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Situation Update December 2022

Several big news in this update, followed by general ascension insights again. Despite the great progress, we are still below the threshold for the chimera-induced illusion to fall on the surface of Earth. Therefore there are still no visible changes for the surface population and this will probably continue to be that way until approximately summer 2024 (in case the Event does not happen earlier) - more details later. After cruel attacks on key persons during Christmas, for the first time the Lightforces have achieved a stability on the surface which allows to go into hard offence towards the cabal. That means many high cabal-members can now finally be punished instantly. A punishment that happens in a broad fashion and does not have to happen selectively. This also includes harder, instant punishments in the grids/hell worlds/multidimensional rooms which the cabal created for their victims as well as for their followers. There are still several thousands of these rooms/grid-worlds se

Situation Update November 2022 - atlanteans & frequencies

The bigger news about the current process of the Lightforces first, followed by some general insights about various ascension topics. Finally several very high cabal members which were highly involved in the Egyptian high culture were executed by the Lightforces. Among them was Seth, connected to the tunnels of Seth in the inner Earth some ascendants might remember. He and the other members were first trapped in special rooms they could not escape anymore. Then these ex-members were literally slaughtered while still being kept aware to force them to release their personal hostages. A destiny which remaining cabal monsters will face in the very near future, the Lightforces are monitoring any and all cabal activity to get the last few bigger members trapped. It was the tough guys among the Central Race and some others who interrogated them the very hard way until most of them let at least some of their hostages go. This kind of hard interrogation only works for a few minutes at maximum u

Situation Update November 2022 - the last pit to be cleared

This post will again feature a situation update and some things that were not mentioned in the last update due to the black alert, followed by general ascension insights. Although Cobra does not mention details in his latest update , it is quite adequate to shine some light to the circumstances of what happened on October 15th, as it might be uplifting news to anyone involved in the liberation. However, the revelation about the pit is highly negative and you should be aware that some negative influences could reach the reader just by getting to know about it - the cabal will use some information as a channel just as they do with all truth being unveiled about details of their reign. So the sensitive readers among you might want to stop reading when the pit is being explained. Cobra might not agree about the location being the last pit as it is bigger than usual pits but however it is a large subterrarean base of the cabal, containing a huge colony. The chimera will try to hold it till

Situation Update October 2022

As we are still in a new black alert ( here is what you can do btw), it will be a short update this time. Like Cobra indicated in his latest post , one of the biggest chimera-humans, who mainly resided in the inner Earth, has been transported off Earth for neutralisation into the Central Sun. Another big news for all Lightworkers and Starseeds probably is that the Central Race is finally on the surface with bodies - bodies specially produced for bringing judgement. Most of them are adapted human bodies which were grown based on data collected by the Starseeds to withstand the primary anomaly most efficiently. Additionally they will be absolutely superhuman, very suiting to some of the heaviest guys that are out there cosmically - which the Central Race certainly is. The chimera is very interested in this info as well, so I will keep it short again. The Central Race officially warned the cabal that they will visit selected top cabal shortly, for delivering their absolute end on Earth

Situation Update September 2022

First off the situation update for September 2022, then onto some random topics regarding ascension and the background of the liberation. Like written in the last post , communications between the Lightforces and the primary colonists of the Earth intensified. The most ancient of those descendants of the Prime Creator was in the meantime accepted and seen and declared as stable against the invaders (chimera). As she was accepted, a big system update for the main computer on their mothership was sent and therefore the colonists are now able to correct a lot of smaller, chimera-created problems much faster. It is like they were finally equipped to actually solve the parasitic takeover of the Earth. With this, our highest long time ancestor here therefore becomes the one who successfully held the Earth stable and cultivated it as good as she could - which means she will decide a lot of what will happen on the Earth and will hold the last word on many important matters and changes. While t

Update August 2022 - Energetic dynamics and equalisation

This time there will not be a big situation update as not much has changed. By now there is exchange being established with those who brought life on Earth as we know it today and made human life and more possible. These descendants of the prime creator arrived approximately 300 million years ago and were already followed by a swarm of parasites (which were already the foundation for the chimera/primary anomaly on Earth) back then. That is why around 300 million years ago the first ‚big‘ lifeforms emerged on this planet. Things tend to develop these ways even before these descendants fully arrive at the destination systems. As you can easily see, they could not finish their colonisation perfectly yet as we still got problems on Earth with the chimera today. What has been decreed approximately in this post from March 2021  is even more relevant in this context than it was till now. At that time Earth was declared as a successful colonisation by other descendants of the prime creator who