toys and tools will gather to discredit the post until the credit is gone.
  • The discrediting takes place in really smart ways as especially the toys are expressing their real doubts about that truth. They will therefore have smart, rational and easily understandable arguments to destroy the sources of truth (which might be posts of the Portal or even the Unveiling). This also happens especially by questioning the authority of key persons or trying to move the real authority to someone or something else, oftentimes getting personal.
  • Toys and tools will usually not stop until the creditors of the post are being quietened, they will like to keep the last word
  • On complex situations like for example the whole comments-section of the Portal-blog, the toys and tools are usually very cultivated and behaved and spread very subtle discrediting (like i.e. bringing up med-beds before the Event over and over or posting other info which is not at all resonating with the info of Cobra) - in these cases they are rather trying to water out the truth
  • All such behaviour of toys and tools serve the cabal in overtaking the sources of truth, as they, to some degree, 'own' the postings of such after their negative, discrediting comments (at least energetically)
For the cabal, human toys have almost the same value as human tools. Both kinds of human 'heights' will sabotage the Lightforces, the ascendants and Liberation to the same, almost indistinguishable extent.
This is also the reason why some humans will have to be evacuated to the healing planets, simply as they are not able to reach their own evolution and rise beyond toy or tool status - some are even unwilling to rise above toy status.
In the current phase of liberation, support from the Lightforces is therefore heavily selective. This stems from the fact that the ascendants need heavy support while the toys and tools rather have to be gotten rid of any support. Especially the tools, working knowingly for the cabal, have to lose everything good fast. The toys have to be given some instructions and warnings about their unconcious and maleficient behaviour and will be treated like tools if they then are unwilling to change and eventually turn to the Lightforces in a certain time.
The only ones who will really receive support in this phase are the ascendants who evolved beyond these two statuses - and rightfully so. The toys cannot be trusted with anything as they waste every bigger support given in favour of the cabal as soon as the cabal begins to play with them.
The tools cannot be trusted anyway and are basically just waiting to be transported off Earth for their extremely sociopathic transgressions.
This status of completely devalued humans in contrast to the worthy and evolved ascendants will probably continue approximately this way till the Event, just that the contrast will even get more extreme the further the actual influence of the Lightforces develops on Earth.
It should be clear by now that both, toys and tools bring forth only the will of the cabal.
That of course needs to change drastically for everyone interested in liberation. The toys will be given chances for evolution and ascension, which is basically the work of many Lightworkers and blogs like the Portal, bringing clarification.
In the end (compression breakthrough at the latest), the remaining toys will leave to the healing planets in the Pleiades and the tools will of course leave to the prison planets or to the Central Sun, according to the damage caused. 
It should be clear that a big front of the war of the cabal is taking place i.e. also in the comments section of the Portal-blog (or any sources of real truth) for example. Therefore you can be sure that chimera-greats like the Lurker (EDIT: in the meaning of the Lurker having been one of their best weapons, he was of course not really part of the chimera group) are actually exerting their manipulation there as well although few commenters will believe that. The less people consciously realise such manipulation, the better the cabal tactics work. Just as Cobra told, Lightworkers should stay 'kind and loving' - it should be clear that no true Lightworker will become a toy or hater at all - yet many in that comments-section or in the Facebook group still will.
It should be clear that people and especially Lightworkers who fall for hating will be declassified as toys or tools and can not be taken serious anymore by many spiritual factions witnessing that, including the Lightforces until they evolve.
By the way, you can easily see a proof of this behaviour by just posting certain truths, blogposts or parts of them somewhere or hype them. Those postings will be either completely ignored or toys and tools will show up for discrediting if appreciation rises above a certain level.
The terms toy and tool were also used similarly and pretty widespread in emerging HipHop of the 90s by the way. However usage has mysteriously dropped since approximately 1996 since the terms were loosely related to the bespoke chimera and cabal tactics. Today you rarely find any info and especially truthful explanations for the terms on the internet.

Inner Earth fulfillment

Inner Earth is full of sexual pleasure, most humans went there to live free from the invading parasites in many paradise-like areas of the inner Earth. Problem with that kind of god-like pleasure, especially for the exalted people is, that the cabal constantly steals their DNA, esp. via sperm and reproductive juices resulting from these sexual pleasures. While these inner Earth inhabitants are kept in the illusion that they are safe, the cabal uses their 'exalted' DNA to incarnate their own hostage-babies on the surface. These babies of the exalted inner Earth greats then go through the most miserable lifes on the surface, are usually tortured and tricked all their life. That in turn creates a heavily negative drag upon those exalted greats in the inner Earth - their offspring is then used as a weapon against them. While the cabal knows exactly what they do, the people having pleasure in the inner Earth were completely unaware of their upcoming doom which these energetic dynamics certainly lead to. Although they did not know about their unofficial offspring, they are nevertheless highly responsible for the well being of such offspring. A responsibility they cannot surmount no matter what they do, therefore, their psychological and spiritual decay is oftentimes preprogrammed. Let alone those children who are born into families which are not really their relatives which then obviously creates many unseen tensions, part of their torture - a torture both the inner Earth greats and their offspring on the surface share sooner or later.
This is also the answer why there are sometimes highly intelligent children emerging in completely dysfunctional families - going through the worst fates there. It should be obvious that especially the higher ascendants were oftentimes suffering that fate, never knowing why they do not fit in. For many it was and still is their hidden, exalted ancestry which made this painful difference.

Questions by readers

How will the LF treat humans in a fair way positive or negative?

There is an absolute ‚account balance‘ for every lifeform in the universe. This is either positive or negative. It is the sum of everything positive and negative a lifeform has done from an absolute viewpoint. Although a similar concept, it is not really related to Karma of some religions on Earth. The highest among the Lightforces have access to this information and can see the absolute balance. And while humans like to discuss about their real positivity, there will be no discussion exactly because of that absolute and easy to verify balance.
Therefore you can be absolutely sure that at the end of this cycle, everyone on the Earth will get exactly what he deserves.
There is no error in the absolute view of the highest Lightforces and there certainly will therefore be no discussion about the true positivity of any human at all.

Why are the LF afraid of interaction with humans?

Basically because of the cultivation and programming humans received. Humans oftentimes think that a higher being would need to behave in a certain way but that is only part of their programming. Problem the Lightforces have is that humans are completely unaware of this programming, they would for example see several aliens as very dumb while they are in fact very intelligent. That is part of their programming, they will only credit behaviour they have been taught to be intelligent, not necessarily true intelligence here. The human programming goes back to the very start of the human species so it is very difficult to dismantle at this time, which in turn causes many problems for true interactions between the Lightforces and humans - humans will simply not see their behavioural problems at all and will therefore easily be upset with such interactions.
Secondly the Lightforces are much higher than most humans, a difference in size and intensity, humans cannot yet really cope with. Most humans could not stand such an experience yet and would risk to become upset or mad again. So apart from heavy misunderstandings about fundamental concepts, the Lightforces would have to be very careful. Otherwise humans would realise all of their own problems almost instantly, which is too much for most to handle.
Thirdly, the humans have to be evolved above toy and tool status to be taken serious for a communication, otherwise the Lightforces would just speak to the cabal via that specific human contact.

Why isn't there a big meditation to remove the anomaly?

While meditations are highly efficient, especially in the human socio-sphere, they fall short in removing the heavier parts of the anomaly. The anomaly is something so enormous that the bigger Lightforces are the only ones who can really dissolve it - there is no shortcut and as the whole scenario is a hostage situation, humans are usually not truly capable to solve the bigger problems here - no matter how many unite.

Why doesn't the source pass the instructions to the forces of light to remove the anomaly?

