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Advancements - Situation report, Dec.

While the battle about the Earth obviously is in full swing and the Cabal fear to lose control everywhere, there are quite some positive news to report as well. Several species that came to Earth to help with liberation and ascension are right now evaluated in their best solutions to make first contact and get stable to the surface. Each species has done its best to get stability for their bodies established in the rather complex biosphere of Earth. Think of special spacesuit-like preparations which are rather organic though. Earth‘s biosphere was certainly under quarantine for a reason which is pretty much a parasitic contamination resulting from the primary anomaly (see the previous posts on this blog). Therefore even some of the highest alien species who came to offer help during the shift have intense problems to adapt to visit the surface. They have an enormous motivation to help and are working hardest to get a stable (and acceptable) way established to visit the surface most fas

Situation Report - influences of the Chimera/Cabal onto society

We are living in times in which again (as it always happens at the end of a cycle) heavy life-threatening and anti-humanistic decisions are made which affect the majority of the surface population. It is obvious that some of those recent decisions by politicians and the like are not for the best development of humanity and are rather heavily influenced by the Cabal. I will try to explain why this still works so well for the Chimera/Cabal despite the advancements of the Lightforces. As a background you have to know that most cities are seen as ghost-towns nowadays from a perspective of higher lifeforms (even for those who are from and remained on Earth). What they mean is, that most people in those cities are solely influenced by rather dead/parasitic spirits (of course controlled by the Cabal through a heavily organized hierarchy). That means everything that enters the mind of people in those areas - ideas, thoughts, notions - is given in by these dead/parasitic spirits. It is like a f