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Situation Update December 2022

Several big news in this update, followed by general ascension insights again. Despite the great progress, we are still below the threshold for the chimera-induced illusion to fall on the surface of Earth. Therefore there are still no visible changes for the surface population and this will probably continue to be that way until approximately summer 2024 (in case the Event does not happen earlier) - more details later.

After cruel attacks on key persons during Christmas, for the first time the Lightforces have achieved a stability on the surface which allows to go into hard offence towards the cabal. That means many high cabal-members can now finally be punished instantly. A punishment that happens in a broad fashion and does not have to happen selectively. This also includes harder, instant punishments in the grids/hell worlds/multidimensional rooms which the cabal created for their victims as well as for their followers. There are still several thousands of these rooms/grid-worlds serving as an energy income and source for primary anomaly.

The highest chimera members are therefore by now hunted by the Lightforces. Each time they leave their own higher dimensional 'rooms' which they use to retreat and can be spotted in the real world, they are being captured to a degree. Each time such a detected part of them is being fixated, the Lightforces are freeing some of the hostages, which chimera members use as their main (personal) energy income (an energy sometimes called loosh). These hostages are then immediately brought to safe ground, the ships or to several high Starseeds on the surface who prepared special spaces for the hostages on Earth to heal. The highest members of the chimera are 'flattened out' that way, among them the first parasite and the first parasitic female, their main core for the corruption of femininity on Earth. Both of these retreat into their own higher dimensional rooms when they escape. It is the first chimera parasite that arrived on Earth who constructs such higher dimensional rooms. That parasite is also the main factor in keeping the illusion on the surface stable for the cabal. If something would be revealed that exposes the chimera or instantiates real change on the surface, it is this chimera member, who fixes the 'problem' immediately. This being is known in some circles as "the bastard" but few know the true proportions this chimera-monster has. It is being hailed as a god for the traitors and the cabal. It is even older than "the Lurker" and was once the biggest soul of one of the soul-monads (soul-trees). It experimented heavily with the primary anomaly and left the monad upon his fall. While what is left of it is rather a small parasitic being which operates in the leftover shell of that ancient soul, "the bastard" still has a lot of access to higher soul-technology it once legitimately had available. When "the bastard" itself lost the connection to Source and his own soul energy in these experiments, it became heavily parasitic. It became a junkie to soul energy of other, still intact lifeforms, trying to fill up its insatiable soul-shell with stolen energy since several cosmic cycles by consuming its victims violently. At this rate, this main parasite will be neutralised approximately in summer 2024 at the latest (in case the Event does not happen earlier) as said above. Among the hostages were already some very early ancestors of the human race which were captured by the chimera early on and are several hundred million years of age. Other hostages of this monster are of cosmic origins and some are ancient souls themselves. These special hostages are getting the best and fastest (and most expensive - energetically speaking) healing available yet and will soon be ready to join the ascendants if they choose so, once the first true golden age starts.

During the same captures upon descent of the bigger chimera monsters, the second female human traitor who joined the chimera long ago could be captured in a way that allowed complete isolation. This female traitor was pretty much the first repetition of the symbolic story of Adam and Eve in the Bible. Throughout the ages, the story repeated again and again but the most powerful traitors remain the first humans who joined the parasites. After the second female traitor could be completely isolated, all her hostages were freed and she was transported into a special container. These containers are currently the highest available judgement set up by the Lightforces. The highest chimera members will go through every victim they caused in a first hand experience. They will themselves experience everything evil they are responsible for. In some cases they will be neutralised in the Central Sun after this confrontation with their own negativity.

Another big progress is the cleaning of the long-time established spiritual hierarchies of the Earth. Throughout human history several humans were accepted by God besides Jesus. However some of them went into corruption and joined the chimera completely unseen. These too, were guarded by the core parasite of the chimera, so every corruption was veiled successfully from the highest established spiritual authorities of the Earth to this very day. That core parasite of the chimera holds the illusion active individually (like in these cases) as well as globally for the whole Earth. Some of those corrupt 'children of God' were already transported to the Central Sun while the smaller ones were cut off all support by these bigger spiritual forces immediately. These children were enormously vile when unseen and one of them even infected the Goddess who was assisting in one of these removals. An infection that was immediately pumped with as much primary anomaly the chimera could get through to her via such an 'infection-portal'. It is mainly the grids the chimera then instantly rewires to pump as much anomaly through such an opening, if they get to infect someone who is important to liberation. The Goddess recovered within a few hours. That is approximately the same mechanism the chimera uses to affect key-Starseeds and -persons on the surface. The difference is that the Starseeds have much better resistance, being exposed and adapting to these effects since decades - so it is more dangerous to the Lightforces working from the outside at this time.

