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Situation Update October 2022

As we are still in a new black alert ( here is what you can do btw), it will be a short update this time. Like Cobra indicated in his latest post , one of the biggest chimera-humans, who mainly resided in the inner Earth, has been transported off Earth for neutralisation into the Central Sun. Another big news for all Lightworkers and Starseeds probably is that the Central Race is finally on the surface with bodies - bodies specially produced for bringing judgement. Most of them are adapted human bodies which were grown based on data collected by the Starseeds to withstand the primary anomaly most efficiently. Additionally they will be absolutely superhuman, very suiting to some of the heaviest guys that are out there cosmically - which the Central Race certainly is. The chimera is very interested in this info as well, so I will keep it short again. The Central Race officially warned the cabal that they will visit selected top cabal shortly, for delivering their absolute end on Earth