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QUARANTINE EARTH - about the parasitic contamination PART II

So in Part II about the current situation on Earth I would like to share insights into what it is like to be involved in the battle against the Chimera and Cabal day-to-day as a human.
This will show pretty well and in detail how the primary anomaly acts through the parasite and in turn through its puppets (the whole Cabal-hierarchy) in the human sphere of perception.

Basically all higher members in the Cabal-hierarchy invade their victims. It is not that they would hunt killers in the way some people would think towards the light-workers (in rare cases they might try though). The Cabal do not necessarily want to kill their opponents, they rather will torture or even overtake them and use them from then on for their goals - because that is much more efficient for their means. What this invasion looks like is pretty much people around you turning "strange". Some people will certainly begin to act in ways towards you, which are not according to what people would usually do. The Chimera and lower people in the Cabal hierarchy try to get close to you by overtaking those humans who are close to you. Even your best friends, people you have known a long time might suddenly act that way and the Chimera will use them to invade your consciousness. Depending on how good they can use the human close to you it will be more or less bad for you of course.
You can imagine this type of invasion into your friends or other people close to you as dark spirits the Cabal controls overtaking the rather good spirit of your friend - or even forcing the good spirit out. Pretty much through the spirit layer of the body they get into the thoughts of your friend and they might - depending on the resistance of your friend - address certain strange topics or even act very aggressively. They usually want to get certain topics into your head, or implement certain hooks which they will later use to steer bigger plots into your consciousness, which will be bound to your downfall (at least according to their plans). It could be harmless topics at first which might even seem pointless but they are used to analyze your mind, get certain ideas into your mind and to be used heavier later on. This is still the rather harmless way of invasion using the quite normal daily trouble with your fellow human being - until the ideas and attacks get more strange at least.

One other way they try to invade your consciousness is by modulations. So this is where it gets more cruel - most people will think they go insane, as no one on Earth tells you that people are able or would even do such things. How it works is they use random humans around you as transmitters. So you might be sitting in a café and suddenly the people around you seem to address you in their conversations. Actually nothing changed at all and they are still talking about the same things as before but you will perceive the Cabal talking to you. The words you hear are changed in your perception (and pretty much only in your perception). This actually freaks one out quite a bit the first time they do this, as you might think the people are really all talking to you while it is just your perception that changes by the Cabal using these people as transmitters. It creates the feeling that you are the only one against the evil and that those random humans around you are already belonging to the Cabal and work for them.
Important to keep in mind is, that they are talking the same things as before and that the Cabal just want to create the impression that you are the only one. They want to instill fear and despair and of course the impression that you are going insane. While they actually just modulate the voices of people around you (through various entities and/or technology). After a while you will realize that they can modulate some people easier than others. And you will realize the modulations get heavier as soon as certain people come close to you or enter the room. It is important to steer clear from the thought that those people modulated are the Cabal themselves. They are just used as transmitters, nothing more. The Cabal certainly wants to afflict aggression in you with these attacks. It should be clear that if they manage to get you to attack another human, you will be arrested. And in such a case you won't be able to explain the police why you attacked which will make you look insane. So you have to stay calm outwards and it is easier if you do not connect the modulations to the people they seem to issue from (though sometimes it actually is the people - but that is very hard to distinguish as written in Part I).

What the Cabal tells you through those modulations is absolutely cruel to say the least. It is hard to explain as it usually is quite complex. They try to 'install' complex plots of inevitable defeat into you. Oftentimes it is like they are telling of details of some scenario which is enormously bad for you. They mention the details in a believable way, as if it was already that way, as if it was reality. If explained this way it sounds simple but you would be impressed of how detailed their "movies" of your defeat are. It is of course a form of manifestation through detailed suggestion they try to apply here. Sometimes they tell you of the same "movies" or plots for months. Day in and day out each and every human close to you tells you per modulations of that plot they want to establish as your reality. And you have no chance but listen, it is your neighbors being used the same way as your colleagues, people in the subway or even voices in the television next door. This is of course heavy brainwashing techniques applied probably only to a few lightworkers (I hope). At least I did not hear of this in detail yet, so I assume they rarely make the effort for months and years of such attacks. But that is pretty much what Cobra describes as "brutal attacks on key lightworkers" I assume (again I recommend reading for a good overview on these matters). Such psychological attacks to demoralize you to say the least come apart from physical attacks of course like sudden pain in your body without any reason at all. Sometimes there are even heavier attacks on seemingly consciousness itself that I cannot really explain here (might find the right words in a later article).
However the mentioned modulations can become quite complex as well. For example it might be not just voices you hear being transmitted directly from the Cabal but it is also modulations of meaning. Sometimes you just understand certain things, people around you speak about, quite differently than they meant it. You might just hear one word which they actually said but the meaning is modulated in a way that it fits the current plot of the Cabal perfectly. That would not be the voices modulated but the actual voices/words someone said left untouched and twisted to suit the plot by altering your understanding of it. The negative entities / technology the Cabal uses can 'charge' meaning and words enormously fast so that you might be convinced it is the truth because there is so much energy connected to it. Even charging with emotions is done so there might be some words you hear that could make you depressed or full of joy (easier to believe then) fast. 
The amount of manipulation through modulations is of course dependent on their setup at a certain place. Places you go to more often or they know you have to go to are usually fast prepared for such means by the Cabal.
There are many parallels to the agents in the movie Matrix which is of course not the truth. But the Wachowskis tried to get as much truth out as they could in front of the eye of the Cabal. Cobra also mentioned the movie Jupiter Ascending for similar reasons (which was pretty much the end of the Wachowski's career - and guess why).
The really hard thing is that the whole psychology sector of the health system of humanity is set up against such positive spiritual ascension. You certainly see the fraud the Cabal implemented to take humanity hostage much more clear once you ascend and get to know such methods by them. Spirituality obviously stems from 'spirit' and it should be clear that spiritual people learn to communicate with spirits, souls and other forms of rather alien people in some way. What is certainly a problem for many is that all such communications are classified as psychological illness for humanity and people are programmed to believe that from early youth onwards. The Cabal implemented that pretty much to hinder all such ascensions and to stop people from waking up from the hostage scenario. While there certainly are mental illnesses that have to be treated, spiritual ascension is definately none of them. But people waking up might think so at first and that is of course that way by design of the Cabal.

