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A short exposure of the betrayal and corruption on Earth

The betrayal on Earth runs high and deep - meaning many ‘higher’ realms as well as lower realms are involved. As many people know by now a very low percentage of humanity controls nearly all supplies, power and especially money. Except for a few 'fakes' or false-positives among the rich people, many have at some point in their life or reincarnations joined the betrayal.  So basically the situation on Earth is this for thousands and thousands of years: A few people get all the energy (in forms of money, fun, even love etc. ) and fund/live their wildest dreams while everyone not joining the betrayers will be raped of that energy (mostly still unknowingly). If one of the cabal's energy sources finds out that he/she is betrayed of his/her energy for the funding the fun for the cabal or is seen as uncontrollable, then that victim will become a targeted individual for the cabal. They suddenly want to get rid of the one woken up and want to torture him/her even harder while at the

About Starseeds and their current progress for liberation

Many people in the spiritual community have already heard about Starseeds.  By now Starseeds are still the only part of the Lightforces who have made it to the surface already. They were the ones that went right into hell, leaving their oftentimes paradisic lifes out there behind. From paradise right into parasite-hell-Earth. They were sent in for a large rescue mission, long planned by the Lightforces to collect first hand information on how the species and life itself on Earth were betrayed. Earth was getting into focus as one of the poorest planets out there which desperately needs help, one of the most befallen by a parasite alien species, utilizing the primary anomaly, all well known to the Lightforces. The Starseeds actually volunteered to help by identifying themselves with and incarnating as one of the main host species of the parasitic contamination which set Earth to quarantine status - literally that alone would be suicide for most smaller lifeforms. They incarnated as human

Progress March 2021

As the last few posts were about heavily bad conditions on Earth, this post will be kept to the progresses the Lightforces make - at least to the degree that can be laid open by now. As a side note also support the peace meditations mentioned on Cobra ‘s site, please. Chances on Earth were verified as fake. The cabal still tries to achieve the image of Earth being a planet that is working out well for its inhabitants. The cabal by now tried to lie to several instances of higher species judging the system and tried to convey that they created the best system for Earth they reasonably could. They also like to present humans all kinds of chances that do not really exist/work if humans try (and they rarely even do). Humans like to say that everyone is responsible for his/her own happiness on Earth - which is correct for some but definitely not for those who are or were here for liberation. By now the Starseeds and Lightworkers have verified that the cabal do not let anyone have anything, i

On awakening, ascension itself and current cabal tactics

We live in a big deception, the big fake, some call it satan's grand delusion. Though no 'normal' human will find out about it in detail until it is too late. If you still believe that the system you were born in on Earth is normal and that there is nothing strange going on, you are still doing what they want you to do. As long as you do what normal people do and think of everything not presented in the media as strange stuff, the cabal will surprise you with the truth at the end of your life (in a most cruel way though). The programming chain is your childhood, then education by your parents, then education in school and from some time on pretty much all media you consume ( Cobra also mentioned pre-natal programming, which is definitely true but hard to understand for many). The cabal will not wake you up and until you do wake up by yourself, you will be used without knowing for their goals. Once you actually do ascend or even choose your path to 'God' or the '

Short notes about me and my ascension

So, on popular demand I am writing this short post about me and my ascension so far. However as many criticized already when people demanded info on myself, there will be no scientist coming along here and verify that what I post on this blog is the truth. There will be no official human institution which even remotely would declare these insights (or even the cabal and chimera existence itself) as valid. And people following the blogs of Cobra and/or other lightworkers and Starseeds should know by now that most bigger official institutions are working rather for the cabal than for anyone else (knowingly or unknowingly). Therefore no one really knowing what's going on on Earth is expecting a verification spoken out by official institutions if someone writes about this kind of disclosure. Also, what is written here is of course not satisfying scientific requirements and it is certainly not necessary for a blog or even possible with this kind of info yet. Actually I rather think peop

Situation Update, communications & cabal tactics, March 2021

At this time the Lightforces have advanced enough to  re-establish some important communication channels which were lost to the cabal. Especially several positive inner Earth factions had no valid communications for a long time. Faking communications of all kinds were one of the biggest tools of the cabal. As you might guess, receiving a believable death threat by someone is pretty much a difference to a call for help or a message of sending support. That kind of fake and trickery is exactly what the cabal used between many positive factions on and off Earth. They created hate among allies and turned every valid communication to positive forces into psychological terror for both parties involved. This problem went on for several thousand years throughout the whole solar system. They are experts in getting plots established towards both sides of the communication once they faked the recipients. They developed those plots for torture, invasion and ultimately killing and perfected them fo