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The higher human body layers and cabal invasion

The human body has many higher aspects which are still unknown to the majority and consciously covered up by the scientific establishment (regarded as not provable). This article is meant as a further clarification of how humanity is abused by the cabal.

Humanity is largely unaware of all those higher body aspects exactly because the cabal wants so. Basically if science would really find out something the cabal does not want, ‚their’ scientists get active in removing the topic and credibility as fast as possible.
We all heard of humans selling their soul in various (partly religious) outlets. However what people do not know is that the cabal wants it all - it does not stop with or is limited to the soul-layer of the body. Everything of the higher body aspects they hid from humanity, they want to take and control. That is why the cabal officially told humanity only of their physical body itself. And even mainstream religions like christianity limit the knowledge to something like body, spirit and soul. 
Bad news is that the cabal already control most humans higher body functions to a degree, taking enormous skills from those betrayed humans and using them against the Lightforces and against liberation of Earth in general.

With this amount of humans whose higher body functions are being controlled by the cabal, the cabal leads a massive army of 'their' humans to wage war against the Lightforces and life itself on Earth without those humans even noticing. That is one of the reasons why the Event ( has not happened yet and especially why we do not really see any physical progress of the liberation yet. The cabal uses all those manifestation and other high skills of the majority of humans against the progress of the Lightforces and the Galactic Confederation. This is similar to the problem I mentioned in the related previous article on how the low ensoulment of most humans is - which is proportional to how much most humans have lost of their true divine self and skillset. 

For those few humans who woke up and claimed part of their higher body functions back, Earth is rather a fake planet than anything else. Those who opened their third eye realize fast that there are suddenly alot of beings against them, insulting them and trying to make their third eye shut as fast as possible again. Those who woke up are insulted as bastards (not validly being given these higher body functions by the cabal - Zetas, Archons, Dracos etc. ) and as jews among other insults - as the cabal likes to establish the jew holocaust traumata of being in a concentration camp to those few who woke up. The cabal set up a system on Earth that is designed to become a torture-chamber for those who truly woke up, as they must be clearly of the Light - usual humans cannot wake up anymore without outside help, help which is given in this time by the Lightforces and the Goddess herself (again, read Cobra for more info on liberation of Earth and the Goddess). So either the cabal activate higher body functions (only for their traitor-humans) or the Lightforces do. If the latter happens, the cabal will try to turn the whole world against you, trying to treat you like a jew in the holocaust, one of their hardest and more recent torture scenarios. They hate people of the Light even more than humanity itself and will try to take everything good out of your life while establishing those traumata.
So those who woke up will suddenly see that most humans are rather acting out for the cabal to boycott and sabotage their life as a large percentage of the higher self and layers of those humans ARE actually controlled by the cabal. It is then that some of those people waking up think they would be in a matrix as the normal humans around them suddenly seem like programs. And they are programmatic to a degree, as their own control is very limited and in such cases the cabal takes over many humans to make the life of the lightworkers and Starseeds living hell. 
It is similar to agent Smith from the matrix turning up everywhere around those who woke up, though it is rather the interdimensional ETs, top archons and dracos (see the hierarchy on the left) which are suddenly trying to get into the Lightworkers private field through those humans and those body layers which the cabal are able to control.
After vaccination, the loss of higher body functions of the average human just intensified - though the vaccination really protects you from the virus to a degree, the plan of the cabal was sinister and partly worked out as well.

Good news is the Lightforces can take over the higher body functions of those humans around you if necessary, too (although this still costs them alot of strength). So if things get tough, you usually will get support. But you might notice people in the distance, those you are not close to, saying or doing strange things or getting insulting as told above. That is the higher body parts of those humans being used against you. While ascending you will inevitably learn to communicate with souls and spirits and, as seen in the illustration above, spirit and soul are part of the human body. So it is not really those humans insulting you but the cabal abusing their spirit, etheric, soul and other parts to do this. The reason this usually only happens in the distance is because the "bubbles of heaven" (again, read the Portal for background info) are more energy efficient that way and are only kept completely sane/stable in your close surrounding or if it is of higher importance. As a lightworker or Starseed you will sooner or later notice that those alien overlords are after you and that they usually are kept away in a certain distance around you, but steadily trying to invade anyway. Exactly that is the biggest help from the Lightforces for your personal ascension, it is like private providence described back then in the ancient scriptures but even better as it is the final liberation taking place right now and big, big species came to clean those parasitic aliens from the Earth.

Needless to say, realizing that most humans around you are empty shells and were used by those top-cabal in their favor all the time even before waking up is not easy. As said, then it gets clear that the whole system on Earth is a fake set up in favor of the cabal - it looks like it is fair and works democratic, while it is actually the cabal deciding almost 100% about the things that would really change anything important for humanity. As well as it is not easy to cope with the enormous cruelty and evil they emit through those humans towards you - then again, the more you can cope with it, the more energy is left for those poor lifeforms who have to get through the cabal-hell as well besides yourself. Everything you can burden on yourself, staying stable despite heavy attacks, is what makes the difference for those who cannot take that much yet - making ascension easier and even possible for many poor souls who are still unknowingly trapped by those monsters. So staying strong actually has a big social ascension aspect here and getting stronger to stand and face those monsters has that positive side-effect as well.

Victory of the Light.


