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Update August 2022 - Energetic dynamics and equalisation

This time there will not be a big situation update as not much has changed. By now there is exchange being established with those who brought life on Earth as we know it today and made human life and more possible. These descendants of the prime creator arrived approximately 300 million years ago and were already followed by a swarm of parasites (which were already the foundation for the chimera/primary anomaly on Earth) back then. That is why around 300 million years ago the first ‚big‘ lifeforms emerged on this planet. Things tend to develop these ways even before these descendants fully arrive at the destination systems. As you can easily see, they could not finish their colonisation perfectly yet as we still got problems on Earth with the chimera today. What has been decreed approximately in this post from March 2021  is even more relevant in this context than it was till now. At that time Earth was declared as a successful colonisation by other descendants of the prime creator who