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A short notice on the situation in the US

As we may not tell details about current movements of the Lightforces I will shine some light on the most recent past. So, most of the lightworkers are aware that there was heavy fraud involved in the election in the US. And despite it is right that such fraud is plain wrong, the retaliation was denied. Some see the rather obvious fraud as a sign that the republicans are on the light side. For the Lightforces it does not really matter who becomes the president of the United States as many told before. Those who pretend that it was an open fight of good against evil are either not aware how evil the evil on Earth really is or are consciously trying to polarize. It is not that easy and this form of polarization can be seen as evil in itself as some people are getting aware of.  Although Trump did quite well in getting info on the Deep State, Fake News MSM and the Swamp into the awareness of some people, he was not let through to get justice. He seemingly has all the right reasons to expo

A short notice on mass meditations and MSM

It should be clear why the Goddess wants the people who want the Event to meditate. I would like to share some deeper knowledge on this topic here for clarification: The whole mainstream media IS the Cabal’s mass meditation. It works on consciousness energy. It does not have to be on the topic the Cabal wants to address or to change towards their goals. They also ‘reinterpret’ streams of consciousness. That means even if just 10% of the population of the country watches the news on for example a scientific topic, the Cabal might use this ‘mass-meditation’ on that scientific topic to continue or intensify the Covid crisis. Then think about how much more people watch those shows on TV in comparison to how many partake in the mass meditations of the Lightforces. Also the Cabal tried to hijack recent meditations heavier and some lightworkers had to be hidden in similar ways. They try to make mass-meditations ‘their’ big thing (they won’t succeed in) if they cannot stop humanity from starti

Situation Update and explanations for delays, Jan. 2021

So, there are seemingly still many people among the lightworker community arguing that the Lightforces do not intervene. The following post might shine some light onto the reasons behind the rather slow liberation so far. What is important to know for most people is that we are in the end of an invasion by a parasitic alien species which some rather wake people call the Cabal or NAA (Negative Alien Agenda). This invasion has gone on for millions of years now (if you include the heavy influence of the primary anomaly even several hundred million years). Among the NAA are several races which work together and are completely inverting the main principles of life in accordance to gaining energy via the primary anomaly. Actually that is why some of these species are known as 'defect' and parasitic basically throughout the whole universe (also read my previous posts for insights on how this form of parasitism plays out on Earth). The reason why this has gone on so long on Earth is, t