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Situation Update Jan. 2022

In concordance with what Cobra posted about 'invisibles' in his latest post I can add that Starseeds currently stream all sorts of detailed information about all such beings to the ships of the Lightforces in Earth orbit. Basically this happens as a preparation for the removal of such hard to detect cabal members. It should be clear that these beings were known throughout many ages and scriptures as the biggest demons of Earth. The biggest villains of the cabal surely know how to hide and Starseeds even have to help some of the most advanced species who came for liberation to see and detect these cabal-overlords successfully. Basically it is some of the highest chimera members who can be seen as part of the invisibles on Earth - though just from their attributes, they are of course far from the blobs Cobra described, they get to be invisibles by choice. As throughout human history only few perceived higher demons, archons and i.e. the devil and were seen as holy, ascension has