Another result of these proceedings is that many of the higher handymen of the chimera are realising that the last stronghold of the chimera on Earth cannot be held. Among them are 'the Lurker' and the interdimensional ET known as the 'devil' for many. This second hierarchy layer of the chimera is therefore crumbling in its efficiency.
The interdimensional ETs were for example very important to harvest souls off the soul-monads for the chimera. Some ascendants might have already reached a level in which they got perceptions of the monads and other souls. Basically these monads are a higher dimensional representation of the universe in which all living beings are arranged as souls growing on these sort of trees (the soul-monads). This so-called 'devil' was once a soul who grew on a monad himself but since its fall into darkness, it cuts off other souls and collects them as hostages for the energy income of the chimera. This kind of energy-income is of course highly violating the main principles of the universe itself which are based on fulfilment of all living beings/souls. The souls the 'devil' collects are then cut off Source this way and while some bigger ones remain pretty stable after being cut off, many of the smaller ones joined the chimera due to heavy torture happening right on the soul-level from the harvest onwards. These are part of the hostages the Lightforces free from the grip of the chimera daily. 
An interesting side note is that the Matrix movie depicted things exactly the other way round, artificial trees of 'souls' where being 'cut off' is actually correspondent to being freed. That is one example for movies being used as preparation to collect more hostages. Some of such movies are programming people to accept or even yearn to become hostages due to wrong assumptions about the spiritual world which are being broadly promoted. The creators of such movies are of course not realising the extend of ideas coming from the cabal and are completely unaware of what they do in most cases - they are just thinking up 'genius' ideas. The inversion in this movie is also a good example of how complex, intelligent and evil the programming of the cabal really is and how far the inversion reaches.

EDIT #1: the aforementioned highest alien of the second layer of the chimera hierarchy (interdimensional ETs) was deadly wounded shortly after this post was published. It is right now being prepared for neutralisation in the Central Sun. The effects of this important removal will probably still not break the threshold for visible changes on the surface but it is a huge step forward. It will have numerous positive consequences for liberation of the Earth.

Due to ongoing sabotage of all people on the surface involved in liberation a general decree was issued against the powerful, popular and wealthy humans. These people were marked as highly suspect of cooperating with the chimera and cabal whether they know or not. Many humans cooperate on subconscious levels and consciously just live a quite good life - however they will ignore the Liberation and the Goddess as long as they can and if forced to a side, they will eventually stand up for the cabal. Due to this decree, but still depending on each individual case of course, such cases may be leaving Earth to judgement planets, etc. pretty fast. The aforementioned sabotage is also one of the reasons (despite the toplet-bombs and more) why the Event could not happen yet. Several key-Starseeds would have had to travel, etc. to prepare Earth in special ways (anchoring the Light), which could not happen due to the cabal blocking all potential ways to achieve such a freedom of movement. There are only a handful of Starseeds on the surface who are even able to anchor the Light in these special and much needed ways.
Such preparations would have made the Event much more stable and therefore much more probable.

Meanwhile the first 'islands of Light' mentioned on the Portal-blog are populated with the highest spiritual forces of the planet and of the Lightforces. The highest dragons of the Earth are by now guarding the cores of such islands who are usually very high ascendants and/or key-Starseeds. These islands serve as both, fortress for the positive people and as traps for the remaining vermin of the chimera which almost constantly attacks. The established fortresses reach far and wide on the surface and also down into the inner Earth below the corresponding cities. By now, most of the preparations happen in the non-physical realms and the inner Earth and the surroundings are superficially left working as before. Also, as mentioned above, these islands serve as retreats and healing ground for those hostages who chose to re-enter the Earth as soon as possible. The islands can be seen as the seeds for the New Atlantis, which will emerge physically as soon as the main threats are gone. The first emissaries of the Goddess are also already being successfully sent into the more stable regions of these islands to help the key-Starseeds (up to now only in the non-physical). The more stable these fortresses get, the more people from the inner Earth and from space will be allowed to appear there. First this will happen via walk-ins, later the real people will show up in designated areas in their own bodies - in that way the remaining innocent surface population will not be disturbed. Thousands of ancient people and hostages are by now being trained and educated about the current age for their re-entry onto the surface of the Earth. The islands will serve as a safe start for all such re-entries.

