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Situation Update October 2022

As we are still in a new black alert (here is what you can do btw), it will be a short update this time.

Like Cobra indicated in his latest post, one of the biggest chimera-humans, who mainly resided in the inner Earth, has been transported off Earth for neutralisation into the Central Sun.

Another big news for all Lightworkers and Starseeds probably is that the Central Race is finally on the surface with bodies - bodies specially produced for bringing judgement. Most of them are adapted human bodies which were grown based on data collected by the Starseeds to withstand the primary anomaly most efficiently. Additionally they will be absolutely superhuman, very suiting to some of the heaviest guys that are out there cosmically - which the Central Race certainly is. The chimera is very interested in this info as well, so I will keep it short again. The Central Race officially warned the cabal that they will visit selected top cabal shortly, for delivering their absolute end on Earth and transporting them to the Central Sun afterwards. Several cabal members (mainly inner Earth again) are finally taking warnings seriously and think about giving up because of this warning alone.
Basically the Central Race is just acclimatizing to their bodies in the real surrounding on the surface properly and then they will visit the top cabal (who mostly reside in the inner Earth) personally and annihilate them. The Lightforces know the exact positions of most people in the chimera hierarchy by now - only the top chimera alien monsters are still shortly off the radar at times. A radar which by now monitors every lifeform in the solar system in real time, even with mostly correct estimations of their near future. And this monitoring gets even more accurate daily - so there is absolutely nowhere to hide for the topmost members of the cabal, it will just be one visit after the next and one by one cabal member less on Earth. This annihilation of the cabal in the physical will begin shortly and it will take some time until cabal members on the surface will be suddenly gone one by one as well. As always, most of this will not make it into the mass-consciousness of humanity, into the media or to similar outlets. We are still quite a bit under the threshold of what the chimera can cover up towards the surface population.

Additionally, many surface members of the cabal are transported off Earth daily via other methods. This happens without their bodies which are then taken over by rather light-oriented helpers. These are mainly covert cabal members on the surface, mixed among the liberation communites or similar who are recognized as highly negative influences who are then off Earth almost instantly. While it sounds more efficient, this technology is costly and not always usable for shielded cabal members in the inner Earth.
Also some positive humans are being evacuated along, mainly if they have no other chance for surviving. These humans also leave to the ships without their bodies, but their time will be much better on the ships than it ever was on Earth. Some of those early evacuated humans will come back later, some will go to the healing planets in the Pleiades.

The (smaller) surface chimera humans are busy keeping up the illusion and also many of them are trying to trick Lightworkers and Starseeds full-time, by mixing into spiritual groups, posting nonsense there, and generally working against anything that has to do with liberation etc. 
Some of these chimera-sent humans are not knowing for whom they really 'work' so please be careful with judgements. But be distinctive with any negativity brought towards Cobra and with people who are trying to point Cobra's audience to other, rather strange truth-bearers who have nothing to do with Cobra or the Event and do not really mention him as the main messenger of the Goddess. Also be sceptical of ‚truth-bearers’ who constantly talk of the system collapsing, as this is not truly what the Lightforces want - we want a stable shift of power towards the Light without any sudden changes or affecting masses of humans negatively - stability is what helps most while we get rid of the cabal.
It is part of the ascension as well to wake up to the covert chimera-induced sabotage in every part of nearly every human society and to act correctly towards those saboteurs (remember that roughly 500 million humans are the chimera‘s servants, so they pretty much tried to invade every human community). As always train your inner guidance in these questions and if in doubt, remain friendly.

Also, you might want to direct most of your free time to the Lightforces to support solving the current critical processes - and again it is recommended you read what you can do to help during a black alert.


  1. Thank you. It looks like the cabal may be mostly dealt with before the event happens to be on the safe side. The slowest but safest liberation plan.

  2. Thanks for the update.
    The post in french / l'article en français :
    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  3. This would be great news because I thought we lost the Cosmic Central Race for good after that Goddess Vortex in Lengyel had either weakened or collapsed as a result of members of Cobra's own team turning against him in April 2019 C.E>.

