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Situation Update - control matrix deconstruction

As told previously by many people, humans are living in some sort of ‚control matrix‘ which was constructed to siphon and harvest their life energy. It is definately not like in the movie though there are parallels the Wachowski‘s wanted to uncover. So far most humans have not understood the connection between their comfort in life and their life- or even soul-energy. They are bound to a world view of all their struggle being normal while much of it actually is a complex mechanism to siphon their energies. So basically if you lack fulfillment in life and can not live your dream life, it is more like the parasitic hierarchy being responsible, which took (too) much of your life-energy. And these hierarchies always take too much. All forms of discomfort including long-term unfulfillment are result of a complex and smart structure designed to do exactly that. As Cobra said, most of this structure nowadays consist of entities, some sort of programs which just take your energies and hand it