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About Soul families and minds

  As the first Starseeds are already uniting with their Soul-family on the mental plane, it is a topic that is getting more relevant to the ascendants right now as well as the Goddess herself wants to shine Light on the topic.  This unity will slowly drip through all Starseeds and ascendants in accordance to the natural order which is pretty much proportional to the size of their Souls. Right now this is already happening on the mental plane which is a preparation for unity on the physical plane. All members of these Soul families are right now getting to know each other in depth - which is pretty much all their life and incarnations. This is a union which encompasses all the minds of the corresponding family. They are getting to know everything about each other, their past, their present state and the plans of the future for each other. While the family consists of many male and female Souls (most Souls have a tendency for gender), the union usually is reserved for one male and one or

Situation Update December 2023

Certainly a lot has changed since the removal of the chimera group, though obviously nothing much has since changed on the surface yet. Although the chimera was at the very top of the cabal hierarchy it is rather the rest of the pyramidical body that keeps up the veil and the illusion running. Just as Cobra mentioned , Liberation is speeding up since the end of September. The reason for this is that the three biggest Starseeds present on Earth, who are huge, absolute gods in their own right, have finally finished their job. For the last decades they figured out in minute detail how exactly the parasitic system was set up to drain the life on Earth. End of September this work was declared finished, which immediately initiated the infusal of many more huge souls, among them many Gods and Goddesses, who since then work to turn the parasitic system against the cabal themselves. Obviously this takes time as well, as there are still no visible changes happening. You can imagine that these hu