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Special chimera removal on May 9th

A new short post due to the importance of the removal:
The energy amount for the relatively safe removal of the first female, human traitor was finally reached on May 9th. The whole cabal chain-letter collapsed for a short time immediately after her departure, followed by cheering on all ships and in the positive spiritual factions of Earth.

She was the one who basically received the biggest part of the energy-income of the chimera, which was drained from many suffering humans (and other lifeforms) on Earth. She was therefore one of the core problems which caused much of the suffering for humanity since she sold her soul to the chimera early in the colonisation (similar to the story in the Bible). She had a contract with the chimera which basically converted the suffering of humanity into joy for her. She was to this very day one of those humans who had the most fun on the whole planet constantly.

The Lightforces were busy stabilizing for days as were many ascendants everywhere. If you had especially physiological, body related problems in the last days including sleepiness, more of your usual problems or even new problems, that is pretty much the reason. Remember that you are the ones who keep the victims stable throughout many unseen realms as well as on the physical - however, the workload was and still is immense for all who are involved in liberation.

Also the chimera tried to fake an effect that happens upon the removal of big souls. If a big soul is killed, the whole world gets a bit darker immediately. As the first female traitor was the mother for the chimera, they tried to emulate the effect of all of Earth darkening. The trick resembled approximately what happened during the first big cataclysm on Earth which many people know as 'fall of Atlantis' (details might be laid open in an upcoming update). Many people fell for the big trick, which should convince more people to join the chimera - stating that the removal of the first female traitor was a big mistake, executed by the Lightforces. But the whole effect was just a fake the chimera meticulously planned since a while. Shortly after a few big participants of the Liberation were questioning the authenticity of the phenomenon, the Lightforces laid open several inconsistencies which differentiated the fake effect from a real one. Nevertheless many people in many realms and grids fell for the trick and believe that the first female, human traitor was a big soul - while she actually was rather the opposite. These people who fell for the trick now question the Lightforces and Liberation because of that. These people cannot really easily be informed that it was a fake, they believe what they perceive as significant energy dynamics, although they were faked in this case. So the trick was generally a win for the chimera and is hard to clear up for the Lightforces at the time being.

Another note, her removal does not mean that all evil expressions of femininity on Earth are gone. Firstoff there are still other chimera-females, secondly the chimera keeps part of the first female traitor active by replicating her image and generally keeping her active via AI. So, while this is a big relief throughout all of Liberation, it does not remove all problems related to femininity of course.


  1. I've had 2 terrible nights with trying to sleep but maybe this is why

  2. Now I know the reason why I couldn't sleap even since one weak anymore . From Tuesday on Wednesday it was not possible to me to sleep at all but tonight there ware suddenly no problems with getting sleep . In These days there ware severe attacks basically everywhere in Internet , in real life and the most cringe part of this story was that I have not yet been exposed to such strange and unique attacks they ware entirely different this time so that it left me speechless . It was a kind of Chain reaction of negative circumstances never experienced before at least not to this extend it was like in a nightmare . Is that possible that i ( my soul ) was participating on those clearing Operations of the light forces in some way without to be aware of this ? Couldn't be this the reason of these heavy attacks and sleepless nights ??? I was steady on tension i was like plugged in into some wire full of strong energy Field or whatever that was and yeah there ware also some spiders here . Some of them i have captured and brought them away of my home but not all of them because one could escaping and two others i have to killed for some reason . Because usually when I manage to catch them I release them later on the street and i when they go away i let them alive but if any of them wants to return i will neutralize the threat once and for all . mostly they choose to live but Some of them are quite stubborn and want even to bite me . The question ist what should be dun to the the spiders in your opinion ? What will be more appropriate ? realesing or neutralizing ???

    1. @Julie
      You see attacks where there are none, because it's as if you reject your masculine side, you who asked me if I wasn't a bit too feminine, but I can totally understand why you hate your earthly name literally it means "man, virile and courageous".

