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Ascension notes and Situation Update April 2022

In this article there will be several necessarily negative unveilings which will accompany some humans on their ascension path. Many of the following points clearify general problems on the ascension path or lay open cabal-caused problems on Earth, which will help as well. Basically it is a summary of several topics that needed to be laid open on this blog, condensed into one post, just giving an outline of what the cabal do.

In the end of this post there will be a short update on the current situation and how the Lightforces advanced in the last few weeks. If there are less updates on this blog it signifies that not much has changed ususally. Lightforces are in the process of cleaning this planet of the parasitic parts of the primary anomaly and nothing fundamental changed about it - also, obviously we are not noticing anything in the physical yet.

So, first to the ascension notes:

  • This platonic cycle / great year really ended in approximately 2012, just as the Mayans told via their famous calendar. It just takes several decades until something changes as the great year also measures approximately 25,772 years and nothing changes over night with such long timeframes involved.

    What the cabal usually does at the end of such a cycle is to eradicate all civilisations of humans and prepare the leaders for their next cycle. Those they prepare are usually the biggest sociopaths, which will then be used as the basis for the humans in the next cycle and the following, new civilisations - just as Cobra wrote here, their main topic at the end of cycles is 'ordo ab chao' which was officially cancelled by the Lightforces many times by now since 2012, preventing the worst.

    That is how the chimera invades planets, systems and species, they destroy those among the species who still have soul and character and let those prevail and into higher hierarchical positions that are closer to the cabal. That of course is more sociopathic and generally soulless-/ego-driven behaviour and that is more or less 'their' offspring in the target species. That is the inversion of life that happened through many such previous cycles which was discussed in several previous posts.

    The funny thing with this cycle starting in 2012 is, that it is a much bigger cycle than most of the cabal even understand. If on the platonic year, a clock strikes twelve for Earth, then in 2012 pretty much all clocks strike twelve at once (and not just for Earth) - this is rather a universal cycle ending. That is also the reason why all tries of the cabal to end the civilisation in the most cruel ways imaginable were not successful yet. The later tries of the cabal became most visible with the Covid-19 pandemic, which also seemingly suddenly ended in an interchange with the attacks of Russia onto Ukraine. That could be seen as their next try, though a big scale war and especially another world war will again be definately denied. 
    Since 2012 the cabal communicate among their members and their 'best' candidates among the human population that it was a competition about the leadership positions for the (future) Earth, the next civilisation. 
    Again, they could not be more wrong as the leadership-positions will be solely determined by the Lightforces and everything has to be conform with the law/codex of the Galactic Confederation which is by the way already the official law established on Earth by now - just that the cabal will never let that information through of course and they will hold up their laws to the very end.
    However all competition for leadership positions are absolute nonsense as these will be given according to the correct hierarchy in life itself (with soul size being a main factor of who will be in those leadership positions - and the Goddess obviously being in the highest position for liberating Earth).
    Judgement related to the end of cycle could also begin a little bit earlier than initially planned for the Earth. It could be started earlier as Earth was found to be the planet with the most evil inhabitants (cabal) and therefore the one in worst shape in the end-of-cycle-evaluation for the whole Milky Way.

