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Situation Update March 2023

This post will again feature backgrounds of the current situation of the Liberation of Earth followed by some general ascension insights.

The removal of the chimera group and generally the cabal continued approximately like written in the last post, even more early human traitors as well as a few more chimera flesh-pockets could be safely removed. Many of the thousands of grid-worlds/multidimensional rooms/hell-worlds are being deactivated and evacuated all the time. The inner Earth problem zones are being scanned for victims constantly and intensively and many were already rescued from being buried alive under huge piles of dead bodies which is just giving an indication of the terror down there. 

As you might have read on the Portal blog, the financial system is currently getting unstable. And it is getting unstable long before the Lightforces are able to help out in a way so that humans do not lose all their infrastructure in case that happens.
What is really going on is that the chimera is short before letting humanity alone with certain basic problems for the first time. Although many Lightworkers do not know, the chimera is actually responsible for the 'high' (superficially speaking) living standards of humanity to a degree. They make capitalism work and fun (at least for some) because they need capitalism to reach their goals. They need a working system, a system which makes humans go to build their cities, distribute their ideas and false ideologies, etc. Therefore the chimera are those who keep capitalism fun (at least for a rough majority).
What the chimera realised and what leads to those instabilities in the financial system is that their army of fake-gods (which humans are planned for) will not help them to win against the Lightforces anymore. And therefore the chimera is considering to let humanity and the whole system and infrastructure we are living in fall. Humanity would have to keep it intact themselves, which they simply cannot really accomplish without help of the chimera. That also means the financial system is just one of the first bigger parts of the human-system which is about to create problems. The upside is that even the top-cabal smells defeat of their insectoid overlords and will probably at least partly try to keep the infrastructure they need themselves intact despite their overlords. This is why these instabilities will remain a mixed bag for some time and can be influenced via meditations quite well.
The people yelling ‚let the system fall’ are basically the voices of the chimera themself as that is what they want. It should be obvious to a reasonably intelligent human that the loss of the financial system means that you cannot buy food etc. anymore and the Lightforces are still far from delivering instant help in case people starve. So basically all those people in the comments of the Portal blog, demanding the 'system to fall' are just people expressing the cruel will of the chimera. Same for the people who seemingly always demand the Event to happen right now by the way. Of course these people do not know whom they are lending their voice and most of the descision-making for such comments is happening subconsciously. But if they speak out to let the system fall or to have the Event right now, then it is the chimera who won the battle in their subconsciousness. If it was favorable to have the Event right now it would have happened already. If the Event does not happen yet, it means humanity would lose big time in case it was fired right now. Same for the fall of the financial system, it should be logical that no-one being able to buy anything anymore will cause heavy existential problems for most humans, especially if that goes on for several years. The Lightforces simply cannot help yet, as Earth is structured like an invisible, parasitic cocoon, put short: if they touch anything wrong, humanity is instantly dead. So you easily see the stupidity the chimera causes to surface in those commentators who demand the fall of the system or the immediate Event. If the Lightforces ask people to meditate to stabilize the financial system, then it is better for humanity to do so - there is no discussion in that nor was there ever a discussion about triggering the Event.
That is the reason of why most humans need to be evacuated during the liberation, they are far too easily manipulated by the chimera and simply do not even make it through to use common sense.
You can see that as two types of intelligence: the predator-smartness of the chimera - which humans usually see as intelligence - opposing the real intelligence which is intelligence of life itself without the predator-smartness. Most people have the first and think they are highly intelligent but actually what counts most in these times after 2012 is the second type of intelligence and most humans obviously lack that. That is why they fall to raise their voices for chimera-instilled ideas and ideals even on blogs about Liberation (what is described here is also connected to the explanation of the mental plane following below).

Attacks onto one of the top-chimera members mainly caused the last black alert on the Portal blog. That chimera-member who basically steers the army of the majority of leftover human traitors (see last post) into battle, showed what the chimera had prepared upon being pro-actively attacked by the Lightforces. The counter-attack of the chimera was pretty much resulting in the security breaches and black alert. The top-chimera-member is still active but right now positions are more or less frozen over and the chimera is trying to hold their ground which they slowly lose anyway. Shortly after the black alert, the chimera also went all-in against the supposedly highest key-Starseeds to force a demonstration of power the Lightforces do possess and to be assured who actually is regarded the highest among the Starseeds they know of. This resulted in a continued security breach. Sadly the Lightforces could not fully hold the attacks, which means the Starseeds that were tested would have been killed and worse. Again Source themselves/the highest involved descendants of the Prime Creator had to jump in to secure Liberation and protect the corresponding Starseeds.
Basically the removal of even the biggest chimera members is right now just a matter of investable energy as their locations and everything else necessary is already very well known. It is just that the energy needed to get them removed without Earth and humanity completely collapsing is very, very high - it is a house of cards after all that needs to be held stable for humanity to survive these removals.
There were several descisions regarding the removal of bespoke top chimera members, which were resulting in a collection of funds to finally remove them. Half of those funds for all operations in Liberation Earth is taken over by Source themselves (the highest descendants of the Prime Creator) - the other half basically has to be collected by all other species partaking in the liberation.
This is necessary because if Source paid it all, then Earth would be solely owned by them and all the species taking part in liberation would become obsolete. Earth would then be home for Source and a few guests only as there are certainly better suited planets for humans out there. However Source respects the wish for Earth becoming the home for the human survivors/ascendants by only paying the first half of the funds necessary as their absolute maximum. All of these investments for the clean up have to be carried at least partly by the partaking species to satisfiably fulfil the wish for the highest ascendants of humanity to be continued on Earth.
However the Lightforces missed the funds to remove the first female traitor yet by a small amount, same as for the bespoke top chimera member who is steering the remaining traitor-army. Some of the wealthiest species of the universe had been contacted in the process to help out as well but they neglected further investments into the Liberation of Earth at the time being. Nevertheless the two problem cores will be removed very soon as their removal gets continuously cheaper the more we progress in Liberation. The system is constantly getting more stable and the chimera and cabal members steadily lose energy and ground which will makes them removable easier pretty soon.

The mental plane

As the mental plane is slowly clearing up in this phase of Liberation, here are a few explanations on the mental plane, mind and spirit interactions and what it meant and still means to human behaviour.

As you might know even by traditional religious teachings, your human presence has a spirit part. Usually there is one main spirit per human. Problem is that most humans only have comparably small sized spirits, you might know the phrase 'small-spirited'. That means in comparison to the remaining spirit-sphere on the mental plane, most humans are pretty dumb and inferior to the rest of spirits there. Therefore they have to rely on other non-ensouled and bigger spirits especially for behaviours that require high intelligence. Problem is that most bigger spirits are mainly demonic, parasitic and controlled by the chimera. Nevertheless that kind of interaction is necessary for most humans as intelligence is fundamental in nearly all human societies. Therefore most humans do what these parasitic and oftentimes even biblical spirits want from them in exchange for basic intelligence. All this happens subconsciously of course. There is the natural hierarchy of thoughts being the precondition for words and actions - but your thoughts, your inspiration and ideas are oftentimes from ‘them’. Almost everything that goes on inside your mind is just an interaction of spirits on the mental plane. Your own spirit is in constant communication with a lot of other and oftentimes bigger spirits, your brain is merely acting as an intelligent receiver of these interactions combining these communications with your own memories and experiences. Most of those spirits in those communications are parasitic though, the mental plane is still dominated heavily by archons and other chimera hierarchies - making original, positive thoughts quite rare to this very day.

