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Advancements - Situation report, Dec.

While the battle about the Earth obviously is in full swing and the Cabal fear to lose control everywhere, there are quite some positive news to report as well.

Several species that came to Earth to help with liberation and ascension are right now evaluated in their best solutions to make first contact and get stable to the surface. Each species has done its best to get stability for their bodies established in the rather complex biosphere of Earth. Think of special spacesuit-like preparations which are rather organic though. Earth‘s biosphere was certainly under quarantine for a reason which is pretty much a parasitic contamination resulting from the primary anomaly (see the previous posts on this blog). Therefore even some of the highest alien species who came to offer help during the shift have intense problems to adapt to visit the surface. They have an enormous motivation to help and are working hardest to get a stable (and acceptable) way established to visit the surface most fast.

They are now profiting intensively from the incarnated Starseeds, giving them insights in details of the biosphere. Think of a complex simulation of the parasitic parts of Earth being executed on the best solutions of those species who want to make first contact - given to them by the Starseeds.

Many did not think it would become that hard and underestimated the high and sinister degree of the contamination. Some even considered coming to the surface with their best try despite knowing they would fail - which would be equivalent to suicide - that‘s how high their motivation to help humanity is. Lightforces gave them insights that those who fall into the hands of the Cabal that way would then be used to sabotage the overall liberation heavily though.

Therefore those most interested to contact us are continuing to fine-tune their ‚bodies‘ and are in steady communication with the highest Starseeds until it will finally work out and result in actual first contact.

Meanwhile the resistence movement and several other light-based factions on the surface are proceeding with the final plans of establishing and actually building the New Atlantis. They are also in the fine-tuning stages and solve similar problems of keeping the parasitic contamination at distance from those who will be part of New Atlantis.

Think of the Sun itself moving in to live on Earth as a notion of the intensity of energies - it is about enormous amounts of life-energy being concentrated in New Atlantis. If the Cabal or even humans knew about details they would do literally everything to get ‚in‘ or even close to that energy - it is pretty much spiritual light what all beings want and need - though some kill for such a type of warmth and comfort. That‘s pretty much how the parasitic contamination expresses itself here - if there is higher life established somewhere, alot of beings try to invade like moths fly into the light. And so far pretty much all bigger civilisations vanished at some time due to such bad conditions, so the contamination is indeed very serious on this planet. That‘s for example why most depictations of the old Atlantis show a circular layout. Some lifeforms have to stay in outer rings because they would turn parasitic when exposed to more intense life-energy and so on. Basically the highest lifeforms will live in the ‚center‘ and every lifeform gets its distance according to how much pure life-energy it can safely cope with.

Right now as part of the planning, most lifeforms on Earth (including humans) are evaluated (and re-evaluated) for their position or rather the distance to the center.

Needless to say that such planning is an enormous task and has to be done thoroughly to prevent repeating the history of previous civilisations and minimize known risks which led to their (oftentimes cataclysmic) downfall.

And all that happens and needs to happen in the midst of the battles raging against the Cabal basically because there is not much time left. Millions of years of contamination need to be eliminated as stable and as fast as possible, by the highest visitors we ever had in the Solar System. This process certainly results in heavy energies (including very benevolent energies) rising all the time - having to do and building up into the Event eventually.

So if lightworkers and Starseeds experience ‚strange‘ effects challenging their perception of reality, they should remain calm and centered as much as possible. Also dreams could get ugly and seemingly very ‘real’ at times. Basically those experiences were there all the time, they were just hidden through perceptive barriers (partly being setup intentionally by the Cabal as a trap/safety mechanism for them). So not all new perceptions will be positive and some lightworkers might even fear they are going to experience literal ‚hell‘. As the Cabal is provoking exactly that - they of course want to destroy the life of their (mostly higher) ‘opponents’ completely. And they try to do so by dragging the comfortzone of perception (they partly set up) away like a carpet on which their targeted individuals stand - without help, humans usually ‘lose their mind’ if the Cabal could successfully manage to execute such a scenario. 

So it could get shaky and if it does, protect yourself with tools Cobra and many more gave to you, i.e. violet flame and the like - attacks will cease over time. So you might experience some dangers of Earth’s biosphere first hand which you didn’t even know existed. You might even understand the problems of the ETs mentioned and those involved with the construction of New Atlantis just outlined here much better once you are through that. It could be a crash-course for some - the good news is you might earn a better rank for New Atlantis by getting through such ‘storms’ without needing much help - though help will of course always be offered and it is absolutely no shame to accept.

As a side note it seems like several rather Cabal-influenced blogs popping up recently, imitating Cobra and the like but spreading disinformation and the soothing ‘new-agey’ all-is-good mentality which will be problematic for many.

Everything is good when it is obviously good on Earth and for humanity as a whole. You will inevitably see when the last battles are finally over and it will not be signs or symbolic but real and undeniable positive changes happening on the whole Earth.

So please do not be misled by the spiritual disinfo popping up because of liberation finally getting popular.


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