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'Holy' geometry from my point of view is more like 'defining' geometry, something which actually exists before geometry was created. Much like nature or 'God' is ever creative and evolving in forms measures and arrangement. Whereas sacred geometry to me is more like having to study all laws of all countries of the world or the TOCs of all products of all companies of the world. Just to with that knowledge then apply something to a 'structure' of any kind which nature does more or less 'automatically' (naturally) and with ease - rendering sacred geometry and its proclaimed 'power' (research on this if you like) pretty much worthless in the end compared to where it was 'copied' from. And I guess studying all those natural 'laws' was not even fun for those who are into sacred geometry. Not that I would discredit humanity for its steady endeavour to get closer to nature or 'natural laws' but seeing where humanity