Source are even present on Earth, as part of the Liberation, to help removing the anomaly themselves. Though the anomaly is a rather cosmic defect which even takes time for Source themselves to dissolve. It is nothing that can be removed right away without destroying the structure of the universe itself.
Imagine it like this: the universe is a huge lifeform. The anomaly is a sickness that befalls some parts of this lifeform. Removing it without harming the main lifeform, which the universe is, is time intensive - it has to be removed without any damage for the structure the universe has developed. It is like replacing the intestines of a baby completely without harming the baby or causing any discomfort at all. So this is rather a transmutation of all the befallen parts back to the light, cosmically, all at once - replacing the parts the anomaly has caused by a similar, purely light-based structure.

What can a regular surface person do to become aware of who their soulmate is upon meeting them?

The topic of love and soulmates is full of misconceptions planted by the cabal. Firstoff, most soulmates will not be in your environment or circle of friends at all. They will come to you in a spiritual way once you are evolved enough and you will know that it is a real soul-connection, once it happens. Most humans search for their soulmates in their close human interactions or social environment but it will not be that way at all. Some even think that certain persons in their social environment would be their soulmate. Most times this is just simple love, extrapolated and used by the cabal to trick people into thinking it was their soulmate. It will be highly spiritual contacts at first, later followed by real manifestation in your personal life once the risks are being removed in your close surroundings. Nearly all the love normal humans think of has nothing to do with a real soulmate relationship. It will be much more intense and fulfilling than anything you thought of love before. So you will certainly first know in the spiritual, once you get acquainted with your soulmate.

What can we do to fight the parasitic swarms?

General measures promoted by spiritual communities oftentimes help. May that be violet flame, burning sage, singing bowls, etc. - many such things will help to a degree or at least, and that is even more important, it will help you getting discovered by positive spiritual forces and factions.
Most important is that you keep your efforts of freeing yourself very high. The positive spiritual people will notice that and proportional to your efforts, the potential to be freed rises, which makes your personal liberation much more easy for the helpers and therefore makes real help more probable.
The best way you could choose is to spend most of your free time to find your way back to your true roots, to the descendants of the Prime Creator himself - a way the cabal hides from humanity via countless distractions. That is the only way that really is desirable right now and it heavily helps all of Liberation on Earth in general. Needless to mention, you need to balance your job and chores with that kind of spirituality. Impulsive moves of quitting your job or big parts of your current life are still very dangerous - rather find a balance between social and spiritual life at this time.
Uplifting yourself will help others to do the same and helping yourself will make you visible for those spiritual forces who can actually help you with the things you cannot yet achieve yourself.
It has to become visible what you truly want - do you want to participate in a fake society with fake goals set up by the cabal? Or do you want to become free and achieve endless pleasures you could not even imagine yet?
These positive, spiritual people will see and will determine if you are worthy to receive (energetically)  enormously expensive technology to be freed. You can think of it like that: there are only a few doctors on Earth who can help you in this phase and their time is therefore immensively costly. They will help those humans who look most promising of course because the success of their efforts and investments (of time and energy) is much more probable then. Meant here are mainly the positive spiritual forces of Earth who were already here and are capable of helping even before the breakthrough of the Lightforces.
But these tendencies also apply to some of the more specific help of the Lightforces at this time of course. Their influence is rising, but serious help for humans is still expensive energetically in this phase and will be given to the most promising ones as well therefore.

How to make love-relationships last?

The manipulation upon love-relationships is among the most cruel things the chimera and cabal established on this planet. For example, even each time your partner leaves your vision or closeness, the cabal works on you and him/her to get you separated. Although nowadays no human is capable to do so, if you wanted to really make love last, you could never leave your partner alone even for a few minutes. This is of course what no normal partner would accept or even understand. If the cabal really want to separate you, they will usually do so when you are out of reach and that will even work with bigger souls. At least the probability for a separation rises fast without constant closeness. And humanity is bound by their system to constantly leave their partners (for work, chores, friends, etc. ). During such distance, the cabal constantly removes the good parts of your partner (spirit parts and other ingredients) and puts their own parts into your partner. That results at least in the relationship getting worse all the time, if it does not lead to a split up at some stage. As it is common nowadays, many relationships rather wane in intensity instead of intensifying constantly. That is why most love relationships, especially the really high loves do not really work out today. The cabal wants their own toys and tools next to the bigger souls and definitely not soulmates close to each other. And they work on that day in and day out. Therefore real soulmate relationships were absolutely rare since the Egyptian high culture, while at the same time lovers oftentimes think nearly every relationship was a soulmate union - actually most of those perceptions remain a trick of the cabal in this phase of Liberation. Todays lifestyle sabotages true love by design. In this area of life, the truth is much more cruel than even experts on Earth regarding the contamination are currently aware of yet.

Victory of the Light!


  1. Thanks Seb once again for the timely and great update!

    The fight for liberation is all blood, tears, and pain. I respect COBRA and your perseverance to stand against those chimeric and infested psycho-socio-paths. With the defeat of Chimera, I hope LF, RM, and all lightworkers could get a nice nap, and the stranded travelers from afar may return home soon.
    And I’d like to thank the beings of light who helped me clear the implants – yesterday was synchronistical, not long after I realized the flaws within me, a hardened negative belief instantly collapses, then COBRA made the update of Chimera being defeated. Life have never been so refreshing before.
    There is one interesting proverb in Chinese, “One person attains the Tao, chickens and dogs ascend to heaven”, originated from Taoists records. It means once a person attains power, the people around him also ascends to power. I guess Taoists are sharp – those psychopaths who grabs power for itself will grant power to smaller bacteria-to-animal size souls.

  2. "By the way, you can easily see a proof of this behaviour by just posting certain truths, blogposts or parts of them somewhere or hype them. Those postings will be either completely ignored or toys and tools will show up for discrediting if appreciation rises above a certain level."
    Witnessing this everyday on reddit. Its incredible how brainwashed against the truth the people are.. And positive posts about the liberation get cancelled or removed for the dumbest reasons or no reason at all.

    1. I was pretty impressed that you get any sort of resonance on Reddit.
      As far as I can tell it is one of the most dead networks out there even more dead than Facebook and Instagram. While looking more alive at the same time.

      I was trying to participate a few years ago (unrelated to Liberation or other 'strange' topics) and was completely ignored even after weeks of interaction - not a single of their karma-points was given or taken. It was like they did not even see my posts - I assume they saw some kind of risk in me despite not speaking about Liberation topics at all.

    2. I have noticed this also. Comment on forums that I write (that at least I think was insightful and good for development) can be mostly ignored while some lightweight stupid hurray comment I write gets loads of thumbs ups. I have explained it to myself that I am probably shadow banned and an AI is deciding the visibility of my posts. (I do wonder what will happen with this post :)

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  3. We are afflicted by a corrupt regime that favors both immoral and completely illegal actions. In the daily behavior of the factions in power. Those who govern us do not care at all about confronting the real problems of our world. Under the guise of public service, they use everything that comes into their hands for personal gain. Only power motivates them, and power drives them crazy, like when we give too much energy to a lazy individual.

  4. As far as I can tell, the Lurker is not a chimera being, but was a being from the previous cycle on the subquantum level.

    Also, you mention the chimera as though they still exist, but Cobra states:

    "The Light forces have scored a huge victory recently. The last pit under DARPA has been cleared, and all Chimera individuals from that pit and from the surface of the planet have been removed. Thus Chimera has been completely defeated, and is no more."

    I mean no disrespect, but there is great need for absolute consistency in these matters.

    1. The phrase "Lurker as a chimera-great" expresses that the Lurker was long time one of the best weapons of the chimera. Not expressed clearly I have to admit, I will make an edit to clarify the passage.

      Other than that most of the uses of the term 'chimera' rather speak of the past and what they did on Earth in this article.

      Part of the article was of course written over the course of the last month, but everything should be related to the past now, this should be ok.