  1. Great article as usual! The way you describe the hijacking of asleep people, and the sabotage of lightworkers in daily activities is so right on. Trust me the last thing I want to do is blame my failures on demons and aliens, but it's true! I can't even walk across the room and open a window without 10 things going wrong to such a degree it probably won't happen. Can't get a glass of water without 10 things preventing me. Yes I'm just irritable and have health problems which make me fail at everything, but it's so much more, it's an intelligently guided plan not just difficulties. When I read this and past articles I'm saying "Yes! yes!" My brother is so ridiculously polarized against me it's hard to believe. He thinks I'm a deranged schizophrenic when really I'm just into common alternative things like shamanism, UFO's, etc. I'm not hearing voices and thinking crazy things, I can prove everything I believe like 9/11. But he's so mind controlled he really thinks I'm like a homeless person yelling at traffic because I listen to people like retired Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer who says aliens are real. I'm so tired of being the bad guy; called that by muggles who think they know more than Paul Hellyer. Anyways thanks for your words of wisdom, I can't even imagine what life would be like with a clear etheric plane. I bet the mysterious poor health everyone experiences would greatly improve. I suspect the way people look and act like goblins is partly because of that. Especially in parts of America, there's not a normal looking person. The food is bad I get it, but it has to be partly the etheric grid mutating everyone. Cheers to the liberation, hopefully it happens soon. Our lives are so short compared to these galactic wars I really worry about this dragging on for decades. If I've learned one thing about the world it's that everything is always late and over-budget. I can barely hold on, I've become so EMF sensitive I can't even stand to be in buildings. And now with Starlink here I'm getting ripped up even outside. It's as obvious as if there was music playing. I'm sure I could linger for another 50 years because my healthy lifestyle but I'm not going to do it if you catch my drift. No way am I going to sit around with my brain and body microwaved like this. It's so much worse than cell towers. I discovered SpaceX received $1 billion tax dollars to cover rural areas like my mountain home. Yep I knew it, now cities are actually better. I suspect satellites are an even higher frequency because I've never had EMF's affect my body like this. Brain and nerves yes, but this is muscle cramps, weakness, and burning. It's like the day after serious exercise except all the time. When I drive into town it's better because that doesn't have satellites yet. All this stuff is phased array which is so evil, and why normal radio doesn't bother people (also that's analog.) Towers and satellites are like LRAD or a laser but electromagnetic. That's why tower transmitters are a bar but radio is a dish, the dishes aren't phase aligned.

  2. Hi,
    I have a controlled and polarized brother like yours. Several times I tried to explain to him the situation created by the current fake pandemic and from the Criminal restrictions of the government but I can't score the convictions of him. He tells me that they are all fakes, that the news of fatal and serious effects of vaccines are only statements without evidence and that I have to stop believing all those strange things so that I look like a child demented. Clearly he is a higher mind.

    He always ends up quarrels with big words and anger. A head hard as granite. The only positive thing, so far, is that he has not made the vaccine because he says, he doesn't trust; But but on the rest he does not reason and it is useless to talk if he alters and it really becomes like someone controlled by some entities...
    So I understand you and understand Sebastian's article and I hope the liberation soon comes as I fight for myself, at least one no one can prevent me from do this. I'm really tired of this crazy and ignorant society. Here (I live in Italy) a government of Criminals, politicians and doctors has been established, and day after day things worsen more and more, between increasingly heavier restrictions and Green passes and Vaccinated people who hurl themselves with hatred against those who are not vaccinated, as they say in the blog, almost were controlled automata. We don't talk about truly disgusting Media.
    They are ruining our people and now with children too want to try. Here is becoming a Hell.


  3. Story of my life. Been attacked, attacked, ATTACKED since childhood, since around 1984, when I got thrown into society, with kindergarten onward.

    Shit, look what someone I know said about the Georgia guidestones, after I said about it being a cabal monument:

    "The Georgia Guidestones did NOT say to "reduce" the population to 500,000 million. It was describing the ideal situation for humanity to remain in balance with nature. Obviously. we are seriously out of balance with nature with our current population on this planet. The word "reduce" was never on the Guidestones. Wikipedia says that "According to the monument's sponsors, the inscriptions are meant to guide humanity to conserve nature after a nuclear war, which the creators thought was an imminent threat." In that scenario, the population would have already been reduced and the Guidestones would be a guide for starting over and living in balance and harmony in an Age of Reason."

    Ugh. And that's one of the less unpleasant ones.

    But yes, I get insulted, ridiculed, even beaten up over the past 40 years.....and I am not even a starseen, lightwork, etc, nor do I want to be one. I'm just an alien soul the darkies captured, killed and forcibly incarnated onto this worthless lump of rock, and worse, as a human man, and an unidealistic one at that. And the verbal and physical abuse I keep going through, plus the darky attacks, coupled with maddening ascension symptoms, I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hope not only do I get the have my MUCH NEEDED first contact, and get my PROPER body restored, but to TAKE MY HOSTILITY and FRUSTRATIONS out on BOTH the cabal's and the sheeple's HIDES. I'm getting fucking sick and tired of this quote an old saying, "They don't pay me enough for this abuse!"

  4. The pyramid picture shown there is a LOT like the black pyramid of Mumm-Ra, shown in Thundercats.


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