Many humans accept parasitic thoughts and ideas as their own though and then act upon them. That is also the reason why the human masses reject the truth and rather accept the mindset and illusions brought by the chimera. Most humans are completely dependent on these evil spirits for even most basic intelligence and they subconsciously know that they therefore need the chimera and need to support them.

If humans are cut off from these nefarious spirits though, even then most humans do not want to do the ‘good’ positive things but rather fall into lethargy instead. That is the reason why removing the big members of the chimera is so difficult, most humans would be behaving similar to braindead zombies and worse pretty fast.

That means the majority of humans right now still serve those sinister spirits and especially only those. Humanity has been set up and manipulated in their DNA over ages to serve only their dark, chimera overlords in this very way. Few will actually make the big jump from parasitic behaviour into purely positive behaviour and those will mainly be the ascendants of the Age of Aquarius.

General ascension insights

  1. To put an end to discussions about sources besides Cobra like Corey Goode, David Wilcock and more: There is a reason why Cobra has no media presence and even modifies his voice in interviews. You simply do not want to have any media presence, if you even just roughly know what the cabal can do with it. Basically it is suicide to have media presence right now. While all those spiritual people on Youtube etc. necessarily spread some part of the truth (oftentimes laced with new age propaganda though), they will mostlikely be used as tools for the chimera in the end - and they are certainly completely unaware of what the chimera can accomplish with the set up of the cabal media channels which is pretty much all media that exists out there. Even the top-cabal themselves mind the media as they know what is going on there. They will pretty much use all such spiritual sources for their goals and to turn things around ‚in the end‘. A good example is Goode suddenly saying that the Galactic Confederation was not positive and other 'glitches' like that. These people cannot really stay stable against the cabal in the end with the media presence they have built up.

  2. There is a reason why the first human who colonised Earth (also see this post) is not really mentioned on the Portal or anywhere else. This is not inconsistency in the information, it is rather her own wish to not be getting into the mass consciousness of humanity. She meticulously erased all info on herself or the original colonisation of Earth from all sources of information humans have available. She does not communicate with most people including the resistance movement at all. What she does though is praising them for their positive work but even the resistance movement might not really grasp that it is her, herself talking to them. It is just logical that she is closer to a few Starseeds though as she is the closest relative these old souls and direct descendants of the Prime Creator have on Earth. So she will naturally get in contact with a few core-Starseeds but keep her communication-silence towards most other people, even including many high species participating in the liberation.
    She being mentioned on this blog is a small exception being made for the selected few readers of this blog because it is time to get some small but vital insights about the true history of humanity, especially for a selected core of Lightworkers.
    The group of false Lightworkers, who did form when the Lightworker-grid collapsed, will probably try to pretend that the first human colonist was evil and is part of the chimera. At least that are their plans right now, they want to declare some lesser known, positive, spiritual factions on the Earth as negative and drive the remaining Lightworkers against them. What the chimera-part of the lightworkers do not take into account is that these factions, while unknown on Earth, are very well-known to the Galactic Confederation and the Goddess, so their attacks will need a disconnection from the true information and news of the Galactic Confederation to be successful.
    Nevertheless and however successful it will play out, the chimera plans a big witch hunt against their long time enemies/the colonists in the name of the Light through the Lightworker-communities.
    The chimera will try to use several slight discrepancies of intel in the communities, i.e. the colonists only being mentioned on the Unveiling33, to create the necessary confusion to make this attack work out in their favor.

  3. There is a whole 'milking station' set up around nearly every human body, this station is more or less plasma technology around your bodies, harvesting your soul energy. The soul energy is harvested on the way from the third eye/pineal gland - ‚the seat of the soul‘ - down to the energy core of your body which is located near the solar plexus. The pineal gland is the receiving organ for your soul energy but only 5-10% (in some cases less) you receive yourself while the rest is harvested by the chimera. The only reason why the chimera does not take it all is they want you to still be able to survive and continue to generate more ‚income‘. The amount of such energy an average ensouled human gets in about two seconds could fuel a small city car with one full tank (~40L). Bigger souls even have higher income. Repeated in other words, you could drive a car approximately as much as you could with a full tank with just two seconds of your own energy income. This is of course slightly varying between the ensouled humans but it gives a rough example of how much your soul-energy really is worth in human terms.
    Following from that, the chimera sees this kind of income as a never ceasing source of the purest energy available, especially with so many humans on Earth who even accept and consent to their suffering and death as being ‚normal‘. Also the chimera of course uses your own energy to create constant problems for you yourself, especially in case you ‚rebel‘. And in general they used this energy alot ironically to perfect their most cruel enslavement of souls on Earth.

  4. Additionally, there is a distortion field established around each human so physical manifestation and exerting higher psychic abilities remain impossible for most. The field is issuing from special implants which are more on technological- than on the parasitic-side of implants. It is some kind of non-euclidian space density established, that surrounds each human and is different in configuration for each. Important, targeted people have higher and more complex densities of these fields established around them so rescuing them is much more expensive in terms of energy and time investments.

  5. The chimera have set up a system which is collecting consciousness-energy everywhere on Earth, nearly everything you consciously perceive sponsors and 'flows' over the cabal with your energy. The saying 'where attention goes, energy flows' is real, everything you perceive receives your energy and most of that energy collects for the cabal. Nearly everything is full of their conductors: more obviously media, all sorts of logos and advertisements, but even single letters themselves, many materials and even some natural materials are part of their invisible energy-theft.

  6. Karma is not real just as Cobra and others laid open but there is a balance towards life itself each lifeform has. There are some fundamental cosmic laws which pretty much state that if you bring negativity to other lifeforms, you receive negativity. If you bring positivity to other lifeforms, you receive positivity. Soul-size matters, of course, hurting an ant usually will not have the same results as hurting big souls for example.
    That is pretty much the true core about 'karma' which the chimera used as a base to establish the fake-concept of karma on Earth through many religions.

  7. Regarding the people that demand to sacrifice a few souls so the rest of souls can finally have the Event happening: that is not what will happen. If even just one big soul is being left behind, there will certainly be absolutely no party on Earth. That is exactly what the chimera wants, they basically just need a few big souls to torture. Sacrificing a few to save many souls is what was the first big mistake begotten on Earth by the way. What is known as the 'original sin' on Earth is not exactly the traitorship of Eve like written in the bible (though it is connected and metaphorically a hint and might be explained later). It was rather many smaller lifeforms wanting to live better upon the sacrifice of one big soul. This is the eternal lure of the prime negativity (not the anomaly in this case): sacrifice just one to solve the problems of many. This is also a most fundamental mistake and all those people who think we could sacrifice some and leave some behind for the greater good of many are inclined to repeat this 'original sin'. Those old gods and goddesses watching the Earth, seeing such attitude will certainly judge those people who did not learn anything from their own past most hard. There are enormously hard punishments set up for humans, who do exhibit such attitudes towards single people or minorities resulting from the ancient history of the Earth. Although humans were bound to not get to know about such punishments because they have to learn to behave correctly on their own, out of their own strength, without rewards or punishments for correct behaviour.