  • The cabal right now invests massive amounts of energy to covertly harm their main target enemies among the Light on the surface. What they do to attack and invade their enemies is similar to 'summoning' parasitic entities and anomalous matter into the surroundings of the target enemies.
    While this sounds a bit like a fantasy movie, there is actually a lot more technology involved than humans could ever fathom. To get their people close to their targets, the cabal replicates the exact surroundings of their enemies in special places of their subterrean networks. Then they put whatever they want to bring near to their enemies into that room. They even replicate their victims as unfavourable (like being sick, ugly or completely malformed). Then they let for example some of their beautiful female victims into those rooms and tell them that they would visit 'x' (their target enemy). Then, by using the extremely close similarity of all forms (and additional amplification), the target enemy begins to hear the female victims in this example as voices (nearly independent of distance). An important aspect to this example is that both, the females and the target enemy are innocents and played out against each other. Because the whole situation is nearly identical and the most accurate similarities, a transmission of the whole theatre set up in their bases is very easy for the cabal. In the example these beautiful female cabal victims would i.e. taunt the target enemy because he/she is so ugly or malformed and that actually reaches that enemy wherever he/she is on the surface.
    You can imagine these exact replications of rooms/areas are being done with something like nanotechnology and the more detailed the replications are, the easier whatever happens in those rooms is actually perceived by the targeted person.
    Note that hearing voices on the surface has been deemed as a psychological sickness and being insane by the cabal for that reason: they control who hears voices. All they do in the subterrean spaces is exactly causing that.
    Also they try to manifest negative things in the room of their target enemy like that. For example they put a demon or some evil creature in the replicated room, which then has a 'lower' entrance into the real room because of the detailed similarities - also the natural manifestation of the female victims in the example helps to manifest the demon in the room of the target enemy - as these females really see the demon next to the representation of the target enemy. They also use this 'seeing is believing'-mechanism preferably with people who are in some way 'close' to the target enemy as this creates a stronger tie/similarity or even sympathy connections. 

    This is approximately how some cabal work to manifest entities in the home of target enemies from their subterrean bases and also the main secret behind hearing voices (though they have more methods to achieve that).
    While all of that is non-physical, it is very effective to get negativity of all kinds established in the consciousness of their enemies.
    And it is as covert as it can get. No human would think this works and would rather declare a victim of this as insane. That is exactly what the cabal want, absolutely no hint that they ruin the life of their enemies. They want their enemies to be helpless against such attacks and manipulate the psyche and consciousness 24 hours, 7 days a week.

    You could argue that they could just send humans to their target enemies to kill them - more about that in the following paragraph.
    As strange as that sounds, most of the cabals target enemies have some sort of energy field around them, pretty much the aura but much stronger, you could say the 'field of the soul'. And that field would deny such physical invasions into the proximity of their target enemies to a certain extend. Nearly every human has such a field around them and Starseeds of course have a much stronger field, which makes such covert attacks through similarities one of the cabal's best choices here.

    The cabal also use such replicated rooms to listen to communications among the Lightforces (to a known degree) as this, too, creates a kind of echo, which they then will receive of the original communication.

    One more reason for these replicas of the surroundings of their enemies is also the transfer of their enemies into the subterrean bases. The cabal like to get their enemies away from the surface of Earth, for example to hinder them writing articles like this. Also, being from then on completely kept in their replications, the cabal are able to use and torture their enemies even more than they could while they are still on the surface. Needless to say that this transfer also will not work for their bigger enemies but it is a real threat some Lightworkers and Starseeds would face without the protection of the Goddess and the Lightforces.

  • Many humans are still kept in the reasoning that such powerful villains like the cabal would immediately kill their enemies. Many of these humans therefore fall for the reasoning that such big 'conspiracies' simply do not exist.
    They could not be more wrong.

    What the cabal really want for their enemies is torture and denial of anything positive. On death, their enemies would rather depart the Earth (as they are usually high souls and will be picked up and freed upon death) and lead a much better life out there. And the cabal rather wants them to stay, as they can do more damage that way, so they usually do not cross the line which could lead to the departure of their enemies. Also the cabal always has hope to make use of their biggest enemy which is why they prefer these attacks instead of killing.

    But they will try to take all pleasure from their enemy and even cause psychological and phyiscal torture as much as they can. They will keep all of that in amounts that will be seen by anyone else as unlucky or even normal. As we know, humans all think that everyone can get sick. That's what we are educated with, told and expericence all our life here.
    What most do not know is that the cabal has the technology to artificially cause these problems without anyone noticing. So if the cabal really want to kill one of their enemies, they usually make him/her sick with a deadly sickness. If it needs to be fast, strokes and the like are handy for them. Otherwise cancer, etc. is pretty much arranged as an enormous torture on the surface. While the cabal can do that it is important to know that they are not responsible actively for all sicknesses of course.
    But yes, that is how the cabal kills their enemies and victims covertly if they need to. No one ever notices and everyone getting on the right train of thought is being deemed insane instantly by those sociopaths around them.

