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Situation Update Dec. 2021

The main objectives of removing the primary anomaly and chimera on Earth and from the solar system are continuing to progress. We are currently making big steps forward in the process of removing the cabal especially on the non-physical realms. Several of the top-cabal have been transferred to the central sun already - some of the very reasons for the worst things and most evil conditions on Earth have been removed. These beings are connected to every human being, they have plasma-attachments which are extensions of their own body and at the same time these are present in each human. As these cabal are higher dimensional, parts of their body were extending into each human body in form of plasma-implants. You can imagine chimera beings with black insectoid forms, which then have a kind of organ in their bodies which then was attached in the same form to each human body. It is in the same form of the organ of the chimera being, which then results in parasitic qualities as the chimera bei

Divine Intervention Activation

First off, please join the Divine Intervention Activation and sign the (backup-) petition on the Portal if you have not already: What should become obvious seeing the petition of Cobra being taken down is that many sites in the internet are fully cabal operated. What that means in the long run as the Lightforces have won the intergalactic wars is that everything these sites (also applicable to companies) have generated, all money, has to be paid back (to the degree of corruption these sites are involved in). And it is not just money they have to pay back, it is also any comfort they gained through those sites that has to be paid back. Let’s elaborate on the background of that payback: The only thing these sites and companies effectively did was promoting the cabal and censoring the Light. They did nothing else and that basically is a war crime, traitorship against humanity and against life in general. Th

The chimera tries to hold the surface - what can we do to fight back?

If you read this blog or certain other blogs for Lightworkers and Starseeds on Earth (like the Portal by Cobra) know by now that the chimera, an evil insectoid alien species invaded Earth. Below the chimera on top of their hierarchy, you got all common alien types known on Earth, namely those aliens of the Pleroma (the devil etc. ), archons (basically ‚our‘ small gray, black eyed aliens), dracos and below we get all those mystic groups which are heavily discussed in thousands of conspiracy theories, ranging from reptilians to the illuminati, back and forth. It seems many people inside the liberation communities want to fight against the occupation of the chimera and cabal but do not know how. Though it will not be a fist and laser guns fight yet (might be better against up to 5D aliens for now), there actually is a lot you can do as an ordinary human being which really disturbs them and their plans. Additionally you might also attract some well-meant support of the Lightforces for act

Ascension notes

Might put these into a separate section and add small chunks regularly to get out some of the knowledge that shows up during ascension. The cabal will usually not really attack or kill you (although they can kill almost every human) until it is 100% clear to them that they cannot overtake you anymore. Until that point they will let you ascend to invade ascension in general and jam the ways for those humans ascending after you and to invade the Lightforces eventually. If you are completely controllable, your life will be ‘normal’. Once you are seen as not controllable, they will cancel your will - whatever you want in your life they will prevent you from getting - while they try to get you into contract to stop the Lightforces from the inside with you. When they are certain that they won‘t be able to use or overtake you anymore, the real terror and attacks on your body will begin - you will feel pains on and in your body from then on which were deadly if you were not protected by the Li

Black alert on the Portal-blog, what to do

You are a lightworker or Starseed trying to help the liberation of Earth from the grip of the cabal. And/or you are in a bubble of heaven/island of light and have therefore achieved one of the highest mercies by the Goddess and the galactics who liberate Earth. Cobra announced a ‚Black alert‘ which is ongoing for more than ten days by now on the Portal. What can you do as a lightworker or Starseed to help: stay calm in every way - in your mind as well as in communications Stay away from many people if possible - all people around you can be activated by the cabal and are then potential invaders in your bubble Meditate on solutions and the Light solving the situation Think in terms of energy: what is expensive to guard? For example your thoughts are ‚heard‘ by the cabal. If they detect anything of the Light, they attack. These attacks have to be guarded off by the Lightforces. So even reading articles of Lightforces- or liberation related things is dragging attention to you (yes, even r

The higher human body layers and cabal invasion

The human body has many higher aspects which are still unknown to the majority and consciously covered up by the scientific establishment (regarded as not provable). This article is meant as a further clarification of how humanity is abused by the cabal. Humanity is largely unaware of all those higher body aspects exactly because the cabal wants so. Basically if science would really find out something the cabal does not want, ‚their’ scientists get active in removing the topic and credibility as fast as possible. We all heard of humans selling their soul in various (partly religious) outlets. However what people do not know is that the cabal wants it all - it does not stop with or is limited to the soul-layer of the body. Everything of the higher body aspects they hid from humanity, they want to take and control. That is why the cabal officially told humanity only of their physical body itself. And even mainstream religions like christianity limit the knowledge to something like body,

Cabal interference and the human body

Though stemming from a pure pretty much Pleiadean source, the human species has been subject to modifications up to DNA level by nearly every single alien species in the chimera/NAA hierarchy. They blatantly indicate that they do so even in the Bible by telling us that we were made 'in the image of God'. What it means is that they implemented mechanisms which then allows those evil alien invaders to actually control humanity in general in a swarm-intelligence type of way and also individual humans through the adaptions they made in the derivation of God they used for the creation of humanity. As I wrote before, they implemented majority decisions on Earth only when they were able to control the majority sufficiently. This happens partly through programming like the mainstream media, partly through direct manipulations and direct influence upon key persons of society and partly by a swarm-intelligence like system most humans are accessible through. While it looks like it is a fa

