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People keep asking for my ascension background and sources.
What I can share right now is found in this post.

The blog is take it or leave it, if you cannot see the truth in the posts on this blog, you are advised to leave.

Background on the number 33:

  • theunveiling at blogspot was already taken so I had to choose
  • I chose 33 because it is the number of the master teacher and the number of true love in numerology (basically if projected onto persons, 33 means pretty much 'those still capable of true love, master teachers')
  • personally I think it is also connected to the breaking of the number '6' which satanists like so much to signal imprisonment - the 'split of the splitters'

The cabal obviously tried to double the numerology meaning of 33 for their means again. They did use it for their illuminati levels etc. it is found in many cabal topics. The cabal project 'Doom33' Cobra oftentimes mentioned pretty much means bring doom to the 33-type people (which can be interpreted as those to which the numerology meaning still applies). While in the same context and sequenced word usage, the Unveiling33 means to bring the unveiling, the truth to those 33-type people - free them from the veil and the control system.

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