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Situation Update February 2023 - Full scale alien war

EDIT: Please consider partaking in the meditation for peace on February 21st.

Due to several progresses of the Lightforces, we may speak of a full scale alien war having finally begun, though humans will not see much of it, as we are still quite a lot below the threshold the chimera holds before the illusions of the veil fall. The following paragraphs will summarise some of those battles the Lightforces won since the beginning of 2023.

The heavier battles against the andromeda faction of the chimera have by now started. There was a huge attack by the andromeda faction upon the main ships of the Lightforces including the area where the Goddess is residing. Problem was that the artificial intelligence of the andromeda faction surpassed the processing power of the Lightforces. You can think of that like two nano-bot armies battling, if one has better AI, those nano-bots will win and in turn destroy all matter and structure of the opponents. Just that this is not really about nano-bots but being inferior in processing power has approximately the same results. That means the andromeda faction was winning for the first time, becoming a real threat for the Lightforces fast. The andromeda faction knew about their superior processing power quite a long time while the Lightforces were unaware of those (mainly stolen) systems. The chimera was laughing at the Lightforces for a reason and that was their unknown superiority till that time.
Therefore, during these attacks, one of the most powerful allies of the Lightforces who are direct ancient descendants of the Prime Creator, had to jump in and give solutions to the Central Race as the leading processing power of the Galactic Confederation and the Goddess herself to save them. Same as the andromeda faction knew of their superior technology, just waiting to force the Goddess on their side through that attack, these ancient beings also knew what would happen. So they equipped the Lightforces to remain stable during the battle. What it means is, that these ancient descendants of the Prime Creator are in charge of the whole Liberation operation by now, as Liberation would have failed horribly without them. They are of course to be seen as part of the Lightforces but are nevertheless single beings and partly operating on their own and they are not from the Milky Way by far. These are the beings who are basically in charge of the Event itself and are closer to Source than anyone in the Liberation operations. They are leading the operations in their own way mainly as their support is necessary to solve the situation on Earth as the bespoke scenario made clear. They are the ones who also turned the situation around in the Rigel system which was cleared from the chimera before Earth.
Afterwards the andromeda faction retaliated several key-Starseeds on the surface by attacking them as the chimera saw them as an important influence on their defeat. The chimera knows by now that some key-Starseeds are vitally important to Liberation and realised them as a main threat which brought them their loss against the Lightforces AI systems. Shortly after those attacks and due to technology being used to locate the source of the retaliation, a big part of the remaining andromeda fleet was finally located and could be immediately disintegrated. The fleet members who tried to flee per evacuation from the ships were collected soon after the destruction of the fleet and brought to judgement into the Central Sun, same as some remaining hostages from those ships were transported to the ships of the Galactic Confederation. Some of those hostages were prepared by the chimera to act as trojans but that problem was detected as well before they could cause any damage.

Many more of the interdimensional ETs on the second hierarchy layer of the chimera were decimated as well since the last post, among them, as written there, the being called 'the devil' of that hierarchy layer. Though there is at least one called 'devil' on each hierarchy layer of the chimera. Many other beings operating on that specific hierarchy layer are just ancient human traitors who are equipped with enormous powers which were only present in the very first generations of humans on this planet.
EDIT: It is groups among these first traitors of humanity which Cobra mentions as the Lords of Karma in his latest update - these arachnid beings are highly interlocked with these ancient traitors - what is described here is part of their 'swift, effective and complete removal' already.
These humans are emitting a super high life-force and are nearly invincible to ordinary weapons available on Earth - they are superhuman with a most corrupt character. If they are for example partly destroyed, they simply regrow. Every part of their body is basically capable to regrow and regenerate the whole body. This makes the removal of these ancient traitors even harder of course as basically everything about these bodies including tiny, fresh DNA-samples has to be completely removed and transported to Ganymede for neutralisation. Also their core is certainly human and though they are among the most evil and sinister creatures on the planet, they may appear as (pretty much arbitrary) humans to others. The farther they stem from the first human generations, the less life-energy they emit and the less functional are the bespoke regeneration powers and other features early humans had. Depending on which intensity you stop counting, there were several hundreds of these ancient human traitors and we are now at approximately 30 big ones, still decreasing. Many of those monsters are the driving force behind the majority of popular humans on the surface while not being those popular humans themselves - they rather control them to very high degrees, similar to steering avatars. Their human core is surrounded by an artificial, parasitic energy field, extending several hundred metres and influencing everything around them. These traitorous humans are in full command of those energy fields and the more powerful their human core is, the farther the fields extend and more intense they are. Basically these fields are the parasitic counterpart to the original ‚field of the soul‘, which naturally extends around (especially ancient) human beings, who have not joined the chimera. This field of the soul structures everything around truly ensouled humans positively (heavily depending on soul-size). 

The problem with these ancient human traitors is that they can appear as (arbitrary) human beings and will act most 'normal' while being completely braindead and steered by the chimera. The fact that the chimera AI is much more intelligent that usual human beings (they can easily emulate an IQ of approximately 300-400) just lets them look completely functional among usual humans. So humans stand absolutely no chance against subversion by these ancient human monsters and will not be able to detect them properly - therefore it will be left to the Lightforces sorting them out.

Additionally 'the bastard' and several other beings of the chimera themself were heavily damaged or even completely removed. 'The bastard' has several high descendants himself, known as bastards in the same circles who know 'the bastard' himself. They are the hidden driving force behind the shadow governments of Earth and are a crossing between human-DNA and chimera-DNA. Due to their unstable genetics mixing Light with their corrupted DNA, the bastards are known to have severe body-related issues. Many of those bastards were located, isolated via quantum insertion portals and transported off Earth by now - there are about ten of these chimera executives left by now.
Some more chimera-monsters which the Lightforces were able to remove as well are basically just organic pockets which can fade out of reality into their own, higher dimensional rooms. And they are literally just pockets made of flesh in which the chimera stores their (mainly human) victims as energy source. Besides these victims, the pockets also contain a kind of bridge, where some human traitors operate from. These monsters were issuing enormous psychic control over the surface population. They are mainly residing in the deep sea and sometimes in costal regions if they choose to phase in. In effect these monsters are comparable to natural disasters wherever their appear and they are pretty efficient for the chimera to steer world events. However their effects are mainly subliminal influence on humanity in a radius of several hundred to thousands of metres around them. Kaiju-movies were oftentimes inspired by humans unconsciously grasping the presence of these things and some elevated factions actually call them Kaijus. Though they do not appear as monsters like in the movies, their influence is similarly devastating, especially to the human psyche. As said, they are acting subliminally and will not be seen at all - they are just manipulating humans in case humanity is about to change anything about their reign. Upon removal and transportation to the Central Sun for the human traitors inside, the traitors began mixing among the victims (which are kept in different interior pockets) to be transported onto the ships and infiltrate the Lightforces. Again all those intentions of the cabal members could be denied. 

