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Situation Update May 2022

  • As in each update, the solar system is still cleaned and stabilised steadily from the influence of the chimera. This is still mostly perceivable in the unseen realms for now as physical changes will not be possible at large before compression breakthrough.
    We have reached a point in the process of removal though in which the chimera in its entirety is shortly before realising their absolute defeat. You can imagine a strict hierarchy in the chimera which disallows anyone lower to know anything higher levels already know. And while the top chimera criminals know defeat is certain since about two years,  the rest of the hierarchy is kept in steady belief of winning against the Lightforces. A belief which will necessarily come to an end soon. That also means the stabilisation process for humanity is coming to an end. While much of the stabilisation has to happen without the chimera witnessing it, in the end, giving insight into the stabilisation is necessary and part of the stabilisation itself.
    Many people need to be woken up to the fact that big changes are on the way and have to be given proofs to change according to the shift of the ages. Proofs that will also inevitably lead to the whole chimera hierarchy waking up to certain defeat. So a liberation process like the one on Earth has to begin most covertly and is a balance act between giving certainty for some while hiding the true extend of the liberation from the chimera. That is why only the most professional alien species and highest souls were sent in shortly before the end of the galactic wars - this process is absolutely crucial and one error can lead to the complete annihilation of the host-system and -species (humanity and more on Earth). These people who secretly led the liberation on Earth since decades are and will be known as Starseeds. While some humans might think the chimera realising its defeat is a positive effect, despite extensive stabilisation it might still get shaky for many. It might in the worst case lead to expressions of anger and bigger problems on the surface as some among the lightworkers predicted already. Basically no one on Earth except the Starseeds (who were part in previous liberations in other solar-systems) ever witnessed what happens when the chimera realises its defeat. Many spiritual forces on Earth think they won several battles against evil forces while the chimera just let them think they won parts of what went on through the ages. What they do on defeat is therefore unthinkable even to the oldest beings on the Earth as the suffering the chimera faces as consequence is devastating for their whole existence - like a worthless survival instinct setting in in big parts of their hierarchy - they will panic and do things the chimera and involved alien species never did before in this set up on Earth. It will be desperate measures and even much more desperate than anything ever witnessed on Earth in terms of chimera tactics.
    All this outbreak was foreseen and buffered in the decades of stabilisation which means in the best case humanity again will not see anything and in the worst case this means collapse of many systems including some infrastructural parts of the human world.

    At least ten big species have by now arrived in the solar system for liberation, each of them easily defeats the whole hierarchy of chimera aliens alone - these species are much bigger in overall (fleet-)size and in technological development. All these species will help in the further stabilisation during the shift. The involved defect chimera aliens (namely the chimera itself, interdimensional ETs, archons and dracos) are seen as lower to midsized species, having reached the technological development of a mechanic (compared to a human development scale). The Lightforces could have ended the chimera reign instantly from the very start of liberation. The problem though is the hostage scenario, similar to the parasite killing its host on removal, humanity and many other hostages would not have made it through, if the Lightforces were not stabilising the situation since decades.
    What Cobra revealed recently is correct, even after decades of intense stabilisation by the absolute, universal elite in parasite removal, a big part of humanity still has to be evacuated to healing planets and some will be brought to judgement planets besides 500 million cabal-humans who will be neutralised in the Central Sun. That is how severe the situation really is, while most humans still have their rose-colored glasses of naïveté all over their perception. Glasses which - on necessarily instant removal - trigger problems the chimera cultivated into the human-being by design of their system on Earth. So it cannot emphasised enough how much mercy a slow awaking process is, which ascendants were able to go through compared to the processes most humans will face - a mercy given by the Goddess herself by the way - you will be very grateful for her presence, if you are not already.

  • The absolute is by now involved heavily just as Cobra laid open in his latest update. As a fundamental factor for the realisation of defeat described above, the cabal simply cannot cope with the absolute. They cannot accept absolute laws of the universe for example, as it will inevitably determine their most hard defeat and certain inevitable punishments resulting naturally from their deeds. Things the cabal did on Earth have certain absolute consequences which the cabal tried to relativise since millions of years here. The chimera tried to establish a bubble in each of the befallen systems, including the one on Earth, in which only the primary anomaly rules. As soon as the chimera and their structures are brought to absolute Light and to universal truth and laws, the consciousness of their massive defeat becomes a certainty. A defeat that will leave the chimera criminals throughout all their hierarchy levels alone with the suffering they caused. That will be enormous judgement and punishment setting in for the worst parts throughout their whole hierarchy even down to the human secret societies having to stand up to and face their crimes.

