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Situation Update July and August 2023

This post will feature a situation update followed by several insights and answers to questions after that. The clearing of the subquantum anomaly and chimera group is still in full swing, though there were not many special or new advances but rather the clearing of what was already topic of the previous posts. 
As many people in the spiritual communities still have a new age induced problem with any kind of negativitiy, please keep in mind that the description of what was and is still going on on Earth is highly negative per se. Some posts here might therefore seem negative but ascendants certainly have to get a grasp on the problem to address it correctly and to be enabled to be part of the removal of the issues eventually. Therefore the Unveiling necessarily also faces the shadow side which is already shadow work and will also help you battling your personal negativity and master your individual shadow work.

As mentioned in the last update, the 'devil'-humans of the Andromeda faction of the chimera are already gone.
However there is still one of the 'bastards' of the Orion faction left. These 'bastards' were administrating the surface and the last one is being let active due to strategic reasons for a while.
The descendants of the first female traitor were reduced to six by now. While it is a big step forward, it does not mean anything changes yet, as even one of these chimera members is able to keep their illusions active. 
Additionally all departure plans into the Central Sun are foreseeable by now for all major chimera monsters besides those mentioned here. Most of these monsters and problem cores will leave the Earth within the next five months.
And generally speaking, we are again still quite a bit below the threshold of the veil nevertheless, otherwise we would already see bigger changes on the surface that create actual changes for human society as a whole.

Several bases of the microscopic part of the atlantean species were neutralised. The original microscopic atlanteans are for big parts longterm enemies of humanity. Intelligence does not necessarily correlate with size, so these tiny atlanteans are relatively intelligent for their miniature sizes. While Atlantis was the high culture of humanity, some humans fell for greed and power. It was those human clones which were bred for the microscopic, original atlanteans who showed those tendencies. They later on slaughtered the original humans and were the reason why Atlantis fell eventually. They went into pact with the chimera to get those human bodies, which were then stabilized by chimera AI. These humans were literally humans under control of microorganisms. They became indistiguishable of the real, natural humans, when they (first covertly) began to win in competitions against those real humans. This competition later perverted into slaying each other. Till this very day, these atlanteans are part of the people on Earth who desire to torture and kill humans. This attitude derived from their belief that Earth was their property, when the first human settlers and the colonists arrived here. The atlanteans who got sick took the excuse that they were protecting their planet and that any measure would be suitable to regain the Earth. Many humans nowadays are still steered by miniature souls, some of which are high-end developments of the chimera and the remaining atlanteans. These are the humans who are (covertly) subversive against their ‚own‘ species. Even many sicknesses, bacteria and viruses are atlantean developments and demonstrate how much some of them hate humanity. 
There were always some atlanteans though, who stayed true and did not attack humanity. And while the atlanteans were some of the first microscopic lifeforms, which developed on this planet, Earth is by galactic and cosmic law not their property. All their belief and the laws they base their claims and offensive behaviour on were rejected via galactic and cosmic law. The atlantean legal foundation is in big parts just a lie of the chimera that has no ground on a galactic nor on the cosmic scale. They were misinformed regarding their rights and therefore instrumentalised by the chimera to turn against humanity. The early atlanteans who were equipped with human bodies became the atlantean Gods some might heard of from ancient legends. These Gods are probably what most humans think of, when they hear about the atlanteans, though their essence is rather microscopic. The atlantean people base much of their knowledge upon their central computer which administrates the atlantean records, the foundation and main knowledge of their people, may they be the rebels or the atlanteans who stayed true to life. The main problem of that approach is that the atlantean records were constantly manipulated by the chimera from some time in the invasion onwards. Crucial parts, especially those which would have led the atlanteans to a fair behaviour were steadily rewritten by the chimera in their favour. As there are trillions upon trillions of these microscopic atlanteans on the planet, the records are necessary for organisation, their survival and correct interactions with other lifeforms and more. Basically those records are the main instrument of the organisation of their whole species. Though the chimera is able to fake their data and calculations to a high degree which then leads to maleficent behaviour to which even the good atlanteans are prone to. These microorganisms do not just surround you to a degree, in the average human body there are approximately 20% to 40% of the microorganisms still of this ancient atlantean origin. While the chimera reigns war against human bodies via all sorts of nano-materials including pollution, nano-bots, etc. they also manipulate the atlantean microorganisms against their enemies. Part of your body is constantly working against you, most of the time the reasons are ranging from pollution up to cleverly designed nano-bots which at least lead to general body-decay called ageing. As laid open before, human bodies are rather being digested than ageing, but humanity will not be able to figure that out scientifically yet.
As a positive side note, many ascendants have also received positive microorganisms and even positive nano-bots by the Lightforces and other alien species being present on Earth. These special, new and positive organisms can and will tip the scale in several attacks the chimera executes on targeted individuals. Some Starseeds have even grown original, new microorganisms in their bodies for certain purposes, which will be distributed among the ascendants if they are deemed efficient.

One of the biggest grids with several billion souls (mainly smaller ones) was broadly deactivated. This was one of the simulations of the chimera which was closest to the Earth itself. The illusion was so perfect that some inhabitants were regularly switched between the real Earth and this grid to bring some of their (wrong) assumptions here and tighten the bond to the grid. This deactivation will certainly trigger psychological problems for many humans on the real Earth. Partly because they were promised a place in this best chimera-grid to date, partly because their soul or parts of their soul were interwoven with the grid or even lived in that grid already.
Deactivation was decreed after a majority of the inhabitants of that grid decided to sabotage the Liberation of Earth. Souls will be evacuated as good as it is possible in the current phase of Liberation from now on over the next months and years. These hell-grids are one of the biggest weapons the chimera still use, as they usually successfully mobilise all or nearly all souls there against the Lightforces. If that happens, a descision has to be made which is based basically on the stability of the majority of soul energy (big souls count more in that equation). Therefore many of the thousands of chimera grids are deactivated constantly and inhabitants are then evacuated as soon as the evacuation is stable enough. Over time, all grids of the chimera will be deactivated, though it is always a risky procedure which the Lightforces constantly stabilise and the stake is the amount of souls kept in these grids.

There were several big movements of people of the inner Earth towards the areas below the first ‚Islands of Light‘ on the surface. Part of these movements were evacuations of areas of the inner Earth which became risky during this phase. The islands and the subterranean areas below will be the first relatively safe areas and serve as a refuge for people from above and below. These areas will also be the cores for the ‚New Atlantis‘ finally taking form. These will be the holiest of holy areas on the surface and where the first construction projects will eventually emerge and become physical. Right now the construction is highly classified and covert and mainly regards advances invisible to humans yet. The defense mechanisms against parasitic intrusions of the chimera are the best that ever existed on Earth and surpass the defense mechanisms of the original Atlantis or the Egyptian high culture by far. These mechanisms are right now being tested and perfected and feature by far the highest technology ever present on Earth. Basically, while Atlantis was organised in circles around the core to guard from parasites, the 'New Atlantis' will be organised in spherical manner, heavily supported by force-fields which were not available on Earth before. However, while force-fields were already tested, these are rather the plans for the coming years, additionally to keep the invited humans safe from the tsunamis and catastrophes resulting from the upcoming pole shift. These will be the areas were many of the higher ascendants will reside while most of humanity will be evacuated before the disasters.

In succession to the first non-physical contact with the Central Race with an ascendant, the first dedicated and stable communication line from the Lightforces to the first ‚Island of Light‘ was established by the ancients. Thereby the Lightforces are now able to actually hear the thoughts of ascendants constantly there among other advances regarding communication in general. Also the work of the colonists is interwoven with these advances, for example first 3D imagings of the bodies of ascendants could be sent to the high commands in space and on Earth.

There was an incident in which God was being hunted on ascendants by the chimera. While God is pretty confident of his perception of Earth and needs to stay confident for the stabilisation of humanity in general, the chimera laid open one of their biggest secrets via this attack. They were able to completely fake the perception of God towards certain areas on the Earth which had to do with some of the main targeted individuals. That of course led to misjudgements of God and that in turn almost led to harsh attacks towards those Lightworkers. Never in the history of Earth could the chimera manipulate God's perception successfully to this degree. God was for a short time completely dependent on the perception of the high commands on Earth and of the fleets of the Lightforces. Important to note is that the chimera possessed these abilities all the time but did not exhibit or show them before. For the first time they did this in broad fashion in presence of the Lightforces. Therefore it is assumed that many important souls were dragged down because of these kind of manipulations earlier on, as the Lightforces could not dismantle these fakes in the past. 

A few words on timelines: there are currently two main timelines of Earth which are still relevant. One is the actual, living Earth as it will be continued in the Universe. The second timeline is rather the cancelled timeline or at least it will be. The lower timeline is also the timeline where the residue of the chimera will be bound to. It will be a timeline in which the Earth will be destroyed in the end, everything is already programmed to cease there. Ascendants and Lightworkers will at the time being oscillate between those two timelines heavily. Partly because the chimera burdens them with anomaly and bad vibrations, partly to evacuate the living from the lower timeline. Needless to say, all living souls will either be evacuated or from one day on stay on the continued timeline. Right now it is part of the spiritual work to fetch the living from the lower timeline and there is usually nothing to worry about ups and downs of that kind for Lightworkers. The lower timeline is not a grid or a multidimensional-room or anything else people might say, it is rather a possible future of the Earth (in case the chimera could win). It is already cancelled, although the chimera will not give in to this certainty and will constantly work on it to become the main timeline. Also, the continued timeline is not really the 5D Earth (the chimera is also up to 5D by the way - so it would not help) but just the future of Earth the Lightforces will establish. Though 5D Earth is used synonymously with the positive timeline in some outlets, it should be clear that Earth exists throughout all dimensions and a 5D Earth would require a 5D perceiver. What is true is that some ascendants will make it into higher dimensionality, a few Starseeds are actually higher dimensional beings currently working mainly in 3D. That perception is what will eventually create your experience of Earth 5D or more. It is your personal height in ascension which can realise that, it is not exactly a base-program for everyone on the continued timeline. It is also true that even 3D ascendants can have interactions and partly understand 5D from some point in their development. But it is not necessarily the way that ascendants will transcend 3D in total.

Many people on Earth currently enjoy the Summer months, but the chimera-induced energy drain is also much more intense during Summer. Basically the good feelings many people have and the desire to have fun outside is partly instilled by the chimera or rather by countless demonic entities who profit heavily during this time of the year. People oftentimes realize that everything is pulsing of energy during this season and that is the truth, same as the drainage of the entities which eventually fuels the chimera is booming. Many people become much more outgoing than usual and much of it is artificial and leads to high losses which these people will never understand or be able to address correctly.

Natural blueprints, 'morphogenetic fields' and beauty

While some people among the Lightworkers still heavily worry about their outward physical appearance, the ascendants will not have to worry for long. Every lifeform in the universe has a blueprint and even some scientists on the Earth strived to shine light onto that phenomenon. One of them was Rupert Sheldrake who claimed the theory of 'morphogenetic fields' - while this was oftentimes regarded as pseudoscience as humans should not know about it, it is quite close to the actual truth. 
Even in the Bible there is the popular phrase that humans were built in the 'image of God'. The blueprint every human has is perfect - however why do so few humans actually look like a god or a goddess? The reason for the imperfect forms humans oftentimes display is the parasitic contamination - your blueprint is heavily distorted, beginning far before your actual birth. While the parasites and entities are completely unperceivable for humans, most humans are drowned in these invisible parasites and those are actively distorting and rearranging your morphogenetic field for the worse. So, as implants are being cleared at this time, affected humans will grow into slightly better forms constantly. That even works although your body is not growing anymore. The less distortion of your morphogenetic field is around you, the better your body will take form inevitably. Basically if there were no distortions, humans would pretty fast develop into a god- and goddess-like appearance. This distortion is also why most humans are rather seen as having a demonic appearance from the viewpoint of the higher aliens who are part of the Lightforces. Many people high on drugs or in spiritual experiences also reported that they were perceiving all humans around them as demonic. The reason for that deformation are the implants, demonic entities and overall parasitic beings which most humans are drown in. There are swarms of parasites basically around every human constantly, especially around the head, there are concentrations which also heavily hinder your basic and intrinsic understanding and intelligence. They do not just hinder the expression of your soul and higher selves, these parasites also deform your physical appearance since conception. 
With the clearing of implants, ascendants therefore will inevitably develop into their perfect form. Even things that could not scientifically be healed or reform might heal the farther you rise in your ascension and the more implants are cleared. In a previous post it was mentioned that the early human traitors are basically able to regrow and even shapeshift easily. This will be the case for the higher ascendants as well, they will first-off have very few parasites hindering their perfect form. The higher ones will even be able to adjust their blueprints and regrow their bodies into them faster - which is basically shapeshifting.
Therefore, as an ascendant, you should definitely not be worried about your body and appearance that much, as you will get more beautiful, proportional to your height in your ascension automatically.

Questions by readers

How do the chimera programs work?

If you feed AI with nonsense, it will produce nonsense, see new AI developments like ChatGPT for example. So likewise, the Chimera is feeding all intelligence on Earth and primarily humans with nonsense since millennia. Especially in the spiritual communities nonsense is how they dismantle those who wake up - i.e. how many years are the preppers saying ‚the end‘ or WW3 comes 'this year' - though it never came. The same is happening with nearly every human constantly, especially in the unconscious, but their programming is also reaching far into the mainstream media. They have thereby established a common sense of normality which is far from the actual normal and legitimise their gutting of energies and loosh-theft with it. They also cloud the perception of such energy theft, which is why they target especially the spiritual communities. Even the official Age of Aquarius group on Facebook by Cobra is a great example, there are so many posts far out of tune of what is published on the Portal blog. The chimera just send minions of their contracted humans and certainly confuse the promising groups up to driving the innocent members into insanity (most humans do not even consciously realise that they are subversive against those communities though).