Besides the chimera member who is used by the chimera to invade the father-principle, mentioned in previous posts, the chimera also had a member working with the grandmother archetype of humanity. This 'grandmother'-member of the chimera, which was the main anchor to corrupt female and goddess energy from the root, was successfully removed. This being could be traced back to an ancient alien who joined the chimera long before they invaded Earth, it can be seen as their first female member cosmically. She was having presences in nearly all factions of the inner Earth and was disguised as a very wise woman in nearly all such spiritual power structures. She was being revealed as the monster she was throughout the last few months finally culminating into her complete removal during the last few days.

This grandmother-member of the chimera was one of the first two traitors of ancient alien origin which were identified to reside on the Earth several weeks ago. The other one is the chimera member who is managing the father principle which is still active and could not be successfully caught yet. As mentioned already, both were active members in some of the most positive spiritual factions of the Earth and exerted a lot of power over (seemingly) positive operations since about 500 thousand years. These two were equipped with some of the very first human bodies the chimera could steal - which is correspondent to their power. All support of the positive factions have been stopped for the still active male. These two aliens could take etheric form and at the same time they could convincingly steer forms of several humans in perfection. That is how they invaded many spiritual power structures, they were manipulating the minds of many while at the same time embodying several humans around those who were to be manipulated. They can be seen as two of the most evil 'gods' of the chimera. Also if just a tiny piece of their (fresh) DNA is left, the chimera is able to completely 'rebuild' them, therefore their complete removal is pretty hard to accomplish, having to transport even the tiniest building blocks of these two ancient chimera members to the Central Sun.

On the surface, the attacks of the chimera mainly concentrate on key-Starseeds and -Lightworkers who basically go through hell at this time. There were several incidents on this front as well, one of them being targeted, special rays being shot from one of the remaining space stations of the andromeda faction of the chimera. These before unknown and invisible rays were successfully bypassing any detection of the Galactic Confederation fleet. Again, the ancient descendants of the Prime Creator partaking in Liberation had to jump in, otherwise these rays would have led to instant death of the mentioned key-Starseeds and -Lightworkers. These rays were pretty efficient for the chimera as they costed a lot less to shoot than the Lightforces/descendants had to invest for their cancellation. Shortly after these attacks, the mentioned andromedan station could be located and was destroyed as well. The chimera is currently still trying to recreate the same technology needed for that type of rays on their remaining stations and ships while the Lightforces are cancelling them at almost any cost. These rays were another moment in which the regular Lightforces realised that they would have been defeated without the help of the aforementioned higher descendants of the Prime Creator reaching out.

As a last point, complementing these intense battles, the archon grid is heavily under attack and destabilising globally. Archons certainly do not like being cleared from a certain area and usually just recollect in even bigger numbers shortly after. However it is necessary that some of the areas around the emerging 'Islands of Light' are being cleared regularly. It is the archons who feed all the unseen parasitic and demonic entities as well as corrupted humans on the whole surface and therefore their removal is vital to Liberation and surface-humanity being enabled to wake up. The first regions free of archons constantly will be the 'Islands of Light'. In this phase it has become necessary that some key-Starseeds and -Lightworkers surroundings have to be partly cleared already. This has caused the number of archons to drop globally and the archon grid to be getting less dense. That will in turn enable a lot of humans to think less corrupted as the whole mental sphere on Earth is finally getting brighter. The problem most humans will face if they really wake up is rather that their whole body and their 'life' is still cabal-sponsored and they have to leave that behind to completely wake up and participate in Liberation. Most humans will therefore still subconsciously choose to continue their denial regarding Liberation and accept the veil.

During all those battles raging, most of humanity is busy solving fake problems, generated by the AI of the chimera. The climate crisis is a good example for this - as Cobra mentioned, the climate on Earth is changing due to completely natural causes. It is the chimera who likes to trap their opponents into solving fake problems, so they never begin to solve or even notice the real problems (themselves). This extends even into the established spiritual factions of the inner Earth, where many powerful and big factions believed that the chimera would operate in certain ways that were just faked to keep them solving insignificant things, which do not lead to any real progress at all. The whole human society is being set up to put Don Quixotes of all kinds into high hierarchical positions to keep humanity in constant illusion. The AI of the chimera even gives them solutions which humans can actually reach just to keep them running, thinking they have accomplished something great.  
This chimera-measure is not just active in the human society as a whole but also extends down to individual lifes, meaning many humans are thinking they are proceeding and succeeding in their own life while actually they are in majority just chasing endless windmills like Don Quixote or even cause debts towards life itself. That way, these humans are collecting soul-energy, which the chimera then usually harvests when these humans reach a certain age which is centered at around 33 years. There is a reason why the chimera did crucify Jesus with the age of 33 as it is approximately the time of their harvest for individual humans - especially those who are higher ensouled or collected more soul energy by being 'good humans' than others.
As mentioned here, basically the only real way humans should strive for is to return to their ancient Prime Creator origins and make it back to their true ancestors, the later but direct descendants of the Prime Creator who colonised Earth.

To help with further judgements against the cabal, the Lightforces established their first own and absolute grid. Similarly to the thousands of hell-grids/multidimensional rooms the chimera built, the Lightforces grid-room is a hyper dimensional room to get rid of their opponents. The difference is that this special grid is of course a big room completely controlled by the Lightforces themselves. That means no-one being sent there will get out of it without the Lightforces themselves allowing so. It also means that the Lightforces finally can judge a lot of cabal members and sociopathic humans much faster and less costly than transporting them off Earth. Basically the grid is a copy of the Earth but it shows the consequences of what the chimera does to Earth. It is the infertile, dead Earth which the chimera was close to establish for this planet if the Lightforces did not intervene. Those corrupt cabal and humans being sent into that grid heavily supported the chimera to eradicate all life on Earth. So these traitors finally can see the fruits of their own wrongdoings and what their corruptions would have led to.

