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QUARANTINE EARTH - about the parasitic contamination - part I

Some people might have read on alternative sources in the internet that Earth was and still is to some degree under quarantine.  The simple reason for it is a parasitic contamination that is an expression of the primary anomaly Cobra ( ) and several others write about. Even science has stated that we probably live in an anomaly recently. So basically the parasite or parasitic contamination is an expression of the primary anomaly figuring out our eco-system on Earth or how life works on this planet. To put shortly a parasite sucks away the life-force of other lifeforms. Therefore it first needs to figure out those lifeforms.  In the human world this process of drained life expresses itself in people who are not really happy and even potential ways to happiness being blocked. Summarizing, a parasite results the lack of fulfillment of those lifeforms it befalls. Sounds much more harmless than it actually is. The point is: the reason that almost all humans a