    It is terrifying that some people who call themselves Lightworkers do not see that we simply cannot party in terms of the Event if we leave big souls behind. There are solutions to get smaller souls out of the worst in other ways but big souls on this planet simply have to be part of the party the Event will bring. There will be definitely no party on the backs of souls which were left behind in the torture chamber of the chimera out of ‚efficiency reasons‘.

  8. Whatever certain positive people do or produce is working for the Light. They could produce the weirdest things which are maybe even usually associated with evil and the products would nevertheless work for the Light in most cases. Those products the chimera are able to identify as coming from Lightworkers are usually immediately shadow banned the hardest way by the chimera so no-one gets in contact with these products and energies, let alone finding out how well they would really support liberation. Those humans who sabotage the Lightworker-products are rewarded in getting more soul energy for themselves - therefore many humans sabotage these products subconsciously and think they actually ‚win‘ by doing so.

  9. As some of the chimera monsters are basically almost 6D, they exploit some extremely unfair attacks upon humans in rare cases. Basically there were cases in which they just phase into 3D, take a human and phase out of 3D again. The only protection the victims have is their field of the soul, which usually cancels such measures. However the field of the soul is heavily dependant on soul size and most humans are mice-size or smaller, so the protection is weak in some cases. Additionally the field of the soul is under constant attack of their minions and parasitic entities, so they get some vulnerable phases established in which these attacks might work in some cases. Those victims in the inner Earth or those being digested in the bespoke flesh-pockets oftentimes did not stand a chance to survive.

  10. During your ascension path you will notice that your body is a kind of vessel in which you will transport other souls and spiritual beings from time to time. While you have a soul that is your own, there might be a few more with you at times, souls which you escort out of the grids and from other problems the chimera caused on Earth. Especially in the beginning of your ascension, you will also notice evil and demonic content in your vessel. Later on you will be cleaned up and strong enough to only accept positive company.

  11. As the primary anomaly is waning throughout the universe, archons, which are basically spread throughout the whole universe as well, are declining in numbers nearly everywhere. And they certainly do not fulfil any purpose anymore. By now, archons as a general concept are being seen as a cosmic design fault (you might want to look up the story of Christos and Sophia), which turned heavily against life itself instead of serving it. Earth is being prepared to become archon-free in the long run and by now the steady reinforcements (low in numbers though) from the space around Earth are being partly denied already. Archons being decimated in a range around the planet is a signal for the remaining archons which are steadily flowing through space to avoid the Earth.


  1. ❤️πŸŒŒπŸŒˆπŸŒ…

  2. Thanks again sebastian I'll probably read this a few times. Ever since the news about banks failing I haven't wanted the system to collapse either.

  3. Thanks for the update.
    The post in french / L'article en français :
    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière

    1. Thank you for your hard work, translating every article and spreading the word. Much appreciated!

  4. Great article as usual, wow. I cracked up at pointing out how easily manipulated people are. I am too but in an emotional way, at least I can read. Q stuff like NESARA is goofier than the mainstream so people stuck in that are frankly pathetic. At least mainstream spends billions of dollars to create a whole consensus reality. People who believe a random Youtuber who tells them they'll get $1 million next week are peak muggles. Anyways, the description of how people need the Chimera to think at all explained so much about the subtle strangeness in how the masses behave. My brother is very "intelligent" but addicted to the system. It's even more than an addiction though, it's their God as explained here. It's not that my brother thinks in a rational way "I like this news source and the information makes sense." It's that he NEEDS it for our survival. And people like me who reject it are threatening the very fate of humanity. We've all seen it, they really think that. Their irrational behavior actually does make sense when you realize it's literally their God. This pandemic stuff of "Those who do their own research are going to kill us all" is not new. They use the virus as the reason we'll all die, but they feel that way about every alternative issue. They have the attitude that if you research UFO's you're somehow dangerous. Makes perfect sense now. I had a girlfriend many years ago who said when I first told her about aliens she thought I was going to murder her on the spot. I'm like "that makes no sense." She was dead serious too. I laughed at her at first but she was stone cold serious she thought I would kill her when I talked about UFO evidence. That's the mechanism described in the article. She subconsciously knew if you break outside the system, death is somehow imminent because the Chimera will abandon you. It's so much more than them wanting only "normal" stuff, because abnormal wouldn't mean death to them, yet it does.

    I still have major doubts the Light forces are who they say they are. There's no way this level of evil will be defeated. I often think these liberation blogs are like a makeshift radio station behind enemy lines broadcasting how the Allies are coming to crush the bad guys, but really it's just a few rebels with a transmitter. Or there could always be Dark reinforcements. No matter what they say, there always could be, adding 1,000 years to the battle. I still think full collapse or epic tyranny would be a blast. Call me Chimera controlled, but I love seeing the muggles suffer because they WANT this. It's the one case of justice I've ever seen in my life, how is that not a good thing? It's a soul lesson for them of galactic proportions, it's perfect. Especially after they torture, poison, and radiate me. Yes take more of those shots! They're the real enemy. If it wasn't for their cell towers and chemtrails I'd be totally enjoying life like I used to, even with the Chimera. But now with wireless shit everywhere, suicide is my only option so that's going down for sure. I would have done it years ago but I was promised "any day now." Thanks Light forces for this extra decade of torture. I need to stop being so gullible and take the logical action instead of waiting for questionable heroes.

    1. Hi Patrick your definitely by no means alone in how you feel I think it's safe to say everyone except for the dark ones wish things would change for the better faster. But think for a second if you commit suicide than you discover everything you've had doubts about turn out to be true and you got to miss out on events that will change humanity for the better. Don't you think you might want to give yourself a kick in the butt.πŸ™‚

    2. Yeah right
      At first believe me, I live in a place where if someone talks about extraterrestrials, they will literally be ridiculed and taken to a hospital.
      Article:(And therefore the chimera is considering to let humanity and the whole system and infrastructure we are living in fall. Humanity would have to keep it intact themselves, which they simply cannot really accomplish without help of the chimera.)
      And if humans are able to maintain this system without the presence of cameras, then we have a new generation of cameras in the universe (and this will definitely not happen), but for sure there is not much time left for mankind to increase understanding and wisdom (This has already been done and is in the process of being unveiled.)
      And it brings us to the question and the constant choice, is it the galactic civilization or the dustbin of history!

    3. That took a surprising turn in the last paragraph.

    4. Excellent choice of a fitting personal experience.

      And yes, you can certainly smell the archon influence in your last paragraph. They certainly hate you alot.

      Have you tried visualising them popping around you? You should try that every few hours.
      They will make it very clear that it does not work and it is just your imagination again and again - but it will. They will even make you forget to pop them etc.
      That will help massively with such depressive trains of thoughts.