    2. Thank your for the clarification. Your work is very important and useful. 🌌

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  5. I would like to read something about the world's of the aliens above all Orion realms because I'm an Orion seed . I wont to know something about their whole environment . buildings , traffic , technology , ships overall infrastructure and how this all will be part of our existence on earth or elsewhere( hopefully in the near future ). That would be uplifting and this is what we nead because to be honest we are tired of further nightmare stories . We don't wont only news about restrictions and constantly reading that we are all bad because this or that ( mea culpa mea maxima culpa ) . Those guys on the ships have obviously no clue in what kind of circumstances we as starseeds must living here . So Complaining about our behavior is like saying to someone who was literally inplanted with worms and than placed on a spider web just be quite because everything will be alright or trust the plan ! Astahr just spend some time here surrounded by the darkness with no memory that you soon may Return to your light ships and your comrades . Experience no hope on better tomorrow phatamorgana friend's and partners and you will know why we are not of light anymore . You will be also shaped by this world full of dispair where you have to becoming a warrior or else there will be no tomorrow for you . there is no place for unconditional love in the world where you day by day experience only hate against you without reason and even for your good deeds . think about that before you will judge us for becoming what we are shaped into, in this swamp to become ( by the dark side )

  6. I think lots of Starseeds incarnated into families where dark past karma needed clearing. In my case I know my Dad and I were bitter enemies in past lives and killed each other numerous times. We may not be very close in this life, but I feel at least the darkness has cleared. I'm not surprised to hear about lots more open sexuality with the Agarthans/inner Earth peeps. I've always felt like sex was such a pale shadow of its true potential here on the surface. Can't wait to experience true love making with a Soulmate with all chakras open, healed, and free trom parasites! 🔥❤️

  7. Hi sebastian great and interesting post as usual and cobra too though I wonder if I'm part of the 3 million sheeple or the 4 billion that represent humanity's future.

  8. Thank you Sebastian for your mindblowing update.

    Many greetings and love to all this beings who stranded on this planet. All this beings will soon reconnect with their starfamily and have a heartful reconnection. Keep on being strong my amigos !

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    1. @libra I understand what you mean libra they look at you or me or really anyone who is happy and there like wtf is wrong with that person 🙂. Though to be fair im sure we're probably thinking the same about them too

  10. thank you. What can you say about the source's view of the terrible state of animals on the planet? Every day billions of innocent animals are killed in the worst way in slaughterhouses and experiments.

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  12. Libra,
    Listen to, " Everybody's free to wear sunscreen" by Baz Luhrmann.

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  14. Sebastian, the summer 2024 estimate that you had mentioned in one of your previous articles, does that still hold true? Or, has that target already been achieved this month?

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  18. Hey, dear Sebastian. Things looking now from any perspective are accelerating. Cobra's educated guess for the Event to happen is during 2025. My guess is the same, if not the Event in 2025, then at least biggest top level turmoil on the planet. Please share, what is your sincere guess for the Event to happen the way you comprehend the action? Thank you. Biggest waiting is being felt inside the heart of the Event to happen soon. Consiousness is rising everyday, you start feeling yourself out of time and space boundaries.

  19. Kedves Seb ! (I write in Hungarian, please translate !) Én 1975/76 -óta azaz 15-16 éves korom óta, traumák sorozata által -49 -éve- egy módosult tudatállapotban élek szenvedek. Mond az ilyen halott-élőket, miért nem segítik a fényerők valamilyen úton-módon .. Miért csak a jó egészségben élőket, jó "rezgőket" segítik ...? Itt kelet-európában 1945 -óta sosem volt demokrácia, 1990 -óta áldemokrácia, de jelenleg már feudalizmus uralkodik ! Ez az anyagiakra is ki terjed. Itt nem, 3-4 ezer dollárból élnek milliók, hanem 3-4 száz dollárból ... Talán az afrikai országokhoz lehet hasonlítani azt az életszínvonalat amit itt a politikusok folyamatosan megvalósítanak ... 3-4, esetleg max 600.- € -ból kell élniük millióknak ... ---No egyenlőre ennyit . ---ÜDVÖZLETTEL; anonymneminem.

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  20. Dear Sebastien, just after reading your post I couldn't find the key to my car, and after half an hour of looking for it, I found it in a palce that I was sure I had checked before! What could it mean?
    I was surprised to read about clones of the Goddess and that they are being raped. I feel attracted to several Goddesses: Isis, Hathor, and recently Selene. But I'm confused: are they all one Goddess, or the clones of one Goddess, or different beings? Is any of them the Goddess that you refer to? How is it possible that these clones are being raped? Don't they have power to defend themselves?
    With love,

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  22. Obrigado pela atualização, seguimos em frente, enquanto nossas forças permitirem!

  23. Thank you again for a very informative and educational update. Yours and COBRA’s blogs are very unique and are unlike any other information on the internet in regards to the truth. Energetic Synthesis by Lisa Renee is another one I strongly resonate with. I truly appreciate that you guys take your time to keep us informed. I do notice the effect on my consciousness as I read the words and for that reason I go back and read the blogs several times. I truly feel sad for the aliens that became stuck here and have not been treated fairly. The torture some souls have had to endure is also so sad. This is all the more reason why us surface lightworkers need to keep our heads on straight and use our common sense. Kindness and love should be our priority and if we are about to engage in stupidity then we need to just stop and rethink. The current energies are sure feeling incredible theses days. There is a strong feeling of love in my heart. Thank you to ALL involved in liberating our beautiful planet 💜 🌏. VOTL! 🎉 🧨 🎊

    1. thank you so much for this beautiful comment. 😍

      I got goosebumps from it. I dont know why. I am just feeling your good vibrations and your heartful words. 😀

      In those moment like this its so beautiful to know that worldwide exist so beautiful like minded beings like me and my starseeds friends. 😍😀

  24. Bom dia! Muito importantes e interessantes as matérias do blog e os comentários das pessoas. Eu gostaria de saber como vocês se reconhecem como trabalhadores e/ou guerreiros da LUZ, deve haver alguma forma específica para que uma pessoa se reconheça nessa condição. Fico grato a quem puder me responder de forma bem objetiva. Grande abraço a todos vocês.

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  26. Thanks for the post. I have an important question. Can the dark forces pull entire solar systems? I once met controllers who said they can very well do this and then i watched this video on youtube, where scientist found out 700 stars are missing.

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  29. Very strong energies in this post and juicy information as always, thank you!

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  34. Dear 🌠Star🌱 Seeds

    I would like to thank my 🌠Star🌱seed friend from China.

    I met on this blog comment section of Cobra. Thank you Cobra that I met her here :-). And thank you Sebastian, that you write all this blog articles.

    In the comment. I posted the link of my telegram channel and so we are in contact now. So cool.

    She sang and sent to me an English song which I shared here in my channel.

    As well as she translated and sang this song in Chinese. I was very happy about that and I keep listening to her Chinese version. I don't speak Chinese and I feel her light galactic energy.


    Such beautiful galactic vibrations. We are all working together. She has given me permission to share these 2 versions as well. One version is in Chinese and the second is in English.

    Here are the two texts:


    Translation via

    Today I sang a song
    We are the presence of love
    Toward the light, toward the light...
    Toward the light, toward the light...

    Lyrics in English:

    Today, we sing a song.
    Loving beings, we do belong.
    To the light. To the light.
    To the light. To the light.


    Singing is a very powerful energy work.

    You wanna here the Song and singing?
    The singing is in this Channel.

    Many thanks and galactic greetings. :-)

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I had the a similar dream around the date when Cobra publishing DRY EVENT LOCK post on PORTAL2012. I found myself to visit PORTAL2012 page, suddenly one of the posts' title changed to my name, as if it is trying to call for my dreaming conscious' attention. Then, a rapid conversation between me and an unknown, yet gentle male being occurred, after I agreed upon something, I woke up. But I could not remember the details of the conversation. I initially thought it was nothing more than a strange dream; in hindsight, the message did seem hastily and convey a sense of urgency.

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  37. I have been "blocked" by tools and toys online and in the so-called professional world. Despite this the Light has blessed my life with Christ by my side.