The implant removal of humanity is naturally progressing due to the ongoing battles, removing a lot of causes for the implants. Again key-Starseeds and -Lightworkers are on the forefront of DNA-repair and removal of parasitic entities from their bodies. Basically the more important your role is in the Liberation, the faster your implants are being cleared.
By the way, you can help the Lightforces to clear your implants faster by connecting with Cintamani stones or quartz-crystals. The more you attained the activation of your stones, the easier the parasitic entities in your body can be detected and removed. Again the activation of your stones is pretty much bound to your role and participation in the Liberation - for corrupt humans, crystals and the like never really worked and were just simple stones. You will feel the energy in your hands if you attained activation and were accepted by those spiritual authorities managing those stones. It is favourable to hold the stones in both your hands for long times, preferably in a meditative state which might continuously activate them and makes the cleansing easier.

Regarding the timing of the Event: as many Lightworkers have realised by now, you should not become dependent on the Event at all. As mentioned on this blog before, if the Lightforces are still able to create more stability for the shift of the ages, the Event will not fire. In turn, if it did not fire yet, that means Earth and the shift into the new age of Aquarius is still getting more stable overall. While this is of course hard to swallow for those who invested a lot into Liberation, as they would be rewarded most, more stability is of course better for the majority of humanity (the good ones among them are meant here).
There are fixed deadlines for several operations though, but these are rather related to compression breakthrough than to the Event. Though most of what people got to know of the Event will unconditionally happen shortly after compression breakthrough anyway. What is still unknown is if the solar-flash-part of the Event will be fired or not - this is in the hands of the most high Lightforces overseeing the Liberation-process and will remain unknown. The solar-flash-part of the Event is rather to be seen as an emergency-trigger by now, if certain vital operations, necessary for compression breakthrough, would fail. And even the solar flash would not solve all the problems on Earth over night, it should be obvious that there are no switch-like solutions for the Liberation. Rather, the solar flash would in turn create new problems which cannot really be solved convincingly by the Lightforces yet. You can imagine the solar-flash firing right now would be equivalent to nearly the whole human infrastructure and more collapsing over night - the Lightforces cannot yet stabilize the life of almost 8 billion humans as they are living right now (obviously). What we currently already experience is pretty much a linear version of the Event as the energies (also solar ones) are constantly and slowly rising on the surface. It is just the changes over night that are improbable. This linear version also does not influence the infusal of love and light after compression breakthrough, which will certainly happen as things will be stabilized enough then. So people should not be really let down by the solar flash not firing, as it mainly serves their very own stability. However ascendants can actually be equipped with a sort of mini-Event, which channels the clearing energies of the galactic Central Sun, if they rise high enough in their ascension. It is the embodiment and presence of the Central Sun herself honouring your role in Liberation. This clearing energy will by now mainly support the establishment of the 'Islands of Light' and it will not be used globally but rather selectively for certain locations and supportively for certain people and areas.

All of that means that Lightworkers should stay stable as much as they can in the world they got to know before they even heard of the Event. Most of the human sphere and society will stay the same as it was until we finally reach compression breakthrough. It was always this horrible on Earth and it will approximately stay that way until breakthrough. As said many times, we are still quite a lot below the threshold the chimera holds to keep the veil and their illusions stable. However, the more active you participate in the Liberation, the more you will be empowered to selectively rise above the veil individually even before compression breakthrough. This will not yet make things easier regarding your life yet, but you will of course be served earlier, depending on your height in ascension as soon as the Lightforces can actually reach through to the surface.


  1. Thank you Sébastien this was really interesting and worth the wait.

    1. How do you know his name is Sebastien? If I know correctly, the author doesn't publish his name anywhere here.

  2. Wow! that was a lot to take in, but very interesting!
    You know, when I first heard you say the liberation would probably take longer than I expected, I was pretty angry and in denial of the truthfulness of your words.
    But now I can see and feel it and have actually embraced the idea that we still have some way to go, because as you said: its a sign for the liberation to be smoothed out which is certainly for the best (as I completely trust the LF in this regard to know whats best).

    I wish people would stop "waiting" for the event to fix things and rather work more actively towards it. All this intel being absorbed by people who are not yet capable of liberating themselves from their own shadows (which admittedly can be fucking hard) just pacifies them. Now many are either celebrating their victimhood (been there) or blindly trusting and sitting back waiting (kinda guilty of that to some extent too).

    So yeah, thank you especially for the last paragraph! I feel it is vital for people to realize that waiting is the absolute wrong attitude and that we all can do more and honestly should do more for the liberation!
    I certainly know what I will be doing now and I am honestly pretty excited and very thankful to have come to this realisation.
    Victory of the Light! 💜

    1. @Libra
      Thats great to hear! So happy you are doing better and ontop are even at peace with a little longer process of liberation. Doing the inner work now will have us being able to enjoy the event much more :) I am celebrating every single lightworker thats arriving at these realisations!

    2. @Libra
      Are you sure he meant it like that!?
      To me it somewhat sounded like the liberation won't come in our lifetime at all.
      But, then again, there are fixed deadlines to operations regarding the compression breakthrough, and Cobra also said it should happen rather sooner than later, regardless whether most people are ready or not.

      Also - is there a difference between the Event and the compression breakthrough!? I always thought it was one and the same, based on Cobra's descriptions.

      I'm quite confused right now and would be really grateful if someone could clarify.