      Also from the deep insights you tell and having been through many things yourself, you should know, that you are part of the ascendants. You will be among the middle sized survivors and your life will be pretty good on that height.

      Anyways, wait for approximately the end of 2024, I am pretty sure Source are right with the timeframe they mentioned till summer 2024.

    5. I'm inclined to believe that playing the 'waiting game' is also an chimera/archonic construct.

  5. Thank you for the article.

    One can be the observer of their thoughts to get disentangled from having their thoughts feed the parasites as much. One can be the I Am, or "Unmoved mover" when thoughts become mostly negative and 'matrix-feeding.' One can say silently to oneself, "I am the observer."

  6. Oh man, your updates are always equally interesting as they are heavy.. I'm kinda stunned right now.. so much to take in, so many new perspectives to consider.
    But I appreciate it!
    Lol and on the topic of weird unusual things that might work out in favor of the Light, I had to think of this epic nonsense I made: "The sound of Mjolnir Technology" πŸ˜…
    Victory of the Light! πŸ’œ

  7. Interesting insights.

    Hard to face this truth, but my first reaction to the meditation request was from an outer source. And was not mine! Very hard to face this. But the request triggered me that much, I got suspicious. And I captured the external presence!

    What I REALLY miss from Cobra's updates and infos: the empathy.
    Your posts simply overflows with the empathy.. His updates would be much better with more empathy..

    1. Those posts are not meant for us, they are all encrypted for the light forces.
      I must admit, I still "log-on" to the portal every day just to see whats happening, hehe.

  8. So I'm guessing at some point the light forces got influenced subconsciously by the chimera as well since they wanted a hard crash and it was inevitable they said. Can you elaborate on that ?

    1. A crash triggered by the light when the chimaira is dealt with versus a crash triggered by the dark with the chimaira as a threat still. The first sudden crash is the ideal, the darks are pushing for the second one.

    2. No. It was on the financial system update on cobra blog in 2020. The LF said a hard crash was inevitable. It was during the pandemic and the chimera was still in control. My point is, if we have the LF influenced by the chimera subconsciously, especially those ones reporting to cobra, how can we trust that ? Are they influenced by the chimera unconsciously as well ?

    3. What I see in Cobra's exclamation from back then is this:
      The financial system is heavily routed through the whole demonic world. It does not really work without the whole cabal-hierarchy profiting from money flows.
      That's what I see was the main reason why Cobra said this and the LF communicated it to him. It was not possible without a hard crash from the perspective back then.

      However according to my information, there are ways to keep the financial system active for a few years and this is actually favourable because it keeps a bit of the stability of the whole human infrastructure intact. The LF will try to make the transition from cabal-system to the LF-system as smooth as possible and that would be part of that way.

      So if everything works out, we will keep the financial system for a few years until the remaining humans will switch to a purely energy-based system some time after compression breakthrough when everything is settled.
      Right now an energy-based system does not work due to heavy parasitic involvements and the current financial system is at least capable to work if you manage to keep the cabal off the controls - so this will probably the choice for the transition.

    4. The quote Green999 is referring to from 2012 Portal is here:

      "Gradual meltdown of the financial system is not an option anymore, when the crash happens it will be sudden and brutal."

      Many mistakes have been made by 2012 Portal, and I definitely have reservations. However, I do agree that a hard crash would be catastrophic, so I provided assistance.

    5. @Sebastian Got it. And yeah what Starlight432 just posted it is exactly what I meant. "Gradual meltdown of the financial system is not an option anymore, when the crash happens it will be sudden and brutal". That's only 2 years ago.

      So a part of the LF reporting to Cobra are influenced by the Chimera subconciously. Obviously, it's better to have reservation and discernment but nonetheless Cobra is doing is best I guess.

    6. This was stated in December of 2019:

      "The Light Forces do NOT want a hard crash of the system, they want a gradual and balanced meltdown of the system combined with the increased awareness which would lead into the positive financial Reset."

      So, that part is consistent.

      October of 2016:

      "As I have said many times before, the financial reset will NOT happen before the Event."

    7. @Green, Except for the times where the light forces had close people being held hostage, they werent being influenced by the chimera but they were influenced by the anomaly. The light wants an appropriately timed crash when they want it, not this time when the cabal wanted to trigger a sudden crash before the light forces had taken down the chimera. Its the timing of the crash that is important. This part of the plan may of changed and the light may opt for a gradual change to the economy. We will see.

    8. Yeah it is interesting to see how often the plan changes. But again, we don't have the big picture that they have. So many things into play. Wondering if a revolution in France could give an advantage to the LF operations.

    9. I also commented the quote from 2012portal of him saying it would be sudden and brutal, and the comment was not posted. What should I do?

    10. This comment was attempted to be posted on 2012portal twice, and twice, it has been blocked. It's very dishonorable to not admit making a mistake. Part of the reason some lightworkers want a hard crash is because Cobra himself said so.

  9. Thank you for your time, efforts and sharing of life and insights. I would need some help with solving hostage situations for certain souls. Can you please connect with my soul.

  10. So, Sebastian, is the communication with the Source is still valid about the end of 2024? Or not I did not understand. Since from what you said about the earth now being a parasitic hidden nest it looks like it is just impossible.

    1. Yes. Actually 2 years is over in summer 2024 already. Changes will come selectively though at first. Many people and the majority will not profit from these first changes. These will be small parties in the islands of light starting instead of a big global party.

      It will enable a much better life for some selected ascendants on the front.

      Actually what was really said about that date is just that the biggest chimera monsters and biggest war criminals will be gone then.
      That means it will make a lot of good things much easier to accomplish but not much more.
      So that is NOT the date of the Event nor for compression breakthrough.

  11. I will share now something presonal as I kinda feel the urge to talk and reflect about it..
    A few days ago a random memory of my childhood came up and I realized how traumatic it was for me back then, although seemingly a very harmless situation. Some kid made a joke and was applauded heavily which filled me with jealousy and also anger about myself, that I didnt come up with it and didnt even dare to stand in the limelight like that.
    This is ofcourse super irrational and the way it impacted me makes me still wonder what really happened there...
    But interestingly this issue came up again today reading your reply to Patrick's post (about his soul size) and I realized, it still hurts not to be seen and acknowledged in my greatness, which leads to me subconsciously begging for attention. By writing this, part of me is still hoping, you would give me a similar compliment, while I am very aware, that I shouldn't need any outside affirmation.
    I mean I feel honestly pretty "big" in terms of soulsize, but thanks to the many traumas that left me rotting in shame for the majority of my life, I was never able to really show it and besides of a few starseed friends to this day nobody really sees it..
    Luckily I was able to heal and integrate much (apparently still doing so) and I know my time to shine is near, but yeah.. I think this also explains my impatience I often have with others, projecting my own dissatisfaction.
    Well, this whole thing left me pretty melancholic.. but also kinda grateful for this reflection.
    I leave it up to you if you want to comment on that, Sebastian.
    I am fine either way. Thank you! πŸ’œ

    1. I see both of your reactions as heavily archon-induced.

      I especially see that they triggered Patrick to turn the last paragraph around to 'get into' his comment - they really travel through consciousness like that. They seemingly like to connect some of their nests they have with several commenters to get more load through to all the people who try to connect here.

