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The higher human body layers and cabal invasion

The human body has many higher aspects which are still unknown to the majority and consciously covered up by the scientific establishment (regarded as not provable). This article is meant as a further clarification of how humanity is abused by the cabal. Humanity is largely unaware of all those higher body aspects exactly because the cabal wants so. Basically if science would really find out something the cabal does not want, ‚their’ scientists get active in removing the topic and credibility as fast as possible. We all heard of humans selling their soul in various (partly religious) outlets. However what people do not know is that the cabal wants it all - it does not stop with or is limited to the soul-layer of the body. Everything of the higher body aspects they hid from humanity, they want to take and control. That is why the cabal officially told humanity only of their physical body itself. And even mainstream religions like christianity limit the knowledge to something like body,