    3. Hello, Viviane. Yes, that was as a person said, strong blow in the stomach. Honestly, for me there is a same question regarding this Event and CB, and what the difference is. Honestly, still with the greatest respect and love to Sebastian and others, I still think that nobody knows when and what exactly will happen, since insiders like FM144 and many others had info of a false flag event like ww3 or like others say necessary scare event which is said to be staged by the white hats. They have been saying like the q thr storm rider for years for some events to happen and actually til today there is no reason not to follow such info providers since everything he said has happened. For years he or she was claiming that there will be so called nuclear event to scare the people but then Trump will make a deal with Russian and China and will stop this war. Then all the satanists will be revealed during these military operation and they all will undergo tribunals and only then a real gold backed currency and world peace will happen. And I think it is better to hope for this since looks like the war is coming and if nothing will happen then in my eyes this place over a couple of years will become worse then a worst nightmare so why God or any other Galacom dont destroy this planet and make us rebirth in just a new world without the darkness. And I dont know maybe that might be my personal experience but deep inside me there is a very very big feeling that very soon something might happen, maybe like the next phase or something. And yes, of course, after this last post of greatly respected Sebastian, there have left many questions like if that info about the source saying maximum two years was false info. Then that might mean that somebody had false info or they communicated not with ther source or even the source doesnt know when and what happen, so actually from one side this post is very good, from the other side there are many discprepancies. Yes, many many questions about the same cobra why by having so much of information not to provide like Sebastian did that Event wont happen in our lifetimes and so on, since we do the work, since we meditate, since we are attacked and we cant have such important information, so there are very many unclear things that dont fit with one another. Why to torture the people, tell us clearly the Event wont happen until 2050 or something, so this I dont understand I still I hope to myself that some of this info is intentionally provided falsely to confuse the deep state since they are reading these things as well. So yes maybe somebody understood more then us about this post and could share their insights. Blessings.

  3. Is that Florida in the post picture? I had a pretty nasty attack right before waking. It was very hateful and personal and was about something I had spoken to someone about the night before. Its like I am being monitored and stalked.

  4. Hello, dear Sebastian. Yes, very hard pill to delay the Event from 2012 and soon soon soon means nothing. Yet, the biggest respect and gratitude for you for giving straight information since now I will not even read all those articles but will deeply live only my personal egoistic life since all those waiting years and being good for these spoiled people brought nothing to me but bancruptcy and pain, so already for a long time I was feeling that I have just live my life and thats it. Again, thank you very much for the truth. Still, I dont promote anything and please dont ban my opinion let people try to read other information providers like q the storm rider on telegram, why, because these days only one him provides really bery accurate info on whats going on and what will happen on the suface. Others just say soon, it makes me laugh. So, now Sebastian with this hardest pill you took first position of the respect and trust by letting know that nohing will change at least ten years and the change of the people will only be personal. Actually it is very strange how all the so called light forces work not for the awakened people but for the sheeps who destroy this world and puts it in the abyss than to fight for the awakened ones. Also, this so called plan is getting stranger and stranger since it seems that God is weaker than the demons so it harder than hard to comprehend such things. Everytime for years and years something new appears that light forces did not know. And yes it is very strange all the plandemics show that the world believes and will believe what deep state presents to them whether it is plandemics or ufos so why not to show all the real info and just make them wake up because SOON all thrle bright people will start killing themselves because it is a hell in this place worse than the worst prison, and the God will fight for the sheeps. Good plan. But for real Sebastian, really with this big pain, biggest biggest biggest thank you since really as of today first time during 15 years of everydays following mostly cobra's page, I am quitting this thing and only sometimes I will take a look at all this info since actually it is enough to read it once a year if any of the advance has been made. Lets make money, work hard, live ego life and be happy and lets wait til this place will soon become worse then concentration camp. Biggest respect for Sebastian, really I understand that you dont even know who I am, but really to some degree today you have changed my living plan totally I am not lying. Love you!

    1. #Event, I know it really sucks and you have a point. but in other passed lives, "we the awaken one in this live used to be the sheeples and stupids egoistic, and they used to be the awaken ones.

    2. All the more reason to BREAK the circle, Teran.

  5. Great info. I feel bad for the muggles and the boring stuff they're into. "I think I'll check the stock market." Bah, check how the space war is going! It will be great when the negativity is ripped out of us and the scales fall from our eyes. I'm ready to be alive and see more of reality.

  6. key light worker Christ consciousness 144k is being tough. details cant be say. some information already given in years before. Due to Acuarios timeline wasactivated by the light in this planet. So we the calendar one and the real one. The Event is the same. The Event is You. This is a sries of events as you know keystarseed are in the primary role working for the rest. Awaken keylightworkers those not in the process are scure but it was already known about their bith day. So psychics attacks usong human minion can happened before they birht. This leave to trauma before we born, that affect during lifetime before awakening. nobody is fully awake, if you are you already have ypur 144 cromosomes activated no fear no negative feelings . So we have various leves of awakening. This was plna due to some were more ready than others. Keylightworkers found direct healing instant is awesome but due to the brutal attack in levels you dont imagine that leave trauma so due to nature of 3d that can pass to the recipient and the recipient can manisfest part of this trauma. I dont wan to mix to much topic not the purpose. Higlight as keylightworker go to the peak data being transfer to mother gaia so she porperly information to all. Now. more talking of dimensions and the illusions. I really thank fir the cintamanni stone idea would ideas of how to use it in specific cintammani.
    All should be clear and clean from elementals and left over of dark energies form the past. Some of them like say here with both and pray for protection to your guides due some resistance form you may be arise. rose quartz is awesome. As you heal, most you, will set it to your heart.
    yes is true about the lie of protection due to global warming. Now solar flares are getting intensified in part due to attack to keylightworkers. and clearing need to be done.
    So remember the event is you so focus in your cleaning clearing healing activation. Once the threshold is reach then the event happened.
    Goal is fifth dimension no 4 dimension. Due to attacks and seduce of the illusion a lot of starseed maybe 95% knock out last year. So they prefer to stay in 4 dimension. You wont heal or help more in 4 is in 5 that you can go back to 4. knowing is not enough living and be is the key. While in the process of step out of illusion, is painful but worth it, clean negative energies form chakras can help to take out the build up energies. Until you say bye, they will use all to be back and maybe tempted to do it to finish some kind of stff individual for each one. No way go, don't look back.
    If keylightworker have such attacks is due in some way they are affected by the illusion, once for the moment they are out, they control matrix and everthing around
    this human describe above the keylightworker once arise they do the same and more. DUe to it is happening, spcecially when describe sorrounding and hoe control it but he will do it with uncondionatl love and kindess. Do the action of warrior if they are warrior of light taking whole fleet and armies some are desintegrate some taken to central solar sun.
    work getting done march and aprll can be a challenge this year.
    Thanks Thanks for all
    LOve the advice form previous blog it was the first time i found it thanks 144k Jim
    and so proud of all of you . last year almost 95% starseeds knowout those are not working directly. Keep it, you are motivation and isnpiration for keylightworker
    Be clear The Event is you. We activate Aquarious era mean Aquarious era dont activate itself. Thi huge example is for the Event. Le t me say something the event is gonna be soon enough to be near but far enough by testing your real growth

    Unconditional love

  7. Thanks for the update.
    The post in french / L'article en français :
    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  8. Dear Sebastian,

    Thank you for the work you are doing.

