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Situation Report - influences of the Chimera/Cabal onto society

We are living in times in which again (as it always happens at the end of a cycle) heavy life-threatening and anti-humanistic decisions are made which affect the majority of the surface population. It is obvious that some of those recent decisions by politicians and the like are not for the best development of humanity and are rather heavily influenced by the Cabal. I will try to explain why this still works so well for the Chimera/Cabal despite the advancements of the Lightforces.

As a background you have to know that most cities are seen as ghost-towns nowadays from a perspective of higher lifeforms (even for those who are from and remained on Earth). What they mean is, that most people in those cities are solely influenced by rather dead/parasitic spirits (of course controlled by the Cabal through a heavily organized hierarchy). That means everything that enters the mind of people in those areas - ideas, thoughts, notions - is given in by these dead/parasitic spirits. It is like a filter applied to human thoughts. You might have heard about some beings nourishing on ‚loosh‘ - that is one term for describing the life-energy some of those beings take from other lifeforms including humans. The Cabal usually wants to get rid of people who live in those cities and still have a connection to real life - meaning the mind of such people is rather influenced by ‚living‘ spirits and beings rather connected to the Light or the Lightforces. Those ‚woken up’ people are a threat to the Cabal who is nourishing on the life energy of humans in those cities and areas and using it for their goals.

So if someone really wakes up in a city rather ruled by those dead spirits belonging to the Cabal, it usually gets ugly for those waking up. Sometimes they go insane which is from a point of the dark overlords a good measure to get their opponents out of the way. But there are measures the sleeping population executes on those woken up which are even more cruel.

That is why many humans went to the inner-Earth throughout history - life became impossible for them on the surface. The surface was overtaken to a high degree by the Cabal/parasitic forces since ages. And also those woken up in the past usually went underground to the ‚outposts of life‘, found inside of the Earth sooner or later. As mentioned above, in critical cases all the population of a city the dark forces can control are used against the living/woken up. It is like swarm intelligence playing out in a very evil way in those extreme cases (also read the last two articles on this blog for details). Basically all humans around the woke ups might be used against those waking up in the most extreme situations. This is also why some people say it would be a matrix - it is reality but the tricks these dark influences can play on the living can make it seem like living in a simulation. This is also why the light forces can hardly make contact up to now - humans would perceive them as threats to some degree as the Cabal would ‚command’ them to. Those waking up have to hope and trust to be protected by the Lightforces who will also try to influence those people around the woken up in a positive way. That means what the dark overlords want to establish for those waking up might be eased by the good, light-based forces to which the one waking up has connected to. But it still is intense work for the positive forces to continually get a positive field established around the one woken up and keep those Cabal-controlled people and their measures out of the way. This procedure is similar to the islands of light mentioned by Cobra and others and is seen as very difficult to establish in some cases.

The dark forces in those cities usually work on getting these positive connections to life the woke have established cut off day and night. They want to keep their prey - that’s also those that could potentially be woken up by the one who has already woken up. So it usually ends in an intense battle for and against of those who wake up carried out by unseen forces.

As a censequence the major part of the population is unable to understand what actually happens on Earth as all their thoughts are rather input of those who are seen as dead spirits and just deliver the views of the dark overlords of the Cabal. That means if one human would have an idea that could in fact change something for human life, other people will come to get that idea away very fast. The Cabal nourish on the life energy and consciousness-energy of the sleeping population and when one wakes up they immediately will do everything to get back into control - it is like an alarm call for them. They will get the most intelligent (at least in appearance) counter-ideas or any form of distraction toward the human that had the idea that would actually change something or is waking up - those distractions might even look highly positive. The dark forces want their prey to be completely unaware and sleeping about what they do with the human world.

This is also a reason why so many humans still believe the mainstream media more than their own senses at times. They hear the news and in the next moment they are fighting for what was said there as if it was about their life. All their time invested in watching TV would be ‚lost’ if it was not true what is said there and so they fight for it. The mainstream media narrative is of course compelling to believe - it is logical, rational and seems to make sense easily - and given that the dark forces are much more intelligent as the usual (esp. sleeping) human it is just common sense that they convince humans easily through the media.

