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Addendum to the situation update of Feb. 2022

More insights into the depth of corruption on the Earth which might not be for everyone as this being unveiled again points to heavy negativity caused by the cabal. This can be seen as an extension of the previous article , going deeper into the reasons, methods and into the consequences caused by such parasitic behaviour against bigger souls. But first off, please attend the meditations for Ukraine if you have the time: While the energy influx for the Earth has changed recently and is now sponsored more or less actively by Source themselves (as written here ), the cabal utilises every bit of this energy they can get to destroy Source, the Lightforces, all Starseeds and Lightworkers with it. This is the usual procedure in parasitic systems which the cabal set up on several already liberated planets, which were part of the intergalactic wars the Light won recently. Moreover, the cabal takes energy from th

Situation Update Feb. 2022

This post will again light up some darker parts of the cabal invasion strategies before the situation update below that. The post will therefore lift something negative into the consciousness of the reader but at the same time it will shine light on it. As some think spirituality is only positive and about not getting any negative vibrations off, this is a warning for a bit of negativity ahead. As we are in a clean up situation on Earth, there is necessary confrontation with details of the archon- and cabal-invasion which has happened here for hundreds of thousands of years. The species involved in this invasion are long classified as 'defect' which means dead and parastitic - they only cause misery and take everything that is good from any lifeforms they encounter - and they are widely known to do that. Some higher spiritual teachers on the Earth throughout the ages talked of 'prime evil' regarding these species and they rather meant the universal prime evil than the o

A shift in power

Some bigger changes are underway and might get out in the open in the near future: Updated details: Basically this affects grids and the inner Earth most in the first step but as the very last energy sources of the cabal are targeted, it might have effects on the surface later on. The biggest income for primary anomaly, which the cabal used to attack the Lightforces and the main vortexes of the Earth with, was mainly tied to the first fallen female. This main energy source is now as good as gone, as it is taken off power step by step, beginning from date of the descision mentioned above. Big stabilisation of the positive people who were still dependent on such energies had to be established fast, stabilisations the Pleiadeans worked on for decades. The shift itself was pretty seamless, so there were almost no big unplanned disruptions for the positive people which were still profiting from that income. The