Also humans have been programmed since millennia to discredit and ignore those who could potentially really help them. Their base program is to take from and offend the biggest souls among themselves (partly unconscious again). They have been programmed against the Liberation which the chimera knew would come one day since ages. It is visible for one example via those people who constantly demand something of the Lightforces and even begin to hate them for not changing the situation instantly. This attitude is actually what the chimera induced for the Lightworkers and it is already spread far among the Lightworkers. Yet most of them do not sense it is a program but rather believe it is their personal perception and their own needs they promote. That is also a good example of how subtle these programs work, people usually confuse them with themselves and will not detect them even upon being confronted with them. The farther you actually go for doing the will of the Goddess, the farther you are in ascension and the easier you will perceive these programs (also in other people). It will even get easier to dismantle some, the better your perception gets.

What can I do to fight the main attachment (the main implant)?

This is one of the questions that humans asked themselves throughout many times in history. You can see that mirrored in an old Cherokee proverb about two wolves, one white and one black. Of course it is the one you feed that wins in the end. It moved humanity through the ages of how to win against their own negativity, their own negative 'side', while there is no fast solution to it obviously.
An advice would be: become the best version of yourself, the best you could possibly imagine. Become the most kind person you can be. But also you have to stay harsh towards the falsehood and lies all around you at the same time. Generally many ascension tips will help, strive to become a more spiritual person, even a guru, if you can. Do not lose your personality on the way though. Ego-loss is necessary and many people in spiritual history probably meant losing your main attachment with the term ‚ego-loss‘. Be selfless towards the poor and kind but stay strong against rather evil or bad people and hope that you can properly differentiate between them. Generally develop your spiritual senses without falling for symbology or signs. Read the rather true information from the Portal blog or general outlets like for example the Spending time on exalted and true topics will also help to purify you to a degree. On these sites you will find a lot of material of how to develop your psyche, body and soul. Prepare to open the third eye if you have not already to deliver a proper seat for your soul. You might have to go through the 'night of the soul' in this phase still but your ascension will be worth it. Develop absolute quietness of your mind and thoughts, generally what some spiritual gurus in ancient scriptures told, is oftentimes worth learning.

Will psychedelic drugs help ascension?

It is sad that some people still think that drugs will help with spirituality. While they could potentially help without the chimera parasites, at this time, drugs will rather hinder your ascension. Simply because most psychedelic drugs were prepared over the ages by the chimera. Everything around you is full of unseen parasitic entities which will inevitably use your vulnerable state on those drugs against you. Some psychedelic drugs are even 'managed' by chimera-members and will lead to severe problems for your natural chance to ascend. For example higher ascendants and Starseeds have a high load of drug-victims they take care of all the time. While some humans into drugs actually strive for out-of-body-experiences, many of them then never return into their bodies by design. It is the Starseeds and higher Lightworkers who then have to explain to those that there is no way back out of their desperate state of being after being exited from their physical bodies. And it is definitely desperate, they want nothing more than to continue their (physical) lifes, which simply is not possible anymore then. Some get that problem by just smoking one joint, for others it might take stronger psychedelics to get them out of their bodies. And guess what then takes your place in your body, many people consciously or subconsciously promoting these drugs are working for the chimera and actually get energetic support for it. While many humans are not aware of that, some certainly sponsor their own dream-life with such and similar behaviour and luring and will of course leave the Earth for that in the end.

I really stumble upon "not everyone is part of Source by default". How can anything exist outside of Source? Is there a plane where everything is ONE, or not?

The whole universe basically exists outside of Source. Source were the ones who created the universe, it is based in their world. You can imagine that as just putting some energies into a sphere in which the universe then developed and took the form we know today. Source was not even present in the universe from the beginning although Source went through the whole history of the Universe once they entered their universe. So it is just energies in the universe you probably mean by 'everyone is part of Source'. And these energies were not even coming completely from Source themselves. It was just several complex ingredients they selected to create this universe with.
Also the plane where everything is ONE rather sounds like a nightmare than a spiritual truth. While you could see all energies being pretty much one or ‚the same‘ from a higher viewpoint, the universe rather works as well as it does by creating a separating structure, channeling the energies involved in a certain direction which then create a fulfilling living space in the end - per se everything should definitely not be one and the same. The whole creation is based on these energies, though there were several different base energies involved. What spiritual people often see as oneness is rather the oneness of souls. The soul is an interface which basically is the same for all truly living beings. And therefore these beings are certainly united to the degree of their soul on a higher level - like fruits growing on the same tree all looking similar.
The oneness several spiritual outlets promote is rather part of the new age propaganda by the chimera though. They want every human to be part of the ascension, especially their own fake-humans. Those chimera-fake humans depend heavily on closeness to real humans and therefore they love to promote unity and oneness for all the wrong reasons. The real oneness only exists among the true, ensouled humans and not for the approximately 500 million fake humans, which Cobra mentioned. Also, as a big part of humanity will be evacuated, the oneness to humanity will be decreasing for those by quite a bit. However those humans who stay, the ascendants, will of course move in complete harmony and have a oneness in motives from some time in Liberation onwards.

Also regarding the phrase 'I am God - I am not God', it is coined towards and works because of your chance to become a God via your human life. As said above, every human has a pretty good blueprint from God. Though, if every human was a God already, the Earth would definitely look different - this should be obvious. The abilities of humans are of course far below the abilities of the God oftentimes mentioned in the bible, who is one of the biggest souls of the positive spirituality still active on Earth. Some ascendants will surely become small Gods themselves, some might even become bigger Gods. Most ascendants except a few Starseeds will stay below the level of the biblical God by far though. Some Starseeds will ascend to their original height who are partly very high Gods of cosmic relevance. This phrase therefore rather works well because of your potential, a potential the chimera wants to neglect - therefore it repairs and shows where this potential is being sabotaged and where not if you use the phrase.

Hi, Sebastian, could you shortly explain how accurate akashic readings are?

Generally, akashic readings were potentially as accurate as people on the Earth could analyse a whole life (all incarnations) of a soul (besides other things) on Earth. This was the most accurate way before the Lightforces and higher alien species came for Liberation. The accuracy also heavily depended on the reader of the records, some can access more details than others. The accuracy of analysis of what a soul went through was raised a lot since the Lightforces arrived though. We have aliens among the Lightforces who can see much more details about the lifeforms they analyse than possible on Earth ever before. That means these people have much higher access to the cosmic truth and details than anyone on Earth before the Liberation. So akashic readings were the best that are available on Earth for a long time. 
But few humans on the surface actually can provide accurate readings, and human readings are of course always just a part of the truth, so much depends on the one who reads, as they tend to mention the things they themselves perceive as important. Originally these readings are communicated over without words in other languages which humans cannot usually understand. Therefore humans telling of these records are bound to mention just parts of that due to limitations of human language itself (even if it might be partly genuine). Very few humans on the surface can do such readings and communicate them reasonably good. Some humans can channel beings who can perhaps communicate the important parts a bit better for you. You get the best readers in the inner Earth but most humans will not be accepted there yet. On the surface you should be very careful with people who supposedly do akashic readings therefore.

Most evolved and purified lightworkers will ascend when time is right, so I want to know what most evolved and purified actually means?

Cobra is correct with that of course, what he means is probably this: Most evolved means that as a human being, you already have got a soul. Not every soul is the same size (which correlates with its evolution usually). So while some humans ascend easier as they got a bigger or more evolved soul, some will be slower in their ascension. You can of course evolve in your ascension all the time but a lot is dependent on the level your soul already has, the rest is hard work and helping the Liberation of Earth as much as you possibly can.
Purified means probably that those who merited a lot of implant removals will also have an easier ascension. Removing implants is hard work for the spiritual beings who do this at this time, that is why they will pick the most promising humans for some special implant clearings. Some implants will be cleared generally while others require hard work and will remain special for some time. The less implants you have, the more purified you are, the easier will be your ascension. Also you need to purify your psyche and mental body to get forward in ascension. So yes, of course those who are most evolved in their soul-level and purified themselves via shadow-work and the like will definitely ascend also in their experienced life, when they decide the time is right for them to actually live their ascension.
It is also true that some humans will receive their ascension with the help of higher technology after the Event, and as Cobra said, this will only be available after the Event.
The part of the ascension which such healing-technology can solve is of course mostly body/implant related. As told before, removing the main attachment for example will be much faster and easier with such technology as well as more humans can be served at once. These healings will rather solve problems that hindered some people to ascend properly and open the path to further ascension for most. Many ascendants will only then be able to free themselves of their main attachment for example, which hinders vital parts of developing their true god-/goddess-like self.

Is all the information starseeds provide for the lightforces, for example [...] given by the starseeds consciously, or is it possible that the LF take information from the experiences of the starseeds and lightworkers even if the starseeds are unaware of that in their daily lives?

Usually information is provided consciously but the details are of course not conscious. You can imagine that as a transmission of a data-stream which is on a certain topic. While the Starseeds are conscious of the topic and the transmission itself, they are not conscious about all the details constantly (as that would be too much for their human consciousness - it is like going through the whole experience). Also, some smaller transmissions take place constantly in the background, and while the Starseeds could do that consciously, they also have a human life to live, so that is when the transmissions are rather switched to the background.

Another question I have is about the percentage of humans who will not be able to continue as humans because of the parasitic parts. Are these ones basically humans with very small souls? And what life forms could they turn into? And this actually happens after they die? Meaning the very small souls will not live as humans again after their current lives come to an end?

Basically this happens with humans after they die all the time for some even during their life. Many humans were incarnated by the chimera and their soul is not capable to hold their human body stable. They are stabilised by chimera AI and they will never get to know about it. The positive, established spiritual factions on the Earth constantly save souls who are not capable to 'lift' their human life and reincarnate them as animals or generally smaller lifeforms which these humans are actually capable to hold and lift. There are many factors in that process but basically a big soul can potentially lift more and stabilise a bigger body than a small one.

Why would the Atlanteans at that time decide to sacrifice one of the Goddesses?

For some it was because of an irrational survival instinct, others wanted to become god-like by eating and consuming her violently. However the whole scenario was heavily steered by the main parasite/the chimera already back then. And yes, that behaviour still echoes in human society today, by people who sabotage other people who are higher ensouled. That is of course invisible because every human is officially treated equally and soul size is hidden by design. So many humans do not really know what they are doing and that they are doing exactly what the chimera wants by sabotaging other humans who are oftentimes higher ensouled. Many humans establish this trait without doing anything wrong superficially within the norms of the society humanity established on Earth (heavily under the influence of the chimera of course).

Does the biochip gather subquantum anomaly around us to suppress our capabilities?

Yes, it is one of the main means of suppression the chimera uses upon us, especially when we are close to a solution or an actual positive change or breakthrough in our life. While the parasitic contamination and implants are having a general negative effect that is rather arbitrary and constant, the effects of the chips are completely and consciously controlled and triggered by the chimera. Therefore they can target certain people at the exact times they need to be targeted and burdened with anomaly via the chips. A good example would be, someone being at a breakthrough moment but suddenly realising that he needs to rest and going to sleep. Humans being targeted will perceive that as a natural sleepiness setting in while it is actually the chip. Same for inducing anomaly or anything else these chips can do. The anomaly though is rather being delivered to the individual from the surroundings and not coming from the chips themselves, which rather serve as a means to locate the target of the attack in that case.

If you want to ask a question to be answered in the upcoming posts, please write a comment only containing the question at best. Also please ask with simple words and keep it short if possible.


  1. Massively informative, inspiring, helpful, full of light. Thank you dearest Sebastien.

  2. Hi seb good update thanks with the parasite issue what's the most effective way of clearing them please?;thanks votl... 0~

  3. Can I use a japamala for the phrase 'I am God, I am not God' with the violet flame to remove the implants?

    Gratitude for everything, Sebastian! ✨️📿✨️🟣✨️

    1. You have some English Sisterhood of the Rose international healing+clearing implants sessions here "Let's Heal Together"

  4. Quieting the mind is crucial for removing the programs. Excellent post, thank you.

  5. Sounds like the order of melchisedechs on one of the 2 timelines (astral ray built on an androïd who has no mother and no father).

  6. It's seems like the part about "oneness" is only talking about tangible physical reality. Real Oneness is the Infinite ocean of indiscribable orgasmic super bliss that is the only true reality (our existence here is illusion). In Hindu tradition the highest attainable state is Nirbikalpa (sp) Samadhi. Being aware of both the Infinite and all creation at the same time. I've only heard of a few that ever got that far. (Krishna,Yeshua, Babaji, etc...). One thing I don't get is why can't The Infinite that is everything, yet exists beyond creation just step in, vacuum up all the evil that refuses to head home and send it to the Great Central Sun for recycling? That highest level must be able to disintegrate the primary anomaly instantly. There must be some unforseen consequences preventing this...🤷‍♂️.