    2. @Libra J.M Aquila . It would be better not to provoke the Arachnids ( they are not only spiders also ticks but nobody talks about it because nobody should know this ) because they will retaliate in some form . If you sending negative thoughts to them you will establish a connection to them so you walk into their trap on your own . They iwill instagate some obstacles on your path and waiting on your reaction . They want your emotions this is it . The more hate you giving to them the more power over you they will have . This is how it works . I was recently even bitten by a dog on the road after that they have trying to instagate enother conflict on the road but this time someone with a dog was a threat not the dog himself . I know their tactics already many of them . They trying the same over and over again changing only one or two things . If you know their Modus operandi you can be better prepared but from time to time they will trying with something entirely new like that was in my case . But i will not describe what happened because these are also strong emotions and they will generate more of those attacks based on this what caused this emotional river so be better prepared . If they can not attacking you directly they will taking someone of your circle ( your loving once) on the target . Don't be surprised if you or your family will crossing the way with some tick or even many of them in the near future . I was once in contact with those species . I know them as Acari . The spiders do whisper but sometimes they changing the tone to more rough like a witch or so and those spiders whom everyone is talking about are like was said to me another tool of the the ticks they are like drones of them but the mind of the operation are the ticks and you will never see them because their nature is to hide behind another and another and another mask so that nobody can attacking them directly . These creatures using other species as tools like their eyes or ears also hands or brain cells . They want the emotions from humans because those arachnids are absolutely emotionless and this is how they experience the reality they absorbing the emotions of the whole universe . It is like with a vampire once Thay bite you they will know everything what you know and you will be a next puppet to them . Thay Sending often spiders in situations where I'm under tension so that i should neutralizing them instead of letting them outside . Once that happens if i feel a satisfaction by killing the bug it will be more easily to creating new troubles in my life because energywise if you doing this with pleasure you will becoming once with their network it is a kind of invitation to the web a trap that's why I bring the spiders away if i catch them . Retaliation is demonic but to show mercy is Divine . That's why they talking to me because my behavior is unusual to them . Also because I'm something different a former dark entity on the path to enlightenment . They learning from me using my emotions to integrate new perspective to their mindset but they causing to many problems i don't want to be part of the dark empire anymore . They will never change because nobody believes that they could changing and this information is currently the main thought of this collective this is the problem . So to some extend humanity programing them to remain how they are and i don't see any solution to this problem . Thay are like shadows with very disturbing cold energy's unpleasant beings with no empathy at all not even a little bit . The only thing what maybe could be dun is to destroying their body's and saving their souls putting into a new body more of light and maybe sticking them into some matrix a life simulator so that Thay have a chance to change their behavior . New environment could eventually change them for better ... one day but they must lost everything Thay have to start a new journey from nothingness it could be the only way .

  3. Wow you just described my discomfort in detail it was total darkness, I was reassured and participated in the meditation, and the following.
    Thank you so much beautiful soul 🤗this is a bright good news ✨, no matter how busy, or tired you are.
    One's freedom is more important.🆓
    I manage to maintain some balance with meditations and grounding in nature although right now the weather is very rainy
    Your updates are important because they allow us to understand and thus evolve.🤗

  4. I just remembered, 2-3 nights ago I found myself tied hands behind my back to a chair.

    This lucid dream was strange, I had the sensation that someone was trying to inject me with something but didn't, then a man came and called me by my galactic name and freed me, that's all I saw.
    At the same time I had asked my higher self for something and I think we got caught , this is not the first time I have been in difficult situations , I have protectors and I know for safety I can't go by myself where I want but mine knows how to escape the surveillance of her angels 😜 , I will be wiser now because I must have run up the energy bill ⚡ , chasing me around .
    Especially at this time it was not a good idea.
    But I learned my lesson.
    I know the dark ones can create physical problems by acting on the non-physical body, bad experiences 😒 but can they kill a physical body by faking the death of the soul although it is immortal?