    Being the most evolved among the ETs known I expected they wouldn't be the type to be easy to impress and things here have been lacking to achieve that degree. My assumption is based on them only bothered contacting us after we shifted to Phase II of the Bubbles of Heaven Scale in February 2019 C.E>.

    Regarding helping the Light Forces, when Cobra mentioned in the Cobra Interview Part 1 (29th September 2022 C.E>) I had an idea as a result of seeing this:

    "Terry: Okay, great. So how do the implant and biochip removal process work practically? Will it be an all-at-once removal to all of the persons using the quantum cannon technologies on the surface, or rather on individualized process, depending on the contamination levels of a person?

    Cobra: It'll be a planetary process and it is already a planetary process. So quantum cannon technologies are bombarding the surface of the planet. They are bombarding actually with their energy fields, the implants and biochips in every member of the surface population. And what they're doing is they're starting to remove the black holes in the implants.

    That is a very tricky and challenging process, but it is already taking place and it'll be the same for everybody. The whole implant and biochip network has to be removed."

    My first thought on seeing 'tricky and challenging process' was distributed computing could assist in the process, similar to the Berkley Open Infrastructure Network Computing (BOINC) of which the first project involved processing SETI signals. It involves Fast Fourier Transform to process advanced calculations, and by pooling resources around the world it does a far better job than a supercomputer facility.

    Might be something Cobra and the Light Forces could take up on. If not this then maybe something else in future before the Global Tsunami.

    Either way once the Global Tsunami comes and it remains the case we can't take our stuff with us, whatever devices we have including Desktop PCs will be destroyed.

    No harm using the money we invested into our desktop computers for one last hurrah, right?

    It will also add another layer of operations and also the advantage of offering those who are not meditation inclined to help in other ways.

  4. Lately, I have found myself saying after the last few years that I don't want to incarnate here ever again.

  5. Great post Sebastien, thank you. I like to tell a story that shows how we are been pushed to the right direction by higher selves or guides.
    Story: Amazing “guidance”
    My jacket broken and I need it to get a new one. I am the kind of person who doesn`t really like to go shopping. I try to be fast - not running a bunch of different shops. This time I went two of my familiar clothing shops first thinking it would be easy, but this time it was different. I didn`t find jacket that I was looking for and started to get desperate in a way. Then I noticed little shop that I have never gone before. I decided to go there. It was vegan clothing shop. In no time I found jacket that was the right for me. There were only two units left and one in my size. It also fits my budget perfectly been under 100e (99e) with sale price. Then couple of weeks went by and one morning my eye catches something that puts me nuts. Newly bought jacket had inside labels like every clothing but one label there was Flower Of Life symbol. It is a very symbol that I have especially been interested, I have FOL google account icon and FOL pendant that I wear every day. Why my jacket broke? Why I didn`t find a new one fast as usually? Why was I “guided” to new shop that is organic and seemingly decent? Why I find exactly the type of jacket I wanted and just under my budget and that jacket has FOL symbol in it? Wow...
    Sorry for possible misspelling, not my native language.

  6. I really like the mentioning of the superhuman Cosmic Central Sun incarnates. If true, the alternate scenario I mentioned will be the result:

  7. Gratidão pelas informações, abençoados sejam!

  8. I saw that you were also having issues with commenters. The comments from a couple naysayers (one of whom was particularly aggressive) on my post here illustrate their tactics:

    I don't have a facebook, but I could help in other areas. You're definitely not alone in being attacked online. I've been a bit of a naysayer myself at times in the past, but what I was dealing with in the comments on my post was an outright declaration of war against Cobra. They took it to the maximum level of attack. I dealt with it, and the one commenting then starting deleting his/her comments.

  9. Chillwave | Synthwave | Retrowave Mix

    Odysseus Channel - 'A Way Home'


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