    1. I think he (or she, or whatever) doesn´t want to step in because the whole game being played by his fractals (or souls) according to the rules he set would become worthless. It would be like dissolving it, you could do it to prevent evil and suffering, but the game (creation) wouldn´t be of value anymore, and the evolution of consciousness pursued with it. As for example in a soccer game that´s not going the way the authorities wanted they stepped in, inmobilized the players of one side and allowed the other to score as many goals as they wanted. It could be done but the game would be worthless as such. So instead he guides the LF to gradually supress evil but respecting the rules, wthout spoiling the whole thing. Something like that, I think

    2. Good point Don. I'm reminded of a Star Trek TNG episode where Data and Jordy are playing Sherlock Holmes on the holideck. It's too easy, and Data can figure out all variations quickly. So they program the computer to create an adversary capable of defeating Data. The Moriarty that spawns runs amok and takes control of the Enterprise. Is that what happened here? Did Source/Creator get tired of playing with itself and make a truly formidable foe? Probably should have left some of the safety protocols/fail-safes on...

    3. CCustodian, yes, I think he got tired of playing with itself, but didn´t try to make a formidable foe. Instead of playing with itself anymore it made the creation, so that bits or fractals of its consciousness played a real game among themselves. But the big foe came because the primary anomaly (subquantum included) meddled with its creation and created darkness and all the suffering. The safety protocol woud have implied to step in and cancel, but the Source/Creator decided instead to dissolve and integrate all that anomaly so that it wouldn´t exist anymore in the future. And by the end of this process we are at this time.. the Source doesn´t know or control everything in creation (as we were told recently by Cobra), because the anomaly meddled with it, but is in the process of doing so. That´s in general what I think, about that.
      It´s hard for us to conceive a good story without a worthy foe, but in the light there must be a wide range of varied experiences different in quality enough to make things interesting without having to fight bad guys, We´ll see at the end of this story..

    4. Don I agree that Source probably didn't intend to create evil or a devastating adversary. More like, "I wonder what it's like to feel separate from myself, or to not know everything". Something along the lines of a random experience generator. What's done is done, now we're just part of the team tasked with fixing this nonsense. It sounds hokey and cliche, but the answer is love. I had a dream years ago that illustrates this. I was watching a dark ritual, (reanimating the dead?) And a demonic high priestess got in my face and didn't appreciate me being there. Without thinking I reached out my hand and put it on her heart. I said, "I love you, please wake up". Her face shifted from terrifying to that of a normal woman with a look of absolute astonishment on it. This was in contrast to a dream where I tried violence and got swarmed by darkness. All we gotta do is shatter our heart blocks and shine to our full potential. Piece of cake 😆

    5. CC, sure! easiest thing in the world, less than a hundred people have achieved it in history :) But without darkness and much assistance, though not a piece of cake, it will be different..

    6. As I understand the information given on this blog and 2012portal, creation was not intended but happened due to friction with the primary anomaly. I understand it to be a necessary ingredient for "seperated" creation; Cobra stated that even after dissolution of darkness (Victory of the Light) a tiny, tiny fraction of the anomaly will still remain in this universe. Something like "the creation serves the purpose to learn to understand the anomaly" was also mentioned, so Source doesn't seem to be almighty/all-knowing.
      On a smaller scale about the liberation of earth it was said it is to the highest purpose that the Light Forces fund at least half of the liberation energy-wise, or earth would not be owned by the entities settled here afterwards.

      Yes, i am also very curious what the "worthy foe" will be replaced with when there is no darkness around anymore =D Warrior souls will tell us. =))

    7. Insert, I kinda get the part of Source/Creator not knowing everything. That must be due to the randomness that occurs because of our free will. It also makes sense that some anomaly would remain to keep the unknowingness going for the next cosmic cycle of creation. I just hope there is a way to keep it from spiraling into the abyss of darkness and lunacy again. Is it possible to have limits/safeguards and still have true free will?🤔

    8. That is exactly the problem with the free will.

      Firstoff, creation is no game for Source or anything like that. They just come inside their own universe and finalise it. That means fixing the whole cosmos and especially repair the wrong turns the prime creator and his early descendants took.

      Also this fixing means that evil like on Earth should never happen again. Regarding free will you can think of it like this: you know that you fall, if you jump out of a window. In the same way taking energy of others, being parasitic like the chimera will cause a fall.
      Therefore, while lifeforms could do evil it simply will not work anymore, they will fall immediately. So it is rather the feedback loop that is extremely tightened for things the chimera did and still does on Earth.
      It certainly is a small change of free will but after all, all lifeforms want to live in this universe, so it needs to work to get everyone fulfilled.

    9. Great analogy Sebastian, I get it. Darkness will have the same downfall via the same mechanism, but faster.

    10. I appreciate the reply and great info you post on this blog Sebastian. Do you think that a kind of forgetfulness limit will be imposed? I mean that beings like the Chimera only became parasitic because they totally forgot their own Light and connection to Source. The level of anomaly in their auric field blocking the Truth/Light must be immense!

  7. Thanks Sebastian. I dont get discouraged too often but I did a bit today considering that these small Atlantean ones as well causing us problems. I thought we were a bit more ahead. I have tried so hard here and had hoped for some reason to celebrate a bit. I am motivating myself to go forward now. I wonder if you can say some words about the present nature happenings with fires and floodings. I guess the dark forces is involved?

    1. has a radio show that's really good. He was explaining how aluminum aerosols sprayed in chemtrails are causing the serious fires seen around the world the past decade. Aluminum aerosol is an industrial fire accelerant! It makes the fires burn hotter too, which makes the smoke go higher into the atmosphere. That's why we get smoke when there's a fire anywhere in North America. I've lived here my whole life and it was never like this. To me that's pretty solid proof, fires 1,000 miles away cause smoke like it's 50 miles. The whole summer it's been choking air here from fires in freaking Canada. It's bad today and has me wondering if it's from Hawaii which must be several thousand miles away.

  8. Hi sebastian I was just curious if I'm one of the ascendants that will move into higher dimensionality thanks.

    1. According to my information you will not in this cycle. Then again, there is no need to as fulfillment / fun on Earth after the Event is not necessary correlated with higher dimensionality. It is rather a decision of what you can afford for your work in this cycle, and some people will decide against higher dimensionality and will instead go for something else.
      So, it is not even a direct relation to your ascension-height here.

    2. Ok thanks Sebastián I try to stay positive and keep negativity out of my life as much as I can

  9. Amazing information. I can believe in microscopic intelligent beings. Normal geopolitics is confusing, I can't even imagine the galactic/multidimensional situation. The description of people being aged and made ugly is so perfect. People really do look like stereotypical goblins, ogres, demons, and orcs. At a restaurant yesterday a woman sat at the booth next to me who was as wide as she was tall, I'm like wow there's a Mancubus next to me, how am I supposed to be okay with this? The constant low-level stress is wearing me out. It scares me, the forces that could do this to people. I see the anomaly effect in my family and myself too. Anyways, I'm glad someone is doing something about it.

  10. I could deal with fighting a monster in battle, but to have it be a poor woman next to me at a restaurant and have to sit there like everything is fine, it's too much. In that regard I can say it must be the worst in the galaxy. Sure there are worse monsters, but not your own species and not everyone thinking it's normal. I guess I need to keep embodying fortitude and self-motivation regardless of conditions. It's not easy when the mission is your whole life and there's no escape. That's well known to make a warrior break, so I don't see how we can be expected to do it.

    1. You are certainly on point of how plain stupid this war is the chimera burdened on us. Humans do not even get the chance for a proper fight. Our means to fight seem to be enduring such situations and waiting for progress of the Lightforces.

      Great example.

    2. What helps me is to think of it like spies during WW2. It was easy to infiltrate a different country because they didn't have sophisticated control like a computer database ID system. Many spies from all sides were living in other countries like a normal person. They had boring jobs, boring lives, probably one small task if anything, just waiting. You have to remember the mission at all times and not get disillusioned, even after years of no contact from your side. Are they coming? Did they forget you even exist? I like to gain strength from their dedication to continue even with no support, just stick to the mission and carry it out until the end.

    3. @ Sebastian + Patrick:

      I'm really glad that there are still people with common sense out there! Considering how extremely deadlocked everything is, we have no other option but to wait for the lightforces. There's still potential to work on ourselves, but making progress is really difficult, when most of what you're doing all the time is surviving.

      I mean, neither we can fight the darkies directly, nor can we really do anything to wake people up. Furthermore, I think that all the people who still have this fluffy duffy new age mindset, are actually suffering from cognitive dissonance and are incapable to process the hardcore truth.

    4. We can channel Goddess energy to all war sites on earth, surely the war inside human bodies is no exception. In our own body we can even drop some mass destruction weapons aka Curcuma + black pepper against those negative Atlanteans.

      So I don't know about the 'we can only wait' part. If that was the case we wouldn't need a 2012portal blog, we wouldn't be suppressed so hard by darkness. We anchor the energies of the light forces on this side of the veil, that's quite a fight!

  11. Thank you for this update 💚
    You mentioned shadow work ; would you have a recommendation for a shadow work method I could use? I tried shadow work a couple of years ago I think, but I gave up because it didn't seem to do anything. I didn't feel any insight, didn't learn anything. I would like to evolve, but lately, I have been feeling too weak, and I have so many doubts. I don't know what to believe anymore. I want to believe what you and Cobra explain, but I can't prove anything, which also makes it very difficult for me to introduce this information to new people. I'm actually terrified that I won't survive until the Event, that I may have to take my own life because I can't bear my life circumstances anymore.

    It's funny that you wrote that many people are currently enjoying the summer months, because for me it's the complete opposite, I have always hated summer, I can't stand the heat and now there's a new heatwave coming. I remember you writing about the climate changing for natural reasons… Would it be possible to have more information about this? Do you know what are the exact causes of the climate change, then? Does it mean that the warming will not be as bad as the mainstream media tell us? Will we return to lower temperatures?


    1. CO2-induced climate change is a scam to frighten and control people. One reason for the climate constantly changing can be the varying earth-sun distance, as the sun also rotates around the center of mass of the solar system. I read we might even be heading towards a SMALL ice age, so people like you might enjoy it. =)

  12. Thank you so much Sebastian.

    I want to work with energy stones and crystalls. Can you recommend how to work with them energeticaly and which stones and crystalls?

    1. Nézz meg néhány követ, vagy kristályt, és ami számodra kellemes érzést kelt, akkor azzal foglalkozz. először rakj ki egy négyzetet, majd egy háromszöget, végül egy kört, és ha érzékeled az energiákat, az már jó. Ha elkezdesz magadra figyelni, akkor már nem energiákkal, sem fénnyel-sötétséggel fogsz foglalkozni, de addig fejlődésnek jó az energia érzékelés, és rájössz majd, hogy az energiák okozzák a legtöbb bajt számodra, ha nem tudod az elméddel előállított energiát magadban semmissé tenni.

  13. Wonderful news, Sébastien thank you for your update I hope it will soothe the hearts of wounded souls, you are a very good guide or shaman if you prefer for your community of the heart. I will take the time to read your update and if necessary come back if I have questions. I'm also worried about all these fires, hopefully it's just the changes in Gaia but what worries me is that some pseudo gurus might be using this to manipulate humans with religions that's what dominates in the "channels where Jesus, Mary and the Archangel St Michael announce the destruction of France in the style" repent my children God is not happy with the work of man on Earth he will punish you, pray and you will be protected" Sometimes I would like to comment that this is the work of the devil but when I read their comments I'm not sure it could open their eyes. Religion takes up a lot of space in their lives.🤔🤷. Regarding the energy of the Goddess, this wise quote confirms my feelings since I have been working with her energy.🌹💖

    “If you believe in the Goddess, then know that She is extremely powerful, She's very intelligent and if She has to protect you She'll protect you out and out, in such a way that you will not know how you have been protected. But this faith has to be developed. Faith has to be developed by experience also; how you have been protected always, how you have been helped always, how you came out of so many crises. But despite that, if you get upset, worried, if some clouds appear in the sky of your life, then if you get upset, that means you are still weak.

    So first thing, if you are really worshipping the Goddess then you should have no worry at all of any kind and you should have no fear at all. Go ahead, fearlessly, whatever you are doing, do it fearlessly.

    But at the same time I have to tell you the other side, that one should not go about like a zombie. It doesn't mean that; saying all kinds of nonsensical things of the right side. But if you have to do something, do it with clear cut ideas and also without any fear so all Her powers will start manifesting within you.”

    Shri Bahirmukha-sudurlabha Devi
    October 9, 1994

  14. A question that comes to mind: To what extent do you see diet having an effect on health and returning to a more perfect physical state? Are there diets that work better when dealing with subquantum anomaly and other negative entities?

    1. I like chef salad. But the best way for me is to eat once a day whatever i like.

    2. Ha jól működik az emésztésed, akkor minden étel amit megeszel, az utolsó atomig távozni fog belőled, még az is, amit méregnek neveznek. Az evés valójában egy program, amit majd csak a levegővétel megszüntetése előtt fogunk végleg megszűntetni. A levegővétel megszüntetése után akár a föld feletti űrben is tudunk majd létezni embertestben. Ezek még az után lehetséges, ha előtte ember, illetve asszonnyá váltak a nők, és a férfiak.