What is important to keep in mind is that the Cabal has invaded almost every group on the planet. So there actually ARE humans among the population that are knowingly working for them - as described in Part I. Of course they will never openly tell you that they are traitors of life and humanity but they will hate you and do their best to force you into defeat. Other people will be doing their will unconsciously - it is similar to what is written in some scriptures about possessed people. They will suddenly act out of character and attack you verbally or even physically if the Cabal manages to overtake them. Some will just look in a strange way to you what people back then described as the ‘evil eye’.

What is certain is, that you have a lot more problems than a usual human ever could have as a Cabal-targeted lightworker. You will get the impressions of hellish and demonic energies haunting you at times as the Cabal basically steers and controls all those things some old religious scriptures tell and warn about. Actually nowadays the Cabal sends everything they have, as they smell defeat and want to get rid of key lightworkers and virtually all woke humans immediately. So you will get to know many of those alien beings described in the Bible etc. and you will for the first time realize what real evil is. These beings are more evil and cruel than any villain in the movies. Those beings literally were the inspiration for every villain in movies (at least subconsciously). It might be that a short contact with one of these beings is more cruel than anything you have ever witnessed in your life before. They move with so much negative energy that I lack words which could be found to express such horror. 

The good news is: that is the time when you will get to know the Lightforces and the positive inner Earth people which care for life and people who receive such attacks. You will certainly achieve support by the biggest lifeforms on Earth from then on, which are as unknown to most humans as these measures of the Cabal were always a secret. That is also the point at which you first time get to know that you must be doing a good job. You do not get acquainted with the biggest positive lifeforms on Earth in any other way usually. They see you are working for life in a special way especially because of the attacks the bigger Cabal inflict, it is like an alarm system for them - they care for keeping life free of the parasite, including themselves. That is pretty much why they will get to know you, you suddenly have the same problems and share the same tasks as those higher lifeforms do (also among the Lightforces).

However this is absolutely still not like in the popular books about spirituality (guess why they were made popular). You will know the Lightforces and bigger lifeforms of Earth are around but it probably won't be heavenly or even a life you love or wanted at all until the Cabal are defeated. As the attacks won't cease or rather intensify if they smell the lightworkers getting support. That kind of heavenly you thought your life should have been will be pretty much the Event Cobra and others are talking about. The outlook though is already heavenly, the defeat of the Cabal is a mathematical certainty since quite a while, no matter what they tell. And what comes next will be paradisic for all lightworkers and pretty much even most who did not join the traitorship.


  1. BTW my blog is completely blocked on Facebook since the last post.
    Seems they have big fears about this information to surface, as other spiritual people are still allowed to expose the Cabal there, while this info is jammed.

    So nowadays pretty much a good indicator of the importance of this information to those people resistant to the traitorship/Cabal.
    So if you can do anything to spread this post to the spiritual community/woke people I would be thankful.