EDIT #2: As someone in the comments mentioned the need for info on implant removal:
The first ascendant was already freed of the solar plexus demonic entity/parasite, which is the main parasite usually in control of your life as it is right on the energy core of your body. This is kind of a precedence case. Before the Lightforces came to Earth, humans could only be freed of this parasite by the cabal upon contracts or by the first human colonists of the Earth. The colonists could take years until they were able to remove that special and most important implant. The influence this implant exerts is related to the size and aggression of the parasite which usually is higher for the ascendants. Luckily this time, the emissaries of the Goddess mentioned above could already remove that implant in the first case. This is a huge step forward in implant removal as the colonists would have needed several more months before being able to reach out. And actually the colonists care approximately for one ascendant at a time which would make waiting times even worse. This implant was actually a big reason for many spiritually inclined people to join the cabal in the end, because they knew it would kill them otherwise. This first successful removal is paving the way for the remaining ascendants to be freed. However this was done in an emerging island of Light which has quite a well established connection to the Lightforces and is not possible everywhere yet. 
As the parasite is located closely to your stomach, problems with it results in heavy puking and extreme, stomach-related problems which can result in death if it is not properly removed. The kind of parasite will react with such problems if it notices being removed. The Lightforces are now able to remove it without it being triggered though. 
The upside with the removal of the solar plexus implant is that you could activate your Merkaba lightbody shortly afterwards which enables you for great things like travelling in light spheres and more. However, as there are several other cabal related problems with using such powers, these abilities will be delayed nevertheless till some threats related to the chimera have left the Earth (they would still hunt and kill you otherwise). Also, even the bodies of the highest ascendants are still surrounded with a black cloud of a lot of parasites and additionally there are still smaller parasites inside of the bodies which are hard to remove as well. So for such abilities to finally work, a major part of those smaller parasites would have to be removed which still takes time. But the first successful removal of the solar plexus parasite is a huge step forward either way.

General ascension insights

  1. The archon grid is something that is present on the whole surface. The grid ratio sometimes mentioned on the Portal-blog is highly connected. You can imagine this grid to be invisible knots of negative energy in which each of these knots is an archon. Usually it is a few metres between each of these knots. There are bigger and more powerful archons representing bigger energy knots in that grid. The grid is tightened around key-persons on the surface which makes negative coincidences and scenarios more probable. Due to rising negativity on the tightening of this net, humans can get highly problematic psychological problems, manipulated thoughts and perceptions and are more prone to be overtaken or even to be captured. Some ascendants might have reached a level in which they are able to remove archons. Problem with that is that they immediately register such a removal which usually leads to even more archons coming to attack. Removing archons therefore might give away your position. While people on the surface think their position is obvious, several positive spiritual forces guard you full-time, making you hard to find for the chimera. Removing archons might therefore become hard work for the spiritual helpers around you including the Goddess herself to keep your 'bubble of heaven' intact.

  2. The whole cabal-system on the Earth is centered around soul-energy. Although the un-initiated do not know, everything you want to experience or buy is paid via your soul energy. While 'selling your soul' is a conscious decision, joining forces with the cabal, you nevertheless pay with your soul energy all the time. The problem is, everything they give you for this energy is overpriced and you lose in the end anyway. This is especially obvious as the normal human accepts death as the end, which is when the cabal takes it all (at least a lot of this energy at once). Basically if you are not living exactly the life you want, it is the cabal taking too much of your soul-energy from you - the innocents and ascendants actually should live in absolute abundance by galactic and cosmic laws and that means you would usually get everything you want. Everything else happening is the cabal-system in effect.