  15. Ha beszélsz pl a szer lépéseiről, akkor másokat fogsz megakadályozni az emberré, asszonnyá válásban. Az ima, a meditáció, az auditálás, csak arra való, ha jól teszed meg, hogy az elmédet lecsendesítsd, és a figyelmedet át tudd magadra, a magra helyezni. A figyelem az, mikor csukott szemmel figyeled a légzésed, ahogy a levegőt beszívod, bemegy a tüdödbe, ls végül kifújod. Ez a technika rendberakja a légzésed is. A nézés a két szemeddel végzed, ezért a figyelemkor be kell csukni a szemeidet. A páros víz szerrel jelentősen meg lehet növelni a hét teremtő érzésed nagyságát erejét. A beszéddel azért teremtesz, mert amit kimondasz, azt úgy is érzed, de a ha az elméd gondolatait mondod ki, akkor már is szennyezed a szavaidban az érzelmeidet a gondolatokkal. Az érzelmeidet még a csakráidnál lévő energia körök is szennyezik. Az MI, és az elme, de a csippek is csak az energiát, az érzelmekhez kapcsolódott energiát érzékelik, de az érzelmeket nem tudják felfogni, még akkor sem, ha csináltak olyan készüléket, amivel az érzelmeket átalakítják. Ezek a készülékek is energiával működnek, ezért torz lesz azok számára az érzelmeid megértése, akik rabszolgát szeretnének belőled kreállni. Amint magadra figyelsz és hallgatsz folyamatosan, onnantól nem vagy rabszolga, és vagy szkítának (szkíta=szkí-ta=szík-ta=szik út), vagy homónak (hom-ó=Ó-hom=Ő-hám) nevezheted magad. A szik, és a hám a mag alkotó része. A mag a magyarok (magyar=mag-y-ar=mag-ár, Az "y" betű azt jelenti itt, hogy a magnak sok jelentése van.), és kb 20 ezer magyr él E földön, tehát a többi ember, illetve asszony vagy szik, vagy hám. Egy embernek három neve van: élő, vezeték és kereszt neve, az élő név, azt mutatja meg, hogy élsz, a vezeték név, ami vezet, a kereszt név, ami a kereszted, a terhed, amit le kell raknod. A kód az magyarul ködöt jelent, és aki kódokról beszél, akkor biztos lehetsz benne, hogy ködösít, újabb fátyolt helyez eléd, vagyis hazudik neked. Az égiek által küldött információt ha nem érti meg a közvetítő, akkor hazudni fog neked. pl kódot, istent, lelket mond, a átadásban. Az akasa olvasásakor is ez a helyzet, ha valaki nem értett meg valamit. Ha van kérdésetek, keressetek az email címemen, és amint lehetőségem lesz, válaszolok rá:

  16. A hét teremtő érz-elem: 1. fegy-elem, 2. tür-elem, 3. figy-elem, 4. szer-elem, amelyek nyitják a belső kapudat, belső gátadat, ezért elemek, vagy is az egész részei. A sok 5. jóságból (jól érzed magad egy környezetben, vagy valaki társaságában) lesz a 6. szeretet, és a sok szeretetből lesz a szerelem. 7. a boldogság, amit a magban a szikrád fog megtapasztalni. Az angolban a szeretet, és a szerelem egy szó, ha jól tudom, pedig a magyarban egészen mást jelent a két szó, de mindegyik egyik gyöke a szer. Ha egyénileg szabad lettél (magyarul ezt külcsínnek nevezik = külső csinos, és a csinos nem a test szépségét jelenti magyarul, és ezt is kevesen tudják), akkor tudod végigvinni a gyökértársaddal, röviden társaddal, amit magyarul belbecsnek (belső becsületes) neveznek. A belbecs során megtudod ki valójában a gyökértársad, a társad, és vele tudod a páros víz szert végig vinni, aminek a végén a szikrád bejut a magba, és ha visszatér a szikrád a testedbe, akkor emberré, illetve asszonnyá válsz. Aki nem kapja meg a páros víz szert, másként az örök élet tudását, az meg fog halni E földön, és nem számít, ki az illető, és mit ért el eddig. Aki meghal, az vagy kap egy új lehetőséget, és megszületik újra, vagy egy másik szektorban egy másik bolygóra kerül, mint kő, növény, vagy állat, és kezdi teljesen elölről a duális világot. A harmadik lehetőség az, hogy a központi napba kerül, és a szikrája darabokra hullik, majd egyszer újra lesz teremtve, és az életfa új ága lesz, és mindent kezd elölről, tehát elveszti eddig megszerzett tudását, tapasztalatát. A külcsínt, tehát, hogy egyénileg szabad légy, azt neked kell elérni. Aki elkezd az elméje helyett, magára, a magra figyelni folyamatosan, azt már nem lehet programokkal befolyásolni, mivel a magból, az egységből kapja, mit is tegyen. Aki minden hatást egyszerre magába, a magba küld, azt egy idő után nem fogják bántani, még a kiméra sem, ahogy ezeket az entitásokat nevezitek. Bármilyen hatást is kapsz, akár az kívül, vagy belülről jön, ha beküldöd a magba, akkor az kapja vissza, aki neked küldte a hatást, ráadásul 1,6 szeresen fogja visszakapni. A hét teremtő érzelmet meg a gyökértársad magjába kell küldened, úgy hogy lehunyod a szemed (A csukott szem fontos.). Azért tudok erről beszélni, mert ezeket magam átéltem, megéltem, és így emberré lettem. A részletekről és a szer lépéseiről nem beszélek, és senki ne beszéljen, mert ezek a lépések a teremtés miatt, sosem azonosak.

  17. Most lehet olyan dologról adok információt, amit vagy sokkol sokakat, vagy nem is érti meg. Ha nem érted meg, vagy sokkol, akkor olvasd el többször, az írást, és egyre több mindenre rájössz. Magyarul a lélek = lel ék, lel ok, tehát megleled, megismered a okaidat, ékeidet, problémáidat. A lélek szót, még mindig a torz, megváltozztatott értelmezésben használják, ahogy sok kifejezést, és erre mondok még példákat. Isten = pozitív energia, Sátán = negatív energia. Nem isten tervét hajtjuk végre, hanem a Teremtőjét, az Ég Atyáét, és a Nagyboldogasszonyét. Isten, és a sátán csak akkor szűnik meg benned, ha beküldöd magadba minden hatásukat, és így a magban, magadban kioltják egymást. Semmilyen más eddig E földön alkalmazott módszer erre nem képes. Ha minden hatást (külső, és belső), ami ér téged, azt beküldöd magadba, a magodba, akkor a hatás nem fog rád hatni, de ehhez szükség van arra, hogy magadra, a magra figyelj. Itt jegyzem meg, hogy a magot nevezik még egységnek. A mag nem a felsőbb én, és aki arra vesz rá téged, hogy a felsőbb énedre hallgass, vagy más égiekre, az hazudik neked. Magam is kaptam az égiektől bizonyos információkat, hatásokat, de ezeket azonnal beküldtem magamba, és így csak a magból fogadok el igazságokat, és tetteket, amiket megteszek. Magamra figyelek, folyamatosan, és magamra hallgatok folyamatosan, és minden hatást magamba küldök. Ez alap, és a mesterek is ezt mondták, pl Krisztus. Akkor tudsz magadra figyelni, ha egyénileg szabad vagy, tehát nincs férjed, feleséged, élettársad, szexpartnered, és nem tartozol egyetlen csoporthoz sem, vagy is nem vagy vallásos, és nem vagy valamilyen spirituális csoport tagja, de nincs olyan felnőtt fiad, lányod, akit még nem engedtél el. Mivel érzelmi lények vagyunk ezért csak érzelmekkel tudunk teremteni. A hét teremtő érz-elem: 1. fegy-elem, 2. tür-elem, 3. figy-elem, 4. szer-elem, amelyek nyitják a belső kapudat, belső gátadat, ezért elemek, vagy is az egész részei.

  18. Hi Sebastian.
    What is the difference between Lightworkers and Light Warriors?

    1. Generaly, lightworker are working with imagination and intentionality that create the best positive timeline and lightwarrior are more about combining the positive and negative polarity (with less ego possible)that create a bigger frequancy range who provide more stability to the timeline.🧘‍♂️

    2. Lightwarriors are actually fighting at the forefront of liberation. You can be sure that they know the Lurker and other chimera-staff from first-hand experience.

      Lightworkers in contrast constantly work for the will of the Goddess to be established on Earth. Everything you do in favour of her will is already Light-work. They are or at least they should not be among the most targeted individuals. SotR groups are a good example for Lightworkers, they prepare the Earth for the Goddess to finally arrive (on the surface) and much more.

  19. Hello Sebastian, could you clarify bit more about dimensions/densities. We are living in 3D and will be ascending into 5D, but why 4D is skipped? What's the difference between them?

  20. Hey, Sebastian, thank you for your responses and given attention to me, us. It is clearly felt inside that it is time now or never. All the military is positioning throughout the world, many puzzle details have been given during the lifetime and it all comes to the moment of now, so the real action will start very soon from 2024 or everything will fall down as from the sky at a stretch which is a bit hardly possible since people wont be able to hold it. And it will not happen in 2028 or 2030 or something like that, it is now or never, so many lighwarriors are waiting for this moment and the action must start soon, very very soon. All the evidences if at least such exists have been collected, president elections stolen, people killed, poisoned, people bought and sold and it is now or never theres nothing to wait, if not now, so by listening to our brothers and sisters from the SOON WORLDS their soon then can mean that EVENT will happen in ten thousand years, because as we have already experienced SOON is the most unthrusty word from their worlds to ours. Cobra in their new conferences also stated something like /it will happen so fast that we can expect huge breakthrough very soon\. So at least arrests must happen very soon and all big actions must start no later than in one years time. Otherwise it is a sectarian belief in the air.

    1. Thank you Crystall for your words ... I do absolutely agree with you.... In the beginning of 2024. That has to be the time. It could also be even earlier in 2023.

      I feel, that something is in the air. A big change is coming. Very powerful and drastic. But in the end lightful for us starseeds and for humanity and for all this loving star races !!

  21. You know, your update photo reminds me a lot of a heroine in a book from my childhood 🤗
    "For some it was because of an irrational survival instinct, others wanted to become god-like by eating and consuming her violently."
    This reminds me of the 🐍 story about the reptilians who ate the head of their leader or queen I don't really know anymore to appropriate her abilities or something like that .
    When you say eaten, do you mean energetically or physically? What became of this Goddess and why wasn't she saved or protected?
    When you talk about the God of the Bible, is he incarnate on Earth? You talk about him in terms of masculine energy, but what about his feminine half?
    Does the Earth belong to anyone in particular? Knowing that according to 🐍 certain planets are associated with a God/Goddess or consciousness let's say divine.
    Where do these "little Atlanteans" come from, if we go back to the legends it seems to me that these beings, I think of the God Poseidon, lived underwater. What will become of them when Gaia is liberated, are they part of the Creator?
    If you can't answer certain questions that's fine 🤗 you've already shed a lot of light on the subject, thanks for the link.
    You know even if the removal of implants is painful I'm ready to give it a go, since one of my angels is no longer here, even if I understand why I miss the link.

    Kisses beautiful Soul 💖🌹🕊️🌈

    1. As mentioned in the post, the people of the original Atlanteans is pretty much forked by now.

      There are those who stayed true to life, who will merit their place on Earth and in the cosmos (there are actually worlds out there with their close relatives).

      The Atlanteans who risk a second fall and those who joined the chimera are likely to be restructured in the Central Sun or transported to prison-planets though.

    2. Thank you very much. Yes, I suppose they too are affected to a greater or lesser extent by the situation on Earth.
      Tell me how reliable do you think the writings of the Bibliotheque des Pleiades are?

      Kisses beautiful soul 😚🌹

  22. For those people deeply entrenched in the Chimera programme, there are sometimes glimmers of hope, but I can feel that they are struggling intensely and that it takes a lot of energy to try to get them out of this programming.
    And without the permission of these people (free will) there's not much we can do for the moment other than protect them with the gentle, benevolent energy of the Goddess.
    I would like them to realize that their energies of "anger" towards the forces of Light do not serve the Light and does not advance their own liberation, this is not a reproach I went through many dark nights before understanding the dark use our energy to create, they can't, it's important to know that, they manipulate the energy of humans unconsciously using the media and other social networks, an example is war, if unconsciously a large number of humans wanted peace, the dark ones wouldn't have the energy to create war.
    I think that sometimes we also need to distance ourselves when resistance becomes more intense, because that requires a lot of energy, especially when Lightworkers are involved.
    That's how I feel.

  23. Thanks! A lot.
    I definitely noticed these Chimera loads to drag down onto the negative timeline. Like being in a dreamy state and then waking up "why the hell am i imagining Chimera dystopian human societies", while being induced with almost a weird lust for it. FUTURE WILL BE LIGHT ONLY though, hehe.

  24. Dear Sebastien, would you please elaborate a little on the exact defferences between the soul body and the spirit/spiritual body? And the kind of relationships they have? I wanted to ask Cobra this question but unfortunately I was not able to attend any of the conferences so far. I would be grateful if you talk about the differences amd the distinctions and what happens to each during ascension.

  25. What is the position of Source (of this universe) in the entirety of existence? What is the structure of creation Source live in?

    Can souls created in this universe leave it and explore beyond?

    (I ask this because you said there are universes not created by Source, so Source doesn't seem to be the actual Source)

  26. Seb the first non physical contact with the central race with a ascendant,was that during the portal of light activation? Yes or no.