Short status update #2, July 2021

Some of the top cabal from the layer right below the chimera tried to negotiate with the Lightforces again in the last few days. Basically what some of those parasitic alien species including the chimera do is they create unsolvable problems in systems they invade. They therefore force the good species to the befallen systems sooner or later. Then those parasitic species want to press as much energy from the good species as possible. This was going on for millions of years on Earth. Now they press for even more energy for letting go of sacrificing the befallen system. That was pretty much the foundation for their coerced negotiation, what the cabal presented as their means of pressure is the number of souls they will sacrifice if they do not get what they want from the Lightforces. Needless to say that what they want to get for letting those souls 'through' is much to high. The negotiations were obviously cancelled because the cabal would continue their reign on Earth if their

Short status update, July 2021

As written in the last updates we are still in the process of getting rid of the cabal especially in the etheric and astral. As Cobra wrote as well the numbers of entities are still dropping drastically. Starseeds and lightworkers are therefore under attack mainly from the archon and interdimensional aliens-layers of the chimera hierarchy (as the chimera themselves is rather space-/inner earth oriented). The attacks on key persons intensified as these are the bottlenecks and conduits of human awakening. The cabal wants to get rid of the few awakened humans fast (also via vaccinations) to hinder all ascension and keep their food source, which is pretty much all life on Earth including the planet itself.  As the cabal is in the process of losing everything, they have gotten even more brutal while staying well under the radar for the mainstream population. They certainly lay open their parasitic nature showing that they cannot refrain from destroying and torturing all life on Earth even a

About the grids and grid-alignment

Some spiritual people actually think we live in a matrix though the truth is, it is not really a matrix for most but just a control matrix in a living environment - like Buddha said, everything is alive to a degree. Nevertheless life on Earth has been built to become a system that exerts control over its inhabitants like a matrix. So it is not like in the movie Matrix though the cabal often wants to create the notion of a simulation for targeted individuals. That notion especially helps the cabal to easily transfer their victims into a grid, out of the real world as the victim usually will believe it was a matrix anyway. So what exactly is a grid or gridwork? What the chimera hierarchy did throughout all ages is this: They offered people who join them some kind of heaven in exchange for their soul. The higher alien members of the NAA/chimera hierarchy can construct 'rooms'. That means they map the consciousness of their victims into a new consciousness-container and for the vic

Several recent processes of the Lightforces, April and May 2021

Just as Cobra does not write much recently, most people are held back for several reasons to push out the truth. The cabal is obsessed with finding out details about connections they can establish from analysing such posts. It is like someone telling of these processes also has a connection the cabal can use to invade the Lightforces who are responsible for that specific process. So it is hard to write and give more insights right now although it has to work, as people need to be informed and communications have to be secured against cabal-invasion sooner or later anyway. So several recent processes include: Positive military is still freeing massive amounts of children and hostages from inner Earth parts inhabited by the cabal. It is like in a bad horror movie but they really hijacked children and virgins and try to use their sexual energies for their purposes. These people are monsters. Unfulfilled love and sex is what these Zeta Reticulans and other members of the NAA harvest the m

A short exposure of the betrayal and corruption on Earth

The betrayal on Earth runs high and deep - meaning many ‘higher’ realms as well as lower realms are involved. As many people know by now a very low percentage of humanity controls nearly all supplies, power and especially money. Except for a few 'fakes' or false-positives among the rich people, many have at some point in their life or reincarnations joined the betrayal.  So basically the situation on Earth is this for thousands and thousands of years: A few people get all the energy (in forms of money, fun, even love etc. ) and fund/live their wildest dreams while everyone not joining the betrayers will be raped of that energy (mostly still unknowingly). If one of the cabal's energy sources finds out that he/she is betrayed of his/her energy for the funding the fun for the cabal or is seen as uncontrollable, then that victim will become a targeted individual for the cabal. They suddenly want to get rid of the one woken up and want to torture him/her even harder while at the

About Starseeds and their current progress for liberation

Many people in the spiritual community have already heard about Starseeds.  By now Starseeds are still the only part of the Lightforces who have made it to the surface already. They were the ones that went right into hell, leaving their oftentimes paradisic lifes out there behind. From paradise right into parasite-hell-Earth. They were sent in for a large rescue mission, long planned by the Lightforces to collect first hand information on how the species and life itself on Earth were betrayed. Earth was getting into focus as one of the poorest planets out there which desperately needs help, one of the most befallen by a parasite alien species, utilizing the primary anomaly, all well known to the Lightforces. The Starseeds actually volunteered to help by identifying themselves with and incarnating as one of the main host species of the parasitic contamination which set Earth to quarantine status - literally that alone would be suicide for most smaller lifeforms. They incarnated as human