    Can I ask you for your point of view regarding certain topic that makes me wonder?

    Regarding implant removal, I have written the implant removal protocol for some time now like Cobra suggested. He suggested doing it minimum of 10 minutes a day.

    I have wondered if it is more powerful if I do it like 2 hours or even more a day instead of 10 minutes, does it make a difference?

    I would appreciate if you could take short time to answer,

    Thank you.

    1. @tommpa, wear and use your cintimani stone and other tachyonis products as often as possible and do the implant removal long enough as you feel is right. If one ten minute session doesnt seem enough than try two a day. If thats not enough than three. Extending them longer may help if it works for you but one or two hours per session seems like a lot. Do enough without burning out. Burnout can make you weak and easier to target.

  9. I remember Douglas Dietrich saying there were Cthulu type creatures that lived on the bottom of the ocean that psychically manipulated humanity, like the article here says.

  10. The light forces need to understand that this delay is actually creating suffering EXACTLY to the positive, good hearted humans. The negative humans are mostly dying, some of them dying quick deaths with heart attacks and other vacine-related illnesses, while the positive, good hearted humans are suffering the hell here.
    When these negative, bad hearted humans die, most of them get rescued by the light forces ANYWAYS, and then are taken to the pleiades for healing and liberation. While as I said, the positive humans remain here still suffering many different types of insanities with the collapsing society.

    Plus, the families of these good hearted humans are getting old, many of their family members have already passed away, and if this delay continues any longer, many of the positive humans will loose their loved relatives. Who are the light forces trying to save and reward after all?

    So yes, there must be a deadline. I don't know if it needs to be 2025, it could even be this year, but yes, there needs to be a deadline. If the light forces fail to inicialize the event in the near future, they would better allow humanity to rest with a quick death with natural disasters, that will be much less disrespectful than allowing this to continue on.

    This idea of a perfect transition is not serving the positive beings on Earth nice. The animals, the positive humans and other positive species residing here. A more chaotic event may not be the perfect solution, but at least it would be faster than more than 10 years of ordeal, that we experience since 2012.

    There is no victory without fighting, there is no revolution without blood. The light forces need to start thinking this way. I know they will NEVER understand us (only the ascended beings do), but at least they should racionalize about these facts.

    As soon as possible, trigger the button.

    1. Suffering is a choice.
      Hope and optimism are a choice, pass it on

    2. Woah earth dragon did you really suggest extinguishing the human race if the light doesn't save the world. Have you not actually been reading the post from cobra and sebastian. The light is fighting the dark ones But the humans also need to shoulder their weight in fighting for themselves too. God him/her said the humans on earth is there finest creation. If you humans would start working together for the best of everyone than people like me can return to our home worlds and relax since you people can start kicking the dark ones collective ass🙂

    3. Wish the light forces could TAKE those of us, who are wanting to fight. I keep saying, take me, fix me up, restore me to what I used to be, and I'll gladly fight. The Light Forces said some of them only NOW had the courage......I've been ready for well over 20 years.

    4. @Scott2

      Beloved, i'm also speaking about myself. If this continues for example, untill 2027, 2028, I won't be here anymore, as I'll choose a peaceful and respectful suicide. Death is just another journey, but I find this suffering of humanity much more disrespectful than allowing humanity to peacefully rest. Many who are fighting since 2012 agree with me, but the newer starseeds may disagree with me.

      Unfortunatly, I don't see humanity working together. I predict everything that is already happening to continue happening untill the event. I may be wrong, though, but I don't think it is the case.

    5. @-earth dragon I totally understand the last few yrs have been brutal for everyone unless you're on team dark. But if us starseeds and light workers pack up and leave earth behind the dark ones will be as happy as a pig in mud as they turn there ships around and head here as fast as there ships can run. But since god/source/creator has decreed this world for the light we need to dig in deeper and continue the fight. As far as starseeds attacking you I won't be one of them as it doesn't accomplish anything good.

    6. Not in any hurry to die, Dragon, especially since this is gonna be my last one....don't want a bad ending.

    7. Suffering is not a choice, Blasto.

      I'm more than ready to 'pack up and leave earth behind', especially since, as I said in the past, never volunteered or agreed to come to this planet in the first place.
      And we need some tangible victories, not just "YOU CAN DO IT!" cheer leading...and silent cheer leading at that.

    8. @Sherman you sure you didn't agree to or volunteer to come to earth. I get life is difficult here but you might be surprised about whether or not you think you came here by choice. As far as your sheeple comment below I don't think I'll pay attention to what your saying if you need to belittle anyone else.

    9. @Scott2
      Why do so many insist that I actually chose/volunteered to come here by choice?
      Even Cobra, in his "soul families" post said that some of us were captured by the darkies and forces into reincarnation cycle, I'll get you the link if you want it.

      Also, IF I chose to come here, WHY has EVERYTHING in this human, so-called 'life' gone to shit for me, hmmmm? Why did not I incarnate, at LEAST, as a WOMAN, my true gender? Why did I get put into the body of a man, and an ugly little, un idealistic man at that? Why was I born into a family, on both sides, consisting of money hungry, back stabbing, competitive, racist dick weeds, and just to add to insult to injury, conservative Catholics and Christians? Why be living where everyone treats you like an outcast, a mutant, a monster? Why would I have gone, "OK, I'll take this assignment, and please make it as DIFFICULT as possible! :D ". No, Scott, I don't think so. So, show me the equivalent of video footage, showing me agreeing to incarnate here, with all the mouse droppings on top of this diarrhea milkshake that has been the life I had, by choice.