  5. Definitely - extraordinary tiredness, weakness, and shakiness on the 10th and 11th. Possible hypoglycemia. Full recovery today on the 12th.

  6. Strong tiredness began in the afternoon of the 9th as well.

  7. Thank you for the Update dear Sebastian!

    Thank you for doing that all for free and as service to others. That is very kind and helpful from you.

    Victory of the Light!

  8. This update sure shows how complicated this war is and how clever the dark forces are. It is unfortunate that people have been tricked and can’t discern what truly happened. This seems to be the theme on Earth. I am grateful that the light forces are liberating this planet and continue to trust this plan. I really appreciate the work you and Cobra are doing because if I did’t have this knowledge I think I would be going bonkers. VOTL 😘

  9. Hi everybody.

    I have a question for all of you.

    I read from Cobra2012 that the Mobile Phone is a Mind Programming. And that this programming works on quite a lot of levels. As far as I understand it also has influence on our chakras and the suppression of the Kundalini energy and the etheric energy and various more energy fields.

    For a long time I have been thinking about how I can get rid of this mobile phone and still be in contact with the world? Because thanks to the mobile phone I can connect to the Internet and connect to other starseeds around the world and be informed about the latest mass meditations.

    I don't want to be manipulated anymore by this mind control program that aims to keep me trapped in this matrix. I want to contribute by getting rid of this mobile phone. But how do I do that? Because I also want not have contact to humans around the world and for that I need access to this technology.

    1. I got this same thought while ago, answer like everything else is simple. You only use phone when you need to, first in your mind create goal for which you would like to use your device, when goal is established, whenever you get urge to use your device think of your goal, is what you are about to do contributing to your goal or going against it? Or when you endup realizing you are using your device, think of your goal, if it serves no good purpose for your goal, you shouldn't be using it, train your mind recognize exactly that and you will succeed.

  10. I was reading the update of Cobra2012. And that all the toplets bombs and all black holes and all tunnels-of-Seth are away is a very huge success! Yeah !! :-)))

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. How many "big soul" human traitors are there? (ball park)

  13. Thanks for the update.
    The post in French / L'article en français :
    Victory of the Light! / Victoire de la Lumière !

  14. Hello Sebastian!

    Thanks for this update. You answered why the extreme physical tiredness and stupor, strong drowsiness. Another victory for all of us!

    May the angelic hierarchy of light bless you brother!

    Victory of Light! ✨🕊✨

  15. Hi sebastian just curious to hear your thoughts or opinions on the latest post from cobra as it seems quite encouraging.

  16. Hello Sebastien ,
    I don't know if you will be able to answer but I have permanent interference or cuts in my meditations on my phone. I know very well where it comes from even if I cut the internet connection;
    Do you think that using an MP3 type device could avoid this kind of interference or they are able to control all the terrestrial devices.
    Nice end of day to you.

  17. Hi Seb how you doing ok, if something I suggested happens it will be so cool Iam pretty sure you will know what Iam talking about if it does👍.ok take care everyone victory of the light ✨...

  18. Sebastien if you have any news about the ascendant I would be happy to hear it, I hope he will be able to come back, is the principle of the chimera father still at large?
    In general I resonate enough with the Cobra updates but the last one does not speak to me, I do not understand why humans would be scared during the evacuation which is supposed to happen After the event (disclosure, awakening ...) ? And now we separate the children from the mothers, and they are not a priority, I have a little trouble with that too.
    Animals are totally absent in this article.
    As for the threats on "Do not increase your vibrations too much" we have not stopped being told that increasing our vibrations makes it possible to protect us from attacks, I will not give in to this psychosis of fear I am working hard to arrive to do a decent job and I managed to find a certain balance and I intend to continue.
    Moreover Cobra is not careful anyone can easily guess its geographical position.