    Source is definately involved in liberation him-/herself and doing difficult changes in the blueprint of the universe among other things, in a way that excludes an expression of negativity like we witnessed on Earth for the future. The fact that the primary anomaly is waning throughout the universe is proof of changes in the cosmic blueprint actually taking place.
    There were several bad design decisions of the prime creator and his bigger descendants which made the desaster the chimera caused in several systems possible - a desaster which still takes place on the Earth. Source changes things that usually cannot be changed, as they need to be changed throughout all time and space in the universe which has to be seen as a grown organism. These things that need to be corrected for the universe to become finalised as a home are now being carried out by Source themselves (there are male and female parts in Source, think of the most high couple of the universe).
    Just as Cobra writes in his latest update, this corresponds to the universe stopping expansion. While some scientists think that it leads to contraction after that, it will not be the case although it might look like that for some. Finalisation is like an amniotic sac being established around the universe which was also created by Source themselves. It is also the transition of the universe itself from a semi-conscious (male) organism into a much more self-conscious (female) organism. This infusal of consciousness into the universe itself then helps to get subversive elements like for example the chimera beaten like a childhoods disease. The universe realises for the first time that it is sick and that certain elements inside of it do not work in its favour, which then leads to the rejection of these elements and the removal of the primary anomaly (with a little help of the Source). The universe will become more female in traits, which means it will finally be a lot more nurturing and giving to its inhabitants, finally preparing comfort in their eternal home. Basically Source is in the process of making the best of this universe and preparing it as their own home to live in. This will correspond with several new technologies which will be discovered throughout the universe the more the primary anomaly is leaving, which will enhance living standards and comfort drastically (even for many paradisic standards out there in not-chimera-infested systems). The Event will not just start the first real party on Earth but similar reliefs will happen throughout the universe due to the anomaly leaving.
The rest of this article will discuss several relevant topics in a few paragraphs which can be rather seen as general ascension insights.

  • One big problem that has to be faced in every chimera system is the intense confusion of identities. This was and is a problem of many traumatised Starseeds and even some Lightworkers and it will be for some extend of time. People on Earth simply will not accept humans which reached a higher spiritual height as ascended or highly worthy of their support yet.

    This can be made clear in an example involving the ascended masters:
    Imagine Jesus came back to Earth. Many believe in a second coming but what would really happen in a cabal ruled world?
    As no one knows what Jesus really looked like, no one would believe him to be Jesus. Then many humans would demand proofs like having him walk on water and the like. But even then the 500 million cabal-owned humans would come and say that he is a deceiver or impostor sent by the devil. And many humans will be in doubt just by the lies spread by cabal-humans.
    This is a chimera-designed mechanism which ascended masters face daily. Many of those ascended masters can come to the surface in human form if the choose so. Though whatever they do is covered up by the chimera and their owned humans. Whatever happens will not really reach the public or cause much of publicity. The chimera simply screens and shields every interaction of the ascended masters with the surface or with surface humans. Whoever witnessed it will be quietened or declared as insane - the chimera even changes consciousness in bigger cases pretty much like in 'Men in Black' which is expensive but the chimera would rather die than lay open what is really happening on Earth. And be honest, if someone says he or she has met Jesus, the outmost of humanity will see him/her as a lunatic. So Jesus could even walk on the water for a proof and everyone who witnessed that would be seen as insane without proofs. Even mobile videos would not work and most of that could be regarded as a prank fast by the cabal-humans.
    Most humans still tend to think that it would cause a huge media attention if someone walks on the water and that Jesus just had to announce it for media presence before walking on the water.

    Nothing like that will happen as strange as it sounds to average humans.
    The chimera and the chimera-owned-humans will definitely deny any media presence no matter who declares to walk on the water - they will rather instantly send people to kill whoever declared to walk on the water. Jesus would be forced off planet fast by the chimera attacks he would receive if he really was to declare to give proofs and inciting publicity. In that case they would concentrate all firepower of the planet in an instant to harm him and even Jesus himself would have to leave again. The chimera controls the media to nearly 100%, they necessarily have massive interest to control whatever enters the human minds worldwide to minute detail. So everyone they put into the media infrastructure is - if things get serious - completely controllable. Just in case anyone would come up with a proof to wake up humanity.

    If Jesus could not leave in such a case, his life here would be made horrible by the cabal fast. They would camouflage him as a normal human, denying any proofs he could have made simply by ramping up cabal-presence around him instantly. And whatever proofs he could give would be canceled by cabal tech pretty easily with that presence. If he wants to show healing capabilities, the cabal makes the healed humans die and flag him as 'impostor' again. If he wants to walk on water, the cabal uses tech so he falls, cancelling his skills and declare him again as impostor.
    Additionally they would soon have enough presence around him to turn his body into a torture chamber - attacks even Jesus could not repel. He would lose the battle against the primary anomaly being bombarded with massive amounts of it (the primary anomaly encrypting his body like described in the last post). So they would outnumber him and shield him from the help of higher forces if this happens, simply because they have much more presence on the surface.
    That is exactly why ascended masters do not come to the surface often anymore, it is still suicide here and if they are captured it can get hard for them to get 'out' again.

