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Divine Intervention Activation

First off, please join the Divine Intervention Activation and sign the (backup-) petition on the Portal if you have not already: What should become obvious seeing the petition of Cobra being taken down is that many sites in the internet are fully cabal operated. What that means in the long run as the Lightforces have won the intergalactic wars is that everything these sites (also applicable to companies) have generated, all money, has to be paid back (to the degree of corruption these sites are involved in). And it is not just money they have to pay back, it is also any comfort they gained through those sites that has to be paid back. Let’s elaborate on the background of that payback: The only thing these sites and companies effectively did was promoting the cabal and censoring the Light. They did nothing else and that basically is a war crime, traitorship against humanity and against life in general. Th

The chimera tries to hold the surface - what can we do to fight back?

If you read this blog or certain other blogs for Lightworkers and Starseeds on Earth (like the Portal by Cobra) know by now that the chimera, an evil insectoid alien species invaded Earth. Below the chimera on top of their hierarchy, you got all common alien types known on Earth, namely those aliens of the Pleroma (the devil etc. ), archons (basically ‚our‘ small gray, black eyed aliens), dracos and below we get all those mystic groups which are heavily discussed in thousands of conspiracy theories, ranging from reptilians to the illuminati, back and forth. It seems many people inside the liberation communities want to fight against the occupation of the chimera and cabal but do not know how. Though it will not be a fist and laser guns fight yet (might be better against up to 5D aliens for now), there actually is a lot you can do as an ordinary human being which really disturbs them and their plans. Additionally you might also attract some well-meant support of the Lightforces for act