Think about it that way: What would an alien species do, if they wanted to overtake Earth and nourish from the life energy on Earth? 

It is pretty much common sense that they would invade all important structures for human life - health, money (necessary to live) and even love. They would surely go for (infra-)structures that can exert power towards human life (and other lifeforms on Earth) and so on. They would most probably not come like in Independence Day or any other Hollywood movie with a big UFO hovering over a big city but in a very silent and insidious way. There are actually reliable sources of information on the internet on how for example the small grays and similar species take over planets and their opponents. Is it a coincidence that small grays are THE symbol for aliens on Earth? Just look at your emoticons... The way they invade is pretty much like what I just outlined (just more complex and with some more heavy illusions). And they certainly do not announce doing such things in the media or similar forms of information available for the main population - in fact such alien species would never expose themselves.

And it is just that such an invasion already took place long time ago (actually there were several - vermin collects on parasitically contamined planets). Let alone that those biblical scriptures that openly talk about an alien invasion were taken out of the official Bible codex (guess by whom). That those creatures besides God who battle against each other in the stories of the Bible are actually aliens is hard to see and to believe for most humans nowadays (who pretty much do not even read the Bible anymore). However those invaders are enormously smart (compared to humans) and so far they have obviously still a lot of control on the surface. And as you know the liberation of the Lightforces already takes way too long for many. That is how strong the death grip of the dark forces is on their hostages.

Influencing the minds through those dead and parasitic spirits of the dark forces around those who awaken is exactly the problem we face here. Through such mechanisms the dark forces are able to control the ideas and therefore also actions of virtually the whole population. If one wants to change the conditions for the better, suddenly all those around him/her might act to stop that person (even sometimes in seemingly very positive ways for that person).

That is also partly the reason why many of those politicians who are known and shown as the leaders of humanity decree so anti-human laws. Why would a human decree the suffering of millions? Guess whom the dark forces aim to control most among the human population - exactly those in power who can change the life of many humans (should be obvious) - who are nowadays pretty much the higher politicians. From an invasion-standpoint it is common sense that they first invade those and then decree things for the rest of the population. 

For a current example just look at the obvious bogus going on with the Covid-measures - the virus is certainly existing but the measures are, even to some not woken up, appearing at least exaggerated for a virus with a survival rate of 99% for all those under 70 years of age. But it certainly looks believable and it is of course logical, that you have to shut everything down if all of humanity is suddenly hit with a virus out of nowhere.

Many already know that the measures are not about a virus but about control. If the dark forces would have a problem with getting enough energy and therefore fear that their illusion of the ‚normal‘ life on Earth cannot be kept up anymore, what would they do? Exactly, they would try to get rid of the ‚expensive stuff‘ to continue their illusion for the broader population. What is the ‚expensive stuff‘ you might ask. You would guess so, people who are extremely restricted in movement are easier to control, the expensive stuff is (among others) those humans who have a big freedom of movement. Solved by the invaders with a - some might say obviously - fake pandemic.

So we have the politicians declaring strange things in these days exactly for that reason, the whole media world is slowly crumbling apart including politics and the official news (which never told humanity about the real and more important things going on on Earth anyway). Just look at the election in the USA for example. I am not pro or contra any party but what happened there was so obviously strange that many countries simply did not congratulate Biden - not because of political direction but because the voting manipulation was so damn obvious. I would also recommend not betting on any side in such obvious divide and conquer strategies established through the media. Trump is not really better than Biden for the real Lightforces - some are convinced the light would be with Trump, but that is not the whole truth. They do not really care for the winner of the election as there are rather those behind the politics, hiding in the shadows, who are the real threats for a light- and life-based society on Earth - namely the Cabal.

Democracy cannot really work for a surface population that is so heavily influenced by the fake (getting more obvious by the minute) mainstream media just pushing their political bias through to the population. Because of their mind being heavily tied to those Cabal influences they will then accept such programming as the truth easily. That pretty much disables true democracy as people are just programmed to support certain (cabal-)goals.

