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Black alert on the Portal-blog, what to do

You are a lightworker or Starseed trying to help the liberation of Earth from the grip of the cabal. And/or you are in a bubble of heaven/island of light and have therefore achieved one of the highest mercies by the Goddess and the galactics who liberate Earth. Cobra announced a ‚Black alert‘ which is ongoing for more than ten days by now on the Portal. What can you do as a lightworker or Starseed to help: stay calm in every way - in your mind as well as in communications Stay away from many people if possible - all people around you can be activated by the cabal and are then potential invaders in your bubble Meditate on solutions and the Light solving the situation Think in terms of energy: what is expensive to guard? For example your thoughts are ‚heard‘ by the cabal. If they detect anything of the Light, they attack. These attacks have to be guarded off by the Lightforces. So even reading articles of Lightforces- or liberation related things is dragging attention to you (yes, even r