  2. I want to give a short concrete insight of what plots the Chimera/Cabal tell me of in my life right now (basically most by using modulations):

    - I would have to go "down" very soon - what they mean is one of their inner Earth "hells" for their enemies
    - They would kill me physically very soon and that "these" Cabal (actually themselves of course) were really dangerous
    - Just by mentioning my name all the time in an admonishing way, trying to express that I would stand no chance of getting through with that (basically with my life in general and with exposing them more specifically - you should hear what happens when I post something like this in a café or even at home, they go crazy hard suddenly)
    - That they would already have everything they wanted, I would be trapped and they would just torture me
    - That I would soon lose my job and any income (they tell it like they would have just in that moment cared for that it happens that way)
    - I create art in form of screen prints and they made clear that they destroyed all ways to success in that part of my life (they really did, each time I release a new print suddenly haters pop up, mention the weirdest things why my art would be shit and try to jam the sale completely, while before I was targeted I could live from art - I must admit that since they told that they cut me from all social media, the resonance was really virtually off (no likes at all) and my sales were getting less and less, so they still have quite a lot control on the money/income sector just as Cobra and others said)
    - That it was all just a game and I would not have understood it (that's pretty much what they always tell regardless of other plots)
    - "You will leave soon" - meaning again the inner Earth hells or their spaceships (they usually describe this as going down or up)
    - That I would drain their 'mana' (but meaning all of humanity), that I would still walk around fighting them (as if it was a scandal), that I would be 'too expensive' as if they would support me
    - They also pretend oftentimes that they would be this or that old friend or even an ex-girlfriend (to establish more intimate connections)

    So you see the list is pretty long and that is by far not all.
    Just so people get a better and more detailed view of how the methods above look practically applied. It IS enormous psycho-terror, especially if you know that they can and do modulate almost all noises and not just voices around you that way. It even goes as far as my own breath being modulated at times (very intimate of course).

    These people are sick beyond any rational understanding. And obviously anyone who tells what they do, according to the old understanding before Cobra and others, would have been just seen as insane (it's exactly as I wrote in the main post).

  3. Just tell them you give up, say sorry, that u not gonna touch on those subjects again.
    Show them that you regreat, you can share your experience but dont share sensitive parts.
    Change your life style.
    the attacks Will dismiss progressivly

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Haha... Yes, just give up to the people who ruin the lives of 7.5 billion humans + several times as many other lifeforms on Earth.

      These people are sick, they do not stop. We are talking of the Cabal here who is responsible for a major part of suffering on Earth.
      If you join them, like you said, you are one of the traitors against humanity and life itself.
      These people do not react to a change of lifestyle.

      Please first inform yourself on other blogs about how insidious those people are before posting such nonsense.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Hello Sebastian,

    thank you for posting about how attacks work. It helps to hear this from someone else, as there is little information available. People who are under attack are being punished twice, because they also have to live with the stigma of being some kind of freak or not being able to live a proper life. So the best thing is not to talk about it to anybody (unless you know someone who is either very, very open-minded or in a similar situation).

    I just had an unpleasant experience through e-mails that I received almost on the same day from two different people which I feel were influenced by the dark in order to bring me down. It’s very telling that a few days before I have had a very positive experience regarding my mission, my energy levels were very high, so some kind of backlash had to be created.

    The last part of your post about contact with the Light Forces is also spot on and describes very well how it works. One has to prove first in some way that he/she is a dedicated and mature lightworker. And they are not almighty, as many lightworkers still seem to think. They try to help you as good as they can, but it remains a constant struggle…

    All the best to you, and may the breakthrough happen soon!

    1. Thank you for the appreciation.
      Yes, I needed to share such rather deep information because it might (with a bit of luck) prevent some heavier attacked people from getting mad.
      It might be good to get back to stay centered if people know how heavy their attacks reach.

  6. One day after my above post, I was brutally attacked through the lightworker community, activating some of my traumas/weak spots and linking them to the lightworker movement and the important mass meditation on Dec. 21st. My theory is that no real lightworkers were behind this but a cabal agent who has read my e-mail-conversation and intervened directly. It was so cleverly made, a real "masterpiece"...
    I noticed that in the past months attacks have become more personal and vicious, sometimes with an aspect of humiliation. This summer I had two approx. 9 year old girls follow me on their bikes while I did one of my regular walks, trying to spit at me repeatedly...

    With the lightworker community, it's a special story. I think I must be under some kind of social and communication ban, because every effort from my side to reach out to other lightworkers in the past 5 years has been either completely sabotaged or influenced in a certain way. The dark forces know very well the psychological weak spots of an individual and where they can harm you the best. They are especially afraid of genuine soul family contacts, these are barely possible at the moment.

    Sebastian, maybe you can share something about the possibilities of contact prevention between lightworkers in one of your future posts...

  7. Thank you so much, This modulation concepts mirrors my reality completely. I knew what was going on, or had, what you describe , as my working theory and try to maintain equanimity throughout. Your bravery and commitment will serve us all well and in the end when this is over, those of us who endured and served the light may survive this thing to celebrate with our galactic brethren.

  8. Yes, the Starseeds and higher lightworkers will actually really be like stars. But like true stars, not the Hollywood cabal-created style stars we have nowadays.
    We will pretty much do what we want on Earth without many limits.

    Some will be known as the legends who went right in and liberated Earth out there. There really is high reward for people who do a good job on quarantined planets. Think of skills the old creator gods could give you, things the cabal or anyone on Earth never could do in their wildest dreams.

    Paradise awaits for those who work for the light in these days.


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