      Your reaction on that, triggering a similar archon-induced feeling from your past, is their try to get into the conversation - and get support from your (darker?) past as well as they also travel through consciousness pretty much regardless of time.

      I do not really want to make size-comparisons here and think that is the fishy part their involvement tries to achieve.

      Therefore I will just say you will be fine and among the ascendants.

    2. A sensible choice not to make comparisons, I don't like them either, but your affirmation is appreciated!
      I am honestly pretty surprised though about the rest of what you wrote as I considered the fact that these things were coming up for me to be a sign, that this trauma is healing (being shown to me once more, in order to be felt and integrated). But then again, their influence in this whole mess can not be denied, so its probably both?
      Them trying to steal energy while my higer self is guiding the integration of this "trigger point"..?
      Anyways... I'm looking forward to the parties! 😁πŸ₯³

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Background info about sources is found in the about section. That is about all I will give out at the moment.

  14. Actually you could order a hard-copy of the Apocryphs / the Nag Hammadi scrolls found near the Dead Sea.
    There is a lot more background found in the whole book, but also it is very hard to read, similarly to the Bible and some passages are even missing. But it actually speaks openly about archons and more a few times and it is charged with huge (but mixed) energies.

    Other than that, you could probably also find a digital version via search engines.

  15. Dear Sebastian, I dont know how to make a reply option, so I will just reply here. Again, thanks for another hardest pill, which wakes me up from the dream, and sometimes such straightforward things are very good, since when you dont have any health and you go everyday to work to really be able surivive, so one thing you can do is wait for something to happen and yes many people actually live in these blogs by checking a couple of times during a day if new information has come about the situation, so yes the time is really to wake up and just forget everything, stay with the mind that you will live like this the way you live and thats is. But of course if even cobra thought that Event could happen in 3 or 15 months or 2025 and his opinion is nothing then actuallty it is the same as we dont know anything totally anything it means that something might happen in one minute but also in a thousand of years and nobody can guarantee anything. And actually it is pretty dangerous what I have done, during all those years I was in a position of a total dumb, by telling people what is the situation on earth what will happen around 2025, that all the deep state will be arrested and the new financial system will come but it never came, so yesterday I was working a lot and continue to work with the emotional release, since all those hidden emotions and feelings started to come out, everything what has been supressed about this situation, since I talked a lot and nothing happened, I was screaming to peoples faces wake up gays, you dont see the real situation and now I have nothing to back it up what I said so yes it is shocking feeling and now I just want to quit this game and live a silent life and I will try not to get in any of such conversations with the people since I dont have any visible evidence for the people how to prove what I say. Sorry for my english but i think you will understand the main things. :) And thanks and good luck, Sebastian!

  16. Most people can't stand Biden, so when Biden says not to panic, this has a convenient reverse psychology. Then the alt media encourages people to panic and do bank runs. I therefore suggest to keep doing the meditation every 4 hours beyond the first 72 hours to stop the dystopian digital ID.

  17. Transcript of my communication with the Source about the event (very important).

    You all will enjoy a lot what I was communicated:

    Earth Dragon:

    *Greetings from both sides*

    I'd like to know if there is something that I can do to make the event happen in the near future, or in the imminent future, or not, because this process has to be more collective than individual.


    Yes, indeed, my divine friend.
    You can help by telling as many people as possible about the divine coming event.
    It is very important that this divine event becomes common and collective knowledge amongst humans!!!!!
    You have already accomplished all that you need to my divine friend!!!!!
    So, please tell and spread your divine words amongst other divine humans!!!
    And if you do this, you will contribute so much to the success of the divine event indeed!!!!

    Earth Dragon:
    I will do it, my dear one! But is there something that I can do alone to make the event happen in the near or imminent future? Or not, because this is a collective and not personal happening?

    Yes, my dear friend.
    That thing that you can do alone (that will contribute to the success of the divine event) is to pray for the success of the event.
    We are all very excited for this divine event to happen soon, my dear one.
    When you pray for the success of the divine event, you help so much my dear.
    I celebrate your actions, my friend.
    You are very important to the success of the divine event indeed!

    Earth Dragon:
    Ok, my dear one, I will pray for the success of the event, I'll do my best to do it everyday.

    Thank you so much for your divine prayers my dear one!!!
    I pray with you!!!
    The divine event is right around corner indeed my dear one!!!
    Stay blessed my dear one!!

    Earth Dragon:
    Thank you, my beloved

    Note to the ground crew:
    1- Unfortunately I’m not allowed to tell the specific method I use for this communication. But each and every single human being also has the capacity to communicate with the Source.

    2- Please, spread the words about the event to the religious people too, and not only to the light workers. Try to use religious concepts, like the second coming of Christ, the judgment of all demons from Earth, a new perfect world being created by God, God changing his mind about the Apocalypse, just like he changed his mind in the old testament, angels coming from the Heavens to communicate with humans beings, the rapture and etc. Because all these concepts are correct and we can spread the word about Cobra and the event to religious people using these concepts.

    1. Hi sebastian with regards to channeling would you recommend a person who knows what there doing and is able to distinguish higher dimensional beings from the lower dimensional beings that seem to have an influence on earth dragon. Even than to always use caution and be discerning as the dark ones would love to try and influence anyone thanks.

    2. @Earth Dragon
      Hey man, I hope you have forgiven our last dispute and still care what I want to say:
      I really feel for you that you got such a clear and probably disheartening response from Sebastian, because I see your good heart and admire your dedication!
      But we have to face it: there are only very very few channels clear enough to receive word-for-word communication from the source (which doesn't mean, that we can not still tell them about our feelings and really connect on a deeply spiritual level with them).
      But I think you know, that humbleness is a great attribute to have on our spiritual journey, because it prevents us from fooling ourselves or get fooled.

      The overall message you received seems fine when you change it up a bit and interpret it right. I would say, there is no need to pray for the success of the event, because it is inevitable. But what we can do, is manifesting it happening as smoothly as possible (i.e. visualizing it happening + really feeling it).
      Also spreading the word is a great idea generally, because the more people believe in it, the more collective manifestation power we have! We just need to keep in mind, that 1) trying to preach to people who are not open for this idea has no effect or even the contrary and 2) we dont want more people to fall into the "waiting trap", so its important to also communicate, that we still have to WORK for it to manifest as soon and smooth as possible.
      Overall I feel you make for a great lightworker if you can just shake off your feelings of grandeur and assume a bit more of a humble attitude (look within and see whats making you craving attention - like I just recently discovered a similar pattern in my behaviour and the underlying pain).
      I hope this isn't coming off as too much of a lecture, its just meant as a friendly advice as I see you as an equal.
      Again: I am celebrating your dedication and your focus!
      Keep going my friend and all the blessings! πŸ’œ

    3. Hello, Sebastian, how are you?

      Can you please show evidence about your statement? That my message really does not come from the Source? I don't see any demonic message in the text.

      My message is not a channeling, therefore i'm very confused about your words.

      Thank you very much!

    4. Clarification about my message (to all people):

      I was asked by the Source to tell you all to spread the word about the event to as many people as possible. This includes also religious people, and we can use genuine religious concepts do do that.