To be honest: It is going to get much more ugly even. The broad population will probably get to know what is planned by the dark forces and it might create more fear. For a long time they wanted to reduce the surface population. They just had to wait for their invasion to take over some vital structures for such a planned disaster to play out. Some factions (Chimera, Satanists etc. ) want to reduce the surface population by 90% and establish absolute control and slavery towards the remaining humans. 

It will definately not happen that way but let’s be honest again, the Lightforces might not be able to stop all of this (you also have seen that graspable positive changes were few so far on the surface). We are on a positive timeline, yet humanity was not able to mass meditate everything away - see Corona. So even some positive forces will tell you that after the Event (and maybe even before) many humans will actually not be continuing as humans.

The reason is: As told above most humans are controlled by parasitic spirits to some degree. This problem cannot be easily healed for all of humanity. Think of it like this, their body has a percentage of parasitic parts in it. To make them continue as humans (who would actually be completely alive), these body- and structural parts would need to be replaced to a high degree by the Lightforces with light-based parts. This kind of healing is enormously energy intensive and therefore some humans can and will not get that mercy. Think of someone having to rebuild your extremely complex body which actually has grown that way - you cannot easily replace something that has grown with newly constructed parts. Some can but even for the more evolved Lightforces it is like raising a little child to help one human in that way. So constructing bodies is certainly a skill that few people who came to clean up Earth have.

One might say but the Event will swipe everything negative away. The problem might be that even if just a few parasitic beings survive (also in inner Earth), they will then continue to take over humans again, exactly through the same mechanisms/entries in their bodies and minds. That is IF they survive. The other reason is, in case really all evil is gone from the whole solar system and more including inner Earth, the parasitic parts of the bodies of humans will force the good parts out at the time of the Event. Also rendering them as different lifeforms from then on.

And it results in the same problem: the humans to get through the Event in one piece have to be healed by replacing the parasitic parts in their bodies (this is what some refer to as having the lightbody established).

These problems of the bodies (actually many layers of the body the surface population does not even know about) are the result of many changes to the human DNA delivered by several alien species to gain more control on Earth.

How many humans will survive as actual humans is still unclear as a lot of free will on all layers is involved but it might be even less than 10% in the worst case (the awakened percentage is pretty small anyway). However even if they are not keeping their bodies and might become smaller lifeforms, life will be much better for most humans after the Event than it is now - so there is not much to worry in the end for those who are really supporting the Lightforces.

We will see how much the Lightforces can do in the end - many, many very positive species came to raise the victims of Earth’s long involvement in the war which raged throughout the whole galaxy. So there might be some positive surprises once we are out of the worst. But that might take some more years for the majority of the population.

What many people do not know yet and what was just slightly indicated by Cobra and similar people is that this is not just a usual end of the cycle (Pisces to Aquarius). Many people, including the Cabal, want to leave people in the shadows that this is actually the end of a much bigger cycle - remember that the primary anomaly is waning throughout the whole universe. 

Why the Cabal wants to keep people down to the knowledge of this just being Pisces to Aquarius is that their minions work better that way. If they are kept believing that it will be like ‚every time‘ switching the ages, they will rather stay on the side of the Cabal (because they basically always ‚won‘ on previous ends of cycles on the Earth).

But if some people would get to know that we are long involved in much bigger cycles ending and bringing new beginnings (not just on Earth) and that we are therefore long in the absolute (examination and judgement), many parts of the Cabal would probably do everything to change sides to the Lightforces. 

Some might be informed through places like this but many still won’t believe even then - pretty much due to the things I outlined in this post, being the Cabal/parasitic hierarchy still influencing their minds too much to see the liberation happening clearly enough (and I do not just mean humans here obviously, because many parts of the Cabal were the same beings, and were surviving the previous cycles already).

Enjoy the show.


  1. I have no foundation to understand this but its very interesting to read. It explains why much energy has been wasted trying to better our lot.

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