    I have had many ideas -Intellectual property- "stolen" from me by Corporations like Sony and Microsoft I suspect through leaking of my sexual energy? Yet, I use versions of their tech, which are not nearly as well executed as when the idea arrived to me 10 or even sometimes 20 years ago.

    I am sitting here wondering what my role is in the Liberation Earth Operation. Was told by a woman a long time ago that I came here from Venus after its liberation ( I assume similarly to Planet X). Have any beings belonging to Jupiter Command been trapped here? I feel so much affinity and closeness to JC and Ganymede.

    Divine Love to all here.

  38. I think and hope Germany can play its role by flipping the trauma of division into a real togetherness of West and East Europe, help solving that imposed schism.

    But I don't see it happening a lot before the Event, indeed too much programming and psy-oping into perceiving critics as Nazis. I attended a pure peace demonstration for an end of the conflict between Nato and Russia, and the Tools were standing at the side of the demo in their super dark energy bubble hissing and shouting at the happy people.
    I pumped a lot of Goddess energy into the demonstration the days before because I really wanted it to be as harmonious as possible. I think it helped a lot in that situation, I felt super calm and I had the intuition that at least one of them saw and realized that the people were not actually blind extremists but genuine peace-loving folks.

    'Tools' is such a good expression. It is (by its accuracy) very helpful in conversations with directing the focus from the tools to the actual controllers in a smooth way. I started to use it some times already.

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  41. Thank you for this great update!
    I got to your blog from Libra's blog. But I was very glad that I clicked on it and read your update. For a while, I had to honestly contemplate if I was a toy. I had to do a quick self-reckoning. I have experience with ET-s talking telepathically with me even controlling my body. And I have my own agenda. Yet, I never meant to discredit or dilute the truth shared on the Portal. I only write down what I honestly believe is true, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be misled. I got great support and profound and emyrean spiritual experiences in my life from the ET-s so I honestly feel obliged to do my part in addressing problems. I really hope it doesn’t hinder anything for the Life Forces and for my fellow humans. I greatly respect the free choice and the unique reality that a person aims to experience. So I came to the conclusion that I write everything with the utmost honesty and maybe a bit of desperation to reach others. It is very lonely to be in my shoes. So if my posts harm the plans of the Light Forces I gladly accept the consequences. And ready to learn from my mistakes. Altho I will keep in mind what I write there from now on. I don’t want to redirect the attention from the current problems on the Earth we live in now. My missions are related to an alternative reality and its manifested negative chaotic impact on our world right here right now. Regardless of that I greatly respect people like Cobra and you who work to inform us and to give us hope. I keep meditating and try to stay high vibe. I just honestly hope everything will be fine in the end. I do my best to complete my missions and to support the Liberation of this planet.

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  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Hi Seb, thank you for your information which helps us to glimpse the planetary reality, here I got a multiple question about the 1st ascendant which you stated previously: you wrote that there were around ten others like him who have the primary implant been removed, are they also ascendants? If yes the 1st ascendant would be 11th ascendant? Or was he the 1st ascendant before the implant was removed? Why if we lose our primary implant we become tormented, aren't we supposed to feel better? Is the primary implant connected to the solar plexus or the merkabah? What's the million-year-old alien? What is its origin? What is really the benefit to the planetary work of losing this implant and does it have anything to do with the crystals connected to the solar plexus? I find this topic interesting... Thank you Seb

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. I guest that is because they came from far long time ago, in those times women wasn't having the right to look smarter than man, but today with the descent of energy connected to the central sun we clearly notice that a woman which is united with itself with undoubtedly more competence in terms of sensitivity of the territory in the ether therefore strategically much more creative in controlling a territory in the ether and men will soon discover that they are much more attuned to comfortable and creatively effective in action. Asthar is very ancient. As for St-Germain, he had a path that is unusual for contemporary people. This man was the best friend of Jesus (commonly called Lazarus), especially why this was not revealed, he subsequently became the intelligent spine of the astral, returned in several incarnations to reshuffle the timeline like this time where he invented cosmetics because men were starting to abandon women for other things which would have harmed the genetics at the end of the cycle, this man generated his enemies and also how he got rid of them, he came back as Thomas Paine also so that the United States can generate their current little magic trick and the white mustache. The account of St-Germain is probably the best sharpened sword along with King Solomon of course in our cycle or in all of human history given the current level of density cooling. But now that the mechanics will be changed we will begin to see women emerge in power in ways that man never thought possible and he will be completely happy with it. It is always a question of time... A time quest,i mean a time factor.

  50. Dear Sebastian and dear Readers

    I have a question about sacred symbols.

    What is the meaning of the symbol of the david star and the shape of the Merkaba?

    For my understanding the David Star is a 2D version of the 3D shape of the Merkaba.

    Many greetings

  51. And what is the meaning of the shape Hexagon?

  52. Small video for those who went against their ego... From my point of view, every frames drawed is meaning the reality of what it is to do the fight. [ego=dragon]

  53. A question to everyone who also runs a blog

    Since yesterday, there has been a subtle update for Blogger and since then, I have problems with uploading images for articles (one time, I was successful, though).

    My question is:
    Do you have the same problem like me?

  54. To all FRENCH speakers:

    A young, yet very intelligent lightworker living in Québec needs help - just check the following blog out:

    Respectively this post:

    It would be great, if you can offer support in any way whatsoever!

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Very explicative video from Kim Goguen about the financial system.

    She goes into details deconstructing the whole thing on how it really is and how she has the last word on everything related to it according to her. She even mention cobra's blog twice (20:18 in the video and 31:26) referring to the code VTX explaining what it is.

    For the the info here the video has been published on the 1th November 2020 and got deleted from YouTube I believe and she just putted it back today.

    1. I have made a compilation of interesting Cobra comments some time ago and regarding statements by Cobra about the financial system, I can recommend to have a look here:


      and here:

      I have listed the sources of those comments here:

    2. I used to follow the intel of Kim many months. And I stopped to follow. Something about her message is very strange.

      The same thing is about the AI prophet Elena Danaan. She also pretend to be the only messenger of whatever group.

      This world is full of beings pretending to be the only one real messenger for the world.

    3. I watched Elena Danaan a lot the last weeks. I was not sure how much to trust it. Much more so with energeticsynthesis. I think it was mentioned here, that the first traitor women weren't captured so far for strategic reasons. Cobra said in a conference noone showing their face could currently be trusted. But Danaan's informations about alien races seem to be coherent with other sources. Also they are so interesting, I'm so hungry for information of that kind. But it makes me anxious when I'm uncertain it's not poisoned.

      I wonder what would happen if Cobra called them by name. Maybe it will cause an 'awakening' of another kind in the truther scene when they get revealed in the right time? Or if they got revealed too early it would unleash some kind of revenge, maybe causing more confusiuon in the light worker community?, I don't know.

      I'm not saying Danaan is compromised, I just don't know. It's so annoying.

    4. Lol, I have to say that lately I get the feeling that people are being made fun of, with all this talk about people hiding.
      Because it's very easy to find the original voice .
      His nationality is no secret.
      We have a saying. "
      le cordonnier passe plus de temps à gagner sa vie en travaillant qu'à ressemeler ses propres chaussures " of Cobra and now his avatar, which I quote on my group "really looks like him".
      I'd had a great time doing this great meditation and then this was thrown in at the end - I don't understand the point.
      My little sister from the stars met Cobra in Paris and I never asked her about it, I'm not interested.
      I was there for my sister.
      Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a bad comedy.
      Honestly, I'm cutting myself off from it, no matter what, the bad guys will be judged, and brought back into the Light and Love, vengeance would mean becoming the executioner.
      And that's certainly not the spiritual path I've chosen.
      Yours faithfully

      Goddess Bless You.