  3. Regarding artificial intelligence and robotic bodies (from a question in the last post). From a higher perspective many aliens would see even human bodies as cyborg or robotic. They are organic but too stiff in general and not really reactive to the soul which resides in the body if it is ensouled. Until you reach a certain level in your ascension, your body is even partly working against you or the soul.
    What Cobra meant with ‚ascension is possible in such bodies‘ is that souls can easily take their place in a robotic body - even more robotic than human bodies meaning created of metal or similar material.
    If there exists an applicable interface for the soul in those bodies, then the soul could easily take control and use such a body.
    Same for AI. Generally AI can be working for or against life. The chimera AI on Earth is heavily hostile to life, while our positive friends from the Galactic Confederation have AI which is highly positive for all life in general. The AI of the chimera is at about 30% intelligence compared to the AI of the Lightforces, it is just the complex hostage situation making things difficult.
    So yes, as souls can take their place in robotic bodies, if they choose so and the AI involved is life-friendly enough, they can actually ascend in a more or less robotic body.
    Also how robotic a body is, is rather a percentual value and as said even human bodies are more or less robotic from a higher perspective. For example you could see an octopus body being much less robotic/stiff than a human body.
Have a good start into the new year, victory of the Light!


  1. It's still possible to do Lightwork even with severe psychological issues. It makes it more difficult, but can still be done. This is what I'm discovering. Thank you for the update!

  2. What about the implants?.....any word on the implant removal???

    1. Added a second edit which shortly summarises the progess regarding implant removal.

  3. Hello, dear Sebastian. Thank you for the info as it is said it resonates with me. Could I ask you a simple human question and your simple human opinion by understanding that with such complexity anything can happen and it is just a point of view only now: could it he that Event or simply saying visible changes on the surface will not take place let say until 2027 or even 2030? By your understanding and what you contemplate before going to sleep about the situation. There was said that the source that maximum two years, and for example nothing happens, so what would that mean, that even the creator does not know anything or maybe there has been a comnection not with a real creator but with some kind of other entity? I would kindly ask you so much to share your inner sincere insights on that because we need to know, since something you lose hope totally and start thinking that in this life we will not experience liberation of our planet. Big love and thanks!

    1. I will soon publish a post exclusively dealing with the reasons of why the Event could not happen yet.

    2. Thank you very much! And I am sure that will be a good guidance for many people. There is no need of hope or things like this, but a clear observation of might happen or might not. For me the most important thing is, as O have asked previously, if there is a chance of not any visible changes here intil 2027, 2028, 2035 and so on, since people must know some possible scenarios, because I even stopped waiting because I have lost it all by spreading this information for years and I always get 'soon,soon,soon,soon'. Soon my life will be over, so I would like to know if we gonna witness the liberation or if there is still a chance for this hell to continue for years and years. Q the storm rider who in my eyes is very good info provider on the surface of the planet, said that the military operation will be over 2025 january the 20th and what he was talking over the years at least on the surface, so sooner or later that always used to be a truth.

  4. Hello Sebastian, I have a question which answer maybe obvious, because nobody is asking it, but anyway I´ll ask it: is the last pit the one below Wewelsburg castle, or as Cobra said in his last update, the one below Washington DC? Maybe both are compatible, but I can´t see how (if there´s just one remaining). Thank you

    1. As I wrote in the original post:
      „Cobra might not agree about the location being the last pit as it is bigger than usual pits but however it is a large subterrarean base of the cabal, containing a huge colony. The chimera will try to hold it till the very end due to various occult reasons, having to do with the history of their invasion.“

      As Cobra has said the last pit is under Washington DC, the network below Wewelsburg seemingly counts as a larger base or as part of a larger subterrarean network.

      Relevance should be obvious though as leading contemporary occultists proclaim it as ‚the occult centre of the world‘.

  5. Thanks for the update.
    The post in french / L'article en français :
    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  6. Best wishes to you Sebastien, thanks for this nice update.☺️🌹🕊️

  7. Deutsche Übersetzung hier:

    Thank you Sebastian, always very informative and helps to understand the bigger picture :)

  8. I ❤️ your blog! So informative, educational and truthful. 😊 Thank you! Happy New Year!

  9. In the dreamstate I may have seen a record of what "the bastard" was doing. Quite a nasty being indeed.

  10. Sebastian, would you please address the narratives coming from Corey Goode and Michael Sala on the subject of negative extraterrestrials impersonating the Pleiadians in order to capture and enslave them:

    Michael Sala has recently put out a video in which he warns of a false evacuation of Earth prior to a staged catastrophe. Sala warns that the Deep State will fake a planetary catastrophe and send in space ships to "rescue" people when in fact they are being captured and enslaved.