    Then again let's think about Jesus being validly identified and verified as Jesus himself (notice how impossible that sounds already). So he is validly Jesus and his location is laid open - people would begin to stampede him because all the world would go to see him and would want to be close to him. And actually the chimera-humans would do the rest to force him off Earth again by this. As far as the chimera-brainwash reaches for humanity, it would also be quite probable that they would crucify him again - just completely different - bringing him into a life-threatening situation fast. Humans would not be able to realize that what they do is a problem as they are still under heavy manipulation of the chimera and rather behaving like under swarm-intelligence than like reasonable, self-conscious beings.

    What the cabal do if they cannot get rid of him like that was pretty much what they do with every human they see as a risk, they go and 'replace' him.
    What they do then is use the validity of Jesus having come back to Earth and abuse it for their goals. If identity of a highly influential individual of the Light would be established, the chimera gets the corresponding individual away and puts their clone where he was. Most humans identify and perceive other humans by appearance and the similarity would be perfect enough to deceive all innocent humanity (which is still in the belief that human clones do not exist and could not be created pretty fast). So no one would realise that the one that was proven to be Jesus himself is actually played by one of the cabal's fake-humans. They would probably have a lot of fun destroying Jesus' image and playing with him while the rest of humanity watches.
    While the real Jesus either had to leave or was isolated by the cabal and shielded from getting back into public.

    So whatever Jesus would do, the chimera made it pretty much impossible for him to return as long as they control the surface and outnumber any being of the Light here. That will be the case until compression breakthrough and it is pretty much the same situation for many bigger Starseeds which were discovered by the chimera on the surface right now. They simply cannot prove their higher origins and skills to anyone in this chimera controlled confusion. Some Starseeds are by now even in constant contact with the ascended masters but no one can do anything until certain powerful chimera beings have finally left the Earth. That will also be compression breakthrough as the big ones among the chimera have created the structures in a way that they collapse if the members are forced to leave - some members are even tied to toplet-bombs and the like. These bigger aliens in the chimera hierarchy will probably stay on Earth until short before compression breakthrough
    simply by the design of their system.

  • While many people in the lightworker community demand actions taken by the Lightforces, the cabal makes fun of these humans who are basically demanding their own death. As mentioned above the Lightforces could end the chimera reign since decades in an instant, but that would result in the annihilation of humanity and nearly all lifeforms who are hostage of the chimera. Even toplet bombs are not much of a difficulty for higher species but pretty much for everyone on Earth (even including the chimera).
    The Lightforces do not intervene yet to save more humans from certain and permanent death (which would be permanent torture of souls, captured by the chimera). 

  • Many of the higher spiritual forces on the planet are actually involved in the cabal-induced fraud - the cabal play light against dark on this planet since ages, while both sides covertly work for the chimera. These spiritual 'greats' will discover that they do exactly what the chimera wants and will wake up to being their slaves and actually never having worked for the light when it got serious. The whole new age spiritual propaganda pushed this light against dark view of the cabal. The established light on the planet so far rather worked against establishing options for many people who work for the liberation on the surface so far.
    Needless to say, the chimera wants to take all options from people working for liberation so they cannot proceed. For humans, options are usually given and taken by the amount of money people have access to obviously.
    The established light on the planet so far have just created an unsurmountable amount of tests for the Starseeds and Lightworkers, which never ended and especially never created any options at all. Additionally they try to get some of the biggest lights for liberation off the surface (they think this was for safety reasons) - which again is exactly what the chimera wants. The established light fell for the trick of knowing it better than the Starseeds and proceed with processes which secretly were set up by the chimera themselves ages ago. Which then leads to the stupid idea to have the Starseeds to be removed from the surface etc. 
    The chimera is tricking the good people and positive spiritual forces on Earth since millions of years, preparing all their processes to work against the final liberation and therefore against the Lightforces in the current situation. The chimera adapted all processes on the Earth with new info from liberations which took place on other systems each time. Those liberations were part of the intergalactic wars and had to happen prior to the liberation of Earth.
    Actually each day that passes on which the biggest lights working for liberation on the surface cannot do what they need to do is a dark day for Earth and the future of Earth. And the established light on the planet so far did not at all accomplish anything to turn against this will of the chimera which just shows the complete corruption of dark and light fights on Earth so far.
    Most necessary right now is the absolute inversion of the will of the chimera, which simply did not happen to the slightest degree on the surface yet.
    A fact that will render many positive established spiritual forces as hypocrites who will fail their re-evaluation of their positions in the coming Earth hierarchy quite hard.