      And so WHAT if I call the masses 'sheeple'? That's what they are. Look how the fall for all the trickery, and fight to protect/retain the gulag status of this rotten P.O.W. camp of a planet. Korea, Vietnam, the Iraq BS of the early 90s, OJ, Monica's stained dress, 9-11, Convid, Ukraine, whatever the news and politicians, scientists and celebrities say, and so on.....and how many threats, ridicule, and fists to the face one gets when one speaks against it. Sorry, Scotty, but they are sheep, who will fight for their shepherds, DESPITE the fact that, historically, the sheep will end up on the shepherd's dinner plate or later.

      After years of abuse from both the darkies, and the sheep, I'll belittle them as much as I see fit. And I'm sure I'm not the only one around here that will do so.

    10. @Sherman hi Sherman I think why people like yourself me among countless others have such difficult lives in so many ways is because it helps to teach you things that are valuable. I remember reading Sylvia brown's books her spirit guide asking her what did she learn when things were going good for her as opposed to times when things weren't so good. I get what your saying when people will rather believe a lie than the truth but also I'd rather know what's really going on even though I could care less because it usually doesn't have any bearing in my life. As far as the sheeple thing goes it's ok if you know something whether anyone else around you chooses not to believe it or isn't ready for it but rather than have a attitude that you think your better because you know something why not try just ignoring that smug superior feeling and just carry on with your life. If they choose to ask you questions when there ready hey that's great.

    11. @Scott2
      I say FUCK the lessons and teaching.
      "Purposeful suffering" is a crock of bullshit. Most people going through miserable lives become like Archie Bunker or George Carlin.

      I've looooong offered them help...but they did not care....just ridicule and fists is what I got as result. From now on....lemme put it this way:

      Noah offered to help one listened.....then it started to RAIN.

  11. And adding to what I said, if for example 100.000 people would die during the event, yes, we would be very sad for these 100.000 people. But just imagine how many hundreds of billions of other beings would be saved and helped in the long run (including many of the positive good-hearted humans).

    That's why i'm saying that there is no victory without sacrifices.

    1. @Steph
      BOOOOM!! 🔥🔥🔥
      Tell them! thanks for your passionate response!
      It honestly saddens me to see these comment sections being full of this nonsense!

      The good thing is tho, that these are only part of a vocal minority, who apparently feel the need to dump their dark shit all over these otherwise quite uplifting places.
      Talk about becoming a tool of the dark...

      I am talking to you guys now:
      Wether you are driving smear campaigns against Jesus or Ashtar because of some disinformation you were fed, or egoistically advocating for the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of people or simply just being negative all the time..
      You are serving the dark by feeding hate and self-serving attitudes!
      Good job guys! 🤮

    2. Do you see guys, how people get triggered by the aholecons to attack me?

      @Steph d'Auvergne

      First of all, fellow, I NEVER claimed i'm superior to anyone. Secondly, if I was one of those 100.000 dead people at a premature event, I wouldn't complain with the Source, as it would have been my fate. So I never talked about sacrifice lambs, but about people who would naturally die during the event, or wouldn't be able to protect themselves.

      If you are a fresh starseed, who perhaps found out about Cobra last year, it is easy to say what you are saying. I'm fighting TOOTH AND NAIL since 2012, and i'm very tired. I was already super tired in 2012. So I can safelly say that the older veterans (and the vast majority of humanity, that are in deep suffering) are tired and would better have an honoured and peaceful death than continue being tortured.

    3. @FluffyFractalshard, @Libra J. M. Aquila

      There we go, more aholecon triggered "lightworkers". The amount of hate and disrespect that you expressed in your "answers" is already enough for me to be proven right when I say that a lot of "lightworkers" get triggered by the aholecons to attack me out of NO REASON.

      Keep going, you just prove me right!

    4. @Earth Dragon

    5. @Libra
      Yeah you're right! thanks for the reminder to simply ignore them.
      And thank you! 🥰
      I must say I am very happy to see you being so active and in good spirits as well!
      Much love! 💜

    6. @Sherman

      Thanks, Sherman, but actually I already know why the "lightworkers" attack each other. It's because many of them don't have character, and therefore they allow themselves to be influenced by the implants of the dark forces.

      Just see how much hate I received for expressing my opinion. People can of course disagree, but as light workers, they should show respect at least.

      Thank you!

    7. Reading these comments is quite painful. I'm very sorry that this controversy has pushed this article, which I've been waiting for a long time, into the background like this.

      To laugh at and rhetorically trash someone who obviously has grief and needs healing I don't think is okay. There are many who have to go through dark times. Many have no one in their private lives to talk to about their feelings/fears/frustrations and so these (mostly negative) feelings also end up in the comment sections (which probably aren't meant seriously either). I don't want to be misunderstood, because I also don't support utilitarian thinking a la "the happiness of the many is above the unhappiness of the few".

      Regardless of whether it's 'light' or 'dark', from a purely human perspective, I don't think it's okay to personally attack or laugh at anyone.

      Thank you for your understanding and may love and light always be on your side.

    8. @Libra
      Oh wow! Thats a wonderful transformation!
      I had a similar battle with weed addiction, which I have now overcome so I can tell how much of a difference it makes (and alcohol is even worse in this regard).
      So I am very happy for- and proud of you! 😊

      You are totally right. I felt that I was not acting from a loving perspective the moment I posted my reply, but I was too angry to admit it. I was lacking any compassion and I am sorry for that.
      When I am giving it my all to hold the light and support the liberation, day in and day out, and ontop am a little emotionally overwhlemed by the sheer injustice in this world (like the recent manmade earthquake in turkey and the ohio chemical disaster), I tend to get really angry at a) all the ignorant people and b) awakened people who are seemingly not doing much besides complaining or even disseminating anti-life ideas.
      But I know thats not an excuse, rather an explanation what made me act so hostile (maybe some archons did push some buttons there, too - but we are the ones who allow it or not).
      Thank you for being a voice of reason (or rather heart) in this case!
      We are all still learning how to handle our emotions and how to stay balanced in these intense times..
      May the love of the goddess soften our hearts so we can be more gentle and compassionate to one another 💜

  12. Really makes one feel inferior, more so, considering that stuff. Sometimes I think being a human is the worst curse a life form can experience, Libra.

    THEY got mega powers, what do WE got?

  13. @Libra
    Well, that's for you. I myself do not consider myself a light worker (nor do I want to be done), nor did I come to this planet by choice. And the attacks on me have gotten rather hardcore this week alone. And I want to FIGHT, be on the ground, or in space, with a weapon, and having a fighting chance.......and not being stuck down here 'holding the light', whilst taking cheap shots from the darkies on a regular basis.