    Do not be afraid though for such articificially induced sicknesses and attacks, there are also people among the spiritual which will counter those attacks to a high degree. So it is not always easy for the cabal - depending on the protection of their enemies.

  • Additionally, depending on the importance of their enemies, the cabal manipulate the mind of preferably all humans around their enemies.
    Therefore if humans around you seem to act strange or massively against your will, it could already be the cabal-influence, at least if you are one of the ascendants. The cabal say they 'own' a human, if they manage to change his/her behaviour successfully towards their goals. This happens first in ideas/thoughts, then in spoken language and the highest expression of manipulation is of course actions. The cabal established games for their demons and entities, so these are motivated to manipulate humans (esp. around cabal enemies) more efficiently.
    Right now you should get an idea of how much and how covertly the cabal wants to ruin the life of their enemies on every level of human experience.

  • Spaceships do not necessarily look like in the movies and aliens do not necessarily travel in metallic ships - should be obvious to many ascendants by now. Many higher species travel in ways that are completely invisible to the human eye or perceptions in general. Also those ships are almost gradient-like - they extend like energy fields around those aliens and get weaker with distance. Such aliens do then control everything in this field and it is absolutely not visible for humans at all. Some of the by now well known cloud-ships are definately the result of alien presence though many of those are still the cabal themselves up to now.
    Then again such spaceships of advanced races may also look like a completely functional flight-plane or helicopter as well - they are pretty fast in adopting things that are non-invasive for the consciousness of humans and they could choose that form as well if needed (and many cabal do that as well, btw).
    Humans definately do need to get off their science-fiction/MSM induced brainwash regarding spaceships and UFOs. Some ascendants will probably have experienced what is described here already. Just as Cobra mentioned, the invisibles leave and with them leaves a lot of the cabal induced stupidity among humans.
    Though this of course does not exclude metal spaceships arriving after compression breakthrough but aliens are actually much, much more advanced than being limited to that only.
    And also please be aware that most of such technology you see before compression breakthrough is rather the cabal as the Lightforces still have a very hard and energy-consuming time to get anything through by now.

  • If any human manages to get a valid communication to the friendly alien species out there, the cabal works day and night to fake and overtake such a positive communication.
    They will want to tell those friendly aliens that everything is fine on Earth or even lure them here to consume and abuse them too.
    While they want to take over this kind of communication on the side of the human to lead him/her astray and manipulate him/her in the cabal's favor, pretending to be the friendly alien species themselves.

    Several Starseeds have by now reached very clear and stable communications with their galactic family and since the very first day the cabal found out about that, they want nothing more but to cut that most vital communication again.
    Besides that they try to use every connection to the Lightforces they can find to invade them with anomalous matter / the primary anomaly - including communication channels.

    The defect alien species in the cabal hierarchy win wars in exactly that way: with illusive communication.
    Think about like that: if a general in a war orders his people to attack a certain city, they will do that - regardless if it was the real general or an exact replica of the general giving the command. Most humans have not yet understood that information is how wars are won, who controls the information and vital communications definately wins, as that breaks every control structure or hierarchy easily in favour of those who control communications.
    That is the main invasion strategy of the chimera, small grays and similar defect alien species. They believably fake all interactions (also physical) between hierarchies, friends and even lovers in this example to destroy and overtake all life on target planets or systems.

