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The chimera tries to hold the surface - what can we do to fight back?

If you read this blog or certain other blogs for Lightworkers and Starseeds on Earth (like the Portal by Cobra) know by now that the chimera, an evil insectoid alien species invaded Earth. Below the chimera on top of their hierarchy, you got all common alien types known on Earth, namely those aliens of the Pleroma (the devil etc. ), archons (basically ‚our‘ small gray, black eyed aliens), dracos and below we get all those mystic groups which are heavily discussed in thousands of conspiracy theories, ranging from reptilians to the illuminati, back and forth.

It seems many people inside the liberation communities want to fight against the occupation of the chimera and cabal but do not know how. Though it will not be a fist and laser guns fight yet (might be better against up to 5D aliens for now), there actually is a lot you can do as an ordinary human being which really disturbs them and their plans. Additionally you might also attract some well-meant support of the Lightforces for actively partaking in the liberation.

No matter if you believe that those aliens and their invasion destroyed the dreams of humanity on Earth or not, here is a list of what you actually can do to harm those invaders:

  • Spread the truth (preferably from the Portal) - i.e. make sites/blogs/outlets where those articles are posted again (with links) or generally promote the Portal and other blogs which are definitely part of the liberation of Earth. Do not stay in the official groups with that but create feeds and content on all known social networks. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, etc. go the popular routes for promotion. Even advertisements might be well worth thinking about. They hate to see info about the Liberation anywhere and will want to delete or censor it. That type of reaction by them is exactly what is a proof for the cabal being disturbed by it.

  • Make art against the invaders, they really hate it to be the topic of art in general. Think of negative art with our little gray aliens with those black eyes. There is almost no negative art with them as topic. Depict them as criminals, etc. be creative - do anything that makes clear that those aliens in the chimera hierarchy are most evil. They hate it and they will contact you with all kinds of lies to hinder you from posting such art or even terrorise you from then on. If you want to know that we got parasitic aliens who invaded Earth, just create art against Archons, and you will soon know that the threat is most real. But be warned, attacks can really get heavy (which should be ok in our phase of liberation but it could nevertheless get hard).

  • Make and spread memes against the chimera and cabal. Similar to art but you do not have to be talented at all. Additionally, memes got huge ground in the internet and can be promoted faster and easier.

  • The above two points can also be spread physically in your area via stickers and the like as you should not rely purely on the virtual media-types like the internet if possible.

  • Meditate for inner Earth and other innocent hostages to be freed, the flower of life around Earth, the connection to the galactic central sun or on violet flame and similar protection to clean your surroundings from those invaders. If you got free time and nothing to do, meditation always helps to fill the gaps. Gaps in your consciousness the cabal uses if you do not consciously direct that energy.

  • Post the truth of the Portal in spiritual groups and clarify questions with your knowledge about the truth to clean up New Age residues and wrong spiritual attitudes prepared by the chimera hierarchy. Every soul you get out of the rose-colored New Age propaganda counts a lot for the Lightforces. You may also do this in the physical as well of course if you got the chance to talk to spiritual groups in real life.

  • Invest a big part of your money in spiritual goods (if in doubt, choose Cintamanis) those blogs you like usually link to. Money is energy and getting it consumes the most of your time. For example if you support Cobra monetarily, you directly support the resistence movement and those established positive factions on the surface with that lost time. Spend your money supporting the blogs which woke you up, those are the real heros that deserve your full monetary support (there is no such thing for this blog yet so I recommend going to the Portal and look up the Tachyonis store). If you invest consciously in people like Cobra, you will get protection of the Lightforces naturally, these are the people (and Starseeds) that will pull you safely through the shift then. It is actually their responsibility to do so, if you invest your life-force (which is money in the cabal slavery-system) for those people.
Be aware though that if you do it right, you will get more into the focus of these invaders and you might get to be a targeted individual. The further we are in the liberation process (and that is purely time-bound), the better that is though. You may really earn a lot for the first golden age on the Earth, which will start once we are through with liberation. And the rewards are surely better than any human can imagine, so it is all well worth the hard time you might get. However do not go into too high risks, do not do any copyright infringements and definitely stay in the frames of human laws if you decide to take such actions. If you post articles from other blogs, always include the link to the source.