    1. Yes, I agree with you completely, Libra.
      We can't say that humor is really part of my life, it's rather rare, but the energy of the Goddess has brought me a lot.
      And I'm not going to stop now that I have found a certain balance.
      Last night I was in a battle with lizards who wanted to stop me from doing I don't really know what😁 , I was with someone else , the lizards took it hard 😜

  19. New rule in France.
    With the vaccine extension, children between 0 and 2 years will be protected against 11 diseases with serious consequences. Vaccination against 11 diseases is mandatory for children under two years of age born on or after January 1, 2018.
    11 vaccines!!!
    So it's very likely after birth, I had heard that when children cry it's because they are implanted .
    When I was a teenager, I had a lot of nosebleeds and I thought that it could be due to implants. It's strange that I had put this in my head, it must be said that there were many science fiction series at the time, especially XFiles.
    Maybe a special EMP could fry them but these implants were probably connected to the vital organs and equipped with a mechanism that could kill our Avatar.

  20. She sold out her conference tickets in France as fast as lightning.

    Many people follow her and she has surrounded herself with convincing people.
    Even if we have to keep a margin of discernment concerning this information, it will greatly help the awakening in my country.

    1. Dear Maia

      I have been watching Elena's videos for 1 year and also bought and read her First Book. In the beginning I was quite impressed by her channelings. But the channelings of her are not compatible with the information of Cobra2012.

      I have many things to say about Elena. The most important is that Elena in a channeling denied the existence of Cintamani stones. This is diametrically opposed from the informations of Cobra2012. The Cintamani stones are according to Cobra2012 an important part of the planetary liberation.

      Why doesn't Elena talk about Cobra2012? Why doesn't Cobra2012 talk about Elena? Each of them talks about being the only contact person of the whole planet. 2 people who are supposed to be the only planetary contact? That's one too many.

      There are many other points which Elena does not come across as light. She finds e.g. brain implants not so bad. She has a brain implant herself and also her channeling contact. Her Contact who uses his implant to control the spaceship and he has a chip in his arm to make micro payments. (Digital Currency). She downplay it. It's all just a little chip. Only a little bit digital currency. It's just that every spaceship pilot has a chip in his head. Not so bad, so she says. ;-)

      Have we ever read from Cobra2012 that brain chips is totally fine? Didn't we read at the latest Cobra post that exactly these physical implants are a huge problem?

      May I ask Sebastian to comment on Elena if necessary? Because I see regulary links of Elena in the comments every now and then. And I wish that people decide now if you are pro Cobra2012 or pro Elena. Because follow both together is not consistent and contradicts itself.

      I would recommend to decide. Do you want to follow the truth of Cobra2012 or Elena who denies the existence of Cintamami stones.

  21. I learned recently I got family orbiting in a ship so that's reassuring if/when things get chaotic and even upon death I can return home.

  22. @Lighfulvictory
    I know about the cintamanis, I suffered insane attacks when I wore mine, now it's better.
    Don't worry, I see in Elena, even if she's a human who's probably been manipulated, an opportunity to awaken the population in France to positive states and space programs. Since the 90s, when the French believed in all that with programs that were regularly shown on TV, there's been an almost total shutdown of these beliefs since 1996.
    You know, today I feel more in tune with Sébastien's information, simply because he communicates more with us.
    I know Cobra has been through some horrors, but communication is important.
    and not just in these conferences.
    When he says that information on evacuation is the most reliable, I'd like him to explain to mothers why they have to be separated from their children, it seems to me that as a father he should understand.
    Sometimes I get the impression that he's living in a different reality from us - that's how I feel.
    I work with my higher self and she guides me well sometimes she sends me words I don't know and when I look up or learn the meaning it makes sense ☺️.

    @Libra 2033 you'll still be young me not so much 😁.

    1. Dear Maia

      Thank you for your reply!

      Many galactical greetings. I recommend everybody to already start practising your dance mooves for the First Contact Party. :-)

  23. Oh no, I didn't mean it that way, but my
    I know that my human body is going to make me suffer more and more. It's a gift from the dark ones unless the event or the evacuation is in the near future.


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