  • The Neo-Cortex in the brain is pretty much a development of the chimera and while scientists claim it was necessary for 'higher intellectual functions' much of it has to do with language. You think in words and that is exactly what the chimera wants. Previous human prototypes and early humans still thought rather in images and communicated more or less telepathically. So the Neo-Cortex mainly serves as a part in the brain which translates higher human communications into words. Few people can quieten their thinking (also by design of the chimera) which was regarded as one of the highest virtues by many spiritual gurus. What the chimera implemented is a translation mechanism from our natural communication to their language or at least into languages which the chimera understands. They actually are able to listen to thoughts and try to understand humans and to even re-engineer what they get translated by humans in words. While some humans might even think that this is a good deed to translate ourselves for aliens, it actually serves only one purpose: the destruction of soul and the true heritage of humanity - which the chimera works on since ages.
    For the ascendants: it actually helps to stay in the center of your head with visualisation, if you have a perception of where the visualisation originates. The center of your head is much older and much less in sight of the chimera and rather stems from our reptilian heritage. Some of the ascendants should feel a difference of location of their visualization already, which definitely develops with higher ascent.
    As soon as the chimera sees certain words or certain 'identifying' thoughtpatterns emerging anywhere they will send problems and negative entities to those people. They 'track' certain phrases and individual expressions to locate key persons and people working for liberation. While locating humans might seem easy for humans it is not that easy in the unseen realms which are used by the chimera for attacks as well. So it is highly recommended to learn to quieten your thoughts for long periods of time in forms of meditation. You really can support the Lightforces a lot by this as they do not have to guard you that much anymore which is still most expensive for some innocents.


  1. Some quotes from 2012portal regarding the chimera:

    Monday, January 3, 2022

    "All Black Stones and all Chimera spiders on the surface of the planet, including those in the Urim base, have been removed."

    Saturday, April 16, 2022

    "One small part of this fleet is already inside the solar system and is putting the last remnants of the Chimera fleet under siege."

    "The last line of defense before the Light forces can physically intervene on the surface, are the so-called pits. Pits are secret military bases up to 30 meters underground, which were before owned by the Illuminati Breakaway Complex and are now operated by the surface Cabal. Some of them hide members of the Chimera. They can not extend more than 30 meters underground, because the Resistance can now clear most of the locations that are deeper, but can not yet intervene closer to the surface because of toplet bomb deterrence mechanisms."

    "There are about 1000 such bases worldwide, and two main ones in Ukraine are below Odessa and below Azovstal metal plant in Mariupol."

  2. Thanks again for this update. Here is a french translation of the post.

    Traduction de l'article en français :

    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  3. Hello, I just read your very interesting article, from Nov 21, 2020, about Cabal/Chimera influences onto society, and i thank you for the very helpful and new information. Just one question about where you talked about some humans not surviving these last developments as humans and turning into other lifeforms, would you please elaborate a little on this? I can't imagine how this is going to happen. What smaller lifeforms do you mean?

    1. A human body is a god-like body and as written in the article it consumes enormous amounts of energy. Energy the cabal currently steals from big, tortured souls by excerting pain towards those souls.
      So what becomes of those humans who cannot be supported anymore due to active involvement with the cabal or low ensoulment is pretty variable but it will not be a continuation as a human. Humans actively involved with the cabal are pretty much those who will be transported to the Central Sun.
      Regarding the others: Depending on the character or benevolence of a human, he/she will become a smaller lifeform, suiting the ensoulment better. In the new form they will be able to 'carry' themselves, without big souls having to suffer for them being alive. What they exactly become depends individually on each case. Some being transported to healing planets, because they will not be able to cope healing on Earth will become a lifeform that is available on that planet, suiting their soulsize/ensoulment. It will probably be human-like for those. Those who can heal on the Earth could definately become animals and the similar smaller lifeforms which so far only live in the inner Earth. It will be up to their choice (proportional to soulsize) for the positive people getting through the shift on the Earth.

      Humans will definately be spared from becoming something like grays which are btw part of the chimera and some of the most parasitic aliens in the hierarchy.
      Those who say humans would become grays are pretty much thinking grays would have overtaken them or that humans tend to go into the same parasitic directions as grays.
      Becoming grays was never an option for humanity, it is rather wishful thinking of the chimera to have their artificial Gods degraded to parasitism.


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