    1. No, it was a purely coincidental time when the Central Race member noticed the ascendant.
      Though everything that clears up the fog on Earth helps in this kind of recognition, it was not directly related.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Hello beautiful souls
    Here is a new tool created by Elixir de Sagesse
    𝗖𝗼𝗻𝘀𝗰𝗶𝗼𝘂𝘀𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗚𝗿𝗮𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 [Astral Star - LIGHT MANDALAS]

    🔮 By projecting your consciousness into the centre of the sphere, the 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝘀𝗰𝗶𝗼𝘂𝘀𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗚𝗿𝗮𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 programme places your consciousness in a state of coherence. The same applies to the unconscious and the subconscious, which are then in a state of independent equilibrium, limiting their influence on consciousness. As a result, this equilibrium creates a decrease in entropy, which modulates consciousness into a geometry conducive to the reception of information.

    As this state develops progressively according to each individual's state of consciousness, it is advisable to do this programme regularly.

    𝗔𝘀 𝗶𝗻 𝗮 𝗺𝗲𝗱𝗶𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻, 𝗺𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿𝘀𝗲𝗹𝗳 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗳𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲. 𝗩𝗶𝘀𝘂𝗮𝗹𝗶𝘀𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗴𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗼𝗳 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘀𝗰𝗶𝗼𝘂𝘀𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗼 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗰𝗿𝘆𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗹 𝘀𝗽𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗔𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗹 𝗦𝘁𝗮𝗿 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗿𝗲𝗰𝗲𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗶𝗻𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗺𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝗵𝗶𝗴𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝗽𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗲𝘀.
    The effects of the programmes we are proposing will modulate your consciousness in a completely new direction, gradually bringing about a disconnection from the collective consciousness, so that you can enter into a New Universal Consciousness, much more equitable, luminous and full of wisdom and justice.

    Bisous Belles Lumières de Gaia 🌹❤️

  28. My inner guidance told me to share something personal with you:

    If you want, you can save and share the PDF file.

    In the meanwhile, it got more and more clear for me, why I had all those meltdowns. Cabal doesn't want that I share certain thoughts with certain people! The more I do, the higher the chances are that I'm being tortured mentally and emotionally! On the other hand, if I stop to do certain things, I have more peace in my life again!
    However, I see that being completely silent and inactive when it comes to work for the good, is not a solution either.

    It's a real war and neither you should be too offensive nor too defensive!
    This is something that I learned while playing real strategy games.
    Rushing and turtling are measures that should be used only in the short-term. Using those strategies in long-term will result in your safe defeat!

    I still have troubles with finding the right balance between offense and defense, but I get better and better over time.

    Basically, cabal is trying to keep your life as negative as possible.
    The recent experiences have shown me, that cabal is by far not weak enough and thus, the Event still has to be postponed unfortunately.

  29. I have also a question:

    There's a current problem with spamming on Cobra's blog. Why is Cobra doing nothing against it? Does it have to do with free will or a non-interference policy? Or is an order from above to publish those spam comments?

    This is serious problem, because all this massive spam and nonsense is scaring more and more people away (me included).

    1. (Since it fits the topic and for visual reasons, I will repost my reply to someone here, quote):

      "I disagree! There's a reason why a ban hammer exists! (it doesn't have to be a perma ban, though)

      If people are getting disturbed by certain actions, then we DO have a problem! I suggested that commentator to use links instead, so I actually gave a chance.

      You can't be too strict or too soft. In general, there are different leadership styles and they have all pros and cons.

      Imagine, you are the leader of a company and there are some people bothering your workers. If you don't take certain actions, the whole company will suffer. For instance, more people would call in sick, because they can't stand the catastrophic circumstances anymore (happened to me as a employee of a former company, because, leaders did almost nothing for us workers!)

      Strict measures are not always censorship and too much leniency can actually damage the group spirit!

      They say that you can't please everyone - that's true for our private lives. But if you are a leader or have to take responsibility, then it's a whole different thing!

      The comments of "Zionismtookoverthe world" are taking about 1/3 of space here in the comments section! A THIRD! And that's not supposed to be a problem??? But again: Using links, making everything more compact would really reduce all this clogging! Remember that cabal is abusing the principle of free speech as well!"

      end quote

      Of course, I basically have no other choice to accept things I cannot control, but I still wanted to make a point.

  30. According to the latest notification the Portal's author is giving us a nice breakthrough communication-wise.
    😜 it's a strong gesture for these readers I'm happy for them 🤗
    To mark the occasion, I'm going to teach you a French expression.
    "Tomber sur le cul " 😁

    1. @ Maia:

      I'm really happy about the Q&A, too, but I'm not judging Cobra for being cold and distant. Obviously, Cobra is traumatized, too and thus, I can't understand why people are making fun of him. After all, he lost his wife in 2018 which is a big loss already. Also, if I remember correctly, I read in one of the early interviews that Cobra has been physically tortured in the past.

      Either way, it's pretty suspicious that certain individuals simply cannot stop and that they have to oppose people all the time in one way or another. Well, it's actually obvious that people who speak the truth and fight for the good are constantly discredited - typical haters. What certain people are saying about the Chimera is indeed very real and sometimes, I can even feel when the AI activation is kicking in!

      Regarding Cobra's behavior, he is probably sticking very much to the lightforces' orders. For me, there's obviously a reason why Cobra is very much reserved and is valuing security very much.

      In the meanwhile, I have learned a lot about human psychology and it's disgusting to see to what people are capable of! I actually developed real trust issues and honestly, the highest circles aka spiritual/esoteric community has contributed a lot to that! I often have the strong feeling that I want have nothing to do with any people other than my earth family, until I realize I cannot completely dodge social interactions. Basically, I want something, but at the same time, I'm afraid of it, so yeah, I have also commitment anxiety which also prevents me to build up and maintain healthy friendships or relationships.

      It's also enlightened and creepy at the same time to realize more and more why people become stoic after a while.
      There's a saying that goes:
      If you're honest, you hurt people.
      If you show emotions, you are being hurt.
      At some point, this exceeds all capacities and you remain silent!

      However, I think those problems will heal quickly, once I am surrounded by the right people again! (In real life and not just online!) But okay, anyway... I will see now how the Q&A is going and otherwise, I will have some offline time again.

    2. @Libra
      It's really a nice surprise this change for the better, you know a big responsibility requires you to get over your wounds and I think he's done that, I'm really pleased for him. As for his beloved wife, he'll be reunited with her after the event, You know, I've suffered a great deal from the bullshit I've been told on his blog, so I've preferred to leave so as not to be subjected to it any more, I've been renamed I don't know how many times, they've wanted to marry me off, and I was even the reward for the guy behind the pseudo planetx for light work accomplished a contract with the forces of light! Not to mention the story where I'm Jesus and I live in a stable, and my twin is a girl, so I think I've had more than my fill of emotional mayhem.
      I'm at a point where It doesn't matter whether I'm a small or large soul on Earth, for me it makes no difference, we're all in the same prison.,I don't want to know who I am and I don't want to meet my flame. After the event I think I'm going to find a quiet corner to finish working on my spirituality and healing if I hadn't been guided towards the Goddess, I have no idea what state I'd be in today.
      I'll devote the time I'm given here to working with and for the Goddess as best I can, no matter what the attacks, they're done for, they don't scare me.

    3. @ Maia:

      I'm actually surprised that Cobra is doing a Q&A, which is usually done in form of interviews and conferences. It also seems that many people (me included) are already suffering from PTSD. I can imagine that lightforces are underestimating the amount of healing that needs to be done.

      Event or not, there is one factor, people shouldn't underestimate and this is:
      ⏱⏱⏱ Time! ⏱⏱⏱

      As far as I remember, hostages of the lightforces that have been liberated, needed 10 years to fully recover. I think, many of us will need that amount of time as well - or at least, not less than 5 years.

      My objective is very clear:
      Preparing for escape, getting restored in my true form and building up a real life, with real friends, real family and real love!

  31. Since Cobra started the Q&A, I will repost my second and third comment about those questions here again, in the hope that Sebastian might comment on this. I mean, it's doesn't hurt to hear another opinion.

    Questions regarding First Contact:

    - How will the First Contact happen for people like me who don't own property? (I only have a place with much nature in mind, about 2 hour foot walk away from my location)
    - How is the first step made in general?
    - How will people contact me? By mail? By phone? Over the Internet? Or even personally?
    - Will the first step be similar to a job application?
    - Theoretically, if the Event would happen today, how long does an individual with or without property has to wait until they can meet the aliens in person?

    Can you tell more about the technology that allows body transmigration? (means, permanently anchoring the consciousness of a person into a new body, so basically a reincarnation)

    I'm asking this question with the intent for everyone who needs healing by getting a whole new body - not only transsexuals, but also for everyone else whose body has disabilities, deformations, diseases etc.

    Sometimes, it makes more sense to start with a new body rather than trying to improve the old one (especially for transsexuals this is very crucial)

    1. #4:
      Is the removal of subquantum anomaly and implants supporting the healing of physical ailments, like vision problems or allergies? I believe that every disease can be healed - even without technology, but I have the feeling that darkness is severely blocking my progress, thus my question.

    2. #5:
      Is autism a thing that is coming from the darkforces? Is autism a mental mutation or an anomaly? Or does autism mean that people just have high performance brains?

      Since I'm autistic as well, I think that it can actually be something beautiful - if there wouldn't be the risk for meltdowns.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. This is already my 6th question, but I think it's very important nevertheless:

      Will we have a chance to prepare for the Event a few hours or days before it happens? Like a heads up 24 - 72 hours before?
      I think this important to know since even the most flexible people need time to adapt to changes.

      (Right now, while I'm writing this, my inner guidance is telling me: The governments will give everybody enough time to prepare for the military lockdowns, similar like the covid lockdowns. Nobody has to panic, people will be guided)

      Okay... I think, this is the answer I need, nevertheless, I leave my question for everyone else here.

    5. #7:
      In the previous Situation Update is has been said that "mandalas, buildings and objects based on sacred geometry clear the subquantum anomaly."

      My question is:
      Is there a musical equivalent for this?
      Can the lightforces recommend certain intervals, scales, chord progressions, modes etc. for composing?

    6. #8:
      What can you say about the moon landing by India people are talking about in the moment? Why India? And is it some sort of distraction?

    7. #9:
      Another question and I think I'm not the only one who had such experiences:

      Why is it still possible for the darkforces to torture us even on the physical plane?

      A few months ago, I pinched a nerve in my spine area, but it happened so suddenly, that it felt like someone rammed a dagger into my back! Not only my movement was impaired, but also, I was barely able to breathe, it really felt like suffocating! Indeed, it actually felt like a death struggle and I used all my willpower to survive! I dunno if this was even an attempt to assassinate me!

      Fortunately, such incidents happen rarely, but if they occur, they are very terrifying!

    8. #10:
      How was it possible for the German miracle healer Bruno Gröning to cure people in a couple of seconds?

      For those who think that this might be a fake, I can recommend to watch the following documentary:

    9. #11:
      time critical question:

      What is the prognosis of the lightforces regarding a new attempt by the cabal to create another pandemic?

  32. Hi Sebastian, thanks for answering some of the questions! I will keep it short this time.
    I received a poem from a friend of mine having prophetic dreams. In the poem, the supposed divine being said,

    The path may hurt,
    But the end is your era,
    The beginning is like your Jacob,
    The result of your take-up.

    May I know what does “The beginning is like your Jacob” mean? It is hard for me to decipher.

    I earnestly wish to work on my weaknesses and attain ascension, does the LF’s have any specific advice?

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. (please use your inner guidance while reading)

    I will give you my POV regarding the Event:

    2023 - very unlikely to happen, but I think that certain breakthroughs will happen which will stabilize the positive future even more.
    2024 - A good chance that the Event will happen if everything is going as planned. My assumption is that the Event could either happen in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2024.
    2025 - The orientation point, since many cycles are converging in that year. Therefore, the assumption has being made that the Event will probably happen in that year.

    However... overall, the timing of the Event is dependent on important factors we have only little to no control over like:
    - what the cabal is doing
    - what the lightforces are doing
    - the progress with clearing anomaly and dark entities
    - the free will of earth people

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

    A beautiful encounter, a beautiful exchange with Gaïa, this little Thrush seemed to have difficulty flying, I offered to help her by surrounding her with violet and pink energy, she then flew away frightened by my nephew's little dog, I was looking for her then instinctively I left for the bedroom and I was looking into nature behind when I heard her calling me with a little cry and I saw her in the little stream looking at me, I nicknamed her Trésor.
    I went out to see her and said to her, "You're looking better, Trésor" and she walked away.

    Perhaps she was one of the souls Sébastien mentioned, reincarnated as a bird 🕊️

    1. A bird and a tree... that's actually an interesting synchro because, it reminds me of a sad, personal story.

      One day this summer, a small bird was trapped in my house and I tried to free the bird, but my help came already too late. I assume that the bird died of a brain hemorrhage, because it bonked its head too hard against a wall or a window. So yeah, the bird died in my hands and it made me actually sad, too!

      However, I transported the dead bird into a nearby forest and buried it behind a tree - thus my surprise when I saw your photo, Maia. Generally, I hate it when birds are trapped or being hold in a cage!

    2. PS to my story:

      It's also sad to think about that almost no adult person would came up with the idea to bury a dead bird behind a tree. I guess, children would rather do that. An adult would've just put the dead bird into a trash can, I guess. It's good to know that I was able to preserve my inner child.


      So I had to keep my childlike spirit, I buried dead birds several times, my guinea pig and my goldfish with words like "take good care of him on the other side", life is sacred to me.
      Just as I'm sad to see all these forests burning, the forest is like my second home.

    4. @ Maia:

      This is why the following is written in the bible:
      And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."
      Matthew 18:3

      My interpretation is the following:
      Especially because most adults have lost their childish attitude, they created hell on earth. And this is why people like you and me exist - to reverse this hellish state!