  57. You should not write such things, and you should know that the cabal is using you as a toy, if you go against Cobra.
    The soul behind Cobra is definitely NOT reptilian but rather one of the biggest souls of liberation on the side of absolute life.
    Also that soul is a good friend of the Unveiling. The human Cobra might have a few connection problems at this time still, but that is about it.

    Please refrain from stabbing any big liberation blogs in the back, that is exactly what the cabal wants you to do.

    It is the cabal having taken you over if that happens, cleanse yourself with everything you know of, please.

  58. I am letting those comments through, just to serve ironically as a good example of what was written in the main post about toys and tools.

    You are certainly been taken over by the cabal, that's exactly what they do with their toys.
    They cause as much damage as they can, with whatever you have achieved as credibility anywhere.

    My advice would be: violet flame your surroundings 24/7.
    Right now, your case is really a topic with the Lightforces, as you deserve some protection, but please do as much as you can on your own.

    And please refrain from doing anymore damage, your 'insights' sound very weird, especially to people who know what is behind your current state.

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. Hi Sebastian, i have one question if you can answer in the next update. I met one beautiful and kind girl 1.5 years ago and i felt deep soul connection with her, i felt something special when I'm near her, i never felt that in my entire life, it was so special like i knew her from some previous lifetime, she was like my muse, i had so much inspiration when i saw her and i was full of good energy. I didn't see her in a long time and I'm very sad about that, i wish we could be together but there is too much age gap between us, i can't forget her, she was like my soulmate. I wish so much for us to be together after the event. My question is: If i feel so incredibly special and magnetic about one specific girl and just by seeing her beauty, smile and hearing her voice she gives me so much inspiration in life, does that mean that she's my soulmate and is it possible that i met my soulmate and she didn't recognize me?

    1. This is how Cobra answered a question from the Q&A:

      Q: Is it possible for someone to meet their soul mate but not recognize them?
      A: Yes and it happens often.

      See also here:

    2. I havent been able to comment for a while. As I understand it gpiksel people usually have a dozen to two dozen soul mates. You may encounter them in a lifetime or not. They could be a close sibling, an old friend, someone you saw once who stood out, someone you loved, etc. Its hard to say. You only have one twin flame and the archons usually keep you separate. One of your soul mates could channel energy from your twin flame and this can be important and powerful but again its probably rare.

    3. Dear Gpiksel

      You really like this woman!

      I recommend. Go into meditation and do connect with her. Connect with your thoughts, feelings, desires, fantasy, memorys. Good luck !

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. I have a question:

    When can we expect to get tangible results? I ask, because I think it's obvious that the war has changed significantly since the major red line has been crossed in September.

    1. Major red line got crossed february the 5th 2023 dear friend... New implants are coming on october 28th from north docks astral plane so we are about to experiment new AI tech. But the real thing outside of that is to take care of you, you're familly and your body off course. We are going into AI universe buddy, everything is set. We will still try to control the uncontrolable. It is not good, it is not bad it is juste an other chapter. 3 different simulation to come including atlantis 2.0. It might be fun, we'll see.

  63. Also, the dead silence on Cobra's blog speaks for itself, too, in my opinion.

  64. my brothers and sisters, I've been thinking a lot for weeks about creating our own cryptocurrency(from the surface light forces), I thought about even creating a website about it or something like that, abgebte could use this crypto to make payments on websites with high purposes, imagine Welovemassmeditation using this crypto for donations or funds from the warriors of light, COBRA could use them to sell their books or conference tickets, other sites like Benjamin Fulford could use them as subscriptions, even products like cintamani stones or Dragon technology could be sold using it as payment, to various alternatives or options how to use this in a good way, as Saint Germain is more active than ever in surface operations and the resistance movement too, they could help in this creation until the event, so that we star seeds, light workers/warriors can have a better and healthier financial life until the event, we can back it up with something, different ideas for sure to carry out and materialize this plan, even with meditations, we can 'force' the world to create awareness of it and accept it as a great currency, I am sure that the forces of light will respect its value at the time of financial reset... I am subject to all types of ideas, I'M GOING TO CREATE A BLOG ABOUT THIS, gratitude for everyone, think about it..

    1. The problem with money (be it physical or digital) is that the cabal controls the vast majority of it, as long cabal has enough power. I dunno, for how long digital currencies are going to survive, but I think, that money will become outdated very quickly after triggering of the Event.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Anyone else seriously missing hearing from sebastian I get he's busy with life but it's ok.


  68. Vision: I miss the life out there!

    About an hour ago, I came back from grocery shopping and I had a vision of my future life again as a beautiful woman.

    The first scene that comes into my mind is that I was inside of an alien bar, nightclub or something and I was a bit surprised to see that in my vision, because I never went to such kind of place during my entire, current life.

    Then, more scenes followed and I think I was accompanied by my "foster family". We had a lot of fun and as far as I remember, they have explained things that were new to me.

    It's by far not the first time that I have visions like this and such visions occur more often in the meanwhile. I guess that it might have something to do with the cracks of the Matrix and the light that is coming from the buddhic plane Cobra talked about.

    Anyway, I felt literally at home inside those visions and unfortunately, this good feeling disappeared, once I arrived back home. Earth was never my home anyway.
    The visions I have, might give some people the impression that those are like scenes from a Disney love story, but I know that such a reality EXISTS - no matter what others currently believe or try to tell me!

    I'm still preparing for my new life and my future won't certainly not be on this prison planet!

    Regarding life outside this planet, Cobra nailed it very well in one of his articles:

    "Most of the surface population is so enmeshed in the dysfunctional state of affairs on this planet that it is difficult for them to believe that beings that are full of Love and Light without an agenda really exist."

    Among other things, it's one of my priorities and tasks now to detach from this distorted reality as much as possible, without putting my current existence in danger of course.

  69. Fundraising campaign for enhancing the Light grid in Europe

    1. Update:
      Almost 80% have been reached!

      Let's finish this and fill the bar to 100%!

    2. Update:
      Goal has been reached!

  70. Hello
    This is a really visible sign that the sun is rapidly increasing its aurora borealis activity everywhere in France, even where I live 🤩.
    And I also have this information that the cabal's main satellites have been shot down recently.
    Hang on beautiful Souls the veil is diminishing ,our soul is finding its greatness again and with the traumas, we transmute , we connect, we prepare.
    Goddess Bless You
    Thanks You Lighforces.
    Kisses All

  71. @ Sebastian:

    I have a question regarding what you said in the update from November 2022:
    Are point 1 and 2 of the general ascension insights still up to date?

    See also here:

    I have the feeling that what you wrote back then is a key hint for me regarding all the heavy attacks during the past weeks, especially on the mental and emotional plane.
    Also, I have the feeling that Cobra's 2 latest posts are also hints:

  72. PS:
    To say it on other words:
    I have the feeling that cabal is trying very often to "crash my system", so that I have to "reboot" it.

  73. Hello All
    Thank Libra

    For waves, I think you can counteract them by using the flower of life symbol, for my body I've had it tattooed on me ☺️ and it's quite effective. As for liquids, Cobra once made a strange comment about putting bottles of water outside for 1 hour in the sun. I think this may be linked to the dissolution of these non-luminous energies.
    "Without the Goddess, not a single ascendant working for liberation would have survived, as most positive traditional factions on Earth were entangled as well"
    She really can do that 🤔 you know Sébastien yesterday I was watching a video there was a statue of the Virgin Mary who supposedly had moved her foot and stuck a snake under her foot, the believers were hysterical, honestly it's scary, to the idea of imagining a Goddess physically revealing herself in front of them.🤯
    Kisses beautifuls souls
    Goddess Bless You 🌹🙏🕊️

  74. Replies
    1. Hi !
      Yes, this is the path my guides are leading me to.
      The end of the matrix cycle is approaching.
      Goddess bless you.
      Kisses 😘💖🌹🕊️🧘✨

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thank you for your kindness, take care of yourself too, the angels are watching over you 😇💖🕊️🌹

  75. Although this thread is a bit older now, I want to give in my 2 cents again.

    "only 4 positive karma"
    Hahaha, we are not on Reddit here! 😁

    Men and women are not toxic by design, they are actually just expressions of the Divine masculine and feminine.
    The greatest examples for that division between men and women nowadays are the modern feminism and the incel phenomenon (incel = involuntary celibate).