    The scenario Sala's asserts, is virtually an exact copy of Cobra's description of the rescue of humanity just prior to the catastrophic earth changes, but he flips everything. Those who go on the ships are captured and those who remain on earth are saved by benevolent ETs. The link below is the excerpt starting at 5 min.

    Further, Cory Goode asserts a similar scenario in which the Galactic Federation are negative et's pretending to be benevolent rescuers will use a technology to make Starseeds feel blissful in their presence in order to make people trust the ETs and voluntarily get on their ships, again to be taken away as captives.
    start at 20:10

    Can you please address this information. It is very confusing.

    1. @William
      Anchoring the Light and not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by this kind of information that only serves to feed the remaining darkness of the fear it triggers and connecting as much as possible to your higher self is the most important thing right now.
      You know part of me was not for these torture cages, I didn't see the point of punishing these lost souls and then I witnessed the possession of the Goddess, even though she is a great soul and is used to this kind of thing, I can tell you it was quite a fight she was told to fight.
      I hate to do the cleaning but I have no choice but to get it over with.
      After this event I saw the punishment as in the movie Ghost Rider where the perpetrators feel all the pain they inflicted on their victim and I see it as a divine lesson and less as a punishment.

    2. William, I guess you didn't get the latest on Corey Goode. He admits that his material is a work of fiction:

      Corey Goode deposition, session 3 panel and commentary.

      That fact that people still take Corey Goode seriously, is sad. He's a fraud.

      Looks like Michael Salla is really into Q (insert facepalm).

  11. @ Starlight and Steph
    Thank you both! I tend to hold all info both positive and neg in a neutral field where I don't believe or disbelieve anything, at least until I can get substantial definitive evidence. Since everything is suspect everything "promised" rings empty or false. Sadly we are robbed of the hope of all the "benevolent good guys are winning" stuff, despite all the tremendous things that are happening in the world, there is still no way to tie it all to a singular narrative, the Truth behind what's really going can never be pinned down. Left hoping, feeling, praying the story is as our beloved guides say is true... yet never getting confirmation.

    Sala and Goode both seem to be taking specific aim at Cobra's narrative that the Galactic Federation/Pleiadians are planing a planet wide evacuation at the time of the anticipated polar shift/ planet wide extinction event/ tsunami. They describe the "rescue" the same as Cobra but posit that this is really a diabolical bait and switch designed to capture/enslave, not rescue/liberate humanity. Seems like a very specific attack on their part, and has me wanting further confirmation from Sebastian, FM144, and Cobra (if he would ever respond).

    And yeah I heard Corey admitted that his stuff was all fiction, but I'm sure he's giving the wink to his followers that he had to say that for legal reasons, or some other nonsense to keep them on the hook. All these sources slide around in perpetual gray areas, promise great things that never come to pass, and leave us bedraggled lightworkers exhausted, confused and disappointed.

    1. Yeah, I'm finding these days that it's best to keep matters simple, returning to the foundations.

  12. The LS should consider now to strike Davos so that the NWO plans will be over because most of the Vermin's and chaos makers whom are gathering there in these days will be suddenly gone 🤗

  13. How I cleared huge amounts of darkness

    I have received the green light from the Prime Creator to reveal to you how I was able to remove huge amounts of darkness. The text will be big, but those who want to understand hidden aspects of the planetary liberation should feel guided to read.

    The arachnid chimera group are the very leaders of the dark forces, and they are demonic spiders. They came from the Andromeda Galaxy and were once angelic beings, who turned into spiders in an experiment with top quarks that went wrong. The fictional character Pennywise, from Stephen King, can be a very accurate representation of them, although they are far from being only fictional beings.
    Many of them are incarnated in human bodies (mostly with nordic genetics), in very powerful positions inside the military and intelligence agencies. The intel I’m going to share is related to them.
    It all began in around 2014 when I decided to (...)

    more at:


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