    I NEED to fight, Libra.

  14. Hello, dear Sebastian. Still, could you explain at least that part when the Source said maximum of two years until lets say visible changes. So according to this recent post, was that not a contact with the real Source, or the Source doesnt know about the things? Because in that case I dont know if anybody could disagree that Event might never happen or it cam happen in five minutes, since actually nobody knows and everything is under a level of prediction and guessings.

  15. @Steph d'Auvergne

    Due to the level of hate you showed me (for free) because of my opinions expressed before, I won't read your message. If you are being nice now, know that you should have done that since the beginning. If you want to be called a light worker, it is the minimum you should do.

  16. @Genuine Light Workers

    I hope you guys understand that I can't keep answering aholecons triggered people. This is exactly what the aholecons want. I suggest you to ignore those "light workers" too. Unfortunately, the event doesn't happen also because of them. The toplet bombs are just another of the reason why the event didn't happen yet.

  17. @Libra
    Oh yeah, I know these kind of attacks through people on the internet. Sometimes they seem even very innocent at first, only wasting our time until you realize that you need to make a clear cut to not get drained. And yea, some people are so hurt, they cant for the sake of it let go of their ego-perspective and not once admit they were wrong. Its honestly sad and quite baffling (as you say) how fucked up the ego structure of some people can be. But yeah, as I said in my other comment, I strive to be more compassionate towards them or at least not engage.
    My inner peace is a source of strength and I dont want to let myself be dragged out of that.

  18. Been there as well......friends, (especially my so-called human family), and folks in person and over the net.

    I've yet to see the funny bit you speak of, Libra, sorry.
    And yes, I tell them what they can go do with themselves as well. Makes me wish birth control could be retro active.

  19. @Genuine Lightworkers

    Here is a text in my blog that was created to help you to detect and and avoid 'aholecons triggered people'. It's important for us to be able to detect them, because they disturb the planetary liberation process.

    Victory of the light!

  20. @Dragon
    IF the event can only happen when EVERY little bit sheeple have become perfect saints, monks or hippies, will NEVER happen.

  21. Hallo Sebastian, danke für den heftigen Bericht. Sag mal, willst Du eigentlich hinnehmen das die getarnten Darkies hier an Deiner Reputation sägen und selber wenigst lesenswertes zustande gebracht haben? Der Egofaktor in deiner Leserschaft ist gewaltig gestiegen... . LG!

  22. Dear Sebastian

    Thank you so much for your service to others.

    I have a question about the AI.

    Actualy the AI-topic is very present (Chat GPT, Midjourney).

    So what are the plans with this AI-Tools that seems to be very entertaining. For example with Midjourney you can enter a few words or sentences and then the AI creates you with this prompts a mindblowing painting, drawing, picture.

    It is very seductive especialy for design-affinated people like me. But I do know, that this funny-funny-entertanining-AI is sucking out the human-energy.

    Why does this AI-Creators want it so much, that we do enter our thoughts and emotions and fantasy and creativity into this system. What they plan to do? What is that making with me when I (so I did) try this technology?

    Thank you very much.

  23. It's surreal... the Event has been planned for decades, 8 billion humans were not born in the last few weeks, why is it only now that we are talking about the difficulty of managing the population during an extraordinary time like the Event could be? Cobra has been talking about it for 10 years, always distinguishing the pre- and post-Event as two completely different worlds. If it never even happens, what should we expect? May the LF send us plasma and raise the frequencies, and then it will be up to humanity to implement the change? By now it has also been admitted by Cobra himself, that without surface intervention there is no way out. Most of humanity is psychically injured, too much mental manipulation, too much manipulation on "karma", plus the notable worsening of the collective consciousness in these last three years. There is not that much time left, the Cabal is already vial-ready for the next epidemic, and they have already inflicted tremendous damage on human genetics, and will continue of course, if they have time to do so. What should we expect? Always thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Cabal needs to be GREASED.....with extreme prejudice, for there is no other way.
      Same for their darkie masters.

  24. A true 'armada' of 'fallen' lightworkers, with pitchforks and torces, will await the lightforces at the tine of the late-coming event and first contact...

    1. @extension blog lol um didn't your dark masters pass out the memo that you would know your time is ending and God/source/creator has decreed this world for the light.


    This is an urgent message to the lightworkers and lightwarriors of Earth. I know that the vast majority of you get triggered by the aholecons and don’t like me (I don’t care), but you need to hear me, for I bring an urgent message from the Source.

    I was informed that the light on Earth is failing. We are not being able to guarantee a positive future for the planet, and the main reason for that, is because the vast majority of the lightworkers and lightwarriors are masked, and partially evil.

    YES, I may be talking about YOU, who is reading. Did you deeply reflect about your own actions, specially regarding the poor, the helpless or “weak”, the ones you consider to me ugly, your own family, the obese, the people you think are bad and don’t deserve a chance, the depressed, the ones who think differently from you, the street animals, and etc? It’s easy to be nice and positive with who is beautiful, rich, popular, happy and etc.

    Most likely you will find many flaws if you think about it all, just like I found many flaws that I corrected in the past.

    More information about masked lightworkers this post:

    The Source Prime Creator has informed me that the Chimera Group will attack the surface of the planet very soon, IF WE DON’T START PROPERLY WORKING TOWARDS THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    More at:

    1. Again, BLAME the folks who are suffering on this rock, and with NO weapons, tech or super powers to either fight back, or at least, defend themselves. We're like EXPECTED to be super heroes, mine the super part.

      News for you....we're targets, and pretty much like the Atlas, with huge weights on our shoulders....yet you blame us? You must live a pretty charmed life, Dragon.

    2. @earth dragon I agree with you in most lightworkers there is some darkness I speak from experience BUT I don't let it run my life either I try and do as much as possible to keep my spirit calm and away from anything bad or negative. I'll also say too this message from you sounds a lot like fear mongering. Oh I also don't wear a mask though it makes me sad to see people that do wear them if nothing else for them being afraid.

    3. So the humans are just poor victims, dear Sherman? They are all positive, nice and good-hearted people, victims of the cabal?