    Regarding the latter, a great problem is that many women have astronomic expectations. An average looking woman has much higher chances do get a date than an average looking guy! In other words: Men have a lot of competitors, while women can freely choose between potential candidates.

    The toxic mindset would sound like:
    - men only want sex, are potential offenders, rapists, pedophiles etc.
    - women only want to exploit men, use them as their "ATM". Sex is only used as a tool for reward and to control men.
    Unfortunately, most of the relationships have nothing to do with true love. They are rather some sort of "business contracts".

    It's an old drama incited by the cabal which has gotten worse and worse during the past 20 years.

    As for me, I'm standing between two sexes, as it were, since I'm transsexual. So, I got to know life on earth from the typical male perspective, but deep inside, I feel like a woman which creates massive inner tension at times.

    So, it's far too easy to say that people have to go just beyond 3D or that the physical body is not that important.
    It's actually a "deadly sin" to approach transsexuals with such a mindset! Most people obviously underestimate the fact, how much this inner conflict is affecting every area in our life. If I would be actually a woman, then I would feel much more confident! (provided that I wouldn't live in a country that is too misogynistic)

    I mean, the physical reality exists for a reason. It's the innate drive of a soul to express itself - if expression is not possible or severely obstructed, then trauma is the consequence!

    Regarding goddess:
    Worshipping her doesn't mean to kneel and become an obedient servant. It's not the female version of the wrathful Bible god.

  76. Cintamani carriers are in fact linked to the grid, and the forces of non-light are trying to collapse the grid and/or destabilise it by attacking the carriers. That's why we need to transmute everything that doesn't serve the Light and stay in the best vibrations possible, thinking positive thoughts and connecting to our IAM - it's not easy, but it's our mission.

    1. Oh I forgot, it explains to me again, why I suffered so many attacks lately and why I felt so upset!

  77. The universe, my angels, my guides whatever 🙏.
    I received a message today in the form of music.

    The first thing that came to my mind was "a wedding march"🤔😁 .
    It's much more than that.
    I'll come back to you later for the details.
    Kisses and good listening to you all.🎼🌹🕊️🌈😘

    1. Hello everyone and here's an extract about the power of this music, I'll let you discover the rest it's in French but you can translate.

      "The explanation for these revelations, which are as terrifying as they are fascinating, lies in our 7 energy centres, each linked to 7 distinct notes: DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI.

      Each note corresponds to an organ, which itself has its own specific frequency. In the same vein, remember that each amino acid generates its own frequency and that only 8 of the 300 or so on our hydrophobic scale are essential to our survival.

      Music, through the frequency it generates, is therefore able to 'feed' some of our amino acids! In fact, Pachelbel's Canon is renowned for its therapeutic power in activating our 8 primordial amino acids! The 8 tones of which it is composed are closely attuned to our 8 essential amino acids, helping to regulate our metabolism and acting as a formidable anti-stress factor. So listen to it without moderation!"

      Kisses beautifuls souls
      Goddess Bless You

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Dear Sebastian

      Could you ban more posts from this user with this sick painful name called "pain"?

      His/her purpose here is only to lower the good intentions of other starseeds.

      thank you.

    2. You are just a tool go away before you get hurt please ,Iam done watching myself and others get their energy drained here and the blog by parasites,it will not be tolerated anymore...



  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. As for the updates, I have the feeling that something big is yet to come in November and December! I also think that Sebastian exactly knows what he does and we'll read the next update when it's time!

      As for me, it's going uphill again right now, but this is not a coincidence. Basically, I just took the chance and changed my focus. So, I diverted my attention from things that just pulled me down. To be honest, I sometimes wasted my precious time on totally insignificant things, but I learned from my past behavior.

      But it got even better:
      Yesterday, I've met a person who I haven't seen for a long time and we talked for hours together. It was very uplifting and exactly what I needed!

      If everything goes as planned, then there will be even more significant improvements in my life! For instance, my plan is still to get into a better shape and to start running again. Due to the painful delays that happened in my life, I wasn't able to realize it, but as for my plans in my life, I never gave them up!

    2. Happy to hear Libra! Really nice to see you rising! 💜✨

      I was in a very dark place myself the last few months as I hit a completel brickwall which forced me to refocus. And a new gained perspective plus the dedication to focus even more on my self healing now have helped me out of this hole. So I am quite optimistic, though a bit disappointed and impatient with the (perceived) lack of progress in the rest of the world..

      But we are getting there! And it's important that as many lightworkers as possible now find into their strength because we are very much needed!
      Victory of the Light! 💪😎

  82. archons, despite being highly technological entities, cannot directly violate universal laws. However, they have developed methods to circumvent them, using subterfuges that constitute neither a blatant (direct) violation nor absolute compliance with these laws.
    Among these methods, we can cite:

    ► Abstention: They withdraw or abstain through trickery, giving the blame to man (original sin) and the fictitious possibility of redemption, salvation or evolution.

    ► Karmic Substitution: This technique involves moving or substituting karma, thereby creating a chain of cause and effect that may appear to escape direct responsibility.

    ► Distortion: They manipulate perceptions or information in such a way as to induce beliefs that appear free, but are in fact influenced.

    ► The Passage (Last Judgment): They can establish a kind of 'judgment', which is not a judgment in the traditional sense, but rather an evaluation which determines the continuation of the cycle of incarnation. (review of the existence of the deceased).

    ► Data Destruction: They can alter or delete information to divert the course of events or awareness.

  83. Good evening everyone.
    Another message for help 😩.
    "I'm Mirza Reyes, one of the readers of the Cobra Portal 2012 blog, and I'm contacting you to ask for help.

    I really need help, so I'm hoping you might be the one to offer me some help, as I have no one else able to help me right now.

    I'm currently in a difficult situation financially, as I've recently lost my main source of income, so I can't afford to pay my rent, which has been overdue for a month back home.

    What I earn now is just enough for food and a few other necessities, so I really need quick and timely help to pay my overdue rent.

    If you can help me, can you give me $100?

    I don't have anyone else to turn to for help, as all my friends and relatives don't earn much and have their own responsibilities, so if you have something to spend on helping me, could you do me a favour just this once?

    Your help would buy me a bit more time to look for a long-term solution to my main source of income, so I hope you can help me,,,

    I hope that things are moving forward I'm finding it hard to cope with this distress, I'm not in a position to help him maybe someone can ."

    May the goddess bless you

    1. Damn, it didn't copy all the coordinates.
      My Paypal is :
      Goddess Bless You 🌹🕊️🙏


    Lol I think the bots are back I haven't even posted a picture of myself on Telegram 🤣😂🤣

  85. Compilation of comments by TheUnveiling33:

  86. Hi Sebastien

    Is it possible that some of us were part of these children in a previous life?
    I've had strange dreams where I was in a Nazi camp, I didn't even know who I was any more and there was also a dream where my abilities were controlled. I remember dreaming that people were being killed in front of me and I didn't care.
    yesterday I was out for a walk and deep in thought, and what stood out most was how much I appreciated the silence and finding myself alone again - it's a strange synchronicity with the post of Cobra .