  • If one human has an idea or found out something that would change the situation against the cabal (i.e. something that would end the artificial poverty), he/she will be manipulated to let that matter go.
    This first happens by mental manipulation, they even give much 'better' ideas to pursue which are more in the parasitic direction they favour.
    If that does not work, they will send in possessed humans. These are oftentimes already around the bright human - remember that 500 million cabal owned humans means every 16th human belongs to and works for them.
    If the bright humans still want to pursue the original idea, more 'professional' possessed humans from far and wide are sent to the bright person. These will then threaten the human to let go of the matter. If it is a scientific matter, the cabal's scientists are given reasonings and different proofs, proving the bright human as incorrect. After a positive scientific proof, suddenly everywhere critics are popping up, rendering the good proof as nonsense and the like - they will call it pseudo-scientific and basically do everything to put the positive proof down fast.
    Just remember how many times scientists seemingly proved the ‚aether‘ and came close to understanding the etheric realms, just to be denied as many times by the cabal's scientists over and over.

    Then if they will not give up to various reasoning including loss of status or lack of money to pursue the idea, the cabal will get more serious.
    A good example is the life of Wilhelm Reich, the psychologist who found out about 'orgone energy', which he saw as some kind of orgasmic life energy (pretty much Chi).
    In the end, the cabal threw him into prison and even censored his books, which is pretty much why America is one of the main crisis zones and why the cabal will hold America to the very end of liberation, just as Cobra said. Such massive physical invasions into the life of the brighter humans are easier to manage for the cabal in the USA.
    In the end, they kill the brighter humans if they cannot overtake them and bend their brighter work into a more parastic direction. If the works contain too much truth for the cabal to bend it to their means, they will try to ignore and hide it and even drive as many people away from it as they can.
    That is pretty much visible in the fact, that Cobra as the main messenger of the Goddess is not getting much more attention up to this time. Personally I can definately confirm that the cabal do their best to hide the information on this blog as well - it is banned on every bigger social network (for no real reason - the Portal i.e. is still allowed) which certainly does not speak for the most popular uses of the internet in forms of social networks.
    Being overtaken pretty much cannot happen anymore for the Starseeds and higher ascendants but the cabal will still try to do this full-time with all those on the side of the Lightforces. So if suddenly good info sources about liberation turn into strange directions as some of the ascendants might have witnessed already, it is most likely such manipulations up to cabal-overtaken authors there.

  • Nearly all secret societies are completely cabal owned and some of those members are highly conscious about their nefarious masters. Just as the biggest villains in the bible are oftentimes referred to as servants of 'the beast', the members joined those beast-clubs more or less consciously.
    Through that they become, owned by the top cabal which pretty much lowers them to animal levels in character and intentions towards their own species - they are becoming beast-like as well.
    Sadly these secret societies have invaded many positions of power in the human hierarchies all over place. That results in a situation which is similar to animals deciding over what humans have to do if they exert that power over others, as the origin of their actions is 'the beast' - namely the chimera pressing their will through their owned humans onto the innocent humans.

    Needless to say, animals deciding over humans is part of the well known chimera strategy to inverse the natural life hierarchies.
    They want their enemies to destroy their enemies according to the chimera's will and they will tell any lie and create most complex illusions to make humans do exactly that.

    Most of the initiation rites of those secret societies are one big pile of truth mixed with clever lies. Those lies oftentimes will render the rest of humanity unworthy and to be judged, which the one to be initiated needs to accept that and surrender to join. They are from then on bound by death-contracts to keep the truths they have been told hidden and serve the club with their life. That is also why the cabal hates Cobra and those few humans who know and still may tell these truths openly so much.

  • The primary anomaly is actually all over the surface although humans do not really perceive it.

    Part of the anomaly is high amounts of parasitic entities and basically all lifeforms that ever died on Earth, which partly fell into serving their parasitic 'killers' upon death. Death oftentimes is used by the cabal as a transition which binds the killed one to the cabal. So a lot of the unseen parts of Earth is still working against humans and lifeforms in general.