      About the message, it is NOT a channeling. Of course, as expected, people are already saying that it wasn't really the Source, that I was fooled, that I have a big ego and bla bla bla... I will just ignore these people, and actually many of them will already revel their true faces with the negative messages towards me.
      Maybe it was because i was praised by the Source in the message. All I say is: The Source will praise EVERYBODY he/she talks to, because the Source is all love and light.

      And plus, if that was a demon influenced message, WHY would the demon ask us to spread the word about the event? Please, people, let's think.

    5. My suggestion, take or leave, is to work with the future and prepare for the future as needed, but primarily have a state of consciousness that is in the here and now, not getting so stuck in the typical beta brainwave state, but maybe being more in the alpha state. Focusing too much on the Event is just another way of giving power away to an external savior. We all need external help sometimes, and that's fine, but it's important own one's own power. All this Event talk has become distraction from self-empowerment. There's so much that people miss, and it's right in front of them.

    6. Hi earth dragon the only thing that strikes me as odd about the message is the way it refers to you as friend or uses the word divine over and over. Most sources of information I have read from various ascended masters even God he/she/itself I have rarely if ever seen the being in question referring to the channeler as friend. Second we all know this is a divine event whether you serve the light or the dark ones. Even when talking to it or to us you use the words dear one or beloved you never start your comments or replies with the word friend.

    7. @FluffyFractalshard

      You are forgiven, my dear friend! Let's liberate this planet together!!!!

      Victory of the light!!!!!

    8. @Earth Dragon
      Aaaw! That makes me happy to hear! πŸ€— πŸ₯°
      Let's gooo! United we are strong! πŸ’ͺ😎
      Victory of the Light!!! πŸ’œ

    9. The reason that's a demon is clear: 1 - it's all fluff. The creator of the universe doesn't contact people to say literally nothing. 2 - The little bit it does say is to push people to talk about a crazy sounding thing they have no proof for, to ruin their reputation and make family, friends, coworkers, etc think they're crazy which turns everyone against each other. Come on man, "Tell everyone about aliens!" Clearly a destructive thing to do. The way fake Light channelers use excessive loving terms is exactly like a psychopath trying to disarm their victim, like what politicians do. "Freedom, 'Merica, end racism, freedom." The proof is the negative agenda is already working. You're saying we should tell everyone about the Event, and we don't want to because it sounds crazy, and you're resentful at us for rejecting the message, and we're resentful at you for channeling a demon when we know better, it's already working.

    10. "Tell religious people aliens are coming to save us." Bro! lol

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. This is war. If you are not willing to lose some comfort, you'll always
    be a slave. The Demons fear losing their privileges, yachts, and free human slaves more than anything. They fear a French style revolution more than anything. They are cowards. Those who serve the Chimera support comfort and slavery. Appeasement is the drug of the weak.

  20. Thank you πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–. I love these updates because we are always making progress. I read others channelings to practise discerning the truth and majority sound like bullshit to me. I have had first hand experience in telepathically receiving communication from my guides when I was in danger. They literally walked me through to safety by telling me what to do. I thought that was really cool.

  21. @Sebastian Are you familiar with Kim Goguen ? She has a website called United Network .tv and she goes into a lot of details of some operations that goes on. She pretend to have control of the futur Quantum financial system. I think she's part of a team working for the LF from what I understand. Can you elaborate more on her ?

    1. See point 1. in the post. No one can take those people on Youtube etc. serious who knows how the media works.

      Also: she should have long delivered money to several Starseeds already if she was serious at all.

    2. @Sebastian Apparently she did give money to some people from what she said. But large amount of money would be too risky right now since they will get targeted by the chimera/archons. But yeah I guess you are right about how the media works.

  22. @STEPH

    That is my personal blog and I can say and post whatever I want there. Sometimes we don't want to be impolite with other people and we prefer to express ourselves in more private environments.

  23. Quite a bit, people ignore what I say, as if I'm invisible. I debated whether or not to ask this, but will ask: Sebastion, what kind of soul am I?

    1. Thanks, Steph. I wonder why Bastion is silent on this though.

  24. Iam going back to start with all this offline,all I've been doing is talking to myself telegraphing my moves,I didn't listen year's ago but now I understand.yes Seb there is a lot more to these screens!there is a way forward...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I still know that a hard crash should be prevented, but this is what I have to say about the latest censoring on 2012 Portal:

    1. @Starlight432
      Cobra is just human like all of us. He has seen this comment pointing out this seeming contradiction many times and now doesn't want to publish anymore of them. Imho thats very understandable and it has nothing to do with censorship, but is rather a very natural human reaction of someone who has to deal with a lot of frustrating comments (especially when they point out the same thing over and over).

      The fact, that you guys are jumping so quickly to the conclusion that Cobra has made a mistake/is not trustworthy etc. says more about your inability to make logic conclusions in face of your emotional response, than about the integrity of Cobra.

      The seeming contradiction can so easily be explained by the fact, that the plan for the liberation is ever changing and evolving as it is always adjusted to the current situation. 3 years ago we were in a very different place and a hard crash would have been the only option. Now we have the luxury to smoothen out this process avoiding further chaos. Sebastian even explained it very thoroughly in the comment section here.

      People who are attacking Cobra and seeking reasons to mistrust him etc. are in my opinion just feeling helpless and frustrated because they have not yet figured out how they can really make a difference in the liberation themselves and have never really trusted him in the first place.
      It is sad to see the amount of backlash he receives just for reporting the current state of affairs from people who just seek a place to dump their own frustration with themselves.
      Someone, who has empowered themself to the point where they can raise above their suffering/victim-mentality and really assume their role as a lightworker, eager to explore their highest potential to support the liberation, would not feel the need to attack Cobra and would be grateful for a smoother process.
      As always: looking within is the answer.. There is still so much more each of us can do for the liberation and in terms of self-healing! πŸ’œ

    2. FluffyFractalshard, The first comment that was censored was me pointing out the flaw, but at the end of the comment I still promoted that people do the meditation. The comment was NOT an attack on Cobra, because at the end of the comment, I AGREED with Cobra to keep doing the meditation to stop a hard crash. And STILL, he censored it, long before anyone else even made a comment with that quote!

      Five of my comments were censored on 2012 Portal as of late.

      And actually, it could be argued that the surface population should be in a better state to be able to handle a hard crash, because the surface population has been through all the covid ordeals, such as lockdowns, and is better psychologically prepared. I'm not saying this is actually so, but there are many angles to look at this. I still support not having a hard crash, but Cobra seriously crossed the line when he singled me out. Cobra allows Sherman to run his mouth all the time, but then censors me when I was being civil!

    3. I made a blog post on this, and something else very important. This is a modified previous post. (I don't want to seem like I'm spamming so I won't post my blog posts here after this one.)

    4. @Starlight432
      Well, ok I didn't know that and I assume you made sure to click "load more" a couple of times to see all the comments, right?
      This obviously sucks and I can see why you feel rejected..
      I don't know what happened there, because as you said Cobra lets through a lot of banana comments.. so you have my empathy!