    Ein langer dunkler Korridor …
    dort sahen wir einander das letzte Mal.
    Unsere Leben waren so perfekt …
    Bis zu jenem Tag,
    An dem ich als ein Kind mit „innewohnenden psychischen Fähigkeiten“ identifiziert wurde.
    Das geheimgehaltene Projekt „tree“ (Baum) irgendetwas …
    Seitdem wurden Mutter und ich häufig zu diesem befremdlichen Ort im Untergrund mitgenommen,
    an dem andere Kinder wie ich trainiert wurden, ihre Superfähigkeiten zu entwickeln.
    Tausende von „abweichenden Entwicklungen“ wurden zum Eigentum von diversen Black Projekt Operationen.
    Sie haben uns diese lustigen Anzüge tragen lassen.
    Ich dachte, das sei einfach ein Spiel.
    So tat ich das, was von mir erwartet worden wurde.
    Bis ich letztendlich von den „Älteren Brüdern“ wahrgenommen wurde,
    die sehr zeitig mit meiner ‚Initiation‘ begannen …
    Jahre voller psychischem und physischem Missbrauch aller Art im Untergrund.
    Bitte lasst mich nicht darüber sprechen müssen.
    Während dieser Jahre verlor ich meine Seele. Mein gesamtes Leben zerfiel.
    Doch der grösste Schock bestand darin, zu sehen, dass meine Eltern all dies absegneten.
    Ich wurde mit wissenschaftlichen Methoden zerbrochen. 
Sie verwendeten ein Trauma-basiertes Bewusstseinskontrollprogramm, entwickelt von einigen ‚genialen Deutschen Wissenschaftlern‘.
    Erschaffen, um beides aufzuwerten, unsere Fähigkeiten und unseren Gehorsam.
    Dies verlief Hand-in-Hand mit alten okkulten Ritualen.
    Veranstaltet von einer ‚Bruderschaft‘ von Mördern und Sexualstraftätern, die Schwarze Magie praktizierten.
    All die Kinder meiner EINHEIT wurden in programmierbare Automaten verwandelt.
    Letztendlich konnte Mutter es nicht mehr aushalten, was mir zugefügt wurde.
    Uns beiden … heute weiss ich dies.
    Doch nun war es zu spät für mich.
    Die Konditionierung war zu weit fortgeschritten.
    Ich konnte nicht länger irgendetwas empfinden, ausser ein programmierter PSI Attentäter zu sein und zu dienen.
    Mutter trat sich der ‚Bruderschaft‘ entgegen, in dem Versuch, uns zu retten.
    Sie warnten mich, sie würde …
    Ich habe sie denunziert.
    Es war mein Abschlusstest.
    „Für eine Lebenszeit hinter der Grünen Tür.“


  87. Hello Sebastian!
    I just want to thank you and other people like Cobra!

    The reason why I am writing this is because of the stoic demeanor certain people like you or Cobra emit! I try to become more and more stoic in my life, but it's not easy for me, since I'm highly empathic and constantly challenged by emotions.

    Stoicism is fascinating me, because among other things, it means to convey knowledge by talking less and being more precise with communication - and even non-verbal communication is still a way of transporting a message.

    I noticed that many great people are also stoics at the same time and it also seems to me that stoicism is something that confuses many and thus, leads to misunderstandings (e.g. being labelled as aloof or arrogant). Another observation I made is that stoic people are the least toxic people of all, because they have a much higher self-control compared to most people!

    For instance, other people could see this comment as flattery, but the fact is that what they think about me, is merely their perception and not necessarily the truth. That knowledge alone helps me to remain centered.

    I'm looking forward for the next update!

  88. Hello everyone.
    A small gift: the notes from the conference in French, but you can translate them.
    Bisous belles Âmes.
    May the Goddess watch over you.

  89. Dream on November 14th 2023 about my private First Contact

    The dream was pretty clear and I was inside a high rise and looking out the window and I guess, it was on the height between 3rd and 5th story.

    It was dark outside and I was observing a star at the sky. Suddenly, the star became very bright and bigger. Shortly after that, a flying saucer landed behind the building complex.

    If I remember correctly, I was not alone, but accompanied by Sherman. As soon as the UFO landed, we ran downstairs to meet the alien ship.

    We met a red-haired alien woman and she looked very similar to earth humans.

    As for the interior of the UFO, I cannot remember anymore how it looked like. As for the size and shape, I remember that the UFO was rather flat and I think it was about 20 meters in diameter (or 60 feet).

  90. Hello. I'm very grateful for the information presented on the Inner Earth situation. Just about everything in that section resonated, and I'm able to heal some old issues that I've been struggling with since childhood. Thank you very much for this. It is much easier to remain in my center as this old pain is being healed. I am feeling optimistic, for the first time in a while. The recent energies have been 'pressing on all open wounds', and so far Creator has provided the strength and wisdom needed to heal and grow. It seems that the more the Dark tries to trigger old traumas, the easier it's getting to both recognize that I'm experiencing an old issue, and that I'm being triggered externally. I can then apply protection and healing. The more wounds I heal, the harder they have to work to trigger me. The harder they work, the easier it is to notice the attack and respond appropriately. The more I respond with forgiveness, gratitude, and the Light Within, the easier this all gets. Thank you again for your help.

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. Dear Sebastian, I’m wondering to know your opinion about my question please
    Do you see “Muhammad” as an ascendant master?

  93. Hello Sébastien.
    Apparently Cobra is still having connection problems, so I hope this will be resolved before winter. November here has been strangely mild, with unprecedented temperatures of up to 20 degrees.
    I know that souls are basically androgynous but I'm strongly convinced that the prowler looks like a female rodeuse, which is a fascinating dream!
    Kisses goddess Bless You.

  94. It is tormenting to see how artificial intelligence can gain ground in 8 months. ⏳

  95. Orion's Council

    The Orion Council serves to protect extra-dimensional workers who come to serve mandates in the Matrix.
    This council resembles a union center which ensures that the rules of the convention are respected.
    But the controllers here veil and conceal many things.
    The council knows this very well, but their scope of action is limited. Firstly it is not their world and secondly, out of interest they also take advantage of this matrix, so they ensure that they are exempt from consequences that could be attributed to them.

    The rules are often bent and the beings who come into the matrix all sign a confidentiality contract and accept that part of their memory will be erased when they return to Orion or Sirius.
    However, the manager must occasionally report to this board, because there are a lot of “sacrifices” and false evidence in this matrix.
    The abuse also seems to affect these extra-dimensional beings who undergo a sort of brainwashing and the council must ensure the consent of the "employee" or reptilian soldier.

    People think that this council is there to look out for the interests of trapped humans, but the reality is quite different.
    Their view of this matrix is strictly canonical and legal in relation to universal laws.

    When we understand the structure and functioning of this universe, it makes sense, because no one can touch the conception of others, it is a law.

  96. Sebastian, have their been major setbacks in the light operations recently? I feel like I should be patient and we will get there but also like something is wrong. I recovered memories of reptilian hybrids coming into my home as a child. They seemed to just observe me and my family. Why would they do that? Do you think I will ascend in this lifetime? Thank you for reading.

  97. I have 2 questions:

    If an individual decides to use an ascension chamber after the Event, how exactly will it affect the daily life? What exactly changes for a person who has used such a chamber?

    Is a change of the physical body (e.g. because of gender) done before or at the the same time of ascension? (personally, I prefer it to be done ASAP)

    I'm totally fine with still being in a non-ascended state.
    However: An absolute fact is that I can't properly heal while being in my current physical form. I also know that a new body will most likely not created over night for me and others, but nevertheless, I am very grateful for every information regarding this!

  98. I just woke up and I remember a dream about a Cobra article. The following key elements is what I remember:

    - "Finally!"
    - 20 Percent
    - Kaualipele
    - Booster meditation
    - a certain project (don't remember any name, though)

  99. Since there's obviously still too much anomaly present, I share some insights with you:

    - The Lurker knows our weaknesses and dislikes and is exploiting them. This includes using people against us who are exactly addressing our weak points. It can be a complete stranger or a family member.

    - The Lurker can control the flow of primary anomaly at will. So, for instance, the Lurker can decide to overflow somebody with anomaly which will result in increased negative experiences for its target.

    - In my case, if I decide to "take cover", negative experiences decrease after a certain time. If I undertake certain actions, then the likelihood of negative experiences rises again. Very simple things like talking to certain people are sufficient for that.

