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About the grids and grid-alignment

Some spiritual people actually think we live in a matrix though the truth is, it is not really a matrix for most but just a control matrix in a living environment - like Buddha said, everything is alive to a degree. Nevertheless life on Earth has been built to become a system that exerts control over its inhabitants like a matrix. So it is not like in the movie Matrix though the cabal often wants to create the notion of a simulation for targeted individuals. That notion especially helps the cabal to easily transfer their victims into a grid, out of the real world as the victim usually will believe it was a matrix anyway. So what exactly is a grid or gridwork? What the chimera hierarchy did throughout all ages is this: They offered people who join them some kind of heaven in exchange for their soul. The higher alien members of the NAA/chimera hierarchy can construct 'rooms'. That means they map the consciousness of their victims into a new consciousness-container and for the vic

Several recent processes of the Lightforces, April and May 2021

Just as Cobra does not write much recently, most people are held back for several reasons to push out the truth. The cabal is obsessed with finding out details about connections they can establish from analysing such posts. It is like someone telling of these processes also has a connection the cabal can use to invade the Lightforces who are responsible for that specific process. So it is hard to write and give more insights right now although it has to work, as people need to be informed and communications have to be secured against cabal-invasion sooner or later anyway. So several recent processes include: Positive military is still freeing massive amounts of children and hostages from inner Earth parts inhabited by the cabal. It is like in a bad horror movie but they really hijacked children and virgins and try to use their sexual energies for their purposes. These people are monsters. Unfulfilled love and sex is what these Zeta Reticulans and other members of the NAA harvest the m