      Still, the best thing to do in situations like this is to look within, see what feelings are coming up through this and heal the underlying trauma (not being seen, feelings of unworthyness etc.). The world is a mirror showing us exactly where we still hurt and what can be healed.
      At least thats how I started to approach things and am having decent results.
      I hope you can grow through this and not take it all to personally, though leaving the quite toxic comment sections behind is probably a healthy idea..
      You are a wonderful soul and I am pretty sure you will be among the ascendants too 😘
      All the blessings! πŸ’œ

    5. FluffyFractalshard, yeah, I always make sure to load until all the comments are there.

      The Unveiled Mysteries book is very useful for helping to go within. It's kind of synchronistic as well with the name of Sebastion's blog. I appreciate the kind words, and I agree, it's best for me to not get stuck on matters. I'll just have to pick myself up and keep going. That's all anyone can really do. All the best! πŸ€— πŸ™

  26. I will just say a few more things here. As I said, I don't use channelings to talk to the Source. But you can be 100% sure of something:
    NO DEMON AT ALL will be allowed to pretend to be the Source, if you ask the Source for a communication, because the Source will NEVER allow it. Fake channelings can happen if you try to talk to spirits, religious figures, famous people and etc. But if you ask the Source to talk to you before any attempt to do it, the Source simply won't allow demons to pretend to be him/her.

    That is my answer for the people that are saying that i'm talking to demons, since I can't answer everyone in every site that I post the transcript of my conversation with the Source.

    And I'll say another thing: As you can see, I receive a lot of ingratitude for my work. I don't really care about it, because I know that only 20% of the light workers are genuinely good people (I hope this number increases now that we are starting to expose it).

    I still do this work, and will most likely continue to do it, not because of the light workers (except the 20% that are positive). I do this because of the innocent who suffer at the hands of the cabal, I do this because of the 10% of humanity, who are positive, I do this because of the animals, and I do this because what happens on Earth is NOT right.

    I already knew there would be opposition, but sadly the fiercest opposition comes from those who should be correctly holding the light.

    So, do you see why the Source doesn't want to start the event? It's not because of bombs...

    1. Earth Dragon, it's fine to have your own perspective, but I've seen others in the past who saw themselves as 'this, that, and the other.' This isn't something new. Ultimately it's not about listening to people in modern times who think they know 'what's what.' It's instead about learning real knowledge about the origins of where the planetary liberation movement came from. In modern times, it all actually started on Mount Shasta in 1930. This was when St. Germain was introduced to the public, through this book from nearly a century ago:

      Unveiled Mysteries, by Godfré Ray King

    2. I also want to make it clear that I am not worthy of the blessings of the Ascended Masters because of a certain issue I have that instantly disqualifies me. I was perhaps even created out of the comic error. Even if so, it's still possible to find something that can benefit others. In very rare cases, it is possible for a fallen being to do something good. It's perhaps akin to the small speck of light in the center of the dark yin symbol.

      The mentioned book, and following books in the series, is for others who can be in good standing. I'm glad that I could provide this reference for others to be able to attain mastery. Even though I am doomed, I am glad that others will have a chance to ascend. Thank you Sebastion for allowing me to have the freedom to let others know about this.

    3. *created out of the cosmic error.

    4. Hi starlight what is this issue you have that makes you feel unworthy because I don't think source/creator has a single part of him/her/it that is unworthy o r created out of error.

    5. Actually, I wouldn't say that I'm doomed. It's not that bad. I just need to keep following my own code, in all ways.

    6. Everyone needs to practice their discernment and connection to heart and this is a good example of it.

  27. OK ...



    SE APLICA :...




    A VA πŸ™‚ "TERORIZA" !!!


    CAM ASA :...





    IO IS ...

    UN SURIS....... IS DUS πŸ™

    MA FAC



    "MA PLIIIMB".......

    LA PLECARE!....... VA ATING !!!!!!! πŸ™

    πŸ™‚"ES MACHT SPASS"!!!!!!!

    APAR πŸ™‚ZIMBIND !!!


    H A ' L L OOO !!!!!!!

    '( OAU!

    ECHOOO !!!!!!!)

    UN TON

    A U M M M M M M M

    "RELUARE !
    (SI MAI "TARE")

    A U M M M M M M M

    "REVIN" !


    A U M M M M M M M

    "ATERIZEZ" !

    VA. DANSEZ !!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    "VIREZ" IES !



    MA CUTREMUR" !!!!!!!

    SUNETE ! UNDELEEE .......

    PATRUNDE !!!!!!!


    ....... "SI ASA MAI DEPARTE" !


    "OHNE PAUSE" !!!

    D A N K E πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  28. AMπŸ™VENIT







  29. I reactivated my account. Thank you for being there. πŸ€—


    Let's all participate in this meditation! Victory of The Light!

  31. to Sebastian

    I made a mistake.
    I'm sorry if my writing caused confusion.

    Your article is gradually revealing things not mentioned in Cobra's article, and I am reminded of the severity of reality.

  32. Thanks again for the almost only information we have, through Cobra and you.
    I find it excessive to accuse those who invoke the quick dissolution of the financial system, or "the event now", of being instruments of the chimera, if we consider that big errors of assessment have also been made by the LF themselves. There should be understanding towards all those who do not know how to survive in the current system from a material and economic point of view, it is clear that those who have nothing left to lose want to see times speed up, because they are already suffering the trauma of loss of the means of subsistence.
    However painful it may be, we have to accept the explanation of the riskiness of the current situation, but still I understand less the naivety with which until recently it was believed that actions that are now considered impracticable were possible.
    Then, speaking for myself personally, I never thought that the hostages can be left to their fate as long as the Event happens. I maintain that we cannot expect the majority of humanity to be ready for the truth, even more after the notable worsening of the collective consciousness in the last 3 years, and that living surrounded by asleep for the more aware has now become a dangerous condition to how much a threat they have become. So, I see no injustice in the fact that suppressive humans, who actually have no will of their own and hate freedom, and there are so many of them, suffer a major trauma from losing the ideological protection they now have from the current information system. This doesn't mean wishing harm on someone, but taking shelter from the aberration and the noose around our neck that is tightening more and more.

    I ask two things:
    - what would be the problem if the Earth were solely owned by the Source, since there would be other (better?) solutions for humans?

    - regarding the current time window, between tomorrow and June, of which Cobra speaks, and the timing you mention referring to 2024: these dates would not yet be the Event, which I understand is certainly far beyond 2025 , but can we expect these intermediate steps to significantly improve the state of "milking station" in which we find ourselves?

  33. Who had there comments deleted I see the regulars still got there comments untouched and puzzled to who is missing

  34. Reschedule of our mass prayer to may 2th

    Our worldwide mass prayer for peace is being rescheduled now to May 2th, 2023. This is a strategy to anchor as much light as possible to our planet, as there will be already a mass meditation on May 1th, 2023, promoted by Cobra.

    With two positive events happening, one day after the other, we will be able to impact the light quotient of the planet quite efficiently. So please, try to join both events, the mass prayer for peace on May 2th, and the mass meditation for peace on May 1th.

