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Situation update May 2023 #2 - further removals

Many questions were popping up at Cobra's blog and elsewhere which shall at least partly be answered here: How does bio-chipping humans happen? Bio-chipping is happening with very advanced technology which is not detectable by our official science yet. Just imagine nano-technology being real. It is basically small building blocks of the universe forming into biochips, which are then usable by the chimera and affiliated alien species but certainly not by humans. It is subtle technology which we are prone to and which surpassed all detection of official humanity. It is related to subtle changes on higher planes, combined with plasma and subtly also the physical layer where this chimera tech is located. They can use it while it is not really tracable on planes which humans could detect officially right now. They establish this chipping through artificial means, it could be a soft-drink you consume or anything else - it is almost arbitrary, these aliens want to manifest chipping on us

Special chimera removal on May 9th

A new short post due to the importance of the removal: The energy amount for the relatively safe removal of the first female, human traitor was finally reached on May 9th. The whole cabal chain-letter collapsed for a short time immediately after her departure, followed by cheering on all ships and in the positive spiritual factions of Earth. She was the one who basically received the biggest part of the energy-income of the chimera, which was drained from many suffering humans (and other lifeforms) on Earth. She was therefore one of the core problems which caused much of the suffering for humanity since she sold her soul to the chimera early in the colonisation (similar to the story in the Bible). She had a contract with the chimera which basically converted the suffering of humanity into joy for her. She was to this very day one of those humans who had the most fun on the whole planet constantly. The Lightforces were busy stabilizing for days as were many ascendants everywhere. If you

Situation update May 2023 - Portal of Light Activation

The portal of light activation was a huge success with the critical mass being reached and the anchoring of higher very intense energy is still happening right now at this time via the highest ascendants. Also many new people were subconsciously choosing to start their ascension path and have joined this anchoring of energies. Due to the very high and almost aggressive intensity of the infusion, most of the energy is being slowly distributed by the highest among the ascendants as they simply have more stable spiritual roots and capacity established at this time. But it should be perceivable by many later ascendants and the new helpers who joined as well to some degree. It might be obvious but also articles and posts like these, written by our Starseeds and ascendants, serve their part to anchor the Light of the portal meditation and provide necessary fundamental knowledge about the Liberation. Of course the chimera saw this infusion as well and tried to hijack the energies by visiting