And be prepared to earn only ignorance with your posts. If you got someone‘s attention you might even earn hate-storms in the popular communities (which is what they do if they realize they cannot censor or ignore your post). However you might find out fast how much the cabal still controls the majority of people if you do the above.

A few points might be added to the list in the next few days - also post further ideas in the comments, especially if you already tried something.


  1. My concern though when participating in these things is the attacks.

    I am in a precarious situation here in Singapore which is one of the places in the world like Australia and Israel that has come under full NWO control.

    Cobra mentioning that the Cabal's plan to control the entire world has failed is cold comfort to the people in these areas.

    1. Exactly. I've been saying for decades the real enemy is our family, friends, and neighbors who go along with the agenda, which is almost everyone. People who may be awake to the pandemic can be asleep on every other issue. Most of the angry people are only fighting back because the pandemic got in the way of their football games or slave jobs. The political left is so easily controlled. We had a year of riots where they burned buildings, killed people, and destroyed whole parts of major cities because one guy (George Floyd) was killed. And the government let it happen month after month. The cabal is the last group I'm worried about. Covid and the vax will change or go away, and every single sheep will be 100% fooled by the next false flag. The cabal doesn't even have to do anything, just run a story on the news and people act like insane animals. Forget the shadow government, the head of CNN and MSNBC basically rule the world. I'm a firm believer we need a civil war. If the sheeple are still walking around, no golden age is possible. It would just be herding the sheep into nicer cities, it will still be a hell planet as long as any of them are still here. It would almost be a worse injustice because 90% of the population deserves NWO hell. If all these "people" who are cheering for the cabal end up living on a liberated planet that they fought AGAINST, wow no thanks. That's pretty much how it will be I'm sure, are the Light forces going to exterminate 7 billion people? Of course not, but they should.

  2. Always adjust to the current situation in your area and your personal abilities. As you might have understood by now this is a slow process that is meant to be secure. Previous plans were scrapped because they were too fast and unreliable. So stay out of the things that would make it easy to take you out of the equation (put in jail, hurt or similar) and continue to be a steady pressure.

  3. I would much per to face them face to face with the Holy Word of God in one hand and my rifle in the other. The Loin of Judah will defeat the Cabal.

  4. Hallo Sebastian

    Thank you for all your posts and for your lightful fight for freedom for humanity.

    I have a question. Could you write a post an mention names of "whistleblowers" who are promoting the A.I. - Agenda?

    For example there is this "Elena Danaan" who is channelling a galactical being (Thor Han), who said, that he never heard about the Cintamani stones. (He should know about it, because he says to be a very high star ship commander of the lightforces)

    And ThorHan also said, that he is having physical implants in his head, for commanding a space ship and he is having implants in his hand or arm to transfer micro-payment. He is having implants that are connected with a "good" A.I. That is totaly an A.I-Agenda. Elena is spreading 99% of a light and love message and just mentioning a little bit this 1% damaging A.I-Agenda.

    Like we know from Cobra2012, we really dont need any implants. Cobra was posting protocols how to get away this implants.

    I think that, Elena really does believe, that she is channeling a being from the lightforces, but I think her channel has being hijacked from the dark forces.

    I read from other humans who does follow cobra, that they feel interested into following the Elena Updates.

    There is in the german-speaking website ( who is having a very big internet range of influence to german-speaking-lightworkers.

    And they are now spreading this fakeLight A.I-Information from Dr. Michael Salla who interviews regulary Elena Danaan.

    The Website is already since years, translating and posting the post of Cobra2012.

    I already wrote to transinformation and mentioned that Elena, seems to be channeling A.I-messages, and they didnt reply me.

    I would like to ask anybody, be aware that A.I-Prophets try to infiltrate the Lightworker-Community.

    Please make your own research and share it with your Lightworker-Friends.

    Thank you.


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