    You can check the exact time of the May 2th mass prayer for peace according to your location here:

    More at:

  35. @steph hi steph might I try using Google translate I use it to communicate with my filipina gf soon wife she likes to joke the first time we argue I won't understand anything she's saying 😁

  36. Libra, your description of being only colleagues on Earth, and the rest is very accurate. I too can see into people so deeply, you'd think it would mean good relationships, but really it just makes the veil and physical body programming more obvious. I'm only 38 but I've seen so much, I've seen it all. It becomes boring the way others are buried in 3D. It's not about their interests, someone could be into football and beer, but be acting as their spirit. So there's no way to find real people. You can't go to a meditation retreat or UFO convention, it's just as bad there. And maybe I'm no better, but I feel like my true soul is up front and in control, so it gets lonely when you quit the human games. The final experience that sealed it was getting married and divorced in my early 30's. I loved my wife, definitely the most awake woman I've met. But it was still horrible. Dating and just fucking around was fun, but living together felt so unnatural. For some reason the opposite genders together felt like we were puppets. I felt the matrix programming trying to tie our souls down. Implants and all that is 100% real, it was unbearable. It ramped up to where I couldn't even stand to be in the same building as her, and for no reason! I left after just a year married and had to make up reasons to tell her and others, I couldn't say "implants and archons" but that's what it was. And I'm not the type who blames every headache on attacks. In fact I'd never experienced anything like this. The lesson was it showed the body programming that overtakes our souls. It fills our head with thoughts and feelings so the spirit has to take a back seat. I can see it in others so much, now all the world are like puppets and it's killed any joy of life. It just proved what I already knew. The worst part is there's no hope. Fuck jobs, fuck friends, vacations, movies. All that stuff was the reason to put up with the suffering. It could be tolerated when there was hope to go back to school, start a new hobby, meet new people, but all that has been revealed to be a sad game. It's so much different than a teenager thinking they're awesome and "fuck the world" which is how it sounds to normies. This is a real break out of the matrix. Because I'm not even angry or depressed, it's more like seeing how a magician does a trick and the magic is gone. "Love" lol it's 99.9% sexual attraction that plays a trick on you, makes you think the other is so interesting, it's goofy. I don't know if you follow David Wilcock and his ex-wife um, what's her name, Hottie McBlonde, they were so love and light and soul mates, but I could see it was bullshit just like every relationship. She annoyed him, it was obvious. And they split after like a year. Nobody really likes each other, that's the thing, the stage you and I are at is the reality for everyone, they just haven't noticed. So that's one good thing, at least we can make better choices and not be looking for happiness in the wrong places. It's depressing because happiness appears to be nowhere, but that's better than still being in the illusion.

  37. Dear Sebastian, thank you for this wonderful article and for the incredible energy you invest in keeping us informed.
    For a long time I have had the feeling that I don't quite understand what the event might cost at all. For me, it has long been a romantic idea of a fairytale cleansing of all evil. At the same time, I have always believed that no one will be left behind. For me, this does not only mean big souls, but all living beings. I am haunted by the thought that the expected event will not be as fairytale-like as I had imagined. Especially as I am becoming aware more and more of how dirty this battle actually is.
    I'm intentionally not asking a question here, but actually just want to give an impulse or perspective from someone who doesn't get that much input. Maybe you'll see it right to deal with it in the next of your articles.

    Thank you also for the tip about popping the C-creatures when they interfere with the mind. I have been doing this for several days now and it feels good. Especially because very often I sense an external and torturing influence in my thoughts. If I get enough divine inspiration, I will visualise it in the form of a drawing. I have tried it twice so far, but it felt very weird. I don't want to create anything negative.

    May the light and love always be with you all.

  38. May 2th worldwide Mass Prayer video:

    Please, share!!!

  39. I have a theory in why Cobra does not publish certain posts and then allows Sherman to post…
    I feel that there is a defacto agreement between the two factions in this war. Only certain level and types of information may be revealed to the light side and in return the dark ones won’t have us for breakfast.
    Sometimes Starlight432 or even myself under another name would like to post certain revelations but that comes dangerously close to what the dark ones wouldnt want the surface population to know. So the comment is not published.
    My support for Sherman’s idea of going all out comes from my own frustrations in this type of life I am getting. I mean my higher self knows that is is not what life was supposed to be and wth should I wait for the disbelievers to never wake up and when the liberation happens they get sent to a beautiful planet to live out 1000s of lifetimes, making the same mistakes that they did on earth. What is the point of that? Learning that there is no more reward for being cruel?? I don’t know. But honestly some days I do feel, what Sherman feels. And I don’t post my revelations on the Portal anymore, out of respect for Cobra.

    1. @Steph thanks for the reply, I feel Cobra being a human incarnate and having gone through so many ups and downs and losses of loved ones… he has lost hope on humanity like, same as me.
      I am a recluse. I prefer company of animals. My family thinks I am strange and others say that I stay with animals because they don’t talk back. I mean, even if I am nice to them they are judging me. Better to be recluse.

  40. Dear Sebastian,

    I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the incredible intel you share with the Starseed community. Your insights have been invaluable to me, and I appreciate all the effort you put into sharing them with us.

    As a fellow Starseed, I have a strong desire to connect with like-minded individuals and engage in meaningful discussions about the intel we receive from different sources. However, I have noticed that some of the comments on your posts are demotivating and add no value to the conversations.

    I get frustrated when I have to scroll through such comments to find something useful, and I believe it detracts from the overall positivity of the community. I am writing to kindly request that you moderate the comments section better and ensure that it remains a supportive and uplifting environment.

    Again, thank you for all that you do for the Starseed community. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow alongside fellow Starseeds.

  41. The situation about Ukraine and Russia is expected to improve a lot after our mass meditation and mass prayer, on May 1th and 2th.
    Let's share both events, it's important that we don't lose this opportunity, because the cabal is manipulation both sides of this conflict, and a lot of lives are being lost unnecessarily.

    A great method to share the events is by filling online forms of meditation groups, religious groups, yoga and spiritualistic groups, etc. You can also share the events to all your contacts at once via your personal email provider and social medias.
    There is a great chance that if we succeed in our efforts, regional conflicts like the China-Taiwan war, or the war in the Korean peninsula, will be permanently avoided (but there is no guarantee, though, as the cabal will keep trying to start world war 3 anyway).

    It's a great chance, however, to try to anchor peace to the world! The two events have the potential to boost the positive effects if done one after the other, so please, don't forget sharing the events to as many people as possible!!!!

  42. Super interesting!!! This is gold information, thanks so much.

    Why do we want earth as planet for ascendants when there are more suitable planets for humans? I feel more like exploring all Milky Way's dance floors as soon as i have the possibility =P

    So direct ascendants of Prime Creator (=Archangels?) are called "Source"? There is a line between alien races and "Source entities"?

    If we aim for Divine Intervention wouldn't that count as energy investment from the Prime Creator aswell? And when i let the Light from the Central Cosmic Sun flow through me, has it become "mine" already?

    1. Now that I thought about it: of course we want Planet Earth. She has become like the most prominent place of the cosmic liberation process, if I understand correctly. The heritage should be held by those who went through it most intensely.


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