    5. Very interresting Libra I've never liked seeing animals locked up, and I understand why today our situation on Earth is ultimately similar to a cage, trapped in a life we didn't choose.
      You know, Libra, even though I've been told so many times, I don't consider myself any more important than the other Workers, just a piece of the puzzle in the ground team who are doing their best to help, and besides, I wouldn't feel very comfortable receiving such and such an award - so many Workers at the front have left so much for us, and so many are still doing it.
      A healthy body, getting back to my tribe, living in a place where I can be myself and be connected with life, the universe in all its forms.
      I think Source has understood.
      You see, my dream is like Avatar without the invaders, although I wouldn't mind the little villains that Sébastien mentioned.

  37. @Libra
    I'm also preparing as best I can, Fm144 posted a new update and answered some questions Lightworkers are exhausted and want to be done with many feel a sense of loneliness, I have a pretty similar goal with the desire to live in a place where nature predominates, where I could be me, my appearance matters little to me and that of my tribe too I want to live a love in harmony with everyone and fusion with my other half, but it's complicated my husband on earth is probably one of my soul mates, he is very loving and caring, I have affection for him but since my soul fusion shortly after waking up my view of love has changed . I often wonder how it's going to be, will he wake up and understand 🤷. Material things don't interest me, I want to focus my future life on a much more spiritual and energetic life.

    1. Maïa79, I posted this for review on the 144 blog, and felt this to be relevant:

      "Regarding loneliness, no one is ever truly alone. There is plant life and animal life to connect to. One can even connect to the microorganisms in their bodies. In my own case, I can go without human contact for very long periods of time. It only requires a reorientation of focus on what constitutes as living - everything is alive. The social aspect in oneself can be redirected to intelligences that exist outside of humanity."

      You're on the right track by connecting with nature! Humans come and go though. Connections to the living world around us is more stable. I've always pushed people away if they get too close because I felt more connected to environments than other people. Hard to put into words.

  38. The Spectrum

    1. I want to make it short:

      All the misery gives us the impression that everything and everyone is evil, which is not true.
      There are also many good people out there and the starseeds are among those. Therefore, I see it as utmost important to release funds for starseeds (see Dreamland) ASAP! This will help first, the starseeds themselves and second, they could initiate positive chain reactions by helping out with all this money!

    2. Libra, yeah, Lightworkers get treated like second class citizens, and enough is enough. Tangible changes need to be experienced ASAP, which would definitely help lightworkers to be in a better state. The damage done by being stuck with dead end jobs like the one I'm working cannot be overstated.

    3. Very nice post Starlight, you know my husband in his job is in charge of housing maintenance and humans are really disgusting, he picked up kilos of waste per day he shows me photos sometimes, in the garden in the stairwells there are bins everywhere.
      And when I go out into the countryside, some places are wild rubbish dumps, I wonder if these humans are controlled to act in this way.
      You know, you mustn't blame the forces of Light, you all know that agreements, as unfair as they may seem to us, have been made with the dark ones.
      And that for the moment they can't reach us because there are still too many of them on the physical plane, because that would have terrible consequences on Earth, but things are changing, they're making mistakes and the wheel is turning. I think that the beginning of 2024 promises to be full of great advances.
      Look who came to visit me, I had a nice chat with this sacred animal.
      And when sometimes I feel the need to connect with my twins, I embrace them and exchange my energy with them.
      My twins 👇

    4. Yeah, they are outnumbered.
      Nice bug and twins! 🌲🌲

  39. Last one.

    1. So, you literally tried out everything?
      Did you also try out everything that has anything to do with femininity? (except for nature?)
      Did you try to engage in SotR groups?

      Also, I want to add that "progress has been made" doesn't have to mean that everyone's life is automatically getting better, at least my life is getting better step by step - despite the darkies trying to drag me down.

      Otherwise, my first impression was that you have some kind of "super implant".
      As I see this, every starseed has a different type of super implant and in my case, it is my ugly male body. Indeed, I call my wrong body a "super implant", because it locks all my femininity away - a super power, the darkies are very afraid of. They knew, that my femininity would be a serious problem for them, so they sealed my feminine power into this body. But it's not only the beauty they are suppressing, but also my sexual power!

      I see my problem similar to the character Midna, from the game Zelda, Twilight Princess. Her body has been also distorted by evil beings.

    2. I think that unfortunately many of us are victims of "curses". My only bedroom session in Tachyons was quite intense because I heard the message "but what state have they put you in".
      I don't think they really imagined the life here that we're subjected to on so many levels, so if I was able to help open their eyes up there, well, I hope it was able to help other Lightworkers, plus now if they can get the photos, they're sure to fall on their arses, the commanders !
      And if they're listening to the thoughts of some of us, I think they'll take the necessary steps to help as soon as it's safe to do so.
      Bisous belles âmes .

    3. @ Maia:

      If I had some programming skills, then maybe I could make an iron boots simulator! 😂😂😂

    4. Libra, I haven't tried the SotR groups. There aren't any in my area. I figured that this would be cleared by the Light Forces, especially by now. The Zelda game makes sense. I'm playing TotK right now. All of the Zelda games are quite amazing.

      I definitely have multiple super implants, and my life is worse than it's ever been before. The only solution is to once again go beyond all thought. Only there can the implants lose their influence.

    5. Maïa79, maybe it will never be safe for them to help. That's why help outside 2012 Portal is needed. My hand has once again been forced.

    6. I have just posted a question and yes there is only the idiots who do not change opinion but it is only with an aim of serving my work of Light yesterday during my meditation I Am they put to me a barrier at the level of the 9th Chakra I had to battle to keep the control, they had also made for the 11th but it was brief, I had to unblock something which did not plus them I know little the higher chakras my question is on that, but I did not activate the notifications I do not want to replonger in certain delirious subjects.
      Hang in there Starlight, I can feel things evolving, I can't write everything I want, you know I escape so often it keeps me sane.
      And if you need me I'm here.
      Here not SOTR too .

    7. I am sure you have great abilities @Libra, you know some light workers are able to work energetically on the grid, mainly with an energy that the dark loves and with the cintamanis too. We have the POWER to regain control because we are instoppable😘.

    8. @ Starlight432:

      I tried to get into a SotR group, too, but in the meanwhile, I don't even want to look after one for one simple reason: I'm a man IRL.
      I know that they say that men are welcomed in those groups, but that's the same thing they say about eldery care, nurseries/Kindergartens etc.

      I simply fear the old thought that I will never be fully accepted because of my male appearance (or should I say werewolf? 😂) and I guess, even the fact that I'm transgender wouldn't help me much. Let's have a look on an article, that has been published by Prepare for change a couple of months ago:

      As if someone would say: "Look! The trannies are at it again!"
      To see articles like this is not surprising me.

      Generally, I don't want to be seen as a potential pedophile, rapist or whatever. This is among other things a reason, why I keep contacts with women to an absolute minimum IRL, simply because I'm not in the mood for such stupid things. As I see this, the cabal has successfully managed to divide men and women and I see no hope for real deprogramming before the Event.

      Long story short: This is why I avoid SotR groups and women in general - simply to protect myself.

    9. @ Starlight432:

      PS: I mean, I observed too much insanity among people and basically, I jumped onto the MGTOW train long time before I even knew what MGTOW is.

      Truly, everything on this planet has become extremely deadlocked - but I'm still optimistic and I have my strategies to deal with all this insanity!

    10. I understand the function of a Sisterhood of the Rose group, but as for me, I'm simply not willing to take certain risks.

    11. Libra, yeah, what they are doing is taking some bad apples and assuming that all transgender people are bad apples. It becomes politicized, and although I have many things in common with conservatives (saying no to the vax for example), one of their key weaknesses is that they make too many generalizations. I would never say that men who identify as women should be allowed in women's bathrooms, because this would be exploited by bad apples like crazy, but I see what you mean. The goal of people should be to see reality as accurately as possible, and neither the left nor the right does this.

      It makes sense what you say about women. I'm not trans, but I too avoid too much contact with women. I too went the MGTOW path without at first realizing it.

    12. @ Starlight:

      "The goal of people should be to see reality as accurately as possible, and neither the left nor the right does this."


      And one of the core statements of the MGTOW movement is that women are parasites who abuse men as their hosts. However, the actual truth is that those parasitic women are basically victims of dark entities. I believe that there are still true women out there who have no evil intentions and among other things, those women would be called NAWALT (stands for: Not all women are like that).

      Although I understand the principle of MGTOW, it can be a dead end for men which might result in unnecessary hatred towards women. So in other words, MGTOW is indeed abused by the cabal as some sort of counter-feminism with the same goal like modern feminism: To divide men and women.

      I think that neither a healthy woman nor a healthy man would come up with the idea to hate the opposite sex!

    13. Libra, yeah, one of the main patterns in the world is to take any kind of movement - political or nonpolitical - corrupt it, and weaponize it. I agree, MGTOW definitely has distorted perceptions of women.

    1 - Very early in life, they feel different. Very often, he feels isolated from others, alone and misunderstood, and will have to find his own way in life.
    2- They have difficulty feeling comfortable in traditional jobs and/or organizational structures. Beings of light are naturally anti-authoritarian, meaning they naturally resist decisions or values based solely on power or hierarchy. This character trait is present even if they seem shy. This is linked to the very essence of their mission on earth.
    3 - Beings of light are attracted to helping people, either as a therapist or as a teacher. They can be psychologists, healers, guides, volunteers, etc. Even if their profession is not directly related to helping people, their intention to contribute to the greater well-being of humanity is clearly present.
    4 - Their outlook on life is tinged with a spiritual sense of how all things relate to one another. They consciously or unconsciously carry memories into non-earthly spheres of light, may - occasionally - long for these cosmic spheres and feel like a stranger on earth.
    5 - They deeply honor and respect life, which often manifests in affection for animals and concern for the environment. The destruction of any part of the animal or vegetable kingdom on earth by the acts of man evokes in them deep feelings of loss and grief.
    6 - They are kind, sensitive and empathetic. They may be uncomfortable when confronted with aggressive behavior.
    They can be distracted, naive, or deeply idealistic, and easily pick up on the feelings and moods (negative or positive) of those around them. They need moments of solitude to reconnect with themselves and with mother earth, always in harmony with the universal consciousness of God.
    7 - They lived many lives on earth where they were deeply involved in spirituality. They were present in very large numbers in the ancient religious orders of their past, as monks, nuns, hermits, mediums, shamans, priests, priestesses, etc. They were the ones who bridged the visible and the invisible, between the everyday context of terrestrial and extraterrestrial life, connecting the spiritual planes and the realm of the God of the universe.
    For fulfilling this role, you have often been shunned and persecuted. Many of you have been condemned for the gifts you possessed.
    This is why today we, the beings of light, no longer fight with shields and swords, but with wisdom and love.
    Dedicated to all beings of light who are part of this sacred group.
    Via Mario Meliti

  41. Sébastien, I have a question. Humans have been cut off from their Source connections, but what about animals and plants?
    I have the feeling that they've kept a link since I was a little girl, I often went for walks in nature and I already felt this sense of well-being and calm. It's even stronger now that I'm learning to reconnect with nature.
    This could explain why 'wild' animals don't trust humans and flee - they probably feel that the dark ones are controlling them.
    But I've seen some of these animals come to ask some humans for help and it's been wonderful.

  42. General notice

    There's something called "toxic positivity" which I see as a serious problem among the spiritual community, because it's simply not the way how people should support each other:

    Imagine, what could probably happen, if you say words to someone, that look positive on the first glance, but can do serious damage, if used in the wrong situation.

    This is also the reason, why I absolute detest this new age hippie thinking! Especially I hate it, when people are being "positive" with the main intention to just do something good. In my family, basically everyone was depressed at least one time in their lives. However, I never came up with the idea to encounter them with the "you can do it!" attitude! I just was being there for others and behaved in my authentic way - nothing more, nothing less.

    And sometimes, instead of using toxic positivity, it's better to be completely silent, IMO. Especially, if you don't know personally, it can even work like an insult.

    1. I agree, and well said. It's definitely a form of denial. Toxic positivity cuts people off from what's really going on inside, causing major dysfunction, both to themselves and others.

  43. My blog post with the question for Cobra has been updated.

  44. Since this has been asked me about 2 weeks ago:

    I will not accept any requests for private communication anymore (i.e. via Telegram, Email etc.) - unless, we met at least once in person beforehand or you are part of my First Contact team!

    I simply see no point anymore to work with anyone in private who I never met in person before. In contrast to this, I personally met a few people on a covid demo in 2020 and working with them went very well. Those people were no "lightworkers", but they had basic understanding of the NWO and spirituality. The most important characteristic they had were a down-to-earth attitude. Aside from demos, I even engaged in some free time activities, what I usually never did with people outside family. So yeah, I think personal contact is very crucial for a long-term collaboration.

    There's enough stupidity already going on and with a personal contact, I can evaluate much better who I can really trust and who not. After all, in real life, nobody can hide behind their beloved keyboard anymore, but nevertheless there are still people IRL who talk much and do nothing.

    As for the lightworker community, I prefer a more distant type of communication (like writing comments on blogs). My experience has shown me that some of those "lightworkers" have become really nasty, once I allowed a private communication.

    Basically, I have depleted most of my mental reserves and I have to preserve what's left!

  45. I want to share something funny again.
    This is me going crazy:

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Speaking of humor:

      When I look at places like the comments section of The Portal, then everything is so dead boring, really bone dry.

