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Important notification (updated)

Please join the meditation for peace if you got the time. We are still at black alert , so you might find this post helpful. Meanwhile the chimera has received a heavy hit, maybe one of the heaviest to date. One of the biggest top-cabal on the 2nd layer of the cabal hierarchy (below the chimera itself) was being deported for neutralisation to the central sun yesterday. Right now the chimera and cabal hierarchies are taking formation for big upcoming attacks. These will be also some of the biggest attacks to date, as they have no other choices left and will go almost all in.  Basically the chimera are using everything they have available to attack in the region of Europe to storm one of the biggest islands of light. The physical parts of the attacks are being led from the inner Earth. Despite the real movements from the inner Earth many humans are used to attack via their neutral part of their subconsiousness. The chimera is directing every bit of consciousness-energy against their en

Situation Update July 2022

Again this post will feature a few general ascension insights followed by a short situation update. The chimera is able to set 'triggers' to almost anything they can perceive. A trigger is like an alarm call they get if a certain condition takes place. For example one of their triggers could execute if a certain fraud with the banking system is discovered by any human. So in that case, the chimera would be able to go there soon enough and cover up the discovered fraud or overtake/remove the human who discovered it. These kind of triggers are something humans do not really understand as they simply think such things would not be possible. The alien invaders of the Earth obviously are much smarter than humanity suspected an alien invasion to be like. Those triggers ensure an almost failsafe fraud for the chimera as they get wake up calls each time a human is about to tear a hole into their veil of lies. Since the last big archon invasion in 1996 (last of the three big ones) the c