    A condition which humans mainly perceive by sicknesses and age decay - it is as if we are slowly digested. Remember that Cobra told that the humans in the subterrean centres easily reach a few thousand years of age. Also remember that the patriarchs like Moses, etc. still had a lifespan of reportedly around a thousand years (old and mainly hidden spiritual scriptures mention this).
    So, obviously the conditions worsened for humans and got even more parasitic on the surface.
    Part of the contamination is that the primary anomaly is all through our bodies. That works like an encryption mechanism and lowers the soul's inert ability to heal the body on itself. It is a constant encrypt/decrypt battle on subtle realms of matter and unseen realms (obviously not proven by science yet) between the soul and the anomaly. Part of that are the subquantumn realms Cobra told us of being anomalous.
    This matter also hinders the Lightforces to visit to the planet physically up to this point. They would have to be faster in decrypting the primary anomaly which constantly tries to invade the bodies. Otherwise the Lightforces would die in their physical bodies fast and under very painful circumstances - the body becomes a torture chamber almost instantly if the primary anomaly really ‚wins‘ the encryption battle.
    Even very recent invasions with anomalous matter sent by the chimera towards the Central Race in our solar system was causing a pretty dangerous situation, Starseeds had to jump in to help the Central Race to decrypt those specific methods of the primary anomaly faster, by communicating decryption mechanisms according to their experience on the surface. Otherwise a few people of the Central Race would have had serious invasive problems. That could mean suffering for years or even Central Race members being 'steered' by the anomaly and having to be put into contamination chambers for longer periods of time.

    So what the Lightforces actually need to safely enter the surface physically is the ultimate decryption of the anomaly (regarding this eco-system), which has to be fast enough to cancel the parasitic effects of the anomaly instantly. That is what we call compression breakthrough and it is always just a matter of time in contaminated systems.

    Human bodies are obviously very resistant to the anomaly, but then again, we still age and get only about 2% of what we would usually experience as pleasure in a clean system as described in this article. Therefore the anomaly 'let's us live' for a certain amount of time, as most of the parasitic entities earn from our presence here and the anomaly profits by having us here. But as the anomaly does not earn anything from the Lightforces descending physically to the surface, the anomaly would consume them almost instantly, identifying them as invaders which end 'her' reign on the Earth.

Now to the situation update:

The chimera and the anomaly are continuously cleaned from all the Earth and the whole solar system part by part. Currently it is still mainly the non-physical realms like astral, etheric and more. Not many visible results so far again. However what you might experience is that attacks are getting stronger as they want to keep the same pressure on key persons with less ressources, so they need to go to higher intensity. That might amplify further until we reach the departures of the first top-chimera members. Ganymede is right now in transition mode to actually become safe for the departure of these main war criminals. There were a lot of tests with the main chimera sociopaths and for them to be safely departed to the central sun without invading the whole facility (described here). The first big departure had to be delayed so Ganymede would not be set back for a few years and we are coming close to a finish here, which will finally allow for the departure of the top cabal themselves.

In the meantime, certain aspects of the judgement which will be held on Earth are already established. Many people on the etheric and astral are being transferred into the cabal's own hell-grids because Ganymede is not available at the moment, just to get rid of those cabal-servants as fast as possible.

Some lightworkers, Starseeds and mediums might have noticed that even humans are individually being 'set down' or lowered already. The judgement setting in is highly individual and selective, just as the involvement with the cabal is structured in a similar way.

That is rather their future level however, depending on their wrong-doings and soul size, as most humans will seemingly still continue being the way as before for some time. However it is getting visible for highly sensitive persons that defect humans are beginning to 'fall' already. This happens in the unseen realms first and is similar to a pre-sorting.
What it means is that the cabal parts which were needed for them to be stable will be dysfunctional soon, which will result in many humans not being able to carry their bodies anymore or to stay stable in their human form. As described in a previous article, the life of most humans is still sponsored by the cabal, which means they could not exist without the cabal implants and genetical modifications the cabal did to their bodies and this also reflects in their behaviour and attitudes. Such cabal sponsored humans will for example defend the cabal‘s system, laws and lies. Those will eventually be departed to healing and judgement planets respectively.
All that cabal influence will soon be history while some humans who are important for key persons will be kept stable by the Goddess and the Lightforces. Many other humans will not be continued from some point in liberation onwards (we are rather talking of a timespan of several years here though, if the Event does not arrive earlier).