      I mean, I don't have it easy like many others, but I'm still capable of laughing. Nothing kills an atmosphere more than an absence of humor.

    3. 👍 I can use humor quite a bit when talking to myself.


  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. I was in the forest yesterday and sitting on a bench. The place I was resting at is surrounded by small hills and suddenly, I had some visions again: The complete area around me was submerged and I was basically sitting on a bench underwater. Most people couldn't imagine that places can change that drastically, but for me, the idea of a small forest being underwater, with trunks and other stuff swimming away, doesn't sound that much remote from the reality!

    1. It's great, I've never had a vision of a marine forest, but water and forests are inseparable in my vision of future Gaia, and yes I don't even wonder if it's possible, it is, it's that gap there when these visions come to you, perhaps memories of lives and worlds in which you've lived that make me feel even more ET than human.
      Next time you go into the forest if you feel guided visualise the roots of your feet mingling with those of a tree and connecting with all the others, trees communicate with each other and we can communicate with them and let the magic happen 😘

  49. Fundraising campaign
    Help the Lightworker being affected by severe weather in Central Europe

    More information here:

  50. Dear Sébastien, I have a question: when you work on cancelling your contracts, does this also affect your family or friends or people with whom the dark could have linked you via this contract?
    Thank you for your help.
    Bisous belle âme 😘🌹🕊️💖😘🛸✨💫🌈🦋🌲

  51. I made another personal breakthrough:
    Thanks to the help of AI, I managed to feminize my voice and I like it so much that I even would consider it for my future body!

    One day, I received the telepathic message: "Designing your future body will be a piece of cake!"
    Obviously, this is true - especially if you keep in mind that the current tech available for the public on earth is considered as pretty lame!

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  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. I just received a telepathic transmission today that helped me to understand better, why so many people among the spiritual community appear like bots to me.

    Furthermore, my inner guidance led me to something which Sebastian from The Unveiling wrote:

    "The main attachment every human has is an alien being, serving the chimera, which is in most cases millions of years old itself and highly intelligent in a predator way. [...] Many humans (by now about 70-80%) have given up the fight against this main attachment, especially since 1996. These humans might be nice and friendly on the surface but secretly and many times subconsciously, they will do what the attachment/chimera wants. The less a human fights against the attachment, the more they become 'owned property' of the chimera, that means the chimera does what they want with that human (that is meant by ‚possession‘ in ancient scriptures)."

    See also here:

    "These humans might be nice and friendly on the surface but secretly and many times subconsciously, they will do what the attachment/chimera wants."

    - Explains also all that hypocrisy and a behavior that appears to me as if people are under the effect of drugs!

    On the other hand, all this information gives me hope since it shows me that there will be more honesty and authenticity among people, the weaker the influence of darkies gets! But of course, change doesn't happen in a blink of an eye...

  55. Hello Sébastien.
    "Many humans nowadays are still steered by miniature souls, some of which are high-end developments of the chimera and the remaining atlanteans."
    Are these appearance humans part of the 500 thousand most terrible beings? Or are there more of them, maybe I even have some as neighbours, I wouldn't be surprised.
    If you take away the incarnated starseeds, I wonder how many innocent or controlled beings there must be left to save 🤔
    Bisous belle âme 😘🌹💖🛸🕊️

    1. C'est 500 millions, pas des milliers !
      Maybe a translation error again? 😁

      Anyway, Cobra talked about 500 million individuals being removed in the future, as you can read here:

      So, in other words 1/16 of the population which is pretty much IMO! Or, for example, if you have a city with 100,000 inhabitants, then 6,250 of them are very negative.

    2. That's quite possible 🤨 originally I wrote "500 000 êtres les plus terribles"
      Yes I had read this post I was just wondering if these Atlanteans were part of this group or if they were in addition what would make us in the end many more super villains on Earth.And if I take into account what I've been told, I know English, Sanskrit, Egyptian and possibly Chinese very well, but in this incarnation I have to believe that I don't have much left of my past lives.😭

  56. There's a big question in my mind I want to ask - independent from the Q&A:

    So, how are the lightforces going to treat all those people - whether you call them "lightworker" or not - in a fair way once planetary liberation is done?
    How do the lightforces know which people are worthy to be rewarded?
    How do they know who is and was doing hard work?
    And what about all the silent heroes who nevertheless make an impact on the whole?

    I don't think that such assessment should be done by any earth humans though, since they often judge based on superficialities and biases. I think, everything should taken into account, not only this incarnation of course.

    I'm asking those questions, because I'm afraid that there could be still some unfair distribution of rewards in the future.
    Don't get me wrong: I don't need to have a bigger car, house or whatever; I do have indeed wishes in a material way, but not out of greed, but out of self-worth, self-love and self-respect!
    In other words:
    I suffered a lot - I deserve a lot! And so do many others!

    The thing is that I cannot prove what I have ever done and even if...
    In my opinion, being a punching bag and slave alone in this incarnation right now, deserves a LOT of compensation already!

    Otherwise I say:
    I will get everything I need, I will get everything I want!
    Sooner or later!

    1. With kindness Libra 🤗, there's a French expression that goes.
      "Everything comes to those who wait".
      I was asking myself a lot of questions and then I came across a video of Christina Love Steam and she was asked if the Earth was flat and she replied with a sentence like this:
      "Is it really useful to know, whether it's flat or round, is it going to help you advance in your evolution?" and this sentence resonated with me with a lot of Wisdom.
      Some of the questions I was asking myself weren't helpful in moving forward, so I worked on that and I can tell you that I have answers to questions much bigger than that and I'm happy to be moving forward on my path of Light because I still need time to prepare and my higher self reassures my human side, she tells me don't worry everything will be fine we're a team ✨💖🕊️🌹🛸🧘😇

  57. Hi Sébastien, I was wondering, is there such a thing as benevolent black energy? I was in time line meditation and at the moment of protection I was surrounded by this light but not negative I had the impression that it amplified the light of my being, it was the first time.😇🧘☺️✨😘

  58. Dear Starseeds

    How would it be after the event?

    How would we all live?

    How will it feel to have a body and mind with the restored full capacity?

    What would we do the whole day?

    How will First Contact or Re-Contact be?

    I am wondering about that a lot.


    One day... in the future .... all this endtime madness will be over....

    I will be so happy..... we all will be so happy.. and we will be dancing and singing .... and praising !

    That will be such a party !

    Lets imagine this feeling right now....

    Imagine it ... how it already was happening....

    enjoy the feeling of joy, relief, peace and mercy.

    Thank you universe... thank you.

    You want to read more?

    I do write in my Channel about my energy work in switzerland.
    Feel free to follow my Channel on Telegram:

  59. Regarding the latest 2012portal blog post: these answers are without any (except minor things) new information((

    It's sad that even Cobra's blog is likely to be a scam of "hopium".

    Hope that I'm wrong, but when I saw this meaningless post of q/a that already been answered I realized Cobra does not want to touch sensitive topics about REAL tangible evidence of positive changes in the physical world.

    I mean there were many good questions worth answering and again Cobra answered only "safe" questions like "what about pets? what about fires? why process of liberation is so slow" All these question can be answered in vague way and they are not provocative to the idea of that the liberation will be soon, "very" soon. Yeah, for sure

    1. You might like to become aware that all discrediting of the truth - and Cobra's blog is a huge infusion of the truth - is the influence of the chimera.

      They will try to discredit everything which leads people to the right understanding. "Hopium" is exactly what the chimera wants people to think, when it comes to Cobra's blog.
      Toys and tools will get very smart in those tries to discredit, pretending that those were only vague answers etc. is part of that.

      Please lift yourself up above such manipulation, once you get true contact to your higher self, you will know what the Portal (and maybe even the Unveiling) really is.

      It is disgusting how the chimera is still influencing and misleading people in this regard.

  60. Quote from the Divine Intervention Activation Report, from January 3rd 2022:

    "Since Galactic Law overrides local laws, this contact will be established regardless of the local laws in the countries where people will be contacted. The Pleiadians have stressed that they want to initialize the contact as soon as possible, but will NOT contact anyone until the basic safety of contacted individuals can be assured, and for this the Dark forces on the physical plane need to lose more power. They do not wish to say when the contact sequence will start, but when it starts, it will start suddenly without warning.

    People who do not own land will be contacted also, but for that contact they will need to be in nature at least 60 meters/yards away from the nearest human being to avoid implant / biochip interference, and as far away as possible from the local military bases.

    (new answer from September 4th 2023: "First Contact for people who do not own property will happen at the private land of people who volunteered to give that land for mass Contact.")

    As soon as this contact happens, and even before, it will trigger strong emotional reactions among the surface population. Remain calm then, and use common sense."

    See also here:

    Reading this, it makes me confused and angry at the same time! Because, now I have the question: Do I have to be dependent on others or not??? 😠

    Also, I simply cannot afford a house, which must be in a rural area of course. Problem is only that I will need a few million Euros to buy such a house, if we consider the current prices and even if I wanted to buy such a property, I dunno if I will ever get access to enough money!

    Otherwise: An alternative would be to wait longer until alien contact gets more mainstream. I don't like all the delays at all, but at least, it means more time for preparation.

    1. Libra,
      I would say the question was not clearly asked for lightworkers who participated in the meditation for it. There will be a possibility for mass contact for all people later, maybe after the event.

    2. I guess, the following is what nails it for many people:

      "I want to have direct contact - I don't like the idea that contact has to be done over a third party."

  61. Thanks for the update.
    The post in French / L'article en français :
    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  62. I'm sad, energetically Sébastien's blog is going to have to be cleaned up, Cobra made the effort to interact with his readers it's a nice gesture yes he didn't answer everything but I felt the reassuring side because in many comments that's what stands out the most Light workers need to be reassured, Regarding the meetings, as I've already answered Libra, I think it's a question of security, a group in the same place is probably easier to protect energetically than several separate individuals, perhaps there will be meetings otherwise the situation is constantly evolving, you know very well that the situation will be very unstable before and after the non-awakened humans risk panicking.
    Just imagine how Cobra would feel if he read some of these comments. If his connection with everyone is more developed than ours, then he must feel some pain.
    I'm learning to unlearn it's hard but my efforts are paying off and I'm glad because the Lighforces will need us in the near future.
    Goddess Bless you 🌹🕊️🌈

    1. Dear Maia

      How do you mean "The lightforces, will need us in the near future?"

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Then some complain that the liberation does not advance but for the event to take place, it is necessary to clean as much as possible. We can help we have the most powerful tool which eliminates thousands of reptilians with each meditation. is the Vortex of the Goddess, the more we clean the better it will go, when we observe the world Biden and his army of Replicator AI, Musk which is throwing more and more satellites, the fires, the floods, the terrible earthquake in Morocco, we can help we have this power within us. And I came across this today, we need to be ready things are accelerating we are the energy team on the ground
      Bisous belle âme 😘🌹🛸💖🕊️

    4. Hi
      Well, you know, things are moving enormously, even if not all the workers are aware of it yet, so we need to be as well prepared as possible, because we'll be on the front line when the event happens, and even before then, we need to stabilize the grid, I'm thinking of the cintamani guardians, I've been working with my higher self for a while now and she's great, we've made great strides, I'm going to share them with you, there's no point in keeping them to myself.
      First of all you have a great button for connecting to others, not just your divinity, when you meditate you can amplify the meditation by visualizing your soul chakra connected to others, I even think it's a tool for communicating with galactic beings, then use Earth's star chakra under your feet to connect you to the universe and your memories about 20 cm under your feet and see roots going down to the center of the earth, you're connecting to the universe and to your memories .

  63. (please use your inner guidance)

    Okay, this is what I received telepathically regarding the process of First Contact:

    Once enough risks have been removed, the first individuals will be contacted which will be of course people with property who invited the aliens to land with their ships. The contacted individuals will be initiated and given instructions how to further proceed with the contact process. Those private homes will be upgraded to "outposts" for the lightforces and equipped with goods and technology.

    The people who own property will build up a relationship with the Pleiadian contactees. This is important, since it will help to understand situations of both sides better. People will talk intensively with each other. The aliens will get deeper impressions of the lives and perspectives of the starseeds and vice versa.

    Once the time is right and preparations are done, the "outposts" / private homes will be used to invite other starseeds to take part in the First contact process. Among other things, physical meetings with like-minded people will tremendously strengthen the connections among the lightworker community.

    Basically, those homes that will be used for First Contact, won't be just any normal homes anymore. They will be the first "mini Islands of Light", as it were. They will be the nodes that will support the development of the future society on earth.

    And even if people won't have the chance to get into direct contact with aliens immediately: At the moment of the Event and afterwards, things and connections will develop in a pretty fast and exponential way. Much faster as it would be ever imaginable in the current situation now.

    The final step will be to make First Contact mainstream. The starseeds who already had contact with aliens before, will further support the process in one way or another. Those, who got early into contact will help the rest of the mainstream population to understand that aliens are indeed very real. This will help to reach a critical mass of understanding and at some point, the existence of positive aliens will be absolutely undeniable!

    1. I may invite them to restaurant and go see a hockey game after.🤔 That would be awsome

    2. Wow Libra this strongly reminds me of a dream I had a while ago, I was in a house with a caring AI I was surprised when she welcomed me by calling me by my first name " I said to the group "you have AI, they told me they are friendly", we discussed and exchanged in perfect harmony while drinking cocktails, there was a lot of technology that I didn't know, so it's very possible may your message be a view of the future.
      Soon I Hope 🛸

    3. Thank you Libra and Maia for sharing. Very interesting !

  64. I have a question:

    What about menstruation and the effects of it in the future?
    I know that Cobra gave an answer to it already, but he only said something like "it doesn't have to be painful".