    4. Oh boy, thats so sad.
      Just because some people were calling out your proposal to sacrifice a large portion of humanity for those who you deem "worthy", you now think that half of the lightworker community has turned evil all of a sudden and are further playing into the separation game of the dark.
      Ontop of that you seriously think that you are a clear enough channel to receive direct communication from the source and ofcourse this "message" is nothing but doom and gloom - exactly what the dark ones would communitcate.
      Sorry dude, I mean I value your dedication, but this is just sad.
      I feel sorry for lashing out at your initial remarks, because this all seemingly got to your head and now you think you need to somehow "rescue" the lightworkers by driving some kind of doomer campaign against "the masked ones", which only increases the separation. All because of some stupid argument on the internet..
      Just let it go... its really not that hard (at least if you are able to self-reflect like you claim to be). I don't have a grudge against you and just wish we could all focus on the uniting qualities instead of the separating ones. We honestly should be past the stage of senseless ego-driven infighting as we all have one common goal and that is the liberation of humanity!
      Again: I am sorry for my initial response and am certainly not proud of how I let myelf be triggered. I hope you can accept this and maybe see the value of even those lightworkers who might have a different opinion than you.
      Namaste my brother! 💜



    We invite you all to join our worldwide mass prayer for the world peace and for a positive future for humanity, on April 12th.

    All the positive religions of the world are invited, the only necessary requirement is for you to believe in God, and want to do good to our planet.

    The prayer will start on 18:00 EET Time (Cairo, Egypt time), and we all need to start praying at the exact same time, so the power of our positive intentions will me multiplied.

    You can check the exact time of the meditation according to your location here:

    Please, invite everyone you know which could help. Let’s all unite in a single and focused intention of peace, and God will certainly help us.

    More at:

    1. Thank you for your integrity and love.
      And for your courage to jump in without fear of misunderstanding.

      People look to the main street and recognize those who come from there as "worthy". But can we recognize as "worthy" those who come from a casual pathway?

      I don't think my defense is necessary for your activities, so I will say nothing more.

      May our worldwide prayer for peace be successful.

  27. @Truth.

    HOW are WE 'royalty'? We're genetically raped.

    The ALIENS live for centuries, millennia, some of them are practically immortal, some probably are immortal. WE live pitifully SHORT lives....80-100 years, at best.

    The ALIENS do NOT age after a certain point. WE, however, age, and fall apart, and get plagued with increased pain and decreased mobility and ability.

    Seriously, how are WE royalty? More like genetically raped primates, instead.

  28. @STEPH

    Madam, I didn't even read your answer. Both you and I know that you don't love me, you don't even know me. So now please, accept that you have many flaws and you need to correct them, just like I had to accept it in the past.

    And please join our worldwide mass prayer on April 12.

    Victory of the light.

    1. @ Genuine Light Workers

      My dears, I'm sorry but I can’t read all the comments. I know that many of you will join our mass prayer on April 12, and I’m very thankful for it.

      By the way, I don’t read comments of aholecons triggered people. Their hate, irony, attempts to humiliate me, and their cruelty is already enough for me to be proven right when I say that these people are NOT genuine light workers.

      If you really read my messages, you will see that I have NEVER said that I’m special, or that I’m better than anybody else. Yes, I said that I was responsible for clearing huge amounts of darkness, but that I did so with a lot of help, support and love, therefore I’m not a chosen one, or a saint, or whatever.

      And yes, I also said that I can communicate clearly to the Source. But I found out this particular method only recently, and each and every human being also has the capacity to communicate to the Source. So all I say is, find your own ways to communicate to the Source, and ask him/her if I’m lying.

      You have my blessing, because I know that I’m not lying. But please, prove it is really the Source, with your actions, because cruel people can’t really be in contact with the Source.

      Plus, Cobra also has my blessing to say here, if he wants, If I’m lying, and I’m not really the person who cleared huge amounts of darkness. I’m not afraid, Cobra can say I’m a liar if he believes so.

      Let’s continue being humble, because only the humble can be real lightworkers.

      Victory of the light!

  29. @Truth & Love Wins

    Are you telling me to get out of here?

    But is your nickname not saying that Truth & Love wins? Telling people to get out of public foruns is not very loving... There must have been a mistake, a grave mistake.

    Why didn't you love me? Why did you tell me to get away? I thought love would win in the end.

    Oh, gosh, you are such a loving being!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are only love and light :)

  30. @steph maybe you should thank earth dragon steph because if you were wearing a mask we wouldn't be able to see how pretty you look without the mask 🙂

  31. Dear Sebastian. It would be so nice yo get an update now. Waiting. Thanks.

  32. Love is the word . Love yourself equal and you love other. this is a equation. If you do it then you a loving the highest goo. Unconditional love is above the normal human love.
    War and battles are done. Strong and brutal.
    Warrior of Light, Light warriors big entities of lights are so this not reach the human plane.

    Interfere in January 6 2021, prevent concentration camp, stop force vaccination, more the thruth related to vaccines is open up officially, false inflation, preventing the spread of of sudden world scale war.
    increasing timeline
    humanity have to do some learning because this is not to maintain this system is to change to the better good and equal for all. opportunity to to rise.
    keylightworker once pass the test you became primary co creators, so you and your life have a effect in the world. be aware, now still human weakness but time to be what you already know you are.
    Destruction of 3 darkness planet by god warrior. Not fully destroy due to light found within. These planet responsible of the actual negative condition of earth. Instead of waiting for attack and attack was led to their home planet.
    All receive the message in 2021, so all are in different levels of awakens according mother Gaia best for each of you
    Love yourself unconditionally not just a beautiful word is living it id key for all so you can love unconditionally properly others. this lead to all change in the collective.
    Prepare for march and April is the ly for the rest of the year.
    This is a dark year due to everything happening behind the curtains. is happening in all parallel dimensions.
    the Christ consciousness is all you the center is your heart chakra leading to connect you to mother gaia and Central Solar Sun. Awake the Christ in you. Let Jesus Christ to help you.
    this is the place where you fin the truht leading to awakening to rest of chakras. As your guides of light help ypu to connect the heart and corona.
    be patient with yourself and others, a lot of energies of self are not self, let the real you appear again. Focus 5D not 4D.
    5D you are one

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Who is the Goddess if She resides on a space ship?


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