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Situation Update Feb. 2021

While some details have to be spared, here is a rough summary of what happened in February so far. The chimera itself was contacted one last time by key Starseeds for their own continuation. The chimera were given a possible continuation of their existence, if they would immediately obey all Lightforces activities. That means if they would have given up the fight and freed all hostages and victims right away they would have gotten a potential continuation of their species. The offer was just given because forcing the chimera to give up will take longer, you can be sure that the Lightforces hate the chimera and top cabal as much as virtually every lifeform in the universe does. If the chimera accepted it would have been the immediate end of the main struggles in the battle for Earth. As many might have guessed the chimera obviously declined the offer, because it was not a good continuation or at least not good enough for their view of their chances to 'win'. Therefore the battle