    Are periods another burden coming from the Chimera, similar to the danger of creating an unwanted offspring during sex?

    I mean, I simply can't imagine that I have to be bothered by regular bleedings in the future.

    1. Libra that's a good question it reminds him of Sherman's comment who said he preferred to have his period 🤔 the females of certain animals also have a different but real cycle with loss, regarding the pain I'm not concerned, but the generations of my daughter, she suffers a lot, there is not much to do and the painkillers are more or less effective, it lasts a week and it is a heavy flow, you have to drink a lot and be careful of anemia , not to mention mood swings 😬 and endometriosis, women who suffer from it suffer terribly. Personally, since there is an energetic way to conceive children, I hope I don't need an avatar with a menstrual cycle.

    2. As said the whole reproductive measurements were installed by the chimera, including the menstrual cycle.

      This will all change, once we are at compression breakthrough. Changes will be faster for those who are higher in ascension of course.

  65. It was actualy in this blog (Update June 2023), where sebastian answered following question. So his answer doesnt have the topic about periods. But my interpretation in relation to his answer is, that there is no need in future to suffer. One day the suffering will be over. Hopefully very soon !

    Here I do insert what Sebastian wrote:

    Question: Why is the pregnancy mechanism a tool for the chimera? Are sexual organs not just for procreating? How do we procreate then after the Event?

    The chimera introduced pregnancy as the main means to procreate for some of the first humans when they emerged. The first colonists did not really care because they saw the first humans as much smaller and animal-like compared to themselves. They thought it was acceptable to keep that mechanism for procreation for a lower species like that, as it would have costed a lot of energy to cancel these plans of the chimera.
    Sexual organs are usually created for unity, not for procreating - they were merely adopted by the chimera and changed towards procreation. It was the chimera who made the sick connection between the enormous fulfilling fun of unity/sex and creating/caring/duty for offspring - offspring which they rather saw as their forth-coming and food on Earth. They tried to mix the highest fulfilment for humans (unity/sex) with the duty to create further hosts for the parasitic chimera to eat from. If the colonists knew how that played out back then, they would have probably canceled the pregnancy mechanism.
    After the Event, humans who ascended and were not evacuated will consciously create their offspring. While nowadays upon pregnancy this planning of offspring-characteristics is not just genetic but also done by automatisms and even consciously by members of the chimera. The ascendants will instead do that themselves. They will select a soul and care for equipping every body part of every body type (mental, emotional, physical, etc. ) with corresponding conscious units (mainly this could be described as spirits for certain parts). So they will meticulously plan every detail of their offspring including the design of their bodies. The bodies could grow like babies but it will also be possible to create offspring in fully grown human (or even just human-like) bodies. This of course heavily depends on the skill of the ascendants regarding these arts. The happiness of the offspring will be in the absolute centre of their creation, like it should have been throughout the universe all the time.

    1. Yeah, I know that I won't have to suffer in future - I mean, why should it be perceived as normal, if a woman has to suffer about 25% of the time during a month? And if you consider the fact that men don't have to bleed, it gets even more clear that there's pure misogyny of the Chimera behind it.

      I'm rather interested in the backgrounds, where menstruation is coming from and what the deeper meaning behind it.

  66. Best thing to do when confusion, paranoia, and cognitive dissonance is in the air:

    Disengage, chill, be neither here nor there, and enjoy some tunes.

  67. Hi Sebastian, RM and Light Forces,

    I am studying how physical implants work.
    Cobra stated that the conflict of interpersonal relationship is primarily due to the different implants that men and women receive. Men can only feel sexual energy and could not feel love, only when men feel save they will use sexual energy to fuse with love; whereas women feel love energy but not sexual energy, only when women feel save they will fuse love with sexual energy.
    An interesting piece of channeling regarding implants stated that the implant women received makes them feel less confident and less valuable than men. This does give me some basic inspiration on how to formulate a question. I wonder how, based on LF’s decade long observation, does the implants’ effect manifest themselves in human psyche and behavior? Is it possible to counter sub-quantum anomaly through sheer will, or do we need more soul energy to counteract the effects of the implants? I have felt that physical implants are able to misdirect people’s mental will at ease.
    If the next update includes the specifics, I think it will be helpful for the entire lightworker community to work toward the best version of themselves.

    1. Quote:
      "Implants are still rotating in electromagnetic field and are creating an accretion vortex which attracts micro black holes into human energy field (aura). Etheric micro black holes create areas of collapsed energy field within etheric body which manifest into the physical body as cancer. Astral micro black holes create areas of collapsed energy field in the astral body which manifest as lack of empathy. Mental micro black holes create areas of collapsed energy field in the mental body which manifest as stupidity in a certain specific part of the mental body."


      Regarding implants, we are not completely inferior to their programs, but people still need a minimum amount of awareness of those programs to work on them which will result in shadow work.

      Regarding sexuality and to make it short, the programs are the following:

      Sex = yes
      love = no

      Sex = no
      love = yes

      (unless, there's a special partner, then both variables can be a "yes")

      As for someone like me, if I wanted a relationship, then sex and love are inseperable for me.
      Means in other words: If a woman wants only love, but no sex (or vice versa), then I don't want to engage into a relationship with that woman. It doesn't have to be the so-called twin soul and I don't have to be married either.... it could be even something looser (some of us Germans would call it "Fickbeziehung" 😂😂😂), but there must be love behind it, REAL love and not just satisfaction of a primal instinct!

      To make everything even more difficult for me, the darkies have put me into the wrong body and as long as I don't feel comfortable in my own skin, then a relationship doesn't make sense at all. Another problem I have is that I cannot allow intimacy with just random people, among other things because most people emit an aura I simply cannot tolerate - at least not enough to engage in more than superficial interactions. I even have a problem with hugging people which I almost never do, but I can do it, if I feel comfortable enough with the aura a person emits. (e.g. I did it with a few people I met on a covid demo in 2020)

      Those programs also are explanation to me why modern prostitution has been reduced to the physical action and even modern slavery for women.

      I think, the so-called temple harlots in ancient times offered a service that met both variables and it was thus an experience with an actual healing effect (probably, such a service would be the right thing for people like Sherman).

    2. PS:
      Generally, I'm not so much focused on the Event, but rather on self-improvement. I want a fantastic life, but for this, I have to work on myself and that's why I do the shadow work and that's why I focus more on myself rather than others.

      What also is very frustrating for me is that my personal progress is still pretty slow, despite my efforts. Figuratively speaking, it feels like trying to unscrew a screw without having a screwdriver.

      The great irony is however, that I am dependent on the Event in the long run, since I cannot solve my core problem on my own. The only thing I can do until then is to fight the symptoms.

      It would be a good feeling nevertheless, if I would know that my soul family is avenging me for what the darkies did to me!

    3. The implants influence everything regarding your life to the negative.

      The only solution is to remove the implants. You cannot do that yourself as a normal human being, after all it is a hostage scenario. On the surface, the resources for that removal are very limited and the LF are not yet in the position to address all implants. The LF are learning but their influence is still too thin to intervene practically yet. They can remove some lighter implants from the distance but would need to advance to remove the more heavy implants. That will only become possible on compression breakthrough.

      Basically all your implants work heavily for 'anti-life' including your love-life (of course they all influence your psyche). Part of those 'anti-life' effects are caused by the sub-quantum anomaly - it is certainly part of their tools, a negative energy, which is amplified by the implants.

  68. For Morocco you saw that strange lights in the sky would have been seen just before the earthquake (haarp?)
    A rumor also speaks of sacrifice for Maui .

    AlexNoMatrixed on X: "What happened in #Maui is problament a human sacrifice .. 🚨 Police were preventing residents from leaving ... 🔥 #Hawai #MauiFire #sacrifice #Deepstate" / X

  69. This is a message to all lurkers (i.e. to people who are (mostly) pure observers - not to be mistaken with the entity "The Lurker" 😁):

    I hope you do some cool stuff that will help with ending this war in what way whatsoever. After all, this war is primarily fought in the real life and not just online on the computer screen.

    I must admit that I often fell victim to the negativity bias which means that I thought that most lightworkers are egoistic and disinterested. But the reality shows something different - I actually believe that a great part of contributions are coming from those who are (mostly) unseen and unheard, the heroes and heroines of daily life.

    The reasons why I used to comment so often in this community is because of loneliness and the feeling of duty. However, as a highly empathic person, I have to be careful not to perish!

    And even if I won't get a reply...
    One cannot "not communicate"! 😉

    1. Exactly Libra, dialogue is important, but my Goddess taught me a lesson full of wisdom today: the power of words, they are a powerful spiritual egregore, and if they are misused then they serve the darkness and become for them a source of malevolent energy which can hurt an enormous number of Beings, very often not voluntarily.
      Here is an example;
      A mother explains to her child why it is necessary to pay attention to what one says, I chose this example because unfortunately it is the most widespread;
      A classmate loves his trainers, his haircut whatever, but you think they're horrible, if you tell him openly what's going to happen then negative energies are going to attack the child, he's going to suffer a trauma that can follow him all his adult life, his ugly trainers for you made him very happy now he's sad and unhappy, this works for almost everything down here, if you don't agree with his choice just keep it to yourself because words have great power.
      If you nourish them with Kindness and Love, you will flood the world with Light and starve the dark forces.
      I cast the first stone because every day I learn to unlearn and I love it.
      Take care of yourself, beautiful soul.

    2. @ Maia:

      A quote goes:
      “Everything you say should be true, but not everything true should be said.”
      ― Voltaire

      However, people should be careful when asking for my opinion, for it can be something they don't want to hear!

      And what I like to say is:
      The truth is my sword and the humor my shield.
      But in most cases, just raising my shield is sufficient.

    3. "It's not enough to talk, you have to talk right."
      William Shakespeare 🌹

  70. @ Sebastian:

    Maybe you plan it already, but I have still a question:
    Can you tell in your next update more about the "toys and tools"?

    1. To be more exact, this is what I mean:

      The whole thread can be found here:

      Also, in that thread, there's the typical pattern:
      At the very beginning, there's a positive reaction and shortly after that, trolls come out of nowhere and start ad hominem attacks and partially using Cobra as a reference.

      Speaking of, there's another pattern I noticed:
      In most cases, when a new blog post is being released by Cobra, the reactions are overall okay. However, after a certain time, chances get higher that the comments section is turning into a garbage dump which can cause high distress for people like me sometimes.

      Through the many experiences I had both online and IRL, I dare to say that I can sense easily when manipulation is kicking in. The great upside is also that all those attacks were great opportunities for me to become mentally stronger. The negative interferences are still annoying to a certain degree, but since I found out the patterns more and more, they are not impressing me anymore.

    2. Great observations!

      A paragraph on "toys and tools" will be included in the next update anyway - good synchronicity here. The main tactics they apply will be laid open.

      One of the big fronts are the blogs which promote the truth, that is exactly where the Lurker etc. subconsciously want to discredit by influencing people.
      People might never believe that, but the chimera and cabal have great interest for the truth to be covered in discredit.

      Thanks Libra for the post ☺️
      Wow Sebastien I had not seen the attack you suffered in this publication, I'm sorry 😩, I am very surprised Rajah he does not like Cobra for sure but I did not expect him to attack you, me my Goddess knows that your information is very reliable.
      It just goes to show once again that the dark ones are becoming unstable, which is why we need to be as prepared as possible.
      Kisses beautiful souls.😘🌹🕊️

    4. I found another good example for discrediting certain people - however, I will keep the source anonymous.

      "Sebastien tells the same story as Cobra, only with more words.
      Just an example: Both talk about "primary anomaly" - and that simply does not exist.
      I'm really sorry, but I personally have no reason to believe either of them.
      Sebastien doesn't even say where he gets his supposed "information" from, so he either makes it all up or it's channeled - either way, it is not correct.

      Please stop following these anonymous people on the internet who claim to know more than you do about what is happening. They don't. And they lead you away from your own Path."

      end quote

  71. Hello Sébastien.
    You who seem to have some knowledge about ancient Atlantis, is the legend about Queen Ashtar -Tara real the curse of her husband Poseidon, the division of her soul into 7 parts, her return from her eternal sleep under the mountain, in fact this legend joins a very old Cobra update about the Asian Goddess asleep in Agartha.
    This legend has come back to me several times now.
    Kisses beautiful soul 😘.
    I feel and I listen to the fed up of the people in my country, a deputy called for a peaceful revolution against the growing oppression.
    I chant Om Mani Padme Hum, but to ease these tensions, which are also visible all over the world, emergency meditation is just as important for those who feel guided.

  72. Also thank you for the additional comments Sebastian! I'm looking forward for the next update!

  73. It's true the connection to our higher self is something wonderful, I'm going to share my same experience with it; I love walking in the forest I have the feeling of being at peace and getting closer to it in general there is no one there but that day I took the time to caress nature to connect energetically with it and then I heard in my mind, "be careful, it was the first time I received a warning during a walk, then I heard there is another soul in the forest" ❓I told him but what are you talking about and then I felt someone behind me I turned around and said hello to him and told him to go ahead that he was walking faster than me, he was surprised I didn't hadn't heard him or known how long he had been behind me, he muttered a I'm training for a Trail but I can't run, I wished him a nice day and a few minutes later I heard a cough, he was behind again I let him pass and he ran away ❓❓Really strange but my presence warned me I'm sure she's watching over me 🥰.


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