    - You have to find your balance between offense and defense. Being too offensive makes you too vulnerable - being too defensive won't help you either.

    - If you are not feeling good, you should stay away from certain things completely or minimize the exposure (e.g. social media).


    Je suis désolée Sébastien, j'avais beaucoup d'estime pour toi, la Déesse aussi mais soutenir ce genre de chose c'est considérer l'énergie féminine comme un vulgaire bout de viande, je sais aussi qui est derrière le silence de ton blog.
    J'avais un lien d'âme avec le vrai Cobra, il avait atteint un niveau spirituel élevé et jamais il n'aurait parlé de l'énergie féminine de cette manière.
    Fait attention à toi.
    Que la Déesse veille sur toi.

    1. @ Jayden:
      It seems you have a great problem with men and sexuality in general.

      Unfortunately, the darkies have put me, a lesbian, in the wrong body to suppress my sexual power and thus, they cut me off from very beneficial experiences! My current body simply can't give me what I need, if you know what I mean! ❤️
      But even if I would've incarnated as a girl, they probably would've forced me into a misogynistic country like Saudi Arabia or something.

      There are very well reasons why I miss having a beautiful female body so much, but if I speak too much about my transsexuality, "spiritual" people try to tell me that the physical body is not important, that I have to go beyond 3D etc.

      As for me, love and sex are two sides of the same coin and I can't imagine having a relationship with only one of it.

    2. Indeed I suffered because of male energy during my incarnations dear Libra but I know how to forgive however, I'm not the only one, not to understand, I was on the golden age forum and some workers are starting to lose faith in Cobra, but maybe he too is caught with his own shadow, I've discussed it with other female energies it's out of the question that I become a filly in a harem, I don't even understand why this link was posted.
      You know the Cobra I knew perfectly mastered his body of Light it's very beautiful you know, I want to stay on earth I have an angelic link but not under these conditions, but as a very wise sister reassured me, let the event come first, we'll see later.
      And I'm sure that the first female colonist on Earth that Sébastien mentioned wouldn't accept this kind of thing.

    3. @ Jayden:

      I remember that I read some rumors about Cobra that he was allegedly seducing innocent women to get access to free sex.

      If I wouldn't know it better, then such rumors can only come from sneaky women who have a problem with Cobra or with men in general. It could be also a sophisticated chess move by the dark forces to harm Cobra's reputation.

      I don't know what to think about such rumors, but I know that similar accusations are being made against other men which is just insane and sad. I'm therefore also not surprised why dating has become so weird nowadays.

      Fact is that if men continue to blame women and women continue to blame men, it would only lead to the demise of human civilization. It also seems that people often forget that THEY could be maybe the problem and NOT the opposite sex!

      A relatively extreme example is the behavior of some incel men, as seen in the following video:

      Anyway... although I have also still some shadow work to do, I know deep inside that sexuality is one of the greatest divine gifts ever!

      As for my personal future, it will be similar like in the anime Kuttsukiboshi! ❤️❤️❤️

    4. @Libra
      As far as my physical appearance is concerned, I don't look anything like my magnificent red-haired Superieur self. Yes, my body needs healing too, but you see, that's a personal choice. Today I'm considering ascension, I'd like to believe in love like you, but I can't manage it any more (between 2 beings). Unless I change my mind, you could call that a miracle! My physical body doesn't really matter any more, and on this subject I've clearly asked my team not to intervene if something happened to me, partly so that 10 other Workers wouldn't be targeted in return, and partly because freeing myself from my physical body would be a liberation for me.
      But I completely understand that you want to enjoy life after the event 🤗

    5. Conclusion:
      So, if I understand it right, then it's all about sacred sexual practices involving female energy for healing purposes and joy.

      And I would say, that IS in favor of the goddess!

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. @ Jayden:
      Of course, it's your personal choice.

      A true loving experience between 2 beings will be a key to heal many other starseeds and of course, it will be far more than just a physical action.

    8. @Libra
      You worry me if you consider that in order to heal, all women will be parked in a harem awaiting the sexual healing favors of the great priest Cobra.
      The Goddess Isis used sexual magic and so did the priestesses in the temples.
      I'm familiar with this information too, and I could pull up the file it's still available on the Internet, along with photos of the portal's author, his wife, but I don't see the point.
      And I'm not interested, there's so much misinformation out there, yesterday B. Fulford said that gods don't exist and that the planet had already been destroyed and rebuilt by a race that wanted to give humanity a chance to free itself 😅.
      In fact, to heal, women need the preliminaries of trust and gentleness. Feminine energy drags along and accumulates all the "karma's" of the past, which are transmitted from generation to generation. Imagine the burden that feminine energy now carries on its shoulders. Masculine energy will have to win back the heart of masculine energy, without which harmony won't be possible.
      And you know, my own Cobra, not the one at the gate, had managed to restore my confidence, but he was taken away from me because he wasn't authorized to do that, but I didn't care, I just wanted to meet someone with whom I felt loved.

    9. @ Jayden:

      My primary thought was that it's better to approach certain topics from a sober and logical perspective.

      Thinking that's it's all about "a cock surrounding by a dozen of hens" is not a sober and logical approach.

      This is among other things a reason, why I expanded the subject beyond the harem topic.

      Generally, I have often the feeling that people are getting too caught up by their emotions and simply forget that it's about the message and not messenger.
      You can see this very well in some comments of The Portal blog: Some people are not reading carefully what Cobra and other people are posting. For them, it's more about dropping their own comments.

      On the other hand, people quoting certain passages from various blog posts are a sign for actually dealing with factual matter! By doing so, some misunderstandings and unnecessary questions can be avoided.

    10. @Libra
      Yes the legend of Twins Flames.
      I have had very beautiful experiences in the dream state too, I have had several loving relationships with partners but one stands out for its sweetness, always the same 🤗. And then another dream then I must say that I didn't really understand but I felt a love I had never felt that before a sweet kisses by a man who looked like Jesus, 😅 I assure you I'm not a hysterical fan obsessed with all things bible but the emotion of what I felt was real. And it created a big mess between what I experienced in my dream and the reality in which I am, when you come back down, you tell yourself that it's impossible to see this come true one day, you see a bit like those who are waiting for the event and after 10 years there is still nothing. A bit like Santa Claus lol! Did you know that it was in fact the God Odin transformed into Santa Claus by Christians and Coca Cola. Once pagan, always pagan, I have always loved this culture, besides Jesus would also be pagan. I guess we'll find out one day. 😁

    11. Anyway, Jayden...
      Arigatou to sayonara!

    12. It was humor to use the description in the link of harem 🐓.
      Shukufuku Libra

  101. An offer for those, who felt triggered recently:

  102. @LIBRA
    Speaking dream
    I think I'm going to stop dreaming about love, I've just had a dream, a man and a woman were talking they looked very happy, and a giant black specter arrived in a fury throwing the woman, the man was looking for her everywhere, when he found her it was too late, and the man was crying for the woman he said "My One, no not my One".
    I felt the man's pain as he caressed the woman's face, he loved her deeply, this dream affected me deeply.

  103. Feedback:

    I feel that the new advanced technology based on quantum entangled Tunnels of Light is definitely a breakthrough! Even though I still need time to recover physically, mentally and emotionally, there's definitely an uptrend in my life!

    Nevertheless, it's utmost important to take care of your health and you can find some advice regarding this here:

    Regarding the mental and emotional plane, I highly recommend to deal with the teachings of stoicism. Basically, stoicism is an ancient philosophy about self-control and pursuing a virtuous life.

    Although we need the Event ASAP, I would say:
    What happens to us in life, is one half.
    How we react to situations, is the other half!

  104. Sebastian... I really miss some words and sharing from you. It would be nice to read whats on after today the second of December 2023. Thanks from Zai.

  105. And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

    Matthew 18:3


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