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QUARANTINE EARTH - about the parasitic contamination - part II

So in Part II about the current situation on Earth I would like to share insights into what it is like to be involved in the battle against the Chimera and Cabal day-to-day as a human. This will show pretty well and in detail how the primary anomaly acts through the parasite and in turn through its puppets (the whole Cabal-hierarchy) in the human sphere of perception. Basically all higher members in the Cabal-hierarchy invade their victims. It is not that they would hunt killers in the way some people would think towards the light-workers (in rare cases they might try though). The Cabal do not necessarily want to kill their opponents, they rather will torture or even overtake them and use them from then on for their goals - because that is much more efficient for their means. What this invasion looks like is pretty much people around you turning "strange". Some people will certainly begin to act in ways towards you, which are not according to what people would usually do. The