Basically the whole Earth is lifted energetically at the moment and those who are not fit for ascension will be left on the 'old Earth'. That means we finally have begun to do what all people who face parasitic aliens and sociopaths should be able to do: we leave them.
Think of the 'old Earth' as the timeline of the cabal which will have only parasites soon and no more real lifeforms and it will of course end horribly for them. 
In contrast to that, our timeline, the timeline of the living, is the real continuation of Earth which will only feature real lifeforms, which will have less and less parasitic traits.
This lift will take a few years till decades to complete and basically the first wave of ascendants will be leading the ascension of the whole Earth and those humans more capable for such an ascension. That means the sociopaths among humans are already prepared to be left behind and sensitive persons will be more and more aware that some humans around them were no real humans but some of the 500 million cabal-sociopaths who have leave to the central sun for neutralisation. We will also perceive the latent sociopaths much clearer, who might leave to judgement planets as well - just as Cobra wrote recently. It is beginning to become obvious first for the sensitive, medium-type persons, then for the rest who the 'real' humans are and who are rather cabal or cabal-sponsored and -controlled humans.

On a brighter note, some Starseeds have begun a demonstration of the highlights of human life for the Goddess and the Lightforces to help in the descision of what to keep and what to give special attention to.
Also this demonstration happened to determine who on Earth is responsible for the good and fun things and will therefore be ‚paid‘ and supported by the Goddess while the Lightforces take over Earth. Needless to say countless cabal-members tried to claim that they would own the 'pleasurable parts' of Earth just to invade the Goddess and to get paid (payments for these things will happen energetically by the way). However there are some people who really created these pleasures for humans on Earth or keep them intact since ages - and it is those who will finally receive enormous amounts of energy as a payment that is long overdue - subtracted by their closeness to the cabal of course. Many of those people are quite happy by now as the real people finally will profit after all those cabal-pretenders are being moved out of the way.
However, it is certain that those humans who get through the shift as intact humans will be leading a very, very happy life. One should keep in mind that the Lightforces also are able to heal and repair most sicknesses or even severe body conditions like i.e. lost limbs. Those kind of healings are costly, so you should not risk anything, but if you have severe body problems, those are no real problem anymore, once we get to compression breaktrough.

So a little part of the Event has already begun as this was and is a pretty close communication taking place between several Starseeds, other key persons and the Goddess including several alien species involved in the liberation.
Therefore there is a lot of process but it is rather preparative and not yet in the open or for the broad masses. 


  1. Thank you very much for your detailed update. Many things that you have described here resonate a lot with what I have been experiencing in the past few years

  2. I was aware to some extend of the torture and manipulation Technics of the dark forces but i didn't know that Those dark lord's performing their rituals by using our whole environment . Now i know why im changing my environment so often . I assume they have also created a copy of our world and that Thay performing a kind of voodo acupressure with this simulated earth in order to target the real Gaia ?

  3. Seu artigo e excelente. Obrigado!

  4. I have experienced entity attacks more times than I can count my entire life. It is intentional and from the outside looking in it seems insane and impossible. This leaves the victims alone and isolated. I felt it was archon network and cabal tech working in unison. I have seen my room but pieces were definitely part of a facility and others were still my room, as if they were blended together.

  5. Thank You, Very Well Said.
    Much Love!

  6. many greetings to the writer of this blog.

    many greetings to the goddess energy. You are amazing!

    Looking forward experiencing the event and freedom for humanity and for this galaxy and for the universe !

  7. I live in the middle of a major Goddess Vortex and therefore with the cohort of cabal people that goes with it.😅
    So I know these people well, their way of proceeding, of speaking, of diverting.
    But your blog will never cease to surprise me, so much so that I can practically confirm a large part of it,
    and also recognize many things on which I had not put words or even knowledge.

    Bravo and thank you, your help is precious.
    My work here is different, but the